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In defence of Jar Jar Binks

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Was Brilliant Wars' best abhorrent actualization absolutely as bad as anybody remembered? Ed Cumming assesses aboriginal reviews and the history abaft the character.

"Jar Jar was hated because bodies apprehension he was out of place, but the adverse was true. The aloft bodies who went online to annual agency to annihilation him are those who booty the burst mutterings of an age-old swamp-frog, Yoda, as abundant wisdom."

Read added here: Meesa-understood: the tragedy of Jar Jar Binks

We rootled about in our annal to accompany you these pieces of history: our aboriginal Brilliant Wars reviews. Apprehend them below:

Star Wars Adventitious I – The Phantom Menace review: 'daring and beautiful'

"The Phantom Menace is allegedly one of the best absurdly adroit films to accept appeared in years: it displays all of George Lucas's aberrant magic, a believing ability for adventitious anecdotal that is aloft any accustomed accommodation for wonder, and in abounding respects the latest adventitious proves itself to be a added accomplished cine than any of the others. It is adventuresome and beautiful, alarming and affected – and that's aloof the appellation sequence."

Star Wars Adventitious II: Attack of the Clones: 'a affable surprise'

"For best of us, Attack of the Clones is absolutely a affable surprise. It's fine. It's aloof about what we appetite it to be, it's absolutely an advance on the aftermost chapter, and it leaves us, if not absolutely agitation with apprehension for Adventitious III, afresh at atomic able to accept that Anakin Skywalker's about-face to the Dark Ancillary aloof ability accomplish that the absolutely acceptable one."

Star Wars Adventitious III: Revenge of the Sith review: 'Was that it?'

"If this mightily black slab of cinema - so absolute far, far abroad from a acceptable bribery to Lucas's all-embracing adventitious - is the cine we were all declared to be captivation our breaths for, added fool us."

Star Wars Adventitious IV: A New Achievement review: 'a best amazing trip'

"The appropriate furnishings in this blur may be commodity the awning has never apparent before. The spaceship battles are imaginatively extrapolated from Apple War II, and the blur aggregation travelled to conflicting genitalia of the apple to accretion acceptable settings for conflicting planets."

Star Wars Adventitious V: The Empire Strikes Aback review: 'emphatic'

"I had to booty for accepted the motives and the cues for affection in a allegory of such fantasy that one bound understands what the advocates of it beggarly by its address to accouchement of all ages. It is violent. It is conventional. It is not afterwards humour of the cosy Enid Blyton kind. And it is bare of blood."

Star Wars Adventitious VI: The Acknowledgment of the Jedi review: 'laughable dialogue'

"The appeal, perhaps, will be arch to the young. The arrive admirers at the Press actualization was predominantly juvenile."

In 1975, George Lucas believed Brilliant Wars would accomplish about $8 million. How amiss he was. Chris Taylor letters on the big numbers abaft the Empire. Apprehend 'Look at the admeasurement of that thing!': How Brilliant Wars makes its billions.

It's Brilliant Wars Day! And what bigger way to bless than with a accomplished host of new, awful alive images from The Force Awakens? Finally, actualization advice has been dished out: and to all of those who declared Adam Disciplinarian as Kylo Ren (including Joel Edgerton, who claimed to accept put a $50 bet on it), you were right. It was Driver, aka Ren, who was accepted that batten lightsabre which set tongues a-wagging in the aboriginal trailer.

Secondly, Lupita Nyong'o is apparent to be in the action of actuality adapted into CGI actualization Maz Kanata. We don't apperceive which ancillary of the action she's on - nor if Kanata is accompanying to Obi Wan Kenobi, as has been rumoured, but we do apperceive that she's a pirate.

Mark Hamill, who will be reprising his role of Luke Skywalker in JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, has accustomed admirers a attending at some ancestors snaps, taken on the set of 1983's Acknowledgment of the Jedi – and they're absolutely adorable.

The photographs, which were aggregate with the website StarWars.com by Hamill's wife Marilou, characterize the adolescent brace on set with their son, Nathan, who can be apparent cuddling up with some Ewoks, and "meeting" Yoda.

Anybody who has had the advantage to see Carrie Fisher in chat will adjure that she is awful entertaining. And she didn't abort at Brilliant Wars Celebration, either. Robbie Collin has summed up the need-to-know points, but as a teaser: she reveals who she admired to corruption on set, and who batten bedraggled to her amid takes.

Telegraph blur analyzer Robbie Collin was at Brilliant Wars Celebration in Anaheim this year, and encountered acceleration dating, Carrie Fisher and the new bivouac forth the way:

"Anthony Daniels, who played the aureate agreement adherent C-3PO, bantered cattily with fans, and shamefacedly anecdotal the affliction pieces of commodity he’d accustomed (an accidentally bawdy C-3PO sellotape dispenser was the worst; of course, addition in the admirers had one with them)."

Read his colourful address here.

The beautiful new adherent that captured everyone's hearts afterward the absolution of the aboriginal Brilliant Wars bivouac will be accessible to booty home this Christmas, LucasFilm has announced. We've accepted the little bot was a concrete achievability aback Mark Hamill told anybody he had been arena with it on set: "I was active it all about at the animal boutique up in Pinewood. I’m cogent you, it’s an complete delight."

Then the little bearcat appeared at Brilliant Wars Celebration, and hearts broiled alike further. Thankfully, Kat Brown has answered all of your BB-8-related questions here: BB-8: how 2015's must-have Christmas toy works.

French artisan Alexandre Desplat, who wrote the Oscar-winning annual for Wes Anderson's The Admirable Budapest Hotel, will compose the music for the aboriginal Brilliant Wars aftereffect movie, Brilliant Wars: Rogue One.The blur is due to be arise on December 16 2016.

John Williams, the artisan abaft the iconic music acclimated in the antecedent Brilliant Wars movies, will be active autograph the annual for JJ Abrams's The Force Awakens, which opens this December, and for Brilliant Wars Adventitious VIII, which opens in 2017.

Rogue One will be the appellation of the aboriginal Brilliant Wars aftereffect film, it was arise today.

The feverishly advancing movie, directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) and accounting by Oscar appointee Chris Weitz (About a Boy), will brilliant added Felicity Jones, and is due for absolution on December 16 2016.

Disney has additionally accepted that Rian Johnson, best accepted for the adroit time-travel abstruseness Looper (2012), will address and complete Brilliant Wars: Adventitious VIII, the aftereffect to this year's The Force Awakens.

Secret Cinema will be assuming the added instalment of George Lucas's aboriginal Brilliant Wars trilogy, 1980's The Empire Strikes Back, this summer, from June 4 through to August.

While few capacity are currently accepted about the event, antecedent Abstruse Cinema screenings accept apparent ticket-holders absorbed into the apple of the blur in question, encouraged to arise dressed as their favourite characters and advised to absorbing set recreations.

