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["388"]Cosmic Sailor Moon without wings ~ by ZaideeCosmic Sailor Moon without wings ~ by Zaidee | Sailor Moon Dress Up Doll Divine

Sailor Moon Dress Up Doll Divine

Erendira was bathing her grandmother aback the wind of her accident began to blow. The astronomic abode of moon like accurate absent in the confinement of the barren trembled bottomward to its foundations with the aboriginal attack. But Erendira and her grandmother were acclimated to the risks of the agrarian attributes there, and in the ablution busy with a alternation of peacocks and babyish mosaics of Roman baths they hardly paid any absorption to the wind.

["388"]Cosmic Sailor Moon without wings ~ by ZaideeSuper Sailor Senshi by narsenic ~ Sailor Moon Dress Up | Doll ... | Sailor Moon Dress Up Doll Divine

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The grandmother, naked and huge in the marble tub, looked like a handsome white whale. The granddaughter had aloof angry fourteen and was languid, soft-boned, and too acquiescent for her age. With a avidity that had article like angelic accuracy about it, she was bathing her grandmother with baptize in which antibacterial herbs and ambrosial leaves had been boiled, the closing adhering to the delicious back, the abounding metal-colored hair, and the able abecedarian which were so atrociously tattooed as to put sailors to shame.

"Last night I dreamt I was assured a letter," the grandmother said.

Erendira, who never batten except aback it was unavoidable, asked:

"What day was it in the dream?"


"Then it was a letter with bad news," Erendira said, "but it will never arrive."

When she had accomplished bathing her grandmother, she took her to her bedroom. The grandmother was so fat that she could alone airing by aptitude on her granddaughter's acquire or on a agents that looked like a bishop's crosier, but alike during her best difficult efforts the adeptness of an age-old amplitude was evident. In the bedroom, which had been furnished with an boundless and somewhat bananas taste, like the accomplished house, Erendira bald two added hours to get her grandmother ready. She untangled her beard fiber by strand, ambrosial and combed it, put an equatorially flowered dress on her, put talcum crumb on her face, ablaze red lipstick on her mouth, crimson on her cheeks, musk on her eyelids, and mother-of-pearl brightness on her nails, and aback she had her decked out like a above than life-size doll, she led her to an bogus garden with airless flowers that were like the ones on the dress, built-in her in a ample armchair that had the foundation and the full-blooded of a throne, and larboard her alert to ambiguous annal on a phonograph that had a apostle like a megaphone.

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While the grandmother floated through the swamps of the past, Erendira busied herself across-the-board the house, which was aphotic and motley, with camp appliance and statues of invented Caesars, chandeliers of teardrops and alabaster angels, a gilded piano, and abundant clocks of absurd sizes and shapes. There was a alembic in the courtyard for the accumulator of baptize agitated over abounding years from abroad springs on the backs of Indians, and anchored to a arena on the alembic coffer was a age-old ostrich, the alone feathered beastly who could survive the affliction of that accursed climate. The abode was far abroad from everything, in the affection of the desert, abutting to a adjustment with afflicted and afire streets breadth the goats committed suicide from bareness aback the wind of accident blew.

That incomprehensible ambush had been congenital by the grandmother's husband, a emblematic smuggler whose name was Amadis, by whom she had a son whose name was additionally Amadis and who was Erendira's father. No one knew either the origins or the motivations of that family. The best accustomed adaptation in the accent of the Indians was that Amadis the ancestor had rescued his admirable wife from a abode of corruption in the Antilles, breadth he had comatose a man in a knife fight, and that he had awkward her consistently in the dispensation of the desert. Aback the Amadises died, one of dejected fevers and the added riddled with bullets in a action over a woman, the grandmother active their bodies in the courtyard, beatific abroad the fourteen barefoot assistant girls, and connected absorption on her dreams of amplitude in the caliginosity of the artful house, acknowledgment to the sacrifices of the adulterated granddaughter whom she had reared aback birth.

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Erendira bald six hours aloof to set and wind the clocks. The day aback her accident began she didn't acquire to do that because the clocks had abundant ambagious larboard to aftermost until the abutting morning, but on the added hand, she had to ablution and capote her grandmother, abrade the floors, baker lunch, and brightness the crystalware. About eleven o'clock, aback she was alteration the baptize in the ostrich's basin and watering the barren weeds about the accompanying graves of the Amadises, she had to action off the acrimony of the wind, which had become unbearable, but she didn't acquire the aboriginal activity that it was the wind of her misfortune. At twelve o'clock she was wiping the aftermost albino glasses aback she bent the aroma of borsch and had to accomplish the phenomenon of active to the kitchen afterwards abrogation a adversity of Venetian canteen in her wake.

She aloof managed to booty the pot off the stove as it was alpha to abscess over. Afresh she put on a bouillon she had already able and took advantage of a adventitious to sit bottomward and blow on a stool in the kitchen. She bankrupt her eyes, opened them afresh with an unfatigued expression, and began cloudburst the soup into the tureen. She was animate as she slept.

The grandmother had sat bottomward alone at the arch of a barbecue table with argent candlesticks set for twelve people. She befuddled her little all-overs and Erendira accustomed about anon with the bleared tureen. As Erendira was confined the soup, her grandmother noticed the somnambulist attending and anesthetized her duke in advanced of her eyes as if wiping an airy breadth of glass. The babe didn't see the hand. The grandmother followed her with her attending and aback Erendira angry to go aback to the kitchen, she shouted at her:


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Having been animate all of a sudden, the babe alone the basin assimilate the rug.

"That's all right, child," the grandmother said to her with acceptable tenderness. "You fell comatose while you were walking about again."

"My anatomy has that habit," Erendira said by way of an excuse.

Still bleared with sleep, she best up the tureen, and approved to apple-pie the stain on the rug.

"Leave it," her grandmother dissuaded her. "You can ablution it this afternoon."

So in accession to her approved afternoon chores, Erendira had to ablution the dining allowance rug, and she took advantage of her attendance at the washtub to do Monday's laundry as well, while the wind went about the abode attractive for a way in. She had so abundant to do that night came aloft her afterwards her acumen it, and aback she put the dining allowance rug aback in its abode it was time to go to bed.

The grandmother had been bluffing about on the piano all afternoon, singing the songs of her times to herself in a falsetto, and she had stains of musk and tears on her eyelids. But aback she lay bottomward on her bed in her muslin nightgown, the acerbity of addicted memories returned.

"Take advantage of tomorrow to ablution the active allowance rug too," she told Erendira. "It hasn't apparent the sun aback the canicule of all the noise."

"Yes, Grandmother," the babe answered.

She best up a calamus fan and began to fan the cruel matron, who recited the annual of caliginosity orders to her as she sank into sleep.

"Iron all the clothes afore you go to bed so you can beddy-bye with a bright conscience."

"Yes, Grandmother."

"Check the clothes closets carefully, because moths get hungrier on airy nights."

"Yes, Grandmother."

"With the time you acquire left, booty the flowers out into the courtyard so they can get a animation of air."

"Yes, Grandmother."

"And augment the ostrich."

She had collapsed comatose but she was still giving orders, for it was from her that the granddaughter had affiliated the adeptness to be animate still while sleeping. Erendira larboard the allowance afterwards authoritative any babble and did the final diplomacy of the night, still acknowledging to the sleeping grandmother's orders.

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"Give the graves some water."

"Yes, Grandmother."

"And if the Amadises arrive, acquaint them not to arise in," the grandmother said, "because Porfirio Galan's assemblage is cat-and-mouse to annihilate them."

Erendira didn't acknowledgment her any added because she knew that the grandmother was accepting absent in her delirium, but she didn't absence a distinct order. Aback she accomplished blockage the window bolts and put out the aftermost lights, she took a candlestick from the dining allowance and afire her way to her bedchamber as the pauses in the wind were abounding with the peaceful and astronomic animation of her sleeping grandmother.

Her allowance was additionally luxurious, but not so abundant as her grandmother's, and it was accumulated aerial with the rag dolls and cleanup animals of her contempo childhood. Afflicted by the atrocious diplomacy of the day, Erendira didn't acquire the backbone to get bald and she put the candlestick on the night table and fell assimilate the bed. A abbreviate while afterwards the wind of her accident came into the bedchamber like a backpack of hounds and agape the candle over adjoin the curtain.

At dawn, aback the wind assuredly stopped, a few blubbery and broadcast drops of rain began to fall, putting out the aftermost charcoal and hardening the smoker ashes of the mansion. The bodies in the village, Indians for the best part, approved to accomplishment the charcoal of the disaster: the broiled anatomy of the ostrich, the anatomy of the gilded piano, the anatomy of a statue. The grandmother was advertent the balance of her affluence with an bulletproof depression. Erendira, sitting amid the two graves of the Amadises, had chock-full weeping. Aback the grandmother was assertive that actual few things remained complete amid the ruins, she looked at her granddaughter with aboveboard pity.

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"My poor child," she sighed. "Life won't be continued abundant for you to pay me aback for this mishap."

She began to pay it aback that actual day, below the babble of the rain, aback she was taken to the apple storekeeper, a angular and abortive widower who was absolutely able-bodied accustomed in the barren for the acceptable bulk he paid for virginity. As the grandmother waited undauntedly, the widower advised Erendira with accurate austerity: he advised the backbone of her thighs, the admeasurement of her breasts, the bore of her hips. He didn't say a chat until he had some adding of what she was worth.

"She's still absolutely immature," he said then. "She has the teats of a bitch."

Then he had her get on a calibration to prove his adaptation with figures. Erendira advised ninety pounds.

"She isn't annual added than a hundred pesos," the widower said.

The grandmother was scandalized.

"A hundred pesos for a babe who's absolutely new! " she about shouted. "No, sir, that shows a abundant abridgement of annual for advantage on your part."

"I'll accomplish it a hundred and fifty," the widower said.

"This babe acquired me amercement amounting to added than a actor pesos," the grandmother said. "At this bulk she'll allegation two hundred years to pay me back."

"You're advantageous that the alone acceptable affection she has is her age," the widower said.

The storm threatened to assault the abode down, and there were so abounding leaks in the roof that it was aqueous about as abundant central as out. The grandmother acquainted all alone in a apple of disaster.

"Just accession it to three hundred," she said.

"Two hundred and fifty."

Finally they agreed on two hundred and twenty pesos in banknote and some provisions. The grandmother afresh signaled Erendira to go with the widower and he led her by the duke to the aback allowance as if he were demography her to school.

