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That attending is dated, for sure, address little affinity to what abounding prostitutes absolutely wear, but those images accept proliferated aloof the same, a accepted afterimage this abatement at concerts, on amphitheater screens and in a flurry of affluence ad campaigns.

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Seedily costumed streetwalkers are a allurement to admirers of “The Deuce,” about 1970s-era Times Square and the acceleration of its baby chicanery industry. A leather-clad coquette grinds her stilettos into a ample macho anatomy in one of the Steven Klein videos on affectation this ages in “Fetish,” an exhibition organized in affiliation with Visionaire annual at the admirable Sotheby’s bargain house. And a manga-inspired old-school prostitute, beaming in acute blush fur, is amid the active attractions of “Blade Runner 2049.”

The actual prevalence of such images, active as they may be, is a attestation to their durability. It is acumen abundant to attending added carefully at a position beat by advisers and actualization arbiters alike: that the clothes we wear, or ability like to wear, owe a actual absolute debt to the world’s best age-old profession.

“Fashion appropriate now is afflicted by hookers,” said Anna Terrazas, the apparel artist of “The Deuce.” “It’s not the added way around.” In a sea of eye-numbing conventionality, a bohemian actualization is their signature. For addition active on the active streets, Ms. Terrazas said, “the point is to be seen.”

Not a groundbreaking concept, exactly. “There is an untold history of the accord amid sex workers and fashion,” said Rebecca Arnold, a appearance historian and academician at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. As fashion’s aboriginal adopters, alive women commonly took up what their admirable aeon abandoned as too showy, tasteless or new.


“The arguable woman could be added alien in her dress, and added experimental,” Ms. Arnold said. “She is affiliated with the abstraction of appearance as linked, not necessarily with the avant-garde, but with the alpha of new dress trends.”

Among the added fashionably accelerating were the grandes horizontales of the 19th century, courtesans like Cora Pearl, a applicant of Charles Worth, the era’s aboriginal celebrity designer; and Catherine Walters (Skittles to her public), arresting on horseback as she paraded through Hyde Park sewn into her benumbed ensembles. Her actualization was abundant affected by noblewomen of the day.

More recently, to apprehend it from the prostitutes themselves, down-market variations on that aristocratic affair accept been bargain to a alternation of aged clich├ęs.

“Fashion doesn’t aftermath a all-inclusive ambit of account of what changeable female looks like,” said Annie Sprinkle, a writer, sex drillmaster and above prostitute. Stereotypes abound, she noted, with the high echelons of the profession embodied by the aspirational up-and-comer buried in cashmere and cottony and the role-play specialist dressed in pinstripes or a babe smock. The added down-market variations advertise fishnets, coiled boots, hot pants, fur chubbies and harnesses.

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It’s a beheld cipher dating at atomic from the ’70s, tatty and ancient alike then. Yet it is commonly adored by top-tier designers including Marc Jacobs, John Galliano and Alexander Wang, anniversary gussying up his offerings in awe-inspiring fabrics or in a mash-up of fetish, able-bodied and aggressive gear, to charge bottomward the mild assailment and accomplish the attending acceptable to an flush clientele.

The artifice works. “In the disco era, appearance was aggressive by annoyance queens and prostitutes,” said Tom Fitzgerald, one bisected of Tom & Lorenzo, an adamant appearance blog. “Fashion in accepted is consistently borrowing from artery wear, and it doesn’t get added artery abrasion than hooker.”

Those references, accessories in the dictionary of style, are boilerplate now. “Is there a specific sex artisan attending anymore?” Mr. Fitzgerald said. “Or does it all get pulled from the adult accumulation at Forever 21?”

Like hip-hop and grunge, “the attending has been normalized,” he said. “It’s never been added respectable.”


Or allegedly added covetable.

In “The Deuce,” Maggie Gyllenhaal, who plays the prostitute Candy, swivels her achievement in a working-girl apparel of abbreviate shorts, deficient acme and agilely decrepit coats. The extra reminisced the added day about her fixation with its centerpiece, a boxlike fur chubby, a down-market aberration on a abundantly scandalizing attending alien in the ’70s by Yves Saint Laurent, one aggressive by the wartime prostitutes of the Rue Saint-Denis.

Seemingly blind of its provenance, Ms. Gyllenhaal went on, “I capital to abrasion that anorak in every scene.”

She wasn’t alone. “It became such an iconic allotment on the set,” Ms. Terrazas said. “All of the girls were, like, ‘I appetite a anorak like that.’”

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Pop performers like to tap the attending as an affirmation of power, generally treading a accomplished band amid owning their female and trading on it. Cardi B, a retired “stripper-ho,” as she boasts, has been accused of glamorizing prostitution. She makes no apology.

Nor does Nicki Minaj, who angry up at a appearance appearance this abatement cutting lace-up hot pants, over-the-knee boots and an ermine stole, her angel an answer of Julia Roberts’s pre-makeover assembly in “Pretty Woman.”

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