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Wareing is additionally in the altered position of actuality the chef who has served the best big-ticket banquet ever. One July atramentous a brace of years ago, six City bankers - all blowing - ran up a amazing £44,000 bill.

["400px"]Restaurant Review: Gordon Ramsay's Petrus by Marcus Wareing @ Not ... | Marcus Wareing Dress Code

Most of this was spent on wine, including a canteen of 1947 Chateau Petrus at £12,300. It was a demanding atramentous during which Wareing agilely ran a acclaim agenda analysis and advised what he would do if the agenda were banned ("Lock the aperture and alarm the police").

Selling four of the better vintages in the apple in one innings was exceptional of and the restaurant's 48 agents were understandably agape sideways. "I didn't adore it at all because my aggregation aloof absent the plot," he says. Did he bless the asset afterwards with Ramsay? "No, not at all. I'm abiding there was a agglomeration in his throat that it didn't appear in his restaurant."

The relaunch of the Savoy Grill on May 2 will accord him the befalling to accession his contour alike added and escape from Ramsay's shadow. Wareing looks impossibly fresh-faced and young, decidedly abutting to the affected photograph of a weatherbeaten Clint Eastwood that hangs on the bank abaft him.

Slim and agilely handsome, with bright dejected eyes, Wareing may not accept Ramsay's swashbuckling, blowing charisma, but he shares his affection for fast cars (he drives a argent Porsche Carrera) and insists that he too can be volatile. "I'm as bad as he is, because I'm amorous about what I do," he says. "Chefs assignment continued hours and sometimes you accept to accession the aggregate to get the agent kickstarted."

Tackling the Savoy Grill is a anticipation Wareing relishes. He accomplished at the Savoy, beneath River Allowance chef Anton Edelmann, and recounts how, 14 years on, his above bang-up - and anon to be battling - still treats him like the clueless abecedarian he already was. "Marcus, my babyish boy, you're activity to accept to tidy yourself up. If you're activity to assignment at the Savoy, you charge to be immaculate."

Long alike with the ancient canicule of boozy adeptness lunches, the Grill is a restaurant that inspires proprietorial animosity in its adherent regulars. Now that the Connaught and Claridge's accept been adapted by Ramsay, it is additionally one of the aftermost bastions of old-school dining (arguably alone the Ritz remains).

"It's a actual appropriate abode for all sorts of reasons," says Savoy approved Carol Leonard, a headhunter with Leonard Hull International. "No amount how generally you go it feels like a treat. The walls are steeped in history."

The ITV anchorperson Alastair Stewart speaks of "the finest lamb on a trolley of any restaurant in London". Wareing, however, refuses to be abashed by tradition. "No disrespect, but a restaurant needs a heartbeat. It needs to be driven. Auberge restaurants can become actual conceited as the years go by."

Accusations of tinkering with history accept abundantly collapsed on deafened ears. "I'm not damaging a allotment of history. I'm there to enhance it," says Wareing. The Grill, he says, was in acute charge of reform. "'It was alone and run into the ground. In today's world, bodies appetite added out of a restaurant than a age-old old dining room, with waiters in tails."

Wareing is not abashed to cockle feathers. Certain broadly quoted animadversion - "I appetite it to be animate and exciting, not sad and boring" and "I'm 32, not 62" - appeared to casting aspersions on the Grill's earlier and advisedly unfunky clientele. Will they still be acceptable at the new Grill? Although Wareing suspects that "the old boys will be tucked up in bed by 7pm," he says he intends to accost them all personally.

"I'm not afraid of them," he says. "I'm activity to angle there and get accursed at or praised." He reckons the Grill's earlier audience annual for 50 to 60 per cent of the restaurant's barter - so he can't allow to alienate them - and is the aboriginal to accept that he has a action ahead. "I apperceive those old duffers will accord me a asperous ride, but I can't wait," he says.

Already he has accursed the Grill's net curtains ("disgusting"). Now he affairs to abate the cloches.

["400px"]Restaurant Review: Gordon Ramsay's Petrus by Marcus Wareing @ Not ... | Marcus Wareing Dress Code

"They're over the top. But I adeptness accumulate one as an ornament." The autogenous of the Grill will be accustomed its aboriginal analysis for added than 25 years. The carpets, biscuit tablecloths and chandeliers are all going. Barbara Barry, a Los Angeles-based autogenous designer, will acquaint adornment with an art deco influence: striped banquette basement in black, nougat and tobacco, a carpeting in a alert charcoal check, blinds of atramentous absolute and lampshades and tablecloths in white linen. "Everything will be chichi and understated," says Barry. Alone the oak panelling will remain.

Wareing's new administration will additionally beggarly the kiss of afterlife for Melba toast, smoked eel and apricot en croute. But this doesn't beggarly replicating the luxurious, classically French card at Petrus. Instead the accent will be on acceptable English dishes adapted in a avant-garde appearance in the Grill's appropriately modern, revamped, split-level kitchen (spotlights, stainless-steel and marble worktops and an animated chef's table).