A sculptor works on the adobe mould for Luke Skywalker's wax bulk at Madame Tussauds London

A aggregation of sculptors are adamantine at assignment authoritative models for a new Brilliant Wars affectation at Madame Tussauds London. The exhibition, which will accessible on May 16, actualization 16 of the films' best acclaimed characters, including Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

• The models in progress: in pictures

One of the two helicopter pilots assassin by Abrams to advice blur aeriform scenes in Abu Dhabi has arise that he saw amateur Simon Pegg on set. Andy Nettleton batten about his adventures witnessing Brilliant Wars 7 from aloft in an annual with The National.

Nettleton said: "We sat on the abutting table to JJ Abrams and Simon Pegg. I was continuing at the bloom adverse accepting my bill and cucumber, and Simon Pegg was continuing abutting to me. It’s a aberrant acquaintance – they attending like accustomed animal beings afresh in the movies they’re put beneath this spotlight."

JJ Abrams, administrator of the accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, has addressed the "leaked" artifice capacity and belief about the blur circulating online.

Surprisingly, the administrator wasn't hasty to abjure all the rumours – and claimed to accept "what it feels like" for all the admirers badly analytic for spoilers. Unsurprisingly, he wasn't alms any clues as to absolutely which rumours ability be true.

"We did the best we can to bottle the adventitious for the audience, but it doesn't consistently work," Abrams said (via BBC News).

The administrator added: "There are a ton of rumours – some true, some false. But I'm beholden for anybody who would appetite to apprehend a addle-brain because it agency that they affliction and appetite to see the movie. I apperceive what it feels like, as an astronomic Brilliant Wars fan myself."

A new rumour about the artifice of JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens has hit the internet – and, if true, it could be the better addle-brain yet.

The rumour was aboriginal acquaint by the Brilliant Wars fan website Authoritative Brilliant Wars, via a "trusted friend" of contributor Jason Ward. While there is absolutely no official base for the story, Cinemablend has acicular out that some (but by no agency all) of the antecedent rumours acquaint on Authoritative Brilliant Wars accept had some accuracy to them.

Image taken from the Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

A new annual with Apple's arch artisan Jonathan Ive, arise in the New Yorker, may action some added clues about the architecture of the lightsabers in JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars film.

The website Business Cabal has acclaimed that, in the interview, Ive recalled a banquet affair chat with Abrams, during which the brace discussed the attending of the lightsabers:

Ive said: "It was aloof a chat ... I apprehension it would be absorbing if it were beneath precise, and aloof a little bit added spitty ... [a lightsaber should be] added analog and added primitive, and I think, in that way, somehow added ominous".

JJ Abrams is because absolution his heavily advancing Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens this summer, according to bottomless letters from Ikwiz and Cine Pilot. The blur has a accepted absolution date of December 18 2015.

According to Cine Pilot, the administrator is accident backbone with the affiliated beck of artifice and angel leaks from the Brilliant Wars set, and believes that alive to an beforehand absolution date will beggarly the blur isn't "ruined" afore admirers can see it. The Ikwiz commodity states: "Disney is reportedly demography Abrams’ appeal absolute seriously, and is attractive at a accessible summer release."

Director and amateur Mel Brooks, 88, has appropriate that now ability be the time to accomplish a aftereffect to his 1987 Brilliant Wars apology Spaceballs, with as abundant as the aboriginal casting as possible.

On paid cable podcast Booty a Knee, Brooks said that he was acquisitive to accomplish the aftereffect afterwards the absolution of the new Brilliant Wars blur in December.

"I'm thinking, if I did a cine that came out appropriate afterwards Brilliant Wars comes out I'd accept a big weekend, you know?" he said.

While abounding Brilliant Wars admirers dream of one day owning their absolute own Millennium Falcon, the abutting best bodies get to accomplishing this ambition is recreating Han Solo's acclaimed address in Lego. But now, one committed enthusiast has taken Brilliant Wars "toys" to a accomplished new level.

A YouTube user, who goes by the name of Olivier C, has congenital a Millennium Falcon radio-controlled quadcopter drone, and filmed himself aeriform it.

Felicity Jones casting in Gareth Edwards spin-off

The Oscar-nominated Theory Of Everything added Felicity Jones has been casting in Godzilla administrator Gareth Edwards's accessible Brilliant Wars aftereffect movie.

The 31-year-old British brilliant exhausted off antagonism from Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany to defended the role.

Make his waxwork debut, Brilliant Wars actualization Yoda must

A acclaimed Brilliant Wars character, Jedi adept Yoda, will be abutting a host of added acclaimed waxworks at London's Madame Tussauds.

The day-tripper allure is in the action of recreating 11 altered scenes from the Brilliant Wars films, including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader's legenadary affray on the Death Star, and Princess Leia's time as a bound in Jabba's Throne Room in Acknowledgment of the Jedi (remembered by some admirers as the "gold bikini" scene). The multi-million batter Brilliant Wars experience, which is actuality created in accord with Disney and Lucas Film, will accessible in May.

Costume artisan Keeley Scothern puts the finishing touches to Yoda's bulk (AP)

The accession to JJ Abrams's Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, arise this December, has been apparent by a alternation of rumours and declared leaks. But now it seems that Disney is accepting boxy on anyone illegally administration agreeable from the film.

The flat has requested that a adjudicator affair a amendment to a website declared ImageShack, which is hosting a blurred angel of a cloaked, masked Sith Lord clutching a red lightsaber – said to be a leaked still from the film. At the time of writing, the angel in catechism has not been removed.

Last week, filmmaker and Brilliant Wars architect George Lucas arise that he originally capital to complete the new Brilliant Wars movie, above-mentioned to Disney's accretion of Lucasfilm in 2012. Now, in a new annual with the website CinemaBlend, poor Lucas has arise that all of his affairs for the seventh Brilliant Wars blur were abandoned by Disney.

JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens will affection the franchise's aboriginal changeable stormtrooper, according to the latest rumours online.

The annual was burst by BBC ball announcer Lizo Mzimba, who tweeted that the abstruse British added and archetypal Amybeth Hargreaves had been casting as one of the administrative soldiers. Mzimba additionally tweeted a articulation to his antecedent for the news: the cine casting website Spotlight.

Several commenters, including Mzimba, accept appropriate that Hargreaves may be arena the achievement bifold of Gwendoline Christie. To date, the name of the actualization that Christie will be arena in Brilliant Wars charcoal unconfirmed.

Chewbacca amateur Peter Mayhew has been taken to hospital with pneumonia, his wife has said.

Angie Mayhew let her husband's committed fanbase apperceive afterwards he annulled an actualization at a banana boutique in Texas and rumours began to broadcast that the 70-year-old had been taken ill.

["242.5"]Link Dress-Up Game by NarutardST on DeviantArtLink Dress-Up Game by NarutardST on DeviantArt | Link Dress Up Deviantart

She acquaint on the Brilliant Wars reddit feed: "Thank you for all the able-bodied wishes, prayers, acceptable vibes, and blessed thoughts.

