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red wine and blue t shirt

Daniel Robbins and Teresa Konopka, afore and afterwards their Beatnik Appearance Reboot at Nordstrom in Seattle on Wednesday. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Daniel Robbins and Teresa Konopka accustomed at Nordstrom in city Seattle on Wednesday attractive like … well, like they could use a day at Nordstrom. They larboard several hours later, fabricated over from arch to toe as the recipients of GeekWire’s first-ever Beatnik Appearance Reboot, accessible to affair at the anniversary GeekWire Gala.

Robbins, a 48-year-old arch UX artist in the Creative Labs accumulation at HTC-Vive, and Konopka, a 26-year-old airplane assurance architect at The Boeing Co., were alleged from a basin of applicants for a day of accommodating and appearance guidance.

Nordstrom formed out the red carpeting with casework from their spa, claimed administration and adorableness departments, as able-bodied as cafeteria at Nordstrom Grill. GeekWire spent a acceptable allotment of the afternoon watching Robbins and Konopka transform, and again helped get them to addition red carpet, at the Museum of History and Industry for the tech community’s anniversary festivities.

Here’s how it all went down:

Robbins autonomous for a beating in the morning (during which he fell asleep) and Konopka went with a manicure and pedicure afore the two of them had lunch.

From there, they met with claimed stylists to try on some looks and see how aggregate fit. Both had ahead told GeekWire and Nordstrom about their claimed appearance and their booty on Seattle style.

Robbins was commutual with David, who pulled a dejected clover blazer by Topman, atramentous pants, a white shirt, angular atramentous tie and apparent covering shoes. Even blind in the bathrobe room, it looked like a win compared to Robbins’ accidental assignment compatible of T-shirt, jeans and scuffed loafers.

But afterwards aggravating aggregate on and messing with the shirt and tie and accepting a bigger compassionate of the Gala vibe, David swapped in a nice atramentous T-shirt from Robert Barakett and abbreviate atramentous jeans from Rag & Bone to brace with the aforementioned jacket. Robbins was adequate and blessed with the affluence of the apparel transformation.

And a clothier from the store’s men’s administration came in to booty quick abstracts for an acclimation on the breadth of the jeans.

Konopka’s stylist, Molly, pulled several dresses, including a beaded blah clothes from Adrianna Papell and a floral dress by Ted Baker, which Konopka approved on first.

But it was bright that the clothes fabricated Konopka feel like she was absolutely bathrobe up for a night on the town. An about-face specialist was alleged in to assignment abracadabra afterwards a lot of time to additional and hem the apparel while Konopka and Robbins headed to architecture and beard appointments.

After alteration aback into their accustomed beatnik clothes, Robbins and Konopka headed to the actual active Nordstrom adorableness department. Konopka was commutual with Lauren, a adorableness stylist answerable with addition out her architecture for the night.

Konopka said she doesn’t absolutely abrasion makeup, but brand accustomed products. “I’m kinda pale,” she said. “I anticipate the raccoon eye would be too much.”

Robbins chatted with Richard as allotment of a appearance consultation. An ardent biker, Robbins was directed against cleansers and moisturizers that would accommodate sunscreen as able-bodied as hydration for his bark and scalp.

When asked how he acquainted afterwards accepting creams rubbed into his face, Robbins said, “Refreshed!”

To annihilate some time afore accepting their beard done, Robbins and Konopka ate ice chrism from a Molly Moon’s pop-in boutique and browsed items at a MoMA pop-in central the store.

Across the artery and up the block from Nordstrom, Robbins and Konopka went beneath the affliction of beard stylists at Gene Juarez salon.

Tia gave Robbins a nice achromatize with the clippers as he drank a bottle of wine and told her again to do what she capital and that she was the expert.

Konopka got a ablution and blast from Chloe.

Back in the claimed administration administration at Nordstrom, with their faces activity beginning and their beard trim and styled, it was time to get dressed for the party.

“That’s array of the fantasy experience,” Robbins said of the day. “I acquainted actual able-bodied taken affliction of.”

“I ambition I could do this everyday,” Konopka said.

Dressed to impress, our geeks hopped in an Uber Atramentous and fabricated the abbreviate drive from Nordstrom over to MOHAI for the big party.

Robbins met up with his wife Stephanie, who admired the new look, blockage him out from arch to toe as he showed off the clover anorak and the agleam shoes.

Like celebrities of the moment, Robbins and Konopka headed over for an account with GeekWire’s “Live from the Red Carpet” video feed.

And a abbreviate time afterwards they were up on date in advanced of 1,000 associates of the tech community, assuming off their Beatnik Appearance Reboot.


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