"I'll delay for you here," the grandmother said.

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"Yes, Grandmother," said Erendira.

The aback allowance was a affectionate of afford with four brick columns, a roof of addle access leaves, and an adobe coffer three all-overs high, through which alfresco disturbances got into the building. Placed on top of the adobe coffer were pots with cacti and added plants of aridity. Blind amid two columns and aerial like the chargeless captain of a afloat baiter was a achromatic hammock. Over the blare of the storm and the baste of the baptize one could apprehend abroad shouts, the bawl of abroad animals, the cries of a shipwreck.

When Erendira and the widower went into the afford they had to ascendancy on so as not to be agape bottomward by a access of rain which larboard them soaked. Their choir could not be heard but their movements became bright in the barrage of the squall. At the widower's aboriginal attempt, Erendira shouted article abreast and approved to get away. The widower answered her afterwards any voice, askance her arm by the wrist, and abject her to the hammock. She fought him off with a blemish on the face and shouted in blackout again, but he replied with a austere bang which aerial her off the arena and abeyant her in the air for an afire with her continued Medusa beard amphibian in space. He affective her about the waist afore she afflicted arena again, flung her into the anchorage with a barbarous heave, and captivated her bottomward with his knees. Erendira afresh succumbed to terror, absent consciousness, and remained as if captivated by the moonbeams from a angle that was amphibian through the storm air, while the widower bald her, disturbing off her clothes with a methodical clawing, as if he were diplomacy up grass, drop them with abundant tugs of blush that coiled like streamers and went off with the wind.

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When there was no added man larboard in the apple who could pay annihilation for Erendira's love, her grandmother put her on a barter to go breadth the smugglers were. They fabricated the cruise on the aback of the barter in the open, amid sacks of rice and buckets of drip and what had been larboard by the fire: the headboard of the viceregal bed, a warrior angel, the broiled throne, and added pieces of abortive junk. In a block with two crosses corrective in ample acclamation they agitated the basic of the Amadises.

The grandmother adequate herself from the sun with a decrepit awning and it was adamantine for her to breathe because of the affliction of diaphoresis and dust, but alike in that black accompaniment she kept ascendancy of her dignity. Abaft the accumulation of cans and sacks of rice Erendira paid for the cruise and the cartage by authoritative adulation for twenty pesos a about-face with the truck's loader. At aboriginal her arrangement of aegis was the aforementioned as she had acclimated adjoin the widower's attack, but the loader's access was different, apathetic and wise, and he concluded up taming her with tenderness. So aback they accomplished the aboriginal boondocks afterwards a baleful journey, Erendira and the loader were adequate from acceptable adulation abaft the breastwork of cargo. The disciplinarian shouted to the grandmother:

"Here's breadth the apple begins."

The grandmother empiric with atheism the afflicted and aloof streets of a boondocks somewhat above but aloof as sad as the one they had abandoned.

"It doesn't attending like it to me," she said.

"It's mission country," the disciplinarian said.

"I'm not captivated in charity, I'm captivated in smugglers," said the grandmother.

Listening to the chat from abaft the load, Erendira dug into a sack of rice with her finger. Aback she activate a string, pulled on it, and drew out a chaplet of 18-carat pearls. She looked at it amazed, captivation it amid her fingers like a comatose snake, while the disciplinarian answered her grandmother:

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"Don't be daydreaming, ma'am. There's no such activity as smugglers."

"Of beforehand not," the grandmother said. "I've got your chat for it."

"Try to acquisition one and you'll see," the disciplinarian bantered. "Everybody talks about them, but no one's anytime apparent one."

The loader accomplished that Erendira had pulled out the chaplet and hastened to booty it abroad from her and stick it aback into the sack of rice. The grandmother, who had absitively to breach in animosity of the abjection of the town, afresh alleged to her granddaughter to advice her out of the truck. Erendira said good-bye to the loader with a kiss that was abrupt but ad-lib and true.

The grandmother waited, sitting on her arch in the average of the street, until they accomplished auction the goods. The aftermost annual was the block with the charcoal of the Amadises.

"This activity weighs as abundant as a comatose man," said the driver, laughing.

"There are two of them," the grandmother said, "so amusement them with the able respect."

"I bet they're marble statues." The disciplinarian laughed again.

He put the block with basic bottomward abominably amid the singed appliance and captivated out his accessible duke to the grandmother.

"Fifty pesos," he said.

"Your bondservant has already paid on the right-hand side."

The disciplinarian looked at his abettor with abruptness and the closing fabricated an acknowledging sign. The disciplinarian afresh went aback to the cab, breadth a woman in aching was riding, in her accoutrements a babyish who was arrant from the heat. The loader, absolutely abiding of himself, told the grandmother:

"Erendira is advancing with me, if it's all appropriate by you. My intentions are honorable."

The babe intervened, surprised:

"I didn't say anything!"

"The abstraction was all mine," the loader said.

The grandmother looked him up and down, now, to accomplish him feel babyish but aggravating to admeasurement the accurate admeasurement of his guts.

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"It's all appropriate by me," she told him, "provided you pay me what I absent because of her carelessness. It's eight hundred seventy-two thousand three hundred fifteen pesos, beneath the four hundred and twenty which she's already paid me, authoritative it eight hundred seventy-one thousand eight hundred ninety-five."

The barter started up.

"Believe me, I'd accord you that accumulation of money if I had it," the loader said seriously. "The babe is annual it."

The grandmother was admiring with the boy's decision.

"Well, then, arise aback aback you acquire it, son," she answered in a affectionate tone. "But you'd bigger go now, because if we bulk out accounts afresh you'll end up attributable me ten pesos."

The loader jumped assimilate the aback of the barter and it went off. From there he coiled good-bye to Erendira, but she was still so afraid that she didn't acknowledgment him.

In the aforementioned alone lot breadth the barter had larboard them, Erendira and her grandmother improvised a apartment to animate in from bedding of zinc and the charcoal of Oriental rugs. They laid two mats on the arena and slept as able-bodied as they had in the abode until the sun opened holes in the axle and austere their faces.

Just the adverse of what commonly happened, it was the grandmother who busied herself that morning acclimation up Erendira. She fabricated up her face in the actualization of alveolate adorableness that had been the faddy in her adolescence and afflicted her up with bogus fingernails and an organdy bow that looked like a butterfly on her head.

"You attending awful," she admitted, "but it's bigger that way: men are absolutely brainless aback it comes to changeable matters."

Long afore they saw them they both accustomed the complete of two mules walking on the flint of the desert. At a command from her grandmother, Erendira lay bottomward on the mat the way an abecedarian extra ability acquire done at the moment aback the blind was about to go up. Aptitude on her bishop's crosier, the grandmother went out of the apartment and sat bottomward on the arch to delay for the mules to pass.

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The mailman was coming. He was alone twenty years old, but his assignment had age-old him, and he was cutting a biscuit uniform, leggings, a assembly helmet, and had a aggressive pistol on his armament belt. He was benumbed a acceptable mule and arch by the check another, added age-old one, on whom the canvas mailbags were piled.

As he anesthetized by the grandmother he saluted her and kept on going, but she signaled him to attending central the shelter. The man chock-full and saw Erendira lying on the mat in her afterward composition and cutting a purple-trimmed dress.

"Do you like it?" the grandmother asked.

The mailman hadn't accustomed until afresh what the hypothesis was.

"It doesn't attending bad to accession who's been on a diet," he said, smiling.

"Fifty pesos," the grandmother said.

"Boy, you're allurement a mint!" he said. "I can eat for a accomplished ages on that."

"Don't be a tightwad," the grandmother said. "The air mail pays alike bigger than actuality a priest."

"I'm the calm mail," the man said. "The airmail man advance in a auto truck."

"In any case, adulation is aloof as important as eating," the grandmother said.

"But it doesn't augment you."

The grandmother accomplished that a man who lived from what added bodies were cat-and-mouse for had added than abundant time for bargaining.

"How abundant acquire you got?" she asked him.

The mailman dismounted, took some chewed-up bills from his pocket, and showed them to the grandmother. She snatched them up all calm with a accelerated duke aloof as if they had been a ball.

"I'll lower the bulk for you," she said, "but on one condition: that you beforehand the chat all around."

"All the way to the added ancillary of the world," the mailman said. "That's what I'm for."

Erendira, who had been clumsy to blink, afresh took off her bogus eyelashes and abashed to one ancillary of the mat to accomplish allowance for the adventitious boyfriend. As anon as he was in the shelter, the grandmother bankrupt the access with an active tug on the sliding curtain.

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It was an able deal. Taken by the words of the mailman, men came from actual far abroad to become acquainted with the accession of Erendira. Abaft the men came coffer tables and aliment stands, and abaft them all came a columnist on a bicycle, who, above from the encampment, set up a camera with a aching sleeve on a tripod and a accomplishments of a basin with absent swans.

The grandmother, fanning herself on her throne, seemed conflicting to her own bazaar. The alone activity that captivated her was befitting adjustment in the bandage of barter who were cat-and-mouse their about-face and blockage the exact bulk of money they paid in beforehand to go in to Erendira. At aboriginal she had been so austere that she banned a acceptable chump because he was bristles pesos short. But with the access of months she was assimilating the acquaint of absoluteness and she concluded up absolution bodies in who completed their acquittal with religious medals, ancestors relics, accretion rings, and annihilation her chaw could prove was bona-fide gold alike if it didn't shine.

After a continued breach in that aboriginal town, the grandmother had acceptable money to buy a donkey, and she went off into the barren in coursing of places added advantageous for the acquittal of the debt. She catholic on a clutter that had been improvised on top of the donkey and she was adequate from the apoplectic sun by the half-spoked awning that Erendira captivated over her head. Abaft them absolved four Indian bearers with the debris of the encampment: the sleeping mats, the adequate throne, the alabaster angel, and the trunks with the charcoal of the Amadises. The columnist followed the bandage on his bicycle, but never communicable up, as if he were activity to a altered festival.

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Six months had anesthetized aback the blaze aback the grandmother was able to get a complete annual of the business.

"If things go on like this," she told Erendira, "you will acquire paid me the debt central of eight years, seven months, and eleven days."

She went aback over her calculations with her eyes closed, averseness with the seeds she was demography out of a bond accessory breadth she additionally kept the money, and she adapted herself: "All that, of course, not counting the pay and lath of the Indians and added accessory expenses."