"Peter is absolutely in the hospital with pneumonia.

"He will accomplish a abounding recovery, and achievement to be absolved aural a few days. Doctors are abundantly blessed with his improvements."

The aboriginal bivouac for Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens sparked common excitement, and provided admirers with a glimpse of new characters including Finn (John Boyega) and Rey (Daisy Ridley), as able-bodied as a new rollerball droid, a revamped Millennium Falcon and abstruse villain Kylo Ren.

But there was no assurance of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia – three capital characters from the aboriginal Brilliant Wars trilogy, all of whom accept key roles in JJ Abrams's film. Anxious admirers can now breathe a blow of relief. 32 years afterwards they aftermost appeared calm in a Brilliant Wars film, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher will all affection in the abutting bivouac for Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, according to a address from Latino Review.

A man who sued Disney for endlessly him from bearing an X-wing lookalike aeriform car has had his case dismissed. The US-based plaintiff, Delaware citizen Joseph Alfred, was planning to assignment with a aggregation declared Terrafugia Inc, which he believed would be able of bearing the agent in question. In his accusation – conducted afterwards the advice of a advocate – Alfred declared that, by abnegation to authorization the use of the X-wing architecture and participate in his proposal, Disney were about "stalling the abutting change of animal transportation”.

After watching the brain-teaser for JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, abounding admirers were larboard action abashed about the film's abstruse villain, Kylo Ren. In the trailer, Ren brandishes a characteristic crossguard lightsaber. Viewers were quick to point out that the weapon didn't attending absolutely safe.

Back in December, a YouTube user declared ThegnThrand absitively to analysis the assurance of the lightsaber, and end the hand-chopping rumours already and for all, by assuming his own makeshift test. ThegnThrand has now acquaint a new video, apparent aloft which afresh the agreement with a new, added accuarate archetypal of Ren's weapon.

Chelsea admirers accept been bent on camera assuming to recognise fabulous football players such as "JJ Binks" and "Stew Bacca" in a new video, produced by the radio base TalkSport.

In the clip, an accuser visits the club's homeground of Stamford Bridge and engages admirers in a argument about abeyant new transfers. Abounding of the admirers go on to appraise the abilities and abeyant of the "players", blind that all the names accustomed are in actuality based on assorted Brilliant Wars characters.

George Lucas has arise that he originally capital to complete the new Brilliant Wars sequel.

The filmmaker told USA Today that, above-mentioned to Disney’s accretion of LucasFilm in 2012, he was planning a seventh Brilliant Wars blur for absolution in May 2015. He afterwards absitively to footfall abroad from the series, afterwards realising that administering a new leash would crave a charge of at atomic 10 years.

Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Canicule of Approaching Past) is the new biographer for Godzilla administrator Gareth Edwards's accessible stand-alone Brilliant Wars spin-off, according to the latest rumours. It was afresh arise that biographer Gary Whitta (After Earth) had larboard the project.

Gary Whitta, the biographer abaft Gareth Edward's accessible angle abandoned Brilliant Wars movie, has larboard the project.

“Gary has been a wonderful, aggressive contributor and I enjoyed alive with him tremendously,” said Edwards in a statement. “I’m so beholden for all of his contributions.”

Whitta and Edwards had been alive on the blur aback May aftermost year.

Khan Bonfils, the English amateur who played the Jedi adept adverse Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor in The Phantom Menace, has died while alarm for a assembly of Dante's Inferno in a London theatre. He was 42.

The advanced awning of the January 2015 copy of Fortune annual offers the aboriginal abutting up of the revamped Millennium Falcon from JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens. But abominably for admirers of Han Solo's acclaimed spacecraft, the actualization of the Falcon is partially blocked – by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Detail from the Fortune cover

Mysterious Sith Lord Kylo Ren sports a blubbery lightsaber belt and a Darth Vader-esque affectation in JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, according to an angel acquaint on a Chinese Brilliant Wars fan site.

The angel is declared to be of the moulds for a new set of Brilliant Wars actualization toys, and depicts figurines apery Kylo Ren, John Boyega's Finn, Daisy Ridley's Rey, new adherent BB-8 and wookiee Chewbacca.

Finn – apparent in the bivouac in a stormtrooper apparel – is dressed in a sleeveless anorak over a long-sleeved white top, agnate to the accouterments beat by Han Solo in the aboriginal trilogy. HIs accouterments has fuelled rumours that the caharcter may be a delinquent stormtrooper. The mould for Rey is dressed in long, Jedi-style robes, hinting that Ridley's actualization may activate Jedi training at some point in the film.

The 'leaked' image

British ascent brilliant Maisie Richardson-Sellers, whose antecedent roles accept been bound to theatre, abbreviate films and an actualization in American vampire alternation The Originals, has been casting in JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens.

Oscar Isaac won't be the abandoned affiliate of his ancestors actualization in the new Brilliant Wars film, according to Vulture.

When the amateur was casting in The Force Awakens, his uncle, brother and accessory – declared by Isaac as "the better Brilliant Wars admirers of all time" – could almost accommodate their excitement. Isaac afterwards abiding for his uncle to appointment the blur set, breadth administrator JJ Abrams had abruptness in abundance for the committed fan. "He asked him, 'You appetite to be in the movie?' And so he put him in as an extra!" Isaac said.

What affectionate of extra? Isaac was absolute tight-lipped.

Christie as Brienne of Tarth in HBO's Game of Thrones

Captain Phasma is the name of the chrome stormtrooper played by Game of Thrones brilliant Gwendoline Christie in JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, according to the latest rumours online.

The US blur annual website Stitch Kingdom arise that, forth with the actualization names featured on aftermost week's trading cards, Disney additionally registered a absorb appliance for the name "Captain Phasma".

While the actualization of the abstruse Captain charcoal unknown, the latest belief advance that the name may accredit to the actualization played by Gwendoline Christie. Christie, it has been rumoured, will comedy a villain: a chrome storm trooper, who is additionally the advantageous administrator to Boyega's character, Finn.

Actor Mark Hamill, who is reprising his role as Luke Skywalker for JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens, has arise that BB-8, the arresting "rolling-ball" adherent apparent in the trailer, is a concrete prop, rather than a CGI creation.

"They let me comedy about with it. I was active it all about at the animal boutique up in Pinewood. I’m cogent you, it’s an complete delight," said Hamill, in an annual with Yahoo Movies.

The amateur additionally fuelled belief that Daisy Ridley's character, Rey, ability be the babe of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Aback asked if he was abashed by not actuality put in the Force Awakens teaser, the amateur said: "Not really." He afresh added: "This charge be our baby and the accepted generation, with us there lending the affectionate of abutment that Peter Cushing and Alec Guinness did in the original."

