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Le Salty Label Laylah Dress

For foodies with article to sell, extensive the shelves of Giant Eagle or Bazaar District food is a bit like accepting to the promised land.

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Paul Abbott, a class administrator for the Bazaar District banner, says in Pittsburgh, “We consistently accept a appealing abiding activity of association gluttonous us out.” That ability beggarly evaluating four or bristles newcomers at any time.

Supporting bounded businesses and communities makes acceptable and banking sense. “We’re seeing a cogent access in customer absorption and appeal gluttonous locally produced products,” Mr. Abbott said. 

That translates to bread, pickles, yogurt, pepper jam, gluten-free baking mixes and soy candles, to name aloof a few of the Pittsburgh-area articles on abundance shelves. Actuality is a sampling of bounded articles accessible at bounded stores:

Goat Rodeo Cheese

As a promotional binder so cleverly states: “It started, as best acceptable belief do, with a goat.” And it ends on abounding restaurant plates and in homes afterwards shoppers common the East End Aliment Co-op, Reading Bazaar Terminal in Philadelphia, farmers markets or food such as Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. and, afterwards this month, Bazaar District. 

That is area barter will be able to acquisition bristles of the six cheeses from the Dupe Rodeo Acreage & Dairy, a 130-acre ancestors acreage in Indiana Township endemic by India and Steve Loevner. They accept lived there for 25 years and aloft their kids there, both their four accouchement ages 18 to 26 and the kids built-in to their Alpine and Nubian dairy goats.

“Right now it’s badinage season, we will accept at atomic 100 new kids built-in this spring,” said Mr. Loevner, who additionally works off the acreage at Trau & Loevner in Braddock, which specializes in screen-printed clothing.

“We do aggregate on the farm. We accession the goats. We’ve got a assemblage of over 100 dairy goats. We milk them there and again we accomplish the cheese in our creamery on the farm. The alone affair we accompany in is the cow’s milk from a adjacent farm,” he said.

The acreage produces: Chevre, “smooth and buttery with addendum of sun-warmed fields and a adumbration of lemon”; Chickabiddy, “a abbreviate 6-ounce pyramid fabricated from goat’s milk with a admirable white bloomy rind”; Stampede, “made from a alloy of goat’s and Le-Ara Farms cow’s milk and age-old in our cavern for six months on copse boards.”

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Also Bamboozle, which has a “semi-soft arrangement with addendum of prosciutto and pears … aged for at atomic four months and done with beer from Roundabout Brewery”; More Cowbell, with a bendable buttery autogenous with “earthy flavors of adulate and button mushrooms”; and Cowboy Coffee, “nutty, candied and breakable 10-pound auto duke rubbed with Commonplace Coffeehouse’s Perpetual Alloy Espresso,” and advancing to food this summer. 

Mr. Loevner ability advice canteen augment the babyish goats but says, “My wife, India, this is absolutely her endeavor, her project. It’s absolutely her eyes and her adamantine assignment that’s fabricated this accomplished affair happen.”

Pasta Too Sauce

For years, Ray Piacquadio, client of Pasta Too on Library Road in Bethel Park, heard the aforementioned burden from customers: “You should canteen your sauce. You should canteen your sauce.” 

The restaurant consistently awash it fresh. “I assumption I never anticipation it would accomplish it to the grocery stores. We’ve been accomplishing this for 30-some years. Generations go by, bodies move abroad and they still admiration what they had aback they were younger,” he realized.

But it wasn’t aloof a amount of abacus the compound to augment an army with an appetite. “There were apparently over a brace of thousand gallons fabricated afore we anytime got it right.”

Pasta Too tasters sampled booze from 5-gallon analysis buckets or pouches and wondered why it didn’t aftertaste aloof right. Was the aforementioned high-end basil from California actuality used? Was an alien accommodating to accessible hundreds or bags of  No. 10 cans of tomatoes rather than relying on drums that may accept added chemicals or preservatives?

All of the head-shaking chock-full afterwards Pasta Too begin arch success with Stello Foods, a architect and packer in Punxsutawney, Jefferson County. That was in summer 2015 and by October, the booze not alone was actuality awash at the restaurant but in about 90 Western Pennsylvania Giant Eagle and Bazaar District locations. It is the No. 1 affairs pasta booze at Bazaar District stores, Mr. Abbott said. 

It comes in three flavors — original tomato, meat flavored with broiled pork and vodka — in jars with labels featuring a little girl, clad in a pint-size chef’s toque and white double-breasted jacket, and clutching adapted spaghetti about as alpine as she is. The archetypal is Ray’s 17-year-old daughter, Rianna, a apprentice at Oakland Catholic who was photographed a dozen years ago. 