Erendira, who was befitting in footfall with the donkey, angled bottomward by the calefaction and dust, did not abuse her grandmother for her figures, but she had to ascendancy aback her tears.

"I've got arena canteen in my bones," she said.

"Try to sleep."

"Yes, Grandmother."

She bankrupt her eyes, took in a abysmal animation of baking air, and went on walking in her sleep.

A babyish barter loaded with cages appeared, alarming goats in the dust of the horizon, and the agitation of the birds was like a access of air-conditioned baptize for the Sunday blackout of San Miguel del Desierto. At the caster was a beefy Dutch farmer, his bark splintered by the outdoors, and with a squirrel-colored mustache he had affiliated from some great-grandfather. His son Ulises, who was benumbed in the added seat, was a gilded boyish with alone amphibian eyes and with the actualization of a artful angel. The Dutchman noticed a covering in advanced of which all the soldiers of the bounded billet were apprehension their turn. They were sitting on the ground, bubbler out of the aforementioned bottle, which anesthetized from aperture to mouth, and they had almond branches on their active as if buried for combat. The Dutchman asked in his language:

"What the devil can they be diplomacy there?"

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"A woman," his son answered absolutely naturally. "Her name is Erendira."

"How do you know?"

"Everybody in the barren knows," Ulises answered. The Dutchman chock-full at the babyish auberge in boondocks and got out. Ulises backward in the truck. With active fingers he opened a attache that his ancestor had larboard on the seat, took out a cycle of bills, put several in his pocket, and larboard aggregate aloof the way it had been. That night, while his ancestor was asleep, he climbed out the auberge window and went to angle in bandage in advanced of Erendira's tent.

The anniversary were at their height. The bashed recruits were dancing by themselves so as not to decay the chargeless music, and the columnist was demography caliginosity pictures with magnesium papers. As she watched over her business, the grandmother counted the coffer addendum in her lap, adding them into according bags and alignment them in a basket. There were alone twelve soldiers at that time, but the black bandage had developed with noncombatant customers. Ulises was the aftermost one.

It was the about-face of a soldier with a afflicted appearance. The grandmother not alone blocked his way but abhorred acquaintance with his money.

["388"]Cosmic Sailor Moon without wings ~ by ZaideeSailor Moon Fanfiction Episode(s) 1-10 by Pure ~ Doll Divine | Sailor Moon Dress Up Doll Divine

"No, son," she told him. "You couldn't go in for all the gold in the world. You accompany bad luck."

The soldier, who wasn't from those parts, was puzzled.

"What do you mean?"

"You accompany bottomward the angry shadows," the grandmother said. "A actuality alone has to attending at your face."

She coiled him off with her hand, but afterwards affecting him, and fabricated way for the abutting soldier.

"Go appropriate in, handsome," she told him good-naturedly, "but don't booty too long, your country needs you."

The soldier went in but he came appropriate out afresh because Erendira capital to allocution to her grandmother. She afraid the bassinet of money on her arm and went into the tent, which wasn't actual roomy, but which was accurate and clean. In the back, on an army cot, Erendira was clumsy to repress the abashed in her body, and she was in apologetic shape, all bedraggled with soldier sweat.

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"Grandmother," she sobbed, "I'm dying."

The grandmother acquainted her forehead and aback she saw she had no fever, she approved to animate her.

"There are alone ten soldiers left," she said.

Erendira began to bawl with the shrieks of a abashed animal. The grandmother accomplished afresh that she had gone above the banned of abhorrence and, acclamation her head, she helped her calm down.

"The agitation is that you're weak," she told her. "Come on, don't cry any more, booty a ablution in academician baptize to get your claret aback into shape."

She larboard the covering aback Erendira was calmer and she gave the soldier cat-and-mouse his money back. "That's all for today," she told him. "Come aback tomorrow and I'll accord you the aboriginal abode in line." Afresh she shouted to those lined up:

"That's all, boys. Tomorrow morning at nine."

Soldiers and civilians bankrupt ranks with shouts of protest. The grandmother confronted them, in a acceptable affection but brandishing the adverse crosier in earnest.

"You're an boorish agglomeration of slobs!" she shouted. "What do you anticipate the babe is fabricated of, iron? I'd like to see you in her place. You perverts! You shitty bums!"

The men answered her with alike cruder insults, but she concluded up authoritative the defection and stood bouncer with her agents until they took abroad the bite tables and dismantled the coffer stands. She was about to go aback into the covering aback she saw Ulises, as ample as life, all by himself in the aphotic and alone amplitude breadth the bandage of men had been before. He had an aerial ambience about him and he seemed to be arresting in the caliginosity because of the actual afterglow of his beauty.

"You," the grandmother asked him. "What happened to your wings?"

"The one who had wings was my grandfather," Ulises answered in his accustomed way, "but cipher believed it."

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The grandmother advised him afresh with fascination. "Well, I do," she said. "Put them on and arise aback tomorrow." She went into the covering and larboard Ulises afire breadth he stood.

Erendira acquainted bigger afterwards her bath. She had put on a short, lace-trimmed blooper and she was dehydration her beard afore activity to bed, but she was still authoritative an accomplishment to ascendancy aback her tears. Her grandmother was asleep.

Behind Erendira's bed, actual slowly, Ulises' arch appeared. She saw the afraid and chiffon eyes, but afore adage annihilation she rubbed her arch with the anhydrate in adjustment to prove that it wasn't an illusion. Aback Ulises blinked for the aboriginal time, Erendira asked him in a actual low voice:

"Who are you?"

Ulises showed himself bottomward to his shoulders. "My name is Ulises," he said. He showed her the bills he had baseborn and added:

"I've got money."

Erendira put her easily on the bed, brought her face abutting to that of Ulises, and went on talking to him as if in a kindergarten game.

"You were declared to get in line," she told him.

"I waited all night long," Ulises said.

"Well, now you acquire to delay until tomorrow," Erendira said. "I feel as if accession had been assault me on the kidneys."

At that afire the grandmother began to allocution in her sleep.

"It's activity on twenty years aback it rained last," she said. "It was such a abhorrent storm that the rain was all alloyed in with sea water, and the abutting morning the abode was abounding of angle and snails and your grandfathering Amadis, may he blow in peace, saw a aglow manta ray amphibian through the air."

Ulises hid abaft the bed again. Erendira showed an amused smile.

"Take it easy," she told him. "She consistently acts affectionate of crazy aback she's asleep, but not alike an convulsion can deathwatch her up."

Ulises reappeared. Erendira looked at him with a smile that was annoying and alike a little affectionate and took the decrepit breadth off the mattress.

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"Come," she said. "Help me change the sheet."

Then Ulises came from abaft the bed and took one end of the sheet. Aback the breadth was abundant above than the mattress, they had to bend it several times. With every bend Ulises drew afterpiece to Erendira.

"I was activity crazy absent to see you," he aback said. "Everybody says you're actual appealing and they're right."

"But I'm activity to die," Erendira said.

"My mother says that bodies who die in the barren don't go to heaven but to the sea," Ulises said.

Erendira put the bedraggled breadth abreast and covered the mattress with another, which was apple-pie and ironed.

"I never saw the sea," she said.

"It's like the barren but with water," said Ulises.

"Then you can't airing on it."

"My ancestor knew a man who could," Ulises said, "but that was a continued time ago."

Erendira was captivated but she capital to sleep.

"If you arise actual aboriginal tomorrow you can be aboriginal in line," she said.

"I'm abrogation with my ancestor at dawn," said Ulises.

"Won't you be advancing aback this way?"

"Who can tell?" Ulises said. "We aloof happened forth now because we got absent on the alley to the border."

Erendira looked carefully at her sleeping grandmother.

"All right," she decided. "Give me the money."

Ulises gave it to her. Erendira lay bottomward on the bed but he remained abashed breadth he was: at the complete moment his assurance had weakened. Erendira took him by the duke to bustle him up and alone afresh did she apprehension his tribulation. She was accustomed with that fear.

"Is it the aboriginal time?" she asked him.

Ulises didn't acknowledgment but he smiled in desolation. Erendira became a altered person.

"Breathe slowly," she told him. "That's the way it consistently is the aboriginal time. Afterwards you won't alike notice."

She laid him bottomward beside her and while she was demography his clothes off she was abstracted him maternally.

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"What's your name?"


"That's a gringo name," Erendira said.

"No, a sailor name."

Erendira baldheaded his chest, gave a few little drop kisses, sniffed him.

"It's like you were fabricated of gold all over," she said, "but you aroma of flowers."

"It allegation be the oranges," Ulises said.

Calmer now, he gave a smile of complicity.

"We backpack a lot of birds forth to bandy bodies off the track," he added, "but what we're accomplishing is smuggling a bulk of oranges above the border."

"Oranges aren't contraband," Erendira said.

"These are," said Ulises. "Each one is annual fifty thousand pesos."

Erendira laughed for the aboriginal time in a continued while.

"What I like about you," she said, "is the austere way you accomplish up nonsense."

She had become ad-lib and articulate again, as if Ulises' chastity had afflicted not alone her affection but her character. The grandmother, such a abbreviate ambit abroad from misfortune, was still talking in her sleep.

"Around those times, at the alpha of March, they brought you home," she said. "You looked like a cadger captivated in cotton. Amadis, your father, who was adolescent and handsome, was so blessed that afternoon that he beatific for twenty carts loaded with flowers and accustomed strewing them forth the artery until the accomplished apple was gold with flowers like the sea."

She ranted on with abundant shouts and with a adamant affection for several hours. But Ulises couldn't apprehend her because Erendira had admired him so abundant and so candidly that she admired him afresh for bisected bulk while her grandmother was agitated and kept on admiring him for annihilation until dawn.

A accumulation of missionaries captivation up their crucifixes stood acquire to acquire in the average of the desert. A wind as angry as the wind of accident befuddled their burlap habits and their asperous beards and they were about able to angle on their feet. Abaft them was the mission, a colonial accumulation of bean with a tiny belfry on top of the acrid whitewashed walls.

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The youngest missionary, who was in allegation of the group, acicular to a accustomed able in the anesthetized adobe ground.

"You shall not coulee above this line!" he shouted.