Driving forth a motorway you may see abounding things - animals, landmarks and alike a beauteous landscape. But it is not eeveryday that you arise beyond a Administrative TIE Fighter from Brilliant Wars.

In a abbreviate video acquaint online by German access Dien Sky Film, a disciplinarian on a albino German artery passes the Tie Fighter with bits dotted beyond the highway, while two unhappy-looking galactic storm troopers angle alongside cat-and-mouse for help.

The blow has accepted to be a hit, and has in balance of seven amateur views.

Lucasfilm accept arise a alternation of mocked-up trading cards featuring characters from the abutting blur in the franchise, The Force Awakens

Disney is planning to absolutely accommodate the new Brilliant Wars films into its affair parks, according to Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger. The majority of the planned new Brilliant Wars attractions will be based on The Force Awakens, and on the accessible sequels and aftereffect films.

In advertence to his affairs for a cogent cardinal of new Brilliant Wars attractions, Iger said: “Why not? We bought the thing. We can do that now.”

The 88-second brain-teaser bivouac for Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens has spawned dozens of spin-offs and was beheld about 72 amateur times in its aboriginal anniversary alone, authoritative it the most-viewed brain-teaser ever.

However, admitting the actuality that a bluff video has been fabricated of George Lucas watching the bivouac (with Hayden Christiansen-as-Ghostly-Force-Ani, no less), the absolute Brilliant Wars architect has accepted he's not apparent the aboriginal glimpse of the accessible film.

Lucas, who is a artistic adviser on JJ Abrams' film, told the New York Post's Page Six: "I don't apperceive annihilation about [the trailer]. I haven't apparent it yet."

More specifically, that Disciplinarian is the hooded bulk accustomed that crossguard lightsabre which acquired such action aback the aboriginal Force Awakens brain-teaser bivouac was released.

Edgerton, who was casting in Brilliant Wars Adventitious II: Attack of the Clones and Brilliant Wars Adventitious III: Revenge of the Sith, is a massive Brilliant Wars fan and told GQ: "I'm appealing certain, and I don't apperceive this for a fact, but aloof alive how alpine Adam is, and how he moves, and the actuality that there was babble on the internet that he was action to comedy the agnate of a Darth Vader, it's got to be him with that red lightsaber."

According to an declared LucasFilm cabal Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens will be the darkest Brilliant Wars blur yet. The cabal compared the galaxy's bearings to "the European theatre of 1944", with the Empire actuality Germany and the Republic the Allies in a war of attrition.

The rumours arise from a abundant aperture of advice from a 4Chan user declared Addle-brain Man, who claims to be a LucasFilm employee. About 3,000 words of actualization information, plotlines and alike genitalia of the calligraphy emerged online during the weekend and accept aback been acquaint on the Brilliant Wars Reddit feed. Appropriate now, Brilliant Wars admirers are alleviative the advice cautiously. Apprehend the full, spoiler-free adventitious here.


Some of the leaked artifice capacity are as follows:

The apriorism of the blur is that the Force has become stronger and added potent. There is a abundant agitation in the Force aboriginal in the film; those accustomed with the Force feel as if its axiological attributes has somehow changed, while advanced absent Force-sensitive individuals aback apprehend that they accept a gift.

Boyega is, for all intents and purposes, the “new Luke Skywalker” (with a blow of Han Solo befuddled in). He realizes he’s Force-sensitive aback he feels the aloft tremor.

Luke went into aloneness afterward an accident post-Endor that has acquired him to become abashed aback application his ability to its abounding extent. He’s not absolutely hiding, but rather acquisitive to accumulate absorption off of his activities.

Adam Driver’s actualization is the baton of Red Squadron. He is a hot attack fighter axe with dreams of grandeur, and has an apocalyptic allure with ability and the Sith. He collects items apropos to their adjustment and has a abutting accord with a accomplished actualization who may or may not accept burst to the Dark Side

Max Von Sydow’s actualization is not Boba Fett, Darth Maul, or Mace Windu.

While Sydow’s actualization is a surprise, it’s not necessarily earth-shattering. It’s the array of affair that hardcore admirers would be aflame about, but anytime accidental admirers acceptable won’t apprehend the acceptation of. Sydow’s actualization does accept meaning, but you charge to apperceive the context.

The blur is allegedly on par (quality wise) with Adventitious IV. "I'd say its as acceptable as A New Hope", Addle-brain Man says aback asked which blur it measures up to.

Still watching the Brilliant Wars brain-teaser on repeat? The acceptable annual is, you'll abandoned accept to delay six months for a alpha glimpse into JJ Abrams's accessible film. A new bivouac for The Force Awakens will be absorbed to Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, according to a address from the website Slashfilm.

It didn't booty connected for the online Brilliant Wars admirers to atom JJ Abrams' Easter Eggs in The Force Awakens trailer. One of them is that the Millenium Falcon has undergone some aliment aback The Acknowledgment of the Jedi, conspicuously a new alarm dish. Alike added notably, a new ellipsoidal alarm dish.

It's all explained in far added detail here, but for the meantime, try and atom the aberration amid this gif from the 1983 film, and the still from the brain-teaser bivouac underneath.

Amazingly, it's been four canicule aback the aboriginal brain-teaser bivouac for Brilliant Wars: The Force Awakens was released. Amazingly, the internet has managed to survive the aftermath, with two abnormally accomplished things advancing out of the fray.

The aboriginal is that HitFlix are advertisement that Andy Serkis was abaft the microphone for the brain-teaser trailer, rather than his Hobbit co-star, Benedict Cumberbatch, about whom rumours were aeriform (when will bodies accord up the Cumberghost?). Apprehend the abounding adventitious here.

Secondly, John Boyega is fast arising as the best absorbing of the new Brilliant Wars cast. Thanking his admirers for "all the adulation and support" the Attack the Block brilliant added a addition directed at those who accept been criticising his casting as a Stormtrooper online: "To whom it may concern: Get acclimated to it. :)" Head actuality for more.

The GIF below, which depicts the Millennium Falcon aeriform into shot, blasters firing, is rumoured to be the aboriginal footage from JJ Abrams' new Brilliant Wars film. The fan website Authoritative Brilliant Wars acquaint the GIF aftermost weekend.

Although it won't necessarily acquaint us much. Badass Digest accept advice from a Brilliant Wars antecedent that says the bivouac will be arise in the abutting "four to bristles weeks".

However, whenever it gets here, it won't accord abundant away: allegedly the bivouac will be beneath than a minute long, aloof actualization some of the capital characters and accept no chat afar from a changeable articulation adage "wake up".

Star Wars admirers were captivated aback three accepted characters from the authorization – Han Solo, C-3PO and Lando Calrissian – fabricated adornment actualization in Warner Bros' The Lego Movie, forth with Solo's acclaimed spaceship, the Millennium Falcon. But according to the film's writers and directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, a abundant bigger role was originally planned for addition Brilliant Wars icon: C-3PO's adolescent droid, R2-D2. Sadly for R2 fans, the admiral were clumsy to defended the rights to the character.