"I've gone aback to the old airheaded of the 1930s and 1940s and reinvented them," says Wareing. "I'll be befitting things like omelette Arnold Bennett, abridged shrimps, gravadlax and steak-and-kidney pudding, but they'll be done my way." Presentation will be beneath busy than at Petrus, with beneath garnishes and frills.

Wareing is not, he insists, planning to do abroad with the august trolleys, those heaving, blast orgies of allurement that are music to the eyes and aerial of Savoy regulars.

"I adulation the theatre of restaurants," he says. At Petrus, his behemothic Champagne trolley, with its gold-foiled magnums and aflame labels, is one of the loveliest architect in London. "The trolleys will stay," he says. "But they will be different."

The revitalised Grill will affection trolleys burdened with Champagne, liqueurs, cheese and salmon, but the meat trolleys of old, on which roasts broiled abroad for hours at a time beneath ablaze paraffin lamps, will disappear.

Doesn't it anguish him that the English adulation their overcooked meat? "It's the action I accept on my hands," he says. Compromise for a chef of his calibre is, however, out of the question. Rack of lamb, dogie cutlet and bandage of beef will be adapted to adjustment and carved on argent trays.

In the revamped Savoy Grill, food, Wareing insists, will be the priority. "I'm activity to apply on the aliment aspect - the appearance and address and the way it's served," he says. The a la carte card will be afterpiece to Petrus in spirit, with archetypal French dishes, stridently flavoured. Sauces will be bargain until their flavour is at its best acute and dishes acclimatized to the maximum. "If you division every aspect on the plate, every carrot, every mushroom, it should be abuse able-bodied abutting to perfection," he says.

Dishes will accommodate veloute of babyish navet with langoustine, and pithivier of backwoods mushrooms and foie gras. "I appetite to accompany in a new brand of people," he says. "I appetite to action them one of the best bargains in London - top-class food, analytic priced."

For all his allocution of innovation, Wareing is absolutely article of a traditionalist, abnormally back it comes to dress. "In an ideal world, I'd adopt bodies to be ill-fitted and booted, but I can't ask that of customers," he says. Although he insists that bodies in jeans and T-shirts "won't get through the door", the abundantly austere jacket-and-tie dress cipher will not be enforced. Will this, too, be met with howls of protest?

"It's a abashment back a admirable auberge goes happy-clappy," says City advocate Andrew Jones. "It's like abandoning the Abode of Lords - absolutely rational, but actual unpoetic." The Conservative MP Nicholas Soames says he cares added about the aliment than the dress code. "We anticipate with trepidation."

A basic arch amid chef and audience is the Grill's Sorrento-born manager, Angelo Maresca, who has run the dining-room back 1982. A prince amid maitre d's - Wareing describes him as "my charlatan in animated armour" - he is apparently the alone being amid his aggregation of frock-coated waiters who is able to accommodate the adept minefield that is the Savoy basement plan.

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Politicians, media moguls and captains of industry can all await on Maresca to accost them by name and abode them in their accepted spot, generally with their favourite wine cat-and-mouse at their table. Film stars go on the window side, while politicians are steered appear the far ancillary of the room, adjoin the wall. Admitting the refurbishment, the table blueprint will abide the same.

Over the years, Maresca has built-in the brand of Lady Thatcher and Sir Denis (table 33), Lord Attenborough (table 35, banquette side), Sean Connery (table 38) and Joan Collins (table 7). His acumen and acumen are legendary. The Queen Mother (table 1, adjoin the wall) was consistently appointed in as "la mama" for aegis reasons. She was a approved and acclaimed two birthdays at the Grill. "It was actual agitative back she came in," says Maresca. "All the barter got up and clapped."

When Richard Harris absolved in one day after a tie, acrimony the Grill's austere dress code, Maresca put a awning about him to burrow him from added diners. "I didn't like to debris him because he was so charming," he says.

This is a restaurant area the account has consistently been as important as the food. Not for annihilation is it referred to as "the additional Abode of Lords" and "the canteen" by City boys.

"Like the Ivy, the Grill is a restaurant that makes you feel acceptable and important," says Alastair Stewart. Which is not to say that the Grill is cliquey, or alike snobbish, according to Carol Leonard. "If you were a dustman adulatory your 50th birthday, Maresca and his agents would accomplish you feel as acceptable as if you were a affiliate of the Abode of Lords," she says.

Wareing, like Ramsay, has appear a continued way from his roots in north-west England. He grew up in Southport, the youngest of four children. His father, now retired, was a bake-apple and vegetable merchant, his mother a housewife. Both still alive in the abode in which he was born.

His adolescence was happy, he says, but not privileged. "We never capital for anything. We consistently had clothes on our backs and a meal on the table." At academy he was quiet, shy and actual boilerplate academically. "I kept myself to myself," he says. Evenings and academy holidays were spent allocation and packing potatoes - the alone way he got to see his crammer father.

Surprisingly, accustomed his unthuggish demeanour, Wareing was additionally a boxy kid who competed, from the age of nine until he was 18, on the abecedarian battle circuit. He admits it was frightening, but says he admired it.

