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Paula Nyland stands in the shadows, cat-and-mouse for her star. The blind about hits the attic afore the backstage calm erupts into abstinent chaos.

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Mammoth sets on auto coast accomplished like icebergs in the darkness. Dozens of singers, dancers, musicians and stagehands bustle silently through a warren of passageways. Suddenly, Eric Jordan Young, the advance aerialist in "Vegas! The Show" stands afore Nyland.

He's accessible for a array of affiliation they've performed hundreds of times abaft the curtains at the Saxe Amphitheater at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Bank -- two shows anniversary night, six canicule a week. In the aboriginal and fastest of his 11 apparel shifts, the 41-year-old amateur and accompanist transforms in 20 brash abnormal from an crumbling artisan in overalls to a adolescent affable bistro accompanist in a atramentous tuxedo.

He can't do it afterwards Nyland, a 52-year-old stagehand accepted in achievement circles as a dresser. Theirs is an aesthetic accord as old as the amphitheater itself, one that plays out backstage every night at theaters actuality and nationwide.

The night's aboriginal chance comes in a aisle area Adolescent arrives in his handyman outfit. Attractive against the stage, absorption on the activity to come, he wordlessly easily Nyland the aboriginal act's onstage backdrop -- afore angle to cull off his boots.

Dressed in aphotic clothes to alloy in with the background, Nyland kneels to put the boots into a artificial bassinet the admeasurement of a grocery abundance tote. He lifts one leg at a time as she pulls off the overalls to acknowledge cape pants, shirt and bow tie already in place. Afterwards alike looking, she tosses the denim accouterments against the bassinet and springs to her feet.

As Adolescent block into his dress shoes with an continued shoe horn, she wipes his forehead and grabs his jacket. The amateur turns from her, throwing aback his accoutrements as his date butler in atramentous helps him blooper on the aftermost bit of costume.

Then he's gone. Nyland hurries to a atom abreast a stairway for the abutting change, 90 abnormal away.

Nyland is a above ballerina who performed at the Moulin Rouge and toured with Engelbert Humperdinck afore backward to accession a family. In 2010, she alternate to the stage: as a clothier for a fast-paced appearance adulatory the Strip's account book amid the 1940s and 1970s -- including Elvis, the Rat Pack and Sonny & Cher.

Paula Nyland, a above ballerina who performed at the Moulin Rouge, now stands in the shadows, allowance stars get accessible to booty the stage.

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It wasn't continued afore Young, a above Broadway aerialist who is accepted as a perfectionist, assassin her as his dresser. It took her time to ascertain his habits -- to advance that synchronicity she came to apprehend is aloof as important backstage as in advanced of the audience.

She abstruse to anxiously lay out the pieces of her actor's apparel so aggregate is at duke as the apparel fly on and off. She advised her "track," the avenue she takes amid anniversary apparel change beyond the 65-by-50-foot amplitude backstage, accustomed the accoutrement of her trade: scissors, pliers, all-overs and thread.

Nyland generally whispers to accumulate Adolescent calm. She knows he generally needs addition to accept to a afraid address that requires no answer. On this night, afterward a cardinal in which the complete arrangement went awry, Nyland gets Adolescent talking about his two admired Rhodesian ridgebacks, Pasha and Keely, to quiet his nerves.

"She's Eric's mother," says above date administrator Gregg Ziemba. "When he walks into the theater, he wants her there. If she's not, you can feel the tension."

In accolade speeches, actors generally acclaim their dressers. Young's no different.

"She's my acquaintance -- the alone one I'll acquaint if my aback hurts or I feel sick," he says. "Once the appearance starts, it's aloof me and Paula."

Young is a quick-change artisan who, during the 90-minute show, morphs from Louis Prima to Sammy Davis Jr. to Sonny Bono to one of Gladys Knight's Pips and a acceptable affiliate of Earth, Wind & Fire. The longest change time is three minutes, but the amateur and chiffonier rarely booty that long, accepting abstruse to ahead anniversary other's movements.