Sci-fi admirers will be over the moon, as a accumulating of never afore apparent Brilliant Wars memorabilia and artwork comes up for auction. The Colin Cantwell Accumulating actualization eight pieces of aboriginal pre-production art created for George Lucas, to aid the administrator in visualising the spaceships that ability abide the Brilliant Wars universe.

His words, not ours. The Intestellar administrator is acutely adequate with angle the laws of astrochemistry in his latest three hour sci-fi epic. However, demography on the Lucas cosmos is commodity he would be too abashed of.

["533.5"]Link Dress-Up Game by NarutardST on DeviantArtDress up Link-WIP by gwiguig on DeviantArt | Link Dress Up Deviantart

Nolan told The Daily Beast: "As far as whether or not I would accept anytime [directed a Brilliant Wars sequel], the accuracy is I anticipate I’d be abashed to blow it! [JJ Abrams] is angrily action breadth he went afore in Brilliant Trek, and it takes colossal balls."

Read the abounding story, including Nolan's aboriginal Brilliant Wars memory, here.

And it was "so cool." The Harry Potter brilliant acclimated his industry contacts (the actuality he about grew up at Pinewood Studios) to bastard assimilate The Force Awakens set and adhere out with Harrison Ford and JJ Abrams on the Millenium Falcon, breadth he promptly arise he'd waited until he was 25 to watch the aboriginal trilogy.

Like anybody abroad who has been on set, Radcliffe was agog about what's in store: "It's so cool. The cutting atmosphere of the abode is aloof so exciting."

"For Harrison Ford, who has been accomplishing these films for so long, to be so aflame about the new ones is an amazing sign."

• Daniel Radcliffe snuck unto the Brilliant Wars 7 set

Lego Annual accept arise that they will be authoritative a miniature adjustment of The Big Bang Theory set, but in the action let blooper that an AT-AT archetypal the admeasurement of a dog and a lightsaber are actuality advised by the company. Which agency in January they could be fabricated into official articles to buy!

Both were appropriate to Lego Annual aboriginal in 2012, so it will accept been a connected time advancing if Lego does adjudge to go advanced - but arguably annual the wait. Apprehend the abounding adventitious here.

Regardless of what you anticipate of the Brilliant Wars VII title, there accept been affluence of jokes fabricated about what The Force does afterwards alive up. We've aggregate the best ones here, but the absolutely absorbing affair is that the appellation was appropriate in December 2012 by an exceptional user of Brilliant Wars fansite TheForce.net.

The woman, whose appointment username was Queen Gimmedala, told TheForce.net that she "totally forgot I came up with it" and it was "a accidental guess", albiet one formed on some Brilliant Wars ability "I knew it was action to be three words, and the force. I additionally knew that the diction would be vague/ambiguous/old ancient like all the added six cine titles."

The jokes about the the Force defective coffee is two years old, too: addition user, furcifer, responded to Queen Gimmedala with "VII - The Force Awakens. VIII - The Force Gets Out Of Bed. XI - The Force Makes Coffee."

The Ancient Fear - the appellation originally rumoured for Brilliant Wars Adventitious 7 - is old news. The official Brilliant Wars Twitter annual today arise that the official appellation will be Brilliant Wars: the Force Awakens, authoritative this the aboriginal Brilliant Wars blur to bead the cardinal from its title.

The website Brilliant Wars 7 Annual has baldheaded a cardinal of abeyant artifice capacity from JJ Abrams's new Brilliant Wars film.

An bearding source, whom the website believes may be legitimate, claims to accept central advice on contempo filming. According to the source, Sherlock brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch filmed a adornment arena aftermost week. Belief surrounding Cumberbatch and a Brilliant Wars role has been abounding for a while now, but the amateur has consistently banned to affirm the rumours. Warwick Davies and Simon Pegg are additionally said to accept roles in the film.

According to the BBC, a acknowledge you agenda accounting by the new Brilliant Wars film's producers and beatific to the casting and aggregation confirms that genitalia of the cine were absolutely attack in the Gloucestershire forest.

The letter, accounting to mark the final day of cutting on Adventitious VII, acknowledgment the "extraordinary" casting and aggregation for alive "from the chastening of Abu Dhabi, to the Backwoods of Dean, to the stages of Pinewood".

Actor Ewan McGregor, who starred as Obi Wan Kenobi in George Lucas's leash of Brilliant Wars prequels, has arise out about his abhorrence of the Brilliant Wars memorabilia market.

"I've never been to one of the [fan] conventions" McGregor told the US men's annual Details. "The bodies I accommodated are the f---ers who appetite me to assurance Brilliant Wars photos so they can advertise them on the internet, or the bodies at premieres who are crushing accouchement adjoin barriers to get me to assurance their f---ing annual of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"They're not fans. They're abject lowlifes and f---ing w--kers."

(Picture: Reuters)

Harrison Ford has abutting a Shropshire aeriform club.

Bob Pooler, arch adviser with Shropshire Aero Club, told the BBC that the alarm from the brilliant came "out of the blue".

Ford had allegedly had his affection set on bringing one of his own planes to Britain, but ran out of time afore filming began. Pooler told the BBC that he delivered a even from Sleap Airfield, abreast Wem, to Denham, abutting to Pinewood Studios, on Sunday.

"To hire the aeroplanes from Sleap you accept to become a affiliate and Harrison paid his associates ante until the end of the year," said Pooler.

"I asked him, 'can we accomplish you a acting affiliate of the aero club?' and he said 'I don't appetite to be a acting member, I appetite to be a lifetime member'."

(Picture: Bob Pooler via BBC)

Star Wars memorabila goes beneath the bang at cine backdrop auction

Props from the aboriginal Brilliant Wars films, including a Stormtrooper's cossack and a biker advance helmet from Acknowledgment of the Jedi, are amid 375 items of Hollywood cine memorabilia due to be auctioned tomorrow at Westfield London. The bargain is organised by the cine collectibles aggregation Prop Store, in affiliation with Vue CInemas.

Read about our appointment to the cine memorabilia exhibition, and annual with Prop Abundance architect Stephen Lane

A new Italian TV ad has sparked hopes that Disney ability be planning to absolution the aboriginal affected cuts of George Lucas's aboriginal three Brilliant Wars films.

20th Century Fox holds administration rights to the aboriginal 1977 blur in perpetuity, and affected and home administration rights to the added bristles Brilliant Wars movies until the year 2020. But admitting this, anytime aback Disney’s 2012 accretion of LucasFilm LTD and the Brilliant Wars franchise, abounding admirers accept been acquisitive that a DVD/Blu-Ray absolution of the pre-1997 Appropriate Copy aboriginal leash ability be on the cards.

Now, a new Italian TV ad for Disney's agenda servives offers an arresting clue, by acutely depicting a blow from Adventitious IV. Time to alpha demography the rumours a little added seriously?

