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'Divorce took over my activity for abounding years, aback it was over I acquainted old' 

Best 25  Tall girl fashion ideas on Pinterest | Tall girl outfits ...

Monica Christiane, 58 

Like abounding women, 58-year-old Monica Christiane spent her 30s and 40s bringing up her two accouchement and managing the ancestors home.

For a while, it was beatitude — admitting it was additionally adamantine work.

‘When I attending back, I spent all my time active about afterwards anybody else,’ she says. ‘I was a acceptable wife and mother, and I admired actuality there for them, but there was never abundant time for me.’

Sadly, aback Monica was in her mid-40s, her alliance began to abatement apart. A continued acknowledged action with her ex-husband larboard her emotionally and physically drained. Aback her annulment assuredly came through, Monica looked in the mirror and about recognised herself.

‘Divorce was hideous. It took over my activity for abounding years, and aback it was assuredly over, I acquainted old and jaded. I didn’t appetite to accord up on the achievability of addition accord — and I still don’t. I feel like I was a altogether acceptable actuality and there was annihilation I did amiss to end up in such a adverse marriage. Now, all I appetite is to attending afterwards myself, allotment my activity and be advised well.’

Monica Christiane, 58, (pictured) from South West London (pictured) had Botox injected into her forehead, accompaniment into her cheeks and a collagen-boosting laser treatment

 But in the 30 years aback she’d aftermost been single, the dating arena had afflicted dramatically. With the advance of online dating and judgments abandoned actuality fabricated based on the account you column on your profile, affair a man was — is — added abased than anytime on looks.

‘Before I could go out there and date again, I bare some aplomb and energy,’ says Monica.

So she did article she anticipation she’d never do, but which is acceptable added accepted amid divorcees of a assertive age. Area already they ability aloof accept hit the shops or angry to their beautician for a morale-boosting new style, now newly-single women are opting for a added axiological array of change — not aloof adolescent clothes, but a adolescent face, too.

Forget the annulment diet: today’s distinct women are all-embracing alienation Botox.

‘I see added and added women at this date of life,’ says Dr Michael Prager, one of Britain’s arch artful clinicians, who offers non-surgical facelifts at his Harley Street clinic.

‘Either they’re activity through a alienation or they’re afresh afar and appetite to go on the dating arena again. What they appetite is to feel added assured and attending added attractive.’

Most frequently, he adds, these audience opt for Botox to abate wrinkles and frown curve or dermal fillers to beefy and carve the face. ‘It depends on the person, but alike with a baby bulk of product, a lot can be achieved, abnormally if it is addition who hasn’t had annihilation done before.’

Dr Michael Prager, one of Britain's arch artful clinicians says that he sees added and added anew afar women advancing in for analysis (stock image)

After researching the industry thoroughly, Monica, who lives in South- West London, had Botox injected into her forehead to bland out wrinkles, accompaniment into her cheeks to accord her face a added rounded, active look, and a collagen-boosting laser analysis to advance signs of ageing such as accomplished curve and cilia veins.

The antecedent assignment amount £950, and she has £295 Botox top-ups every six months.

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On top of that, Monica additionally spent £3,000 on semi-permanent composition on her eyebrows, eyes and aperture (with an anniversary £300 top-up).

‘As you get older, you get a bit paler about the eyebrows and eyelashes, and semi-permanent composition helps achieve the definition,’ she explains. 

‘You don’t accept to anguish about not alive up at home if you are with addition new and them seeing you afterwards make-up!’

While best of us would baulk at spending that much, Monica says it’s account it.

‘When I smile, I accept cheeks again. It’s so interlinked — the way we attending and the way we feel. Aback I feel good, I’m added character and smiley.’

And this change in her personality has paid assets aback it comes to her adulation life.

The absolute amount of Monica's analysis amount £950 and she has £295 Botox top-ups every six months (stock image)

‘Since I got this new aplomb in my looks, I’ve met addition through friends. I don’t apperceive area it will go, but it’s fun. I would like to be acclimatized afresh one day — and now I anticipate it’s abundant added acceptable to happen.’

Monica is far from abandoned in all-embracing this new aberration on the post-divorce makeover.

Non-surgical treatments accept become added adult and, aback new adjustment from the General Medical Council came into force aftermost year, safe.

(There are, however, still some cowboys operating, so you charge analysis a practitioner is accepted by one of the afterward organisations — the British Association of Artful Artificial Surgeons; British Association of Corrective Nurses; British College of Artful Medicine; British Association of Dermatologists; or British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Artful Surgeons — afore activity ahead.)

The cant of today is that to get a man, you accept to be adolescent and beautiful. Ageing macho actors are placed abutting to twentysomething actresses on screen, and we are amidst by agnate belief beyond television, books and film

The industry is absolutely growing rapidly. Aftermost year, enquiries to clinics rose by 91 per cent, while a abstraction by the Transform artificial anaplasty group, which owns 22 corrective anaplasty clinics nationwide, begin that added than a division of artificial anaplasty patients were recently-divorced women. 

But how advantageous is this bang in ‘break-up Botox’ and added corrective treatments to acquisition adulation in mid-life?

Ingrid Collins, a adviser analyst at Ten Harley Street in London, worries about the burden on women to benumb time with a toxin, and places the accusation on age-old cultural prejudices. 

She says: ‘The cant of today is that to get a man, you accept to be adolescent and beautiful. Ageing macho actors are placed abutting to twentysomething actresses on screen, and we are amidst by agnate belief beyond television, books and film.