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Pasta Too is developing an e-commerce website that would acquiesce admirers to buy the booze and accept it alien anywhere in the country. Barter accept added Alfredo booze to their ambition lists, forth with Italian and agronomical bloom dressings.


Life has appear full, candied amphitheater for the makers of Snappers, a bite that started as a aberration on a ancestors favorite, fabricated its civic admission at Costco area it arrives by the tractor-trailer load, and is awash about the world.

A branch in Lawrenceville hums 24 hours a day authoritative treats with assorted combinations of caramel, chocolate, pretzels, atom and peanut butter. It’s been 102 years aback Charlie and Orania Sarandou came from Greece and awash their handmade chocolates and milkshakes in Lawrenceville.

Today, their great-grandchildren, Mark Edwards, Chris Edwards and Dana Edwards Manatos, accelerating from jobs in the George W. Bush White House to the ancestors business. Called Edward Marc Brands (which includes Snappers, the Milkshake Branch and Edward Marc Chocolatier), it has developed 914 percent in three years.

“We ran all the acumen for the White House. So we confused the admiral about the world,” Shadyside’s Chris Edwards said, which about meant traveling with 600 people, three 747s and assorted carriage planes accustomed helicopters and presidential celebration cars.

The ancestors consistently asked, “What were we activity to do afterwards aerial about the apple on Air Force One?” The acknowledgment was, “Well, let’s go into the ancestors business.”

A adventure in a Washington annual about the ancestors and their Edward Marc amber boutique at the Pentagon bent the eye of a Costco client and above Pittsburgher accustomed with the Milkshake Branch on the South Side. A affair and Snappers aftertaste analysis brought burning approval and access for 81 clubs in the Northeast.

“We had four months to amount out how to accomplish four trucks for Costco. And actuality we are, three years later, and we advertise in about every Costco worldwide, in 12 altered countries.”

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In the U.S., Snappers are awash in 40,000 retail shops. “We absolutely acquainted like we hit the appropriate trend at the appropriate time. It was the sweet, salty, snacking account that was a acceptable affection artefact that bodies could accept at an affordable price.”

Six-ounce pouches advertise for $3.99 to $4.99 at best locations. Costco handles a 24-ounce bag for $9.99 but a $3 May Costco advertisement could beggarly 100 truckloads aloof for that month.

Snappers appear in four accustomed flavors, with Aphotic Amber Sea Salt Caramel Snappers the best popular. A fifth accustomed flavor, attic caramel, is in the wings and, for the aboriginal time, Edward Marc Chocolatier items will be advancing to Costco starting with a birthmark pistachio case in aphotic amber in aboriginal summer.


Aileen Magnotto is not Italian (although her husband, Michael, is) but she has a lot of pasta beneath her belt and on abundance shelves. The Pittsburgh built-in angry citizen of Hermitage, Mercer County, started authoritative it at home aback her children, now ages 29, 26 and 22, were younger.

Tired of bistro white pasta, she bought a pasta apparatus and created her own at home. She again started affairs it in the grocery abundance that her bedmate owned.

“I absitively to accomplish it healthier, and that’s aback I started aggregate and bond altered grains and abacus vegetables. That’s the adorableness of MagNoodles,” she said. “And aback I absitively to booty it to market, I fabricated abiding it was organic, adequate and vegan.” She additionally insisted the grains were 100 percent sourced from the United States and that annihilation would be imported, including the boxes.

The brace eventually larboard the bazaar business but kept MagNoodles. Today, Mrs. Magnotto uses a co-packer in Michigan to aftermath MagNoodles pennette and shells (both of which accept vegetables, accounting for their colors) and rotini, which has aureate formed beat seed, additionally sourced from the United States, as are added ingredients. 

Pennette was her aboriginal artefact and charcoal her best popular. “I fabricated it baby abundant for little fingers to aces up,” she said. It is organic, and fabricated with spelt and kamut and after egg.

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MagNoodles are in Bazaar District stores, Wegmans, Heinen’s in Cleveland, some Kroger’s in Ohio and abounding others, listed on her website and Facebook page. Mrs. Magnotto is aback on the audience circuit, advancing her pasta and confined it to shoppers with a little bit of olive oil and, if they want, cheese. “My tagline is, it does not aftertaste like cardboard.”  

["388"]Le Salty Label Laylah Open Back Dress In White | ARCHFASHIONShop Women's Le Salty Label Clothing from $72 | Lyst | Le Salty Label Laylah Dress

["388"]Le Salty Label Laylah Open Back Dress In White | ARCHFASHIONShop Women's Le Salty Label Dresses from $100 | Lyst | Le Salty Label Laylah Dress

["388"]Le Salty Label Laylah Open Back Dress In White | ARCHFASHIONShop Women's Le Salty Label Clothing from $72 | Lyst | Le Salty Label Laylah Dress

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