The four Indian bearers accustomed the grandmother in a clutter fabricated of boards chock-full aback they heard the shout. Alike admitting she was afflictive sitting on the planks of the clutter and her spirit was blah by the dust and diaphoresis of the desert, the grandmother maintained her airs intact. Erendira was on foot. Abaft the clutter came a book of eight Indians accustomed the accoutrements and at the actual end the columnist on his bicycle.

"The barren doesn't accord to anyone," the grandmother said.

"It belongs to God," the missionary said, "and you are actionable his angelic laws with your begrimed business."

The grandmother afresh accustomed the missionary's peninsular accepting and delivery and abhorred a bang battle so as not to breach her arch adjoin his intransigence. She went aback to actuality herself.

"I don't acquire your mysteries, son."

The missionary acicular at Erendira.

"That boyish is underage."

"But she's my granddaughter."

"So abundant the worse," the missionary replied. "Put her beneath our affliction agreeably or we'll acquire to seek recourse in added ways."

The grandmother had not accustomed them to go so far.

"All right, if that's how it is." She surrendered in fear. "But eventually or afterwards I'll pass, you'll see."

Three canicule afterwards the appointment with the missionaries, the grandmother and Erendira were sleeping in a apple abreast the mission aback a accumulation of stealthy, aphasiac bodies, bit-by-bit forth like an infantry patrol, slipped into the tent. They were six Indian novices, able and young, their asperous bolt habits appearing to afterglow in the moonlight. Afterwards authoritative a complete they buried Erendira in a mosquito netting, best her up afterwards animate her, and agitated her off wrapper-like a large, brittle angle bent in a lunar net.

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There were no agency larboard blooming by the grandmother in an beforehand to accomplishment her granddaughter from the aegis of the missionaries. Alone aback they had all failed, from the best complete to the best devious, did she about-face to the civilian authority, which was vested in a aggressive man. She activate him in the courtyard of his home, his chest bare, cutting with an army burglarize at a aphotic and aloof billow in the afire sky. He was aggravating to bore it to accompany on rain, and his shots were bent and useless, but he did booty the all-important time out to acquire to the grandmother.

"I can't do anything," he explained to her aback he had heard her out. "The priesties, according to the concordat, acquire the appropriate to accumulate the babe until she comes of age. Or until she gets married."

"Then why do they acquire you actuality as mayor?" the grandmother asked.

"To accomplish it rain," was the mayor's answer.

Then, seeing that the billow had abashed out of range, he disconnected his official duties and gave his abounding absorption to the grandmother.

"What you allegation is accession with a lot of weight who will vouch for you," he told her. "Someone who can affirm to your moral continuing and your acceptable behavior in a active letter. Do you apperceive Agent Onesimo Sanchez?"

Sitting beneath the naked sun on a stool that was too attenuated for her astral buttocks, the grandmother answered with a austere rage:

"I'm aloof a poor woman all alone in the amplitude of the desert."

The mayor, his appropriate eye askance from the heat, looked at her with pity.

"Then don't decay your time, ma'am," he said. "You'll rot in hell."

She didn't rot, of course. She set up her covering above from the mission and sat bottomward to think, like a aloof warrior besieging a adherent city. The abnormality photographer, who knew her absolutely well, loaded his accessory assimilate the carrier of his bike and was accessible to leave all alone aback he saw her in the abounding sun with her eyes anchored on the mission.

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"Let's see who gets annoyed first," the grandmother said, "they or I."

"They've been actuality for three hundred years and they can still booty it," the columnist said. "I'm leaving."

Only afresh did the grandmother apprehension the loaded bicycle.

"Where are you going?"

"Wherever the wind takes me," the columnist said, and he left. "It's a big world."

The grandmother sighed.

"Not as big as you think, you ingrate."

But she didn't move her arch in animosity of her acrimony so as not to lose afterimage of the mission. She didn't move it for many, abounding canicule of mineral heat, for many, abounding nights of agrarian winds, for all the time she was apperception and no one came out of the mission. The Indians congenital a bivouac of access leaves beside the covering and afraid their hammocks there, but the grandmother stood watch until actual late, comatose on her arch and chewing the basic atom in her accessory with the bulletproof apathy of a comatose ox.

One night a accompany of apathetic covered trucks anesthetized actual abutting to her and the alone lights they agitated were wreaths of black bulbs which gave them the apparitional admeasurement of sleep-walking altars. The grandmother accustomed them at already because they were aloof like the trucks of the Amadises. The aftermost barter in the accompany slowed, stopped, and a man got out of the cab to acclimatize article in back. He looked like a replica of the Amadises, cutting a hat with a turned-up brim, aerial boots, two above armament belts above his chest, an army rifle, and two pistols. Afflicted by an alluring temptation, the grandmother alleged to the man.

"Don't you apperceive who I am?" she asked him.

The man afire her atrociously with a flashlight. For an afire he advised the face beat out by vigil, the eyes dim from fatigue, the addle beard of the woman who, alike at her age, in her apologetic state, and with that awkward ablaze on her face, could acquire said that she had been the best admirable woman in the world. Aback he advised her abundant to be abiding that he had never apparent her before, he angry out the light.

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"The alone activity I apperceive for abiding is that you're not the Virgin of Perpetual Help."

"Quite the contrary," the grandmother said with a actual candied voice. "I'm the Lady."

The man put his duke to his pistol out of authentic instinct.

"What lady?"

"Big Amadis's."

"Then you're not of this world," he said, tense. "What is it you want?"

"For you to advice me accomplishment my granddaughter, Big Amadis's granddaughter, the babe of our son Amadis, captivated apprenticed in that mission."

The man overcame his fear.

"You agape on the amiss door," he said. "If you anticipate we're about to get alloyed up in God's affairs, you're not the one you say you are, you never knew the Amadises, and you haven't got the whoriest angle of what smuggling's all about."

Early that morning the grandmother slept beneath than before. She lay animate absorption things, captivated in a complete absolute while the aboriginal hour got her anamnesis all alloyed up and the repressed agitated struggled to get out alike admitting she was awake, and she had to bind her affection with her duke so as not to be suffocated by the anamnesis of a abode by the sea with abundant red flowers breadth she had been happy. She remained that way until the mission all-overs rang and the aboriginal lights went on in the windows and the barren became saturated with the aroma of the hot aliment of matins. Alone afresh did she carelessness her fatigue, tricked by the apparition that Erendira had got up and was attractive for a way to escape and arise aback to her.

Erendira, however, had not absent a distinct night's beddy-bye aback they had taken her to the mission. They had cut her beard with pruning shears until her arch was like a brush, they put a hermit's asperous abbey on her and gave her a brazier of blanch and a besom so that she could blanch the stairs every time accession went up or down. It was mule assignment because there was an ceaseless advancing and activity of decrepit missionaries and amateur carriers, but Erendira acquainted as if every day were Sunday afterwards the alarming galley that had been her bed. Besides, she wasn't the alone one beat out at night, because that mission was committed to angry not adjoin the devil but adjoin the desert. Erendira had apparent the Indian novices bulldogging beasts in the barn in adjustment to milk them, jumping up and bottomward on planks for canicule on end in adjustment to columnist cheese, allowance a dupe through a difficult birth. She had apparent them diaphoresis like bistered stevedores carriage baptize from the cistern, watering by duke a adventurous garden that added novices able with hoes in adjustment to bulb vegetables in the flintstone of the desert. She had apparent the alluvial blaze of the ovens for baking aliment and the apartment for bed-making clothes. She had apparent a nun coursing a pig through the courtyard, accelerate forth captivation the delinquent beastly by the ears, and cycle in a mud dabble afterwards absolution go until two novices in covering aprons helped her get it beneath ascendancy and one of them cut its throat with a boner knife as they all became covered with claret and mire. In the abreast breadth of the dispensary she had apparent tubercular nuns in their nightgown shrouds, cat-and-mouse for God's aftermost command as they abstract conjugal bedding on the terraces while the men preached in the desert. Erendira was active in her caliginosity and advertent added forms of adorableness and abhorrence that she had never absurd in the attenuated apple of her bed, but neither the coarsest nor the best actuating of the novices had managed to get her to say a chat aback they had taken her to the mission. One morning, while she was advancing the blanch in her bucket, she heard bond music that was like a ablaze alike added chiffon than the ablaze of the desert. Captivated by the miracle, she peeped into an immense and alone salon with bald walls and ample windows through which the admirable June ablaze caked in and remained still, and in the centermost of the allowance she saw a actual admirable nun whom she had never apparent afore arena an Easter aria on the clavichord. Erendira listened to the music afterwards blinking, her affection blind by a thread, until the cafeteria all-overs rang. Afterwards eating, while she whitewashed the stairs with her reed brush, she waited until all the novices had accomplished activity up and advancing down, and she was alone, with no one to apprehend her, and afresh she batten for the aboriginal time aback she had entered the mission.

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"I'm happy," she said.

So that put an end to the hopes the grandmother had that Erendira would run abroad to acknowledge her, but she maintained her granite annoy afterwards accepting fabricated any adaptation until Pentecost. During that time the missionaries were combing the barren in coursing of abundant concubines in adjustment to get them married. They catholic all the way to the best alien settlements in a age-old barter with four well-armed soldiers and a chest of bargain cloth. The best difficult allotment of that Indian coursing was to argue the women, who dedicated themselves adjoin all-powerful adroitness with the accurate altercation that men, sleeping in their hammocks with legs spread, acquainted they had the appropriate to appeal abundant added assignment from accustomed wives than from concubines. It was all-important to abduct them with trickery, abandoning the will of God in the abstract of their own accent so that it would assume beneath acrid to them, but alike the best adroit of them concluded up actuality assertive by a brace of blatant earrings. The men, on the added hand, already the women's accepting had been obtained, were baffled out of their hammocks with burglarize butts, bound, and hauled abroad in the aback of the barter to be affiliated by force.

For several canicule the grandmother saw the little barter loaded with abundant Indian women branch for the mission, but she bootless to admit her opportunity. She accustomed it on Pentecost Sunday itself, aback she heard the rockets and the campanology of the accretion and saw the afflicted and amusing army that was activity to the festival, and she saw that amid the crowds there were abundant women with the blind and acme of a helpmate captivation the accoutrements of their accidental mates, whom they would legitimize in the aggregate wedding.

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Among the aftermost in the advance a boy passed, innocent of heart, with gourd-cut Indian beard and dressed in rags, accustomed an Easter candle with a cottony bow in his hand. The grandmother alleged him over.

"Tell me something, son," she asked with her smoothest voice. "What allotment do you acquire in this affair?"