This was the aboriginal assurance of his appetite for recognition, a affection that has no agnosticism accustomed his career as a chef that added momentum. "Boxing was a big thrill," he says. "And the alone affair I could do to get people's attention. I got to be in advanced of crowds of people, I got a absurd bays if I won, and bodies would address me up in the bounded papers."

Those aboriginal adventures in the arena served him well, teaching him discipline, competitiveness and backbone of appearance - the affectionate of qualities Gordon Ramsay, a above footballer and additionally from a arctic background, has in spades.

Wareing's aptitude for aliment emerged at academy back a abecedary told him he had a activity for pastry. "Cooking was girlish. It wasn't the affair to do. But I anticipation woodwork and metalwork were the best arid capacity in the world."

Following accouterment academy in Southport, area he learnt to accomplish stocks, sauces and pastries, Wareing went to assignment as a commis, age-old 19, at Le Gavroche in London. Here he met and befriended the boss Ramsay, three years earlier and already a chef de partie.

["400px"]Grace Dent reviews Marcus at The Berkeley | London Evening Standard | Marcus Wareing Dress Code

Four years after he was airtight up by Ramsay, by again active Aubergine, and so began the toughest aeon of his career. "Gordon questioned every distinct affair you did. You couldn't breathe after him alive about it. The guy was possessed, obsessed." Somehow Wareing endured the accursed clip - "17 to 18 hours a day, six canicule a week" - and the acclaimed bollockings, captured in Channel 4's fly-on-the-wall television documentary, Boiling Point. "I hated Gordon's guts," he says. "I'd met a few animals in the ring, but I'd never met one absolutely like him."

Tempted admitting he was to quit, Wareing is the aboriginal to accede his debt to Ramsay. "Gordon accomplished me to account and accept the raw material," he says. "He accomplished me that your adeptness is in your easily and yourself as an individual. To accommodated addition so aggressive and angry on by affable is actual rare."

Improbably, their accord survived the war area that is the avant-garde restaurant kitchen. "Our wives say we're abutting at the hip - and they're not far wrong," says Wareing. Ramsay was best man at Wareing's bells and, acknowledgment to their accord with battle apostle Frank Warren, the two consistently watch big fights from ringside seats. They additionally accommodated up for backward suppers at Le Caprice ("fantastic soups"), Tamarind ("We consistently accept the aforementioned affair - craven and amazon back-scratch and lamb cutlets") and Chez Bruce in Wandsworth ("one of the best neighbourhood restaurants").

Ramsay is a friend, adversary and ally. It was Ramsay who auspiciously sprang to Petrus's defence, afterward an acerbic row with Roger Wood, the managing administrator of the AA, who threatened to abjure the restaurants's bristles rosettes. Angela Hartnett, the Connaught's chef, who formed for Wareing in his aboriginal arch chef job at l'Oranger in St James's ("I took her on the stove and accomplished her how to baker angle and meat") is additionally a abutting friend. "She's like a sister to me," he says.

Somehow Wareing has begin time for a clandestine life. He met his wife, Jane, at Gravetye Manor in Sussex, area he was the additional chef, she the receptionist. It was, he says, the comestible agnate of eyes affair beyond a awash room. "We noticed anniversary added through the hotplates."

The affair blossomed admitting the actuality that Wareing anon confused to London to assignment for Ramsay at Aubergine. This meant that he and Jane could see anniversary added alone already a week, on a Sunday - "and bisected of that I was beat and in a coma".

For years he relied on the Gatwick Express to broadcast him to East Grinstead aftermost affair on a Saturday night, communicable the 5.30am London-bound alternation on a Monday. "I had to accessible the restaurant," he says, "so I was consistently ailing with abhorrence acquisitive the alternation wouldn't be late."

The brace affiliated three years ago and now alive in Wandsworth with their 19-month-old son, Jake. On Sundays they allotment the cooking. "I adulation affable and get it done in a atom of the time she does," he says. Does he anytime put on weight? "Only on holiday. I do eat - I'm drip-fed all day continued by my chefs - but I'm on my anxiety all day."

It was afresh appear that Ramsay has banned his accouchement from bistro in his restaurants. He would rather they ate clutter aliment than become aliment snobs. Jake's preferences, it transpires, are bound to the advantageously ungourmet pizza chain, Est Est Est. Has he sampled the affable at Petrus? "I don't anticipate I'd booty my son to a restaurant unless he could sit up properly, account what he's accomplishing and be as alive at table as I am," says Wareing severely.

In August Petrus will be decamping to the Savoy Group's Berkeley Auberge in Knightsbridge to alter La Tante Claire (now closed). Admitting his animated schedule, Wareing dreams of one day "having a aliment book on the shelf". He admires "lifestyle chefs" such as Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, but doesn't backbiting them their fame. "I don't deathwatch up in the morning and appetite to be a celebrity. I appetite to be a acknowledged restaurateur with a following."

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• The Savoy Grill, 1 Savoy Hill, London WC2 (020 7836 4343) opens for cafeteria and banquet in aboriginal May. Set cafeteria from £21.

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