‘Women who acquisition themselves aback distinct at a assertive date in activity attending at these narratives and are hypnotised into cerebration the alone way to allure a accomplice is by physically axis aback the clock.’

Unfair as it sounds, men on the dating arena are abundantly adorable for women adolescent than they are, sometimes by several decades. Middle-aged men apprehend to date women in their 30s or alike 20s.

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The aftereffect is that newly-divorced women generally acquisition themselves in a dating wilderness. They accept to action to accommodated men their own age because these men are actively abnegation to accede them as a abeyant date.

‘That’s absolutely the case,’ says Monica Christiane. ‘I’m in my backward 50s, and the age of abeyant men for me seems to be in the 70s. I don’t apperception that so much, but I realise that added women do.’

This is aback corrective procedures become a dating strategy.

'After 25 years of marriage, I was actual acquainted of my age. I capital to allure the appropriate person’ 

Fiona Murphy, 49 

When Fiona Murphy got afar three years ago afterwards a 25-year marriage, she acquainted both abatement and exhaustion. ‘It was a difficult divorce, and I capital to alpha adorable forward,’ she says.

‘But aback you’re faced with actuality on your own, it can feel daunting. You appetite to angle alpine and attending your best to allure the appropriate person. But I was additionally actual acquainted of my age. I was 46 and you alpha to apprehension all the little lines, don’t you? Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw this craven pox blister on my forehead that had gone into a furrow. I hated that. I aloof capital to attending about ten years younger.’

She bare a advance to ‘face the apple again’. Worse, as the buyer of a best swimwear aggregation based in Weymouth, Fiona was ‘constantly adorable at pictures of adorable adolescent models’.

Fiona Murphy, 49, (pictured) from Weymouth, who owns a best swimwear company, had Botox on her forehead, which additional her confidence

‘It wasn’t abundant for my confidence,’ she says. So she absent a stone, had a new crew and beard extensions and approved Botox on her forehead.

‘I went away on anniversary and got a tan, too — the adulation I got aback I came back!

‘Everyone told me how able-bodied I looked, and how young, which was absolutely bottomward to my bland forehead. It absolutely fabricated me feel bigger about myself.’

After announcement her wrinkle-free anniversary pictures online, Fiona did acquisition a new accomplice — a 52-year-old engineer.

Today, about three years afterwards he aboriginal clicked on her profile, they are appropriately together.

Fiona has now let the Botox abrasion off, application a serum instead to area off accomplished lines. These days, she laughs, ‘he sees me with no composition on, and army hair. Keeping up the Botox isn’t a antecedence any more!’

What the corrective action did, though, she believes, is acquiesce her to ‘take aback control’ of her activity and animate aplomb levels that had taken a battering. Aback a new accord came along, she was in the appropriate abode to embrace it.

‘I absorb £600 on my face every few months and every penny is account it!’

Julie Cohen, 61

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Julie Cohen, 61, is additionally determined anti-ageing treatments fabricated her feel bigger about dating again. Aftermost month, while on anniversary with her ancestors in New York, she met the 58-year-old handsome advocate she’d been talking to for months through an all-embracing dating website for professionals.

Julie recalls accession at an upmarket Midtown cocktail bar for her date: ‘It was a blithely lit place, but I’d aloof had some assignment done, so the lights absolutely didn’t bother me. He was absorbing and attractive. We met afresh the abutting night, and he took me to a contemporary restaurant in Greenwich Village.

‘After dinner, we absolved for about an hour, accomplished Madison Square and up Broadway. It was a mild black and abundantly romantic. And he’s advancing to see me in London soon!’

A fettle adviser from North London and mother-of-five, Julie went through a absinthian annulment in 2015 and emerged adorable annoyed and hollowed-out.

Julie Cohen, 61, (pictured) a fettle adviser from North London spends £600 every few months on Botox in her forehead

‘I’d absent weight — too abundant — and it showed in my face,’ she says. ‘It got to a point area I absolutely bare to array it out. I do accept in growing old gracefully, but if you can accept a bit of advice forth the way, why not?’

Julie spent £600 on Botox in her forehead and injections of Restylane, a hyaluronic acerbic dermal filler, at The Prager Dispensary in London. She is assertive this is what gave her the aplomb to alpha dating again.

A year ago, she abutting two dating websites.

‘I had accompany who were active with new ally they’d met online after in life. I aloof thought: “This is a new date of my activity — I charge to go for it.” ’ It didn’t booty continued for the letters to cycle in.

‘They said things like: “Hello, gorgeous” and “I can’t accept you are that age”,’ she giggles. ‘We would altercate our divorces or our children. It was all actual innocent and I did it mostly for the companionship.’

Some of the men who contacted Julie were alike adolescent than her. ‘I told them they were the aforementioned age as my son, but acknowledge you actual much!’

Having the assignment done showed on her contour pictures, too, she says. ‘I’d been adorable gaunt. Having a bit of corrective advice gives you an uplift, there’s no two means about it.’

Julie has now met someone, a advocate in his 50s, but says it is still aboriginal days.

Last year, enquiries to clinics rose by 91 per cent, per cent and added than a division of artificial anaplasty patients were recently-divorced women

She spends £600 every few months on advancement her bland new bark and, she says, every penny is account it. Abutting on her account is a lip filler, a facial bark and conceivably an eyelid lift.

But adviser analytic analyst Dr Richard Sherry sounds a agenda of attention aback it comes to ever-growing lists of transformative tweaks: ‘It is important to abstracted out the advantageous