The boy acquainted abashed by the candle and it was adamantine for him to abutting his aperture because of his donkey teeth.

"The priests are activity to accord me my aboriginal communion," he said.

"How abundant did they pay you?"

"Five pesos."

The grandmother took a cycle of bills from her accessory and the boy looked at them with surprise.

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"I'm activity to accord you twenty," the grandmother said. "Not for you to accomplish your aboriginal communion, but for you to get married."

"Who to?"

"My granddaughter."

So Erendira was affiliated in the courtyard of the mission in her hermit's abbey and a cottony capote that the novices gave her, and afterwards alike animate the name of the benedict her grandmother had bought for her. With ambiguous achievement she withstood the affliction of admiration on the saltpeter ground, the goat-hair fetor of the two hundred abundant brides, the abuse of the Epistle of Saint Paul formed out in Latin beneath the apoplectic and afire sun, because the missionaries had activate no way to argue the angle of that abrupt marriage, but had accustomed her a affiance as a aftermost beforehand to accumulate her in the mission. Nevertheless, afterwards the commemoration in the attendance of the apostolic prefect, the aggressive ambassador who attempt at the clouds, her contempo husband, and her apathetic grandmother, Erendira activate herself already added beneath the spell that had bedeviled her aback birth. Aback they asked her what her free, true, and complete will was, she didn't alike accord a blow of hesitation.

"I appetite to leave," she said. And she antiseptic things by pointing at her husband. "But not with him, with my grandmother."

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Ulises had ashen a accomplished afternoon aggravating to abduct an orange from his father's grove, because the earlier man wouldn't booty his eyes off him while they were pruning the ailing trees, and his mother kept watch from the house. So he gave up his plan, for that day at least, and grudgingly helped his ancestor until they had pruned the aftermost orange trees.

The all-encompassing bracken was quiet and hidden, and the lath abode with a tin roof had chestnut annoying over the windows and a ample balustrade set on pilings, with archaic plants address acute flowers. Ulises' mother was on the balustrade sitting aback in a Viennese agitation armchair with smoked leaves on her temples to abate her headache, and her full-blooded-Indian attending followed her son like a axle of airy ablaze to the best alien corners of the orange grove. She was absolutely beautiful, abundant adolescent than her husband, and not alone did she still abrasion the apparel of her tribe, but she knew the best age-old secrets of her blood.

When Ulises alternate to the abode with the pruning tools, his mother asked him for her four o'clock medicine, which was on a adjacent table. As anon as he afflicted them, the canteen and the canteen afflicted color. Then, out of authentic play, he afflicted a canteen bullpen that was on the table beside some tumblers and the bullpen additionally angry blue. His mother empiric him while she was demography her anesthetic and aback she was abiding that it was not a aberration of her pain, she asked him in the Guajiro Indian language:

"How continued has that been accident to you?"

Ever aback we came aback from the desert," Ulises said, additionally in Guajiro. "It alone happens with canteen things." In adjustment to demonstrate, one afterwards the added he afflicted the glasses that were on the table and they all angry altered colors.

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"Those things arise alone because of love," his mother said. "Who is it?"

Ulises didn't answer. His father, who couldn't acquire the Guajiro language, was casual by the balustrade at that moment with a array of oranges.

"What are you two talking about?" he asked Ulises in Dutch.

"Nothing special," Ulises answered.

Ulises' mother didn't apperceive any Dutch. Aback her bedmate went into the house, she asked her son in Guajiro:

"What did he say?"

"Nothing special," Ulises answered.

He absent afterimage of his ancestor aback he went into the house, but he saw him afresh through a window of the office. The mother waited until she was alone with Ulises and afresh repeated:

"Tell me who it is."

"It's nobody," Ulises said.

He answered afterwards advantageous absorption because he was blind on his father's movements in the office. He had apparent him put the oranges on top of the safe aback he formed out the combination. But while he was befitting an eye on his father, his mother was befitting an eye on him.

"You haven't eaten any aliment for a continued time," she observed.

"I don't like it."

The mother's face aback took on an blooming liveliness. "That's a lie," she said. "It's because you're love-sick and bodies who are admiring can't eat bread." Her voice, like her eyes, had anesthetized from appeal to threat.

"It would be bigger if you told me who it was," she said, "or I'll accomplish you booty some antibacterial baths."

In the appointment the Dutchman opened the safe, put the oranges inside, and bankrupt the armored door. Ulises abashed abroad from the window afresh and answered his mother impatiently.

"I already told you there wasn't anyone," he said. "If you don't acquire me, ask Papa."

The Dutchman appeared in the appointment aperture lighting his sailor's aqueduct and accustomed his threadbare Bible beneath his arm. His wife asked him in Spanish:

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"Who did you accommodated in the desert?"

"Nobody," her bedmate answered, a little in the clouds. "If you don't acquire me, ask Ulises."

He sat bottomward at the end of the anteroom and sucked on his aqueduct until the tobacco was acclimated up. Afresh he opened the Bible at accidental and recited atom passages for about two hours in abounding and campanology Dutch.

At midnight Ulises was still cerebration with such acuteness that he couldn't sleep. He formed about in his anchorage for accession hour, aggravating to afflicted the affliction of memories until the actual affliction gave him the backbone he bald to accomplish a decision. Afresh he put on his cowboy pants, his checkerboard shirt, and his benumbed boots, jumped through the window, and fled from the abode in the barter loaded with birds. As he went through the groves he best the three accomplished oranges he had been clumsy to abduct that afternoon.

He catholic above the barren for the blow of the night and at aurora he asked in towns and villages about the abode of Erendira, but no one could acquaint him. Assuredly they abreast him that she was traveling in the balloter advance aggregation of Agent Onesimo Sanchez and that on that day he was apparently in Nueva Castilla. He didn't acquisition him there but in the abutting boondocks and Erendira was no best with him, for the grandmother had managed to get the agent to vouch for her chastity in a letter accounting in his own hand, and with it she was activity about aperture the best deeply barred doors in the desert. On the third day he came above the calm mailman and the closing told him what administration to follow.

"They're branch adjoin the sea," he said, "and you'd bigger bustle because the goddamned old woman diplomacy to cantankerous over to the island of Aruba."

Following that direction, afterwards bisected a day's adventure Ulises spotted the broad, decrepit covering that the grandmother had bought from a bankrupt circus. The abnormality columnist had arise aback to her, assertive that the apple was absolutely not as ample as he had thought, and he had set up his arcadian backdrops abreast the tent. A bandage of brass-blowers was arresting Erendira's audience with a aloof waltz.

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Ulises waited for his about-face to go in, and the aboriginal activity that bent his absorption was the adjustment and cleanliness of the central of the tent. The grandmother's bed had recovered its viceregal splendor, the bronze of the angel was in its abode beside the funerary block of the Amadises, and in addition, there was a pewter bathtub with lion's feet. Lying on her new canopied bed, Erendira was naked and placid, irradiating a artless afterglow beneath the ablaze that filtered through the tent. She was sleeping with her eyes open. Ulises chock-full beside her, the oranges in his hand, and he noticed that she was attractive at him afterwards seeing him. Afresh he anesthetized his duke over her eyes and alleged her by the name he had invented aback he capital to anticipate about her:


Erendira woke up. She acquainted naked in advanced of Ulises, let out a squeak, and covered herself with the breadth up to her neck.

"Don't attending at me," she said. "I'm horrible."

"You're the blush of an orange all over," Ulises said. He aloft the fruits to her eyes so that she could compare. "Look."

Erendira baldheaded her eyes and saw that absolutely the oranges did acquire her color.

"I don't appetite you to breach now," she said.

"I alone came to appearance you this," Ulises said. "Look here."

He bankrupt accessible an orange with his nails, breach it in two with his hands, and showed Erendira what was inside: ashore in the affection of the bake-apple was a 18-carat diamond.

"These are the oranges we booty above the border," he said.

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"But they're active oranges!" Erendira exclaimed.

"Of course." Ulises smiled. "My ancestor grows them."

Erendira couldn't acquire it. She baldheaded her face, took the design in her fingers and advised it with surprise.

"With three like these we can booty a cruise about the world," Ulises said.

Erendira gave him aback the design with a attending of disappointment. Ulises went on:

"Besides, I've got a auto truck," he said. "And besides that ... Look!"

From beneath his shirt he took an age-old pistol.

"I can't leave for ten years," Erendira said.

"You'll leave," Ulises said. "Tonight, aback the white bang avalanche asleep, I'll be alfresco there calling like an owl."

He fabricated such a accurate apery of the all-overs of an owl that Erendira's eyes smiled for the aboriginal time.

"It's my grandmother," she said.

"The owl?"

"The whale."

They both laughed at the mistake, but Erendira best up the cilia again.

"No one can leave for anywhere afterwards her grandmother's permission."

"There's no acumen to say anything."

"She'll acquisition out in any case," Erendira said. "She can dream things."

"When she starts to dream that you're abrogation we'll already be above the border. We'll cantankerous over like smugglers," Ulises said.

Grasping the pistol with the aplomb of a cine gunfighter, he apish the sounds of the shots to accelerate Erendira with his audacity. She didn't say yes or no, but her eyes gave a blow and she beatific Ulises abroad with a kiss. Ulises, touched, whispered:

"Tomorrow we'll be watching the ships go by."

That night, a little afterwards seven o'clock, Erendira was combing her grandmother's beard aback the wind of her accident blew again. In the apartment of the covering were the Indian bearers and the baton of the assumption band, cat-and-mouse to be paid. The grandmother accomplished counting out the bills on a chest she had aural reach, and afterwards consulting a balance she paid the oldest of the Indians.

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"Here you are," she told him. "Twenty pesos for the week, beneath eight for meals, beneath three for water, beneath fifty cents on annual for the new shirts, that's eight fifty. Count it."

The oldest Indian counted the money and they all withdrew with a bow.

"Thank you, white lady."

Next came the baton of the band. The grandmother consulted her balance and angry to the photographer, who was aggravating to adjustment the bellows of his camera with abounding of gutta-percha.

"What's it activity to be?" she asked him. "Will you or won't you pay a division of the amount of the music?"

The columnist didn't alike accession his arch to answer.

"Music doesn't arise out in pictures."

"But it makes bodies appetite to acquire their pictures taken," the grandmother answered.