Rumours are circulating that Daisy Ridley's character, apprehension to be a bear backyard worker, lives in a burst AT-AT in Brilliant Wars VII. Ridley's character, Kira, who some are calling "the new hero" of the seventh installment, discovers a lightsabre nearby, which blaze her Brilliant Wars adventure.

Read the adventitious in abounding here

Oscar Isaac, one of the stars of JJ Abrams's accessible Brilliant Wars Adventitious VII, has criticised the alterations fabricated by George Lucas to the the six absolute Brilliant Wars films.

"To go aback and affectionate of abuse it with new stuff, it doesn’t accomplish it added absorbing for me as a watcher," Isaac said. The amateur added that he'd "much rather go aback and watch the old thing, because it’s a artefact of the time".

Lucas's best cogent contempo change is to accept Darth Vader bark "Noooo!" aback he pushes Palpatine bottomward the shaft at the end of Acknowledgment of the Jedi. In the aboriginal adjustment of the film, Vader was silent. Lucas has additionally swapped a boob Yoda in The Phantom Menace for a CGI one, and fabricated the Ewoks in Acknowledgment of the Jedi blink.

In the 1997 Appropriate Copy re-release of Brilliant Wars, Lucas re-edited an absolute arena to accomplish it arise as if a actualization declared Greedo accursed his gun aboriginal during an argument with the film's accepted anti-hero, Han Solo.

The accommodation acquired abuse amid fans, who acquainted that, by alteration the adjustment of events, Lucas was unnecessarily sanitising Solo's character.

Our accessible cilia asks readers "Did George Lucas ruin Brilliant Wars?" Contributers so far accept flagged up the "Han attack first" altercation categorical above, and criticised Lucas's three Brilliant Wars prequels, advised by abounding to be awfully inferior to the aboriginal trilogy.

The website Indie Revolver has arise that the new Brilliant Wars blur will affection a chrome Stormtrooper, and accept apparent two pieces of abstraction art (allegedly leaked from the blur set), assuming what the Stormtrooper will attending like.

According to the website's bearding source, the chrome Stormtrooper will be allotment of an "elite guard", affiliated to the film's capital villain.

(Picture: Indie Revolver)

In an annual with the US website Ball Weekly, Isaac said: "There’s annihilation contemptuous about the way we’re accomplishing this. Alike in the way he [Abrams] is cutting it—he’s cutting on blur and absolutely architecture the sets, so you’ve got hundreds of Stormtroopers or whatever, and hundreds of annual and all the ships. You absolutely see it. It’s all real. Anybody can collaborate with the world."

In the aboriginal three Brilliant Wars films, the Stormtroopers were the army of the Empire, confined the Emperor Palpatine.

Isaac's words advance that, in Abrams' new film, which is set several decades afterwards the contest of Acknowledgment of the Jedi, the Empire may accept regained some of its absent power.

Star Wars Adventitious VII administrator JJ Abrams has arise a 30-second video, advantaged Hunka Junka, to advertise the new Millennium Falcon from his accessible film.

At the end of the video, Abrams makes a bold advertence to the declared animosity amid his Brilliant Wars blur and Zack Snyder's accessible DC adaptation, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, by absolute that a tiny archetypal of the Batmobile has been hidden on the apparent of the Falcon.

But you'll accept to be audibly advertent to apprehension the difference. Threepio amateur of 40 years Anthony Daniels told Ball Weekly that he had a new apparel that he could "get it on and off absolute quickly".

The accomplished interview's annual a apprehend for Threepio admirers too.

The Girls brilliant was airtight cutting an X-Wing pilot's accouterments at the weekend, which challenges the belief that he may be the "tall and attenuate and terrifyingly creepy" cyborg that industry assembly and Brilliant Wars admirers accept been assured him to play.

Adam Disciplinarian pictued cutting an X-Wing pilot's accouterments (Twitter.com/henricku75)

Or conceivably he is that cyborg, but aloof cast to comedy dress up.

A man has accidentally captured aeriform photos depicting the MIllennium Falcon on the set of the new Brilliant Wars blur at Greenham Common, Berkshire.

Matthew Myatt was aeriform over the breadth to booty publicity shots for a aeriform school, and originally apprehension his images were of two hardly strange-looking alpha aircraft.

When he took a afterpiece look, however, Myatt realised he'd in actuality managed to abduction a partly complete Millennium Falcon buried in a dejected tarpaulin, and an X-Wing fighter.

(Picture: Matthew Myatt)

A Twitter-user declared Justin Reeves has aback managed to abduction aeriform video footage of the set, application a drone. The still below, taken from Reeves's footage, acutely depicts two docked X-Wing fighters.

Earlier today, administrator JJ Abrams aggregate this angel on the Bad Robot Twitter feed. While the angel evidently appears to be a simple annual of a handwritten agenda about the new Apple watch, advertent Brilliant Wars admirers accept spotted that the accomplishments abaft the agenda bears an astonishing affinity to the autogenous of the Death Brilliant in the aboriginal Brilliant Wars films.

Could the Death Brilliant be actualization in Adventitious VII?

(Picture: Bad Robot via Twitter)

For anyone absorbed in double-checking the characteristic Death Brilliant decor, here's Vader and Obi Wan's action from Brilliant Wars Adventitious IV: A New Hope:

Liam Neeson, who played Jedi Adept Qui-Gon Jinn in Brilliant Wars: The Phantom Menace, hasn't been asked to accompany the casting of the new Brilliant Wars film. However, the amateur fabricated it bright that, if accustomed the chance, he would adulation to reprise his role as Qui-Gon Jinn in Adventitious VII.

When asked by the website HeyUGuys if he would booty on the actualization again, Neeson said: "“I best absolutely would. I absolutely don’t appetite anyone abroad arena [Qui-Gon Jinn]. I don’t apperceive what the accepted adventitious now, at all. I anticipate it’s Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, it’s [their] characters’ generation. I came way, way afore that.”

While Neeson's actualization was dead at the end of The Phantom Menace, there's consistently a adventitious that Qui-Gon Jinn could arise as a ghost, or in a anamnesis scene. For Neeson's sake, let's accumulate our finger's crossed.

Liam Neeson in Brilliant Wars: The Phantom Menace

["1247.42"]Link Dress-Up Game by NarutardST on DeviantArtDress up by SMeadows on DeviantArt | Link Dress Up Deviantart

Miltos Yerolemou in HBO's Game of Thrones, alongside Maisie Williams as Arya

Actor Miltos Yerolemou, who played accomplished swordsman and angry able Syrio in the aboriginal division of Game of Thrones, has abutting the casting of Brilliant Wars.

Lucasfilm are yet to animadversion on the signing, but it is broadly believed that the amateur will be demography on a above role. Admirers are additionally apperception as to whether or not Yerolemou will be acrimonious up a lightsabre in the new film; with his angry accomplishment Syrio would accomplish an absorbing Jedi master.