One change plays out abreast a behemothic cartoon of the old Moulin Rouge bank marquee, addition in a awkward anteroom alongside showgirls removing their stockings and headdresses. Afore each, Nyland has anxiously able like a NASCAR aggregation arch basic for a driver's pit stop. She knows whether to accept a apparel draped over her appropriate arm or larboard for flow, hangers consistently at the ready.

The night's additional change is abreast a flight of adaptable stairs that 11 associates of a big bandage ascend to ability an animated stage. As musicians with trombones and violins backpack past, Nyland has already set out a canteen of algid water, clammy anhydrate and carriageable fan to accumulate Adolescent cool. There's a box of lip balm, gum and bonbon if he wants an M&M for a blow of activity or to accumulate his aperture dry.

The brace accept 45 abnormal to transform the brilliant into accompanist and trumpeter Prima. Adolescent peels bottomward to his underwear. As he snaps the stays on his dress shirt and buckles his pants, Nyland places the pre-noosed tie over his head, cinching it bound to his neck. She throws the end over his accept so it doesn't get in the way. Then she grabs his anorak and waits until Adolescent block on his shoes.

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She holds a flashlight over his bite kit. He passes on the bite this night aloof as the chiffonier realizes the axle is dim.

"Sorry," she says. "The batteries are low."

"That's OK," he answers in a abroad voice.

He grabs his trumpet and gives her a affected wink. Then he's gone again, but not afore adage acknowledge you.

"He whispers that," she says, "every time he walks abroad from me."

Sometimes bad, all-too-avoidable things happen.

Like the time Adolescent fell on a glossy floor. Or the night he was about affected offstage by a awkward set allotment in appearance of the asthmatic audience. "I aloof kept him moving," she says about his abutting moments offstage. "I was like, 'You're activity to be fine. Get your jacket. Get aback there. Off you go.'"

Young already about rushed onstage in socks because Nyland couldn't acquisition his shoes. Unlike some actors, he never loses his atmosphere with his dresser. But she pressures herself.

"If he doesn't get on or offstage in one piece, it's on me," she says. "Every time."

One time, Nyland alone a accouterment anorak midchange, abashing their accepted flow. As she grappled to butt the apparel in the dark, "his accoutrements were advance back, activity 'come on, appear on, appear on,'" she recalls. Addition time, Adolescent forgot his colossal rings for a Sammy Davis Jr. number. She slipped the adornment assimilate his fingers aloof moments afore the blind rose.

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One night while Nyland helped addition performer, a attachment bankrupt on the dancer's brawl gown, sending Nyland's easily aerial against her own face, breaking her glasses. As the ballerina rushed aback against the stage, Nyland ran alongside, aggravate and cilia in hand, putting the finishing touches on a new zipper.

The job is so stressful, a amateur chiffonier abdicate afterwards one day, citation backstage arguments that included a angry amateur throwing a shoe at the apparel director. The amateur was afterwards fired. Rather than abrasion breakable egos, dressers and apparel runners apperceive never to acknowledgment a performer's weight or that an accouterments aback doesn't fit.

But there's no astriction amid Nyland and her star. If a appearance has gone abominably or she knows Adolescent is agitated by article at home, she has a algid Heineken cat-and-mouse for him in his bathrobe allowance afterwards the final curtain.

"He takes a sip and relaxes," she says, "and I go, 'Ahhhh.'"

Young comes offstage atramentous with the averse complete system: "Well, that was echoey."

Nyland is accessible for the night's best difficult cardinal -- alteration Adolescent from a Pip to a affiliate of Earth, Wind & Fire. For this go-round, about bisected a dozen pieces of accouterment charge be bound shed. There's alike a change of socks, which sit in coiled assurance apprehension the actor's berserk hands.

If the change wasn't adamantine enough, Adolescent charge accompanying sing advancement for an act accident onstage. As he leans against a microphone Nyland has placed beside him, she stands accessible with his white sequined jumpsuit, brand and atramentous afro wig -- accurate not to absolute a sound.

Between bursts of song, he puts on his wig and chaplet as she holds out his jumpsuit. He accomplish into the costume, and she readies the sleeves for his abrupt arms.

As the brilliant skips off against the stage, the chiffonier exhales.

"That," she says, "was a dance."

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