"On the contrary," said the photographer. "It reminds them of the comatose and afresh they arise out in the annual with their eyes closed."

The bandleader intervened.

"What makes them abutting their eyes isn't the music," he said. "It's the lightning you accomplish demography pictures at night."

"It's the music," the columnist insisted.

The grandmother put an end to the dispute. "Don't be a cheapskate," she said to the photographer. "Look how able-bodied things acquire been activity for Agent Onesimo Sanchez and it's acknowledgment to the musicians he has along." Then, in a acrid tone, she concluded:

"So pay what you affliction to or go hunt your affluence by yourself. It's not appropriate for that poor boyish to backpack the accomplished accountability of expenses."

"I'll hunt my affluence by myself," the columnist said. "After all, an artisan is what I am."

The grandmother shrugged her abecedarian and took affliction of the musician. She handed him a array of bills that akin the bulk accounting in her ledger.

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"Two hundred and fifty-four numbers," she told him "At fifty cents apiece, additional thirty-two on Sundays and holidays at sixty cents apiece, that's one hundred fifty-six twenty."

The artist wouldn't acquire the money.

"It's one hundred eighty-two forty," he said. "Waltzes amount more."

"Why is that?"

"Because they're sadder," the artist said.

The grandmother fabricated him booty the money.

"Well, this anniversary you'll comedy us two blessed numbers for anniversary flit I owe you for and we'll be even."

The artist didn't acquire the grandmother's logic, but he accustomed the abstracts while he unraveled the tangle. At that moment the alarming wind threatened to abate the tent, and in the blackout that it larboard in its wake, outside, bright and gloomy, the all-overs of an owl was heard.

Erendira didn't apperceive what to do to beard her upset. She bankrupt the chest with the money and hid it beneath the bed, but the grandmother accustomed the abhorrence in her duke aback she gave her the key. "Don't be frightened," she told her. "There are consistently owls on airy nights." Still she didn't assume so assertive aback she saw the columnist go out with the camera on his back.

"Wait till tomorrow if you'd like," she told him. "Death is on the afar tonight."

The columnist had additionally noticed the all-overs of the owl, but he didn't change his intentions.

"Stay, son," the grandmother insisted. "Even if it's aloof because of the affection I acquire for you."

"But I won't pay for the music," the columnist said.

"Oh, no," the grandmother said. "Not that."

"You see?" the columnist said. "You've got no adulation for anybody."

The grandmother grew anemic with rage.

"Then beat it!" she said. "You lowlife!"

She acquainted so affronted that she was still discharge her acerbity on him while Erendira helped her go to bed. "Son of an angry mother," she muttered. "What does that adulterated apperceive about anyone else's heart?" Erendira paid no absorption to her, because the owl was calling her with adamant affirmation during the pauses in the wind and she was addled by uncertainty. The grandmother assuredly went to bed with the aforementioned ritual that had been de rigueur in the age-old mansion, and while her granddaughter fanned her she overcame her acrimony and already added breathed her antiseptic breath.

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"You acquire to get up early," she said then, "so you can abscess the beverage for my ablution afore the bodies get here."

"Yes, Grandmother."

"With the time you acquire left, ablution the Indians' bedraggled laundry and that way we'll acquire article abroad to booty off their pay abutting week."

"Yes, Grandmother," Erendira said.

"And beddy-bye boring so that you won't get tired, because tomorrow is Thursday, the longest day of the week."

"Yes, Grandmother."

"And augment the ostrich."

"Yes, Grandmother," Erendira said.

She larboard the fan at the arch of the bed and afire two chantry candles in advanced of the chest with their dead. The grandmother, comatose now, was backward abaft with her orders.

"Don't balloon to ablaze the candles for the Amadises."

"Yes, Grandmother."

Erendira knew afresh that she wouldn't deathwatch up, because she had amorphous to rave. She heard the wind barking about the tent, but she didn't admit it as the wind of her accident that time either. She looked out into the night until the owl alleged afresh and her aptitude for abandon in the end prevailed over her grandmother's spell.

She hadn't taken bristles accomplish alfresco the covering aback she came above the photographer, who was lashing his accessories to the carrier of his bicycle. His accomplice's smile calmed her down.

"I don't apperceive anything," the columnist said, "I haven't apparent anything, and I won't pay for the music."

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He took his leave with a absolution for all. Afresh Erendira ran adjoin the desert, accepting absitively already and for all, and she was swallowed up in the caliginosity of the wind breadth the owl was calling.

That time the grandmother went to the civilian authorities at once. The administrator of the bounded disengagement leaped out of his anchorage at six in the morning aback she put the senator's letter afore his eyes. Ulises' ancestor was cat-and-mouse at the door.

"How in hell do you apprehend me to apperceive what it says!" the administrator shouted. "I can't read."

"It's a letter of advocacy from Agent Onesimo Sanchez," the grandmother said.

Without added questions, the administrator took bottomward a burglarize he had abreast his anchorage and began to bark orders to his men. Bristles account afterwards they were all in a aggressive barter aerial adjoin the apprenticed adjoin a adverse wind that had comatose all trace of the fugitives. The administrator rode in the advanced bench beside the driver. In aback were the Dutchman and the grandmother, with an armed policeman on anniversary active board.

Close to boondocks they chock-full a accompany of trucks covered with waterproof canvases. Several men who were benumbed buried in the rear aloft the canvas and aimed at the babyish agent with apparatus accoutrements and army rifles. The administrator asked the disciplinarian of the aboriginal barter how far aback they had anesthetized a acreage barter loaded with birds.

The disciplinarian started up afore he answered.

"We're not stool pigeons," he said indignantly, "we're smugglers."

The administrator saw the atramentous barrels of the apparatus accoutrements coulee abutting to his eyes and he aloft his accoutrements and smiled.

"At least," he shouted at them, "you could acquire the appropriateness not to go about in ample daylight."

The aftermost barter had a assurance on its rear bumper: I THINK OF YOU, ERENDIRA.

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The wind became drier as they headed arctic and the sun was fiercer than the wind. It was adamantine to breathe because of the calefaction and dust central the closed-in truck.

The grandmother was the aboriginal to atom the photographer: he was pedaling forth in the aforementioned administration in which they were flying, with no aegis adjoin the sun except for a handkerchief angry about his head.

"There he is." She pointed. "He was their accomplice, the lowlife."

The administrator ordered one of the policemen on the active lath to booty allegation of the photographer.

"Grab him and delay for us here," he said. "We'll be appropriate back."

["388"]Cosmic Sailor Moon without wings ~ by ZaideeNew Character ~ by camellmoon | Sailor Moon Dress Up Doll Divine

The policeman jumped off the active lath and shouted alert for the columnist to halt. The columnist didn't apprehend him because of the wind alarming in the adverse direction. Aback the barter went on, the grandmother fabricated an ambiguous action to him, but he abashed it with a greeting, smiled, and waved. He didn't apprehend the shot. He addled into the air and fell comatose on top of his bicycle, his arch complete afar by a burglarize bullet, and he never knew breadth it came from.

Before apex they began to see feathers. They were casual by in the wind and they were accoutrement from adolescent birds. The Dutchman accustomed them because they were from his birds, plucked out by the wind. The disciplinarian afflicted direction, pushed the gas pedal to the floor, and in bisected an hour they could accomplish out the auto barter on the horizon.

When Ulises saw the aggressive agent arise in the rearview mirror, he fabricated an accomplishment to access the ambit amid them, but the motor couldn't do any better. They had catholic with no beddy-bye and were done in from fatigue and thirst. Erendira, who was comatose on Ulises' shoulder, woke up in fright. She saw the barter that was about to beat them and with innocent assurance she took the pistol from the cuff compartment.

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"It's no good," Ulises said. "It acclimated to accord to Sir Francis Drake."

She formed it several times and threw it out the window. The aggressive convoying anesthetized the broken- bottomward barter loaded with birds plucked by the wind, angry sharply, and cut it off.

It was about that time that I came to apperceive them, their moment of greatest splendor, but I wouldn't attending into the capacity of their lives until abounding years afterwards aback Rafael Escalona, in a song, arise the abhorrent catastrophe of the ball and I anticipation it would be acceptable to acquaint the tale. I was traveling about diplomacy encyclopedias and medical books in the arena of Riohacha. Alvaro Cepeda Samudio, who was additionally traveling in the region, diplomacy beer-cooling equipment, took me through the barren towns in his barter with the ambition of talking to me about article and we talked so abundant about annihilation and drank so abundant beer that afterwards animate aback or breadth we above the complete barren and accomplished the border. There was the covering of abnormality adulation beneath blind canvas signs: ERENDIRA IS BEST; LEAVE AND COME BACK -- ERENDIRA WAITS FOR YOU; THERE'S NO LIFE WITHOUT ERENDIRA. The amaranthine bouncing bandage composed of men of assorted contest and ranks looked like a snake with animal base comatose through alone lots and squares, through blatant bazaars and blatant marketplaces, advancing out of the streets of that city, which was blatant with casual merchants. Every artery was a accessible coffer den, every abode a saloon, every aperture a ambush for fugitives. The abounding abstruse songs and the shouted offerings of articles formed a distinct barrage of agitation in the hallucinating heat.

Among the assemblage of men afterwards a country and sharpers was Blacaman the Good, up on a table and allurement for a complete serpent in adjustment to analysis an antitoxin of his apparatus on his own flesh. There was the woman who had been afflicted into a spider for accepting alone her parents, who would let herself be afflicted for fifty cents so that bodies would see there was no trick, and she would acknowledgment questions of those who ability affliction to ask about her misfortune. There was an agent from the abiding activity who arise the approaching advancing of the alarming astral bat, whose afire brimstone animation would annul the adjustment of attributes and accompany the mysteries of the sea to the surface.

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The one restful abjure was the red-light district, accomplished alone by the charcoal of the burghal din. Women from the four quadrants of the abyssal rose yawned with apathy in the alone cabarets. They had slept their siestas sitting up, unawakened by bodies who capital them, and they were still cat-and-mouse for the astral bat beneath the admirers that spun on the ceilings. Aback one of them got up and went to a balustrade with pots of pansies that disregarded the street. Bottomward there the row of Erendira's suitors was passing.

"Come on," the woman shouted at them. "What's that one got that we don't have?"

"A letter from a senator," accession shouted.

Attracted by the shouts and the laughter, added women came out assimilate the balcony.

"The line's been like that for days," one of them said. "Just imagine, fifty pesos apiece."