It was abandoned a bulk of time afore associates of the Brilliant Wars VII casting got dowsed in ice-cold baptize for alms – afterwards all, the stormtroopers and a absolute squeaky R2D2 accept taken it on.

Cast new-comer Daisy Ridley was the aboriginal to abide the bucket, and nominated Mark Hamill in the action ("may the icy force be with you"). Hamill, complete with clammy bristles and "symbolic" eye dropper, requested that the "entire cast" additionally get bucketed. This is what happened next:

Harrison Ford came next...

Then Peter Mayhew, with his wife Angie. British Brilliant Wars casting affiliate John Boyega was amid their nominations:

A Brilliant Wars fan artist, who goes by the name of AndrewSS7 on the association art website Deviantart.com, has produced a beauteous alternation of posters for Brilliant Wars VII. The posters, which all affection the cogent words "War" and "Aftermath", accept been broadly aggregate on amusing media, with abounding admirers ambagious them for official posters.

This archetype of AndrewSS7's assignment depicts a Brilliant Destroyer abolition into the ocean; you can analysis out his added posters here.

Picture: AndrewS77

Latino Review accept arise an commodity that claims aboriginal Brilliant Wars villain Emperor Palpatine will be actualization in Adventitious VII. Although the actualization was allegedly dead off at the end of Acknowledgment of the Jedi, the commodity suggests that Palpatine may in actuality accept survived his abatement on the Death Star; Luke survives a agnate abatement in The Empire Strikes Back, afterwards all.

According to the website, the annual was leaked by an bearding source, who stated: "the Emperor 100% will arise in Brilliant Wars Adventitious VII and VIII." However, Screenrant accept speculated that the actualization may artlessly be actualization as allotment of a flashback, rather than as the film's capital villain.

The Screenrant commodity additionally argues that 85-year-old Adventitious VII casting affiliate Max von Sydow, who is already rumoured to be arena an angry character, would be the absolute best for Palpatine. To date, Sydow's role in the blur has not been announced. Ian McDiarmid, who played Palpatine in Acknowledgment of the Jedi and in the contempo leash of prequels, will not be abiding for Adventitious VII.

Rian Johnson, the administrator of Looper who will be demography over from JJ Abrams for Brilliant Wars Adventitious 8, has accepted that added furnishings will be done about rather than by CGI in Adventitious 7. It's been suspected, and hoped, that there would be a added acceptable access in this film, but the annual should allay those admirers who were angered by the addition of CGI furnishings into the aboriginal trilogy.

Johnson appeared on the Girls in Hoodies podcast to allocution about his appointment to the Adventitious 7 set. He said: "They’re accomplishing so abundant applied architecture for this one, it’s alarming ... They’re accomplishing it all right."

Almost absolutely a year ago administrator of photography, Daniel Mindel, arise that Adventitious 7 would be attack on 35mm film, as the aboriginal leash was attack in the 1970s.

And the bristles is still in place. Which can abandoned beggarly two things: one, the two-week filming haitus charge be advancing to an end, or already has, and two: the beforehand Luke Skywalker charge be antic some Obi-wan Kenobi-esque facial hair.

Speculation is ascent that Skywalker will accept a metal hand, too, acknowledgment to a photo tweeted out by Bad Robot beforehand this week.

After actuality airlifted to hospital in June with a burst leg, causing a two-week breach from filming in August, the Han Solo amateur looked in accomplished anatomy at the Los Angeles premiere for The Expendables 3.

Not all of the Brilliant Wars aggregation accept been demography it so easy, however. During the filming haitus Brilliant Wars admiral accept reportedly been affair in London to altercate the aftereffect films.

You ability anticipate that Zack Snyder would be adequately active administering Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice appropriate now, but he's managed to accretion time to accelerate the beatnik cosmos into a circuit over these Batman-Star Wars mash-up photos acquaint on Twitter.

Snyder started it all off afore San Diego Comic-Con beforehand in June with this angel of Henry Cavill with a lightsaber, abandoned for JJ Abrams' assembly aggregation Bad Robot to acknowledge with John Boyega, the British amateur casting in Brilliant Wars Adventitious 7, cutting the cape and cowl.

The Twitter tit-for-tat connected aftermost week. Snyder acquaint a beautiful photo of Batman and 'R2BIN' in the arid on Monday...

Only for the Bad Robot annual to acknowledgment on Friday with this angel of C3PO attractive out over Gotham City:

The pictures accept sparked rumours that Snyder could be complex with approaching Brilliant Wars films, conceivably the character-led aftereffect movies. Snyder's rep has said he is too active with Man of Steel and 300: Action of Artemisia, but Vulture are continuing by their band that the administrator has been liaising with LucasFilm over a abeyant new project.

Rumours suggesting that WWE brilliant Sheamus may be the new Darth Vader accept acquired absorption afterwards the wrestler teasingly tweeted a annual of a ablaze sabre. The 6ft 4in brilliant was afresh spotted in Ireland, abutting to breadth Adventitious VII filming is demography place.

Last week, the wrestler tweeted a cryptic bifold abrogating acknowledgment to an Irish Mirror adventitious suggesting he ability be Vader, advertence he "won't not be" arena the Sith Lord.

Another new area has been confirmed, as filming for Adventitious VII begins on the conflicting island of Skellig Michael, off the west bank of Ireland.

Conservation groups accept bidding apropos that the action ability afflict nesting sea birds during their ancestry season, with Stephen Newton, a seabirds able with Birdwatch Ireland, cogent the BBC: "The birds could arid the island if they get too fatigued out by the bulk of babble and vibration."

The Irish Blur Board arch claims that the shoot is "designed accurately to abstain agitation of ancestry birds."

Mark Hamill has been spotted accepting a baiter to the Brilliant Wars set on Skellig Michael. The 62-year-old amateur was antic the aloft bristles he's been apparent with in contempo months, suggesting that the facial bristles is action to be a key allotment of Luke Skywalker's complete new look

(Or at atomic his face won't be). Rumours suggesting that amateur Simon Pegg, who formed with JJ Abrams on Brilliant Trek, would arise in the new Brilliant Wars blur accept been bouncing about for a while.

But, in an annual with Vulture, Pegg has declared he won't arise in the film, as his face "would pop bodies out of the movie". Pegg's acicular advertence to his "face" has led to belief that the amateur ability still be actualization in the film, either in some anatomy of disguise, or as a articulation actor. (Perhaps he'll be a Stormtrooper. Or a alpine Ewok?)

New rumours advance that Game of Thrones added Gwendoline Christie may be arena an Administrative Administrator in Abrams' accessible Brilliant Wars movie. According to bottomless sources, actualization will hunt afterwards Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, as they attack to ascertain the abode of missing Jedi Luke Skywalker.

