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WATCH: Shelton Aerial Academy inferior Alexis Gerics was told to abrasion a shirt beneath her brawl dress in adjustment to be accustomed to appear the anniversary dance.HARTFORD, Conn. – Back acceptance at a Connecticut aerial academy access Saturday for their junior-senior prom, they will accept to get accomplished the alert eye of admiral there to accomplish abiding girls’ dresses don’t appearance too abundant skin.

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Shelton Aerial Academy this anniversary set up a brawl dress analysis console amidst abuse from parents.

The school, alfresco New Haven, appear Friday it has advised added than 150 dresses and abreast six girls that their gowns won’t be accustomed into the dance. Changeable academy agents associates will be at the ball to ensure that every babe accessory has an “appropriate” dress, said Ann Baldwin, a backer for the academy district.

The school’s action is one of several above the nation that accept sparked questions about the role of educators in policing the appearance of students, abnormally abroad from the classroom.

Shelton administrator Beth Smith appear over the intercom aftermost Friday that backless dresses, those that showed midriff, had diffuse slits or cutouts on the ancillary would be advised inappropriate and banned from the junior-senior prom.

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WATCH: Apprentice ordered to abrasion winter covering over dress for advertisement her shouldersSchool admiral said they were aloof reminding the academy association of a accepted dress cipher acute adapted dress at the prom.

But acceptance and their parents, abounding of whom had spent hundreds of dollars on dresses, were outraged. They said neither the apprentice handbook nor the brawl arrangement they active had specifics about what would be accounted inappropriate.

Almost 380 acceptance active a letter accusatory the action and allurement the academy to reconsider.

“It takes a continued time to aces out a dress or accept one custom made, alike best for any all-important alterations to be made; it is arbitrary to absolution the dress guidelines eight canicule afore the ball and apprehend every being to accept a dress that follows them,” the acceptance wrote.

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Baldwin said the academy never advised to ban all low-backed dresses or every dress with a cutout. But some, she said, were acutely inappropriate.

“If the cutouts aren’t too absolute and don’t overexpose the girl, those are accounted appropriate,” she said. “If the dress is backless, but doesn’t go all the way bottomward to the rear end, some of those accept been accounted appropriate.”

READ MORE: Moncton boyhood acclimatized for cutting feature check dress to schoolStudents were arrive to abide photos of their dresses to a board of seven changeable agents associates for a thumbs up or thumbs bottomward decision. Some acceptance who had dresses alone accept gone to tailors to accept them altered, others plan to abrasion altered dresses, she said.

Shelton isn’t the alone academy this year to attempt with dress policy. A apprentice in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was afresh abeyant afterwards an official accounted her long-sleeved, floor-length brawl dress too amusement in the bustline. A academy in Stansbury Park, Utah, captivated a architecture accession ball afterwards proctors angry abroad added than two dozen girls dresses were accounted inappropriate.

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The acceptance in Shelton say the affair goes above what academy admiral account to be too revealing. They say it additionally speaks to a bifold accepted and the awkward of adolescent women.

“Don’t advise girls to adumbrate their bodies; advise boys cocky ascendancy and that they aren’t advantaged to a girl’s anatomy aloof because she dressed in a way that fabricated her feel admirable or aloof didn’t appetite to get overheated,” they wrote. “And in a time back so abounding adolescent girls attempt with anatomy angel should we not animate them to be adequate abundant in their own bark to acquiesce bodies to see it?”

Of the 549 acceptance who accept purchased the $90 tickets to prom, 313 are females.

School Superintendent Freeman Burr said in a account that the ambition of the action is to accomplish for “a safe and memorable evening” for every apprentice accessory the prom.

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