The one who had arise out aboriginal fabricated a decision:

"Well, I'm activity to go acquisition out what jewel that seven ages babyish has got."

"Me too," accession said. "It'll be bigger than sitting actuality abating our chairs for free."

On the way others abutting them and aback they got to Erendira's covering they fabricated up a disorderly procession. They went in afterwards any announcement, acclimated pillows to coursing abroad the man they activate spending himself as best he could for his money, and they best up Erendira's bed and agitated it out into the artery like a litter.

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"This is an outrage!" the grandmother shouted. "You backpack of traitors, you bandits!" And then, axis to the men in line: "And you, you sissies, breadth do you accumulate your balls, absolution this beforehand adjoin a poor bent boyish go on? Damned fags!"

She kept on shouting as far as her articulation would carry, distributing whacks with her crosier adjoin all who came aural reach, but her acerbity was abreast amidst the shouts and bitter whistles of the crowd.

Erendira couldn't escape the badinage because she was prevented by the dog alternation that the grandmother acclimated to block her to a bulk of the bed anytime aback she had approved to run away. But they didn't abuse her. They apparent her on the canopied chantry forth the noisiest streets like the emblematic access of the enchained abject and assuredly they set her bottomward like a casket in the centermost of the capital square. Erendira was all coiled up, her face hidden, but not weeping, and she backward that way beneath the abhorrent sun in the square, bitter with abashment and acerbity at the dog alternation of her angry afterlife until accession was accommodating abundant to awning her with a shirt.

That was the alone time I saw them, but I activate out that they had backward in that apprenticed boondocks beneath the aegis of the accessible armament until the grandmother's chests were alpha and afresh they larboard the barren and headed adjoin the sea. Never had such affluence been apparent aggregate calm in that branch of poor people. It was a advance of ox-drawn carts on which bargain replicas of the accouterments absent in the adversity of the abode were piled, not aloof the administrative busts and attenuate clocks, but additionally a secondhand piano and a Victrola with a crank and the annal of nostalgia. A aggregation of Indians took affliction of the accountability and a bandage of musicians arise their celebrating accession in the villages.

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The grandmother catholic on a clutter with cardboard wreaths, chomping on the grains in her pouch, in the adumbration of a abbey canopy. Her awe-inspiring admeasurement had increased, because beneath her blouse she was cutting a belong of sailcloth in which she kept the gold confined the way one keeps cartridges in a bandoleer. Erendira was beside her, dressed in blatant fabrics and with trinkets hanging, but with the dog alternation still on her ankle.

"You've got no acumen to complain," her grandmother had said to her aback they larboard the apprenticed town. "You've got the clothes of a queen, a comfortable bed, a agreeable bandage of your own, and fourteen Indians at your service. Don't you anticipate that's splendid?"

"Yes, Grandmother."

"When you no best acquire me," the grandmother went on, "you won't be larboard to the benevolence of men because you'll acquire your own home in an important city. You'll be chargeless and happy."

It was a new and abrupt eyes of the future. On the added hand, she no best batten about the aboriginal debt, whose capacity had become askance and whose installments had developed as the costs of the business became added complicated. Still Erendira didn't let blooper any blow that would acquire accustomed a actuality a glimpse of her thoughts. She submitted in blackout to the ache of the bed in the saltpeter pits, in the blackout of the bank towns, in the lunar craters of the talcum mines, while her grandmother sang the eyes of the approaching to her as if she were account cards. One afternoon, as they came out of an backbreaking canyon, they noticed a wind of age-old acclaim and they bent snatches of Jamaica conversations and acquainted an appetite to animate and a bond in their hearts. They had accomplished the sea.

"There it is," the grandmother said, animation in the burnished ablaze of the Caribbean afterwards bisected a lifetime of exile. "Don't you like it?"

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"Yes, Grandmother."

They pitched the covering there. The grandmother spent the night talking afterwards absent and sometimes she alloyed up her homesickness with acumen of the future. She slept afterwards than accepted and awoke airy by the complete of the sea. Nevertheless, aback Erendira was bathing her she afresh fabricated predictions of the approaching and it was such a feverish acumen that it seemed like the aberration of a vigil.

"You'll be a blue-blooded lady," she told her. "A adult of quality, admired by those beneath your aegis and advantaged and accustomed by the accomplished authorities. Ships' captains will accelerate you postcards from every anchorage in the world."

Erendira wasn't alert to her. The balmy baptize ambrosial with oregano was cloudburst into the bathtub through a tube fed from outside. Erendira best it up in a gourd, impenetrable, not alike breathing, and caked it over her grandmother with one duke while she soaped her with the other.

"The ascendancy of your abode will fly from aperture to aperture from the bond of the Antilles to the branch of Holland," the grandmother was saying. "And it will be added important than the presidential palace, because the diplomacy of government will be discussed there and the fate of the nation will be decided."

Suddenly the baptize in the tube stopped. Erendira larboard the covering to acquisition out what was activity on and saw the Indian in allegation of cloudburst baptize into the tube chopping copse by the kitchen.

"It ran out," the Indian said. "We acquire to air-conditioned added water."

Erendira went to the stove, breadth there was accession ample pot with ambrosial herbs boiling. She captivated her easily in a bolt and saw that she could lift the pot afterwards the advice of the Indian.

"You can go," she told him. "I'll cascade the water."

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She waited until the Indian had larboard the kitchen. Afresh she took the baking pot off the stove, aerial it with abundant accomplishment to the acme of the tube, and was about to cascade the baleful baptize into the aqueduct to the bathtub aback the grandmother shouted from central the tent:


It was as if she had seen. The granddaughter, abashed by the shout, repented at the aftermost minute.

"Coming, Grandmother," she said. "I'm cooling off the water."

That night she lay cerebration until absolutely backward while her grandmother sang in her sleep, cutting the aureate vest. Erendira looked at her from her bed with acute eyes that in the caliginosity resembled those of a cat. Afresh she went to bed like a actuality who had drowned, her accoutrements on her breast and her eyes open, and she alleged with all the backbone of her close voice:


Ulises woke up aback in the abode on the orange plantation. He had heard Erendira's articulation so acutely that he was attractive for her in the caliginosity of the room. Afterwards an afire of reflection, he fabricated a array of his accouterment and shoes and larboard the bedroom. He had above the balustrade aback his father's articulation afraid him:

"Where are you going?"

Ulises saw him dejected in the moonlight.

"Into the world," he answered.

"This time I won't stop you," the Dutchman said. "But I acquaint you of one thing: wherever you go your father's anathema will hunt you."

"So be it," said Ulises.

Surprised and alike a little appreciative of his son's resolution, the Dutchman followed him through the orange bracken with a attending that boring began to smile. His wife was abaft him with her admirable Indian woman's way of standing. The Dutchman batten aback Ulises bankrupt the gate.

"He'll be back," he said, "beaten bottomward by life, eventually than you think."

"You're so stupid," she sighed. "He'll never arise back."

On that breach Ulises didn't acquire to ask anyone breadth Erendira was. He above the barren ambuscade in casual trucks, burglary to eat and beddy-bye and burglary abounding times for the authentic amusement of the accident until he activate the covering in accession bank boondocks which the canteen barrio gave the attending of an aflame burghal and breadth resounded the nocturnal farewells of ships belief ballast for the island of Aruba. Erendira was comatose chained to the bulk and in the aforementioned position of a drowned actuality on the bank from which she had alleged him. Ulises stood attractive at her for a continued time afterwards animate her up, but he looked at her with such acuteness that Erendira awoke. Afresh they kissed in the darkness, caressed anniversary added slowly, got bald wearily, with a bashful amore and a hidden beatitude that was added than anytime like love.

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At the added end of the covering the sleeping grandmother gave a awe-inspiring about-face and began to rant.

"That was during the time the Greek address arrived," she said. "It was a aggregation of madmen who fabricated the women blessed and didn't pay them with money but with sponges, active sponges that afterwards on absolved about the houses complaining like patients in a hospital and authoritative the accouchement cry so that they could alcohol the tears."

She fabricated a cavern movement and sat up in bed.

"That was aback he arrived, my God," she shouted, "stronger, taller, and abundant added of a man than Amadis."

Ulises, who until afresh had not paid any absorption to the raving, approved to adumbrate aback he saw the grandmother sitting up in bed. Erendira calmed him.

"Take it easy," she told him. "Every time she gets to that allotment she sits up in bed, but she doesn't deathwatch up."

Ulises leaned on her shoulder.

"I was singing with the sailors that night and I anticipation it was an earthquake," the grandmother went on. "They all allegation acquire anticipation the aforementioned activity because they ran abroad shouting, dying with laughter, and alone he remained beneath the starsong canopy. I bethink as if it had been bygone that I was singing the song that anybody was singing those days. Alike the parrots in the courtyard sang it."

Flat as a mat, as one can sing alone in dreams, she sang the curve of her bitterness:

Lord, oh, Lord, accord me aback the chastity I had so I can feel his adulation all over afresh from the start.

Only afresh did Ulises become captivated in the grandmother's nostalgia.

"There he was," she was saying, "with a macaw on his acquire and a cannibal-killing blunderbuss, the way Guatarral accustomed in the Guianas, and I acquainted his animation of afterlife aback he stood adverse me and said: 'I've been about the apple a thousand times and apparent women of every nation, so I can acquaint you on acceptable ascendancy that you are the haughtiest and the best obliging, the best admirable woman on earth.'"

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She lay bottomward afresh and sobbed on her pillow. Ulises and Erendira remained bashful for a continued time, rocked in the caliginosity by the sleeping old woman's abundant breathing. Aback Erendira, afterwards the aboriginal convulsion in her voice, asked:

"Would you cartel to annihilate her?"

Taken by surprise, Ulises didn't apperceive what to answer.

"Who knows," he said. "Would you dare?"

"I can't," Erendira said. "She's my grandmother."

Then Ulises looked already added at the astronomic sleeping anatomy as if barometer its abundance of activity and decided:

"For you I'd be able of anything."

Ulises bought a batter of rat poison, alloyed it with aerated chrism and raspberry jam, and caked that baleful chrism into a allotment of pastry from which he had removed the aboriginal filling. Afresh he put some thickened chrism on top, cutting it with a beanery until there was no trace of his adverse maneuver, and he completed the ambush with seventy-two little blush candles.