In a new video, arise to advance Unicef's "Force for Change" initiative, Abrams gives admirers a close-up of a batterd-looking Rebel Alliance spacecraft.

Exciting news, as a new area is confirmed: filming is demography abode in Britain's Backwoods of Dean. Although there's no official advice yet about which Brilliant Wars area the Backwoods ability be representing, several assemblage accept appropriate that it ability be continuing in for the Backwoods Moon of Endor, home of the Ewoks.

71-year-old Harrison Ford has burst his leg on the set of the new Brilliant Wars Blur at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Filming has been apoplectic to acquiesce the brilliant to recover.

• Harrison Ford: his activity and career

• Harrison Ford's injury: Twitter's funniest jokes

The latest rumours advance that new Adventitious VII casting affiliate Lupita Nyong'o may be arena a descendent of Obi Wan Kenobi in the film. No official announcements about her role accept been fabricated yet.

Josh Trank, the man abaft the low-budget sci-fi hit Chronicle, will complete a Brilliant Wars aftereffect film.

“We’re captivated to acceptable Josh into the family,” says Lucasfilm admiral Kathleen Kennedy. Admirers doubtable that Trank's blur will be the Han Solo spin-off, with Godzilla administrator Gareth Edwards best acceptable helming the Boba Fett project.

The website TMZ has apparent a arcade of leaked photos from the Brilliant Wars set in Abu Dhabi. For Brilliant Wars fans, best departure angel of all appears to actualization Han Solo's acclaimed spacraft, the Millennium Falcon, suggesting that the iconic address will absolutely be authoritative an actualization in Adventitious VII.

(Picture: TMZ)

12 Years A Slave brilliant and Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o and Game of Thrones's Gwendoline Christie accept been declared as the altest additions to the new Brilliant Wars cast.

"I could not be added aflame about Lupita and Gwendoline abutting the casting of Adventitious VII,” says Lucasfilm admiral Kathleen Kennedy.

Lupita Nyong'o as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave

Disney has arise that Godzilla administrator Gareth Edwards will complete a Brilliant Wars stand-alone spin-off, due for absolution in December 2016. Abounding admirers doubtable that the currently untitled blur is Disney's proposed Boba Fett project.

David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the aboriginal Brilliant Wars leash (although James Earl Jones accurate the character), told the website Cine Cricket: "I can’t see (Kenny Baker abiding for ‘Episode VII’)…He is in such a abhorrent accompaniment with his abhorrent chest. I can’t candidly see it…"

Luckily for R2D2 fans, Baker disputes Dave Prowse's accusations that he is too unwell to acknowledgment to the new Brilliant Wars VII film. Kenny tells The Telegraph that "Dave Prowse is authoritative it up. I saw him aloof the added day", but refuses to altercate the Brilliant Wars blur any further.

It's official: John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow will all be in the new Brilliant Wars film, alongside aboriginal casting associates Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker.

Kenny Baker not abandoned played R2 D2 in all six Brilliant Wars films, but additionally angled up as an Ewok in 1983's Acknowledgment of the Jedi. But there's still no annual on whether they'll be Ewoks in Adventitious VII.

• Brilliant Wars cast: who's who?

Director Abrams has aggregate this breeze on Twitter forth with the hashtag ‘#episodeVII’. This is the aboriginal attack to be aggregate from the film’s production, and confirms that everyone’s favourite droid, R2-D2, will be abiding to the franchise.

(Picture: JJ Abrams/Twitter)

The big annual is here. Brilliant Wars: Adventitious VII is appointed for absolution on December 18 2015. Disney Studios administrator Alan Horn said: “the official 2015 absolution date… will not abandoned ballast the accepted anniversary filmgoing division but additionally ensure our amazing filmmaking aggregation has the time bare to bear a amazing picture".

The December absolution date is a aboriginal for the franchise: every antecedent Brilliant Wars blur has been arise in May, with "May the fourth" commonly dubbed Brilliant Wars day.

Michael Arndt, who was alleged to address the calligraphy from the start, has been alone from the project. He has been replaced by administrator Abrams and Kasdan, who formed on Episodes VI and V. The adventitious surrounds rumours that Abrams was originally black with Arndt’s aboriginal script, and is alpha to address a “completely altered movie”.

Legendary blur artisan John Williams, who wrote the music for the aboriginal Brilliant Wars trilogy, will be abiding to annual Adventitious VII.

It's official: the aboriginal Brilliant Wars leash of Luke, Han and Leia will be reunited in Adventitious 7. Lucas told Business Anniversary magazine: “We had already active Mark and Carrie and Harrison - or we were appealing abundant in final stages of negotiation. So I declared them to say, ‘Look, this is what’s action on'".

Disney CEO Bob Iger has arise that there will be a alternation of added Brilliant Wars films, taht will be based on the franchise’s characters, but not allotment of the “overall saga”.

Entertainment Weekly letters that two of the proposed projects will be: "a adolescent Han Solo saga, absorption on the ball smuggler’s agent story, and a compensation hunter adventitious with Boba Fett at the centermost of a rogue’s arcade of galactic scum."

Meanwhile, a address from Ain't It Air-conditioned annual suggests that a blur absorption on Yoda may be the aboriginal of Disney's planned standalone aftereffect films. Added Brilliant Wars aftereffect accommodate the Eighties made-for-TV movies Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, and Ewoks: The Action for Endor. (Are Disney secretly planning a accomplished new alternation of Ewok films? Fingers crossed.)

Disney Studios administrator Alan Horn has arise that Adventitious VII will be out in summer 2015, followed by Adventitious VIII in 2017 and Adventitious IX in summer 2019. The aftereffect films will be arise in the years in-between.

JJ Abrams has been arise as the administrator of Brilliant Wars: Adventitious VII. The Brilliant Trek administrator was a favourite amidst Brilliant Wars fans, admitting advanced downplaying his chances, saying: "I am attractive advanced added than anyone to the abutting iterations of Brilliant Wars, but I accept I will be action as a advantageous moviegoer!"

Lucas, speaking to the TV actualization Access Hollywood, has declared that he is "basically not involved" in the new Brilliant Wars films, but will act as a accessible fact-checker of Brilliant Wars trivia, because he "actually knows a lot".

George Lucas on the set of The Phantom Menace (Picture: Reuters)

A Lucasfilm antecedent has arise that the accessible blur won't be based on the absolute Brilliant Wars books, but on a cast new adventitious by Lucas, set 30 years afterwards the contest of Adventitious VI, Acknowledgment of the Jedi. This backs up claims from Mark Hamill that Lucas "said he had absitively to do Episodes VII, VIII and IX" during cafeteria with Hamill and Carrie Fisher in August 2012.

Disney has bought the Brilliant Wars authorization Lucasfilm for £2.5bn and says another, as yet untitled, Brilliant Wars blur will be arise in 2015.

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According to amateur Mark Hamill, in 1976 George Lucas was already planning a admirable absolute of nine Brilliant Wars films.

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