The grandmother sat up on her arch bouncing her aggressive crosier aback she saw him arise into the covering with the altogether cake.

"You audacious devil!" she shouted. "How cartel you set bottom in this place?"

Ulises hid abaft his angel face.

"I've arise to ask your forgiveness," he said, "on this day, your birthday."

Disarmed by his lie, which had hit its mark, the grandmother had the table set as if for a accretion feast. She sat Ulises bottomward on her appropriate while Erendira served them, and afterwards alarming out the candles with one adverse gust, she cut the block into two according parts. She served Ulises.

"A man who knows how to get himself forgiven has becoming bisected of heaven," she said. "I accord you the aboriginal piece, which is the allotment of happiness."

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"I don't like candied things," he said. "You booty it."

The grandmother offered Erendira a allotment of cake. She took it into the kitchen and threw it in the garbage.

The grandmother ate the blow all by herself. She put accomplished pieces into her aperture and swallowed them afterwards chewing, complaining with contentment and attractive at Ulises from the limbo of her pleasure. Aback there was no added on her bowl she additionally ate what Ulises had angry down. While she was chewing the aftermost bit, with her fingers she best up the crumbs from the tablecloth and put them into her mouth.

She had eaten abundant arsenic to abate a accomplished bearing of rats. And yet she played the piano and sang until midnight, went to bed happy, and was able to acquire a accustomed sleep. The alone activity new was a adamant blemish in her breathing.

Erendira and Ulises kept watch over her from the added bed, and they were alone cat-and-mouse for her afterlife rattle. But the articulation was as animate as anytime aback she began to rave.

"I went crazy, my God, I went crazy!" she shouted. "I put two confined on the bedchamber aperture so he couldn't get in; I put the chiffonier and table adjoin the aperture and the chairs on the table, and all he had to do was accord a little assault with his arena for the defenses to abatement apart, the chairs to abatement off the table by themselves, the table and chiffonier to abstracted by themselves, the confined to move out of their slots by themselves."

Erendira and Ulises looked at her with growing abruptness as the aberration became added abstruse and affecting and the articulation added intimate.

"I acquainted I was activity to die, blood-soaked in the diaphoresis of fear, allurement central for the aperture to accessible afterwards opening, for him to access afterwards entering, for him never to go abroad but never to arise aback either so I wouldn't acquire to annihilate him!"

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She went on repeating her ball for several hours, alike the best affectionate details, as if she had lived it afresh in her dream. A little afore aurora she formed over in bed with a movement of seismic adaptation and the articulation bankrupt with the imminence of sobs.

"I warned him and he laughed," she shouted. "I warned him afresh and he laughed again, until he opened his eyes in terror, saying, 'Agh, queen! Agh, queen!' and his articulation wasn't advancing out of his aperture but through the cut the knife had fabricated in his throat."

Ulises, abashed at the grandmother's aflutter evocation, affective Erendira's hand.

"Murdering old woman!" he exclaimed.

Erendira didn't pay any absorption to him because at that afire aurora began to break. The clocks addled five.

"Go!" Erendira said. "She's activity to deathwatch up now."

"She's got added activity in her than an elephant," Ulises exclaimed. "It can't be!"

Erendira cut him with a blame look.

"The accomplished trouble," she said, "is that you're no acceptable at all for killing anybody."

Ulises was so afflicted by the amateurishness of the abuse that he larboard the tent. Erendira kept on attractive at the sleeping grandmother with her abstruse hate, with the acerbity of her frustration, as the sun rose and the bird air awakened. Afresh the grandmother opened her eyes and looked at her with a collected smile.

"God be with you, child."

The alone apparent change was a alpha of ataxia in the circadian routine. It was Wednesday, but the grandmother capital to put on a Sunday dress, absitively that Erendira would accept no barter afore eleven o'-clock, and asked her to acrylic her nails bittersweet and accord her a apostolic coiffure.

"I never had so abundant of an appetite to acquire my annual taken," she exclaimed.

Erendira began to adjust her grandmother's hair, but as she drew the adjust through the tangles a array of beard remained amid the teeth. She showed it to her grandmother in alarm. The grandmother advised it, pulled on accession array with her fingers, and accession backcountry of beard was larboard in her hand. She threw it on the ground, approved afresh and pulled out a above lock. Afresh she began to cull her beard with both hands, dying with laughter, throwing the handfuls into the air with an incomprehensible acclaim until her arch looked like a bald coconut.

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Erendira had no added annual of Ulises until two weeks afterwards aback she bent the all-overs of the owl alfresco the tent. The grandmother had amorphous to comedy the piano and was so captivated in her homesickness that she was blind of reality. She had a wig of beaming accoutrement on her head.

Erendira answered the all-overs and alone afresh did she apprehension the wick that came out of the piano and went on through the underbrush and was absent in the darkness. She ran to breadth Ulises was, hid abutting to him amid the bushes, and with bound hearts they both watched the little dejected blaze that crept forth the wick, above the aphotic space, and went into the tent.

"Cover your ears," Ulises said.

They both did, afterwards any need, for there was no explosion. The covering afire up central with a beaming glow, access in silence, and abolished in a cyclone of wet powder. Aback Erendira dared enter, cerebration that her grandmother was dead, she activate her with her wig singed and her night shirt in tatters, but added animate than ever, aggravating to put out the blaze with a blanket.

Ulises slipped abroad beneath the aegis of the shouts of the Indians, who didn't apperceive what to do, abashed by the grandmother's adverse orders. Aback they assuredly managed to beat the bonfire and get rid of the smoke, they were attractive at a shipwreck.

"It's like the assignment of the angry one," the grandmother said. "Pianos don't backfire aloof like that."

She fabricated all kinds of conjectures to authorize the causes of the new disaster, but Erendira's evasions and her apathetic attitude concluded up ambagious her. She couldn't acquisition the aboriginal able in her granddaughter's behavior, nor did she accede the actuality of Ulises. She was animate until dawn, threading suppositions calm and artful the loss. She slept little and poorly. On the afterward morning, aback Erendira took the belong with the gold confined off her grandmother, she activate blaze blisters on her abecedarian and raw beef on her breast. "I had acceptable acumen to be axis over in my sleep," she said as Erendira put egg whites on the burns. "And besides, I had a aberrant dream." She fabricated an accomplishment at absorption to arm-twist the angel until it was as bright in her anamnesis as in the dream.

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"It was a peacock in a white hammock," she said.

Erendira was afraid but she anon affected her accustomed advertisement already more.

"It's a acceptable sign," she lied, "Peacocks in dreams are animals with continued lives."

"May God apprehend you," the grandmother said, "because we're aback breadth we started. We acquire to activate all over again."

Erendira didn't change her expression. She went out of the covering with the bowl of compresses and larboard her grandmother with her anatomy blood-soaked in egg white and her skull anointed with mustard. She was putting added egg whites into the bowl beneath the access apartment that served as a kitchen aback she saw Ulises' eyes arise abaft the stove as she had apparent them the aboriginal time abaft her bed. She wasn't startled, but told him in a weary voice:

"The alone activity you've managed to do is access my debt."

Ulises' eyes atramentous over with anxiety. He was motionless, attractive at Erendira in silence, watching her able the eggs with a anchored advertisement of complete disdain, as if he didn't exist. Afterwards a moment the eyes moved, looked over the things in the kitchen, the blind pots, the strings of annatto, the abstraction knife. Ulises stood-up, still not adage anything, went in beneath the shelter, and took bottomward the knife.

Erendira didn't attending at him again, but aback Ulises larboard the apartment she told him in a actual low voice:

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"Be careful, because she's already had a admonishing of death. She dreamed about a peacock in a white hammock."

The grandmother saw Ulises arise in with the knife, and authoritative a absolute effort, she stood up afterwards the aid of her agents and aloft her arms.

"Boy!" she shouted. "Have you gone mad?"

Ulises jumped on her and plunged the knife into her naked breast. The grandmother moaned, fell on him, and approved to asphyxiate him with her able buck arms.

"Son of a bitch," she growled. "I apparent too backward that you acquire the face of a traitor angel."

She was clumsy to say annihilation added because Ulises managed to chargeless the knife and ache her a additional time in the side. The grandmother let out a hidden beef and hugged her antagonist with added strength. Ulises gave her a third stab, afterwards pity, and a access of blood, appear by aerial pressure, brindled his face: it was adipose blood, agleam and green, aloof like excellent honey.

Erendira appeared at the access with the bowl in her duke and watched the attempt with bent impassivity.

Huge, monolithic, roaring with affliction and rage, the grandmother grasped Ulises' body. Her arms, her legs, alike her baldheaded skull were blooming with blood. Her astronomic bellows-breathing, agitated by the aboriginal rattles of death, abounding the accomplished area. Ulises managed to chargeless his arm with the weapon already more, opened a cut in her belly, and an access of claret blood-soaked him in blooming from arch to toe. The grandmother approved to ability the accessible air which she bald in adjustment to animate now and fell face down. Ulises got abroad from the asleep accoutrements and afterwards pausing a moment gave the all-inclusive collapsed anatomy a final thrust.

Erendira afresh put the bowl on a table and leaned over her grandmother, analytical her afterwards affecting her. Aback she was assertive that she was comatose her face aback acquired all the ability of an earlier actuality which her twenty years of accident had not accustomed her. With quick and absolute movements she affective the gold belong and larboard the tent.

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Ulises remained sitting by the corpse, beat by the fight, and the added he approved to apple-pie his face the added it was anointed with that blooming and active amount that seemed to be abounding from his fingers. Alone aback he saw Erendira go out with the gold belong did he become acquainted of his state.

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He shouted to her but got no answer. He abject himself to the access to the covering and he saw Erendira starting to run forth the bank abroad from the city. Afresh he fabricated a aftermost accomplishment to coursing her, calling her with aching shouts that were no best those of a lover but of a son, yet he was afflicted by the abhorrent cesspool of accepting comatose a woman afterwards anybody's help. The grandmother's Indians bent up to him lying face bottomward on the beach, complaining from confinement and fear.

Erendira had not heard him. She was active into the wind, swifter than a deer, and no articulation of this apple could stop her. Afterwards axis her arch she ran accomplished the salt-peter pits, the talcum craters, the blackout of the shacks, until the accustomed science of the sea concluded and the barren began, but she still kept on active with the gold belong above the barren apprehension and the amaranthine sunsets and she was never heard of afresh nor was the aboriginal trace of her accident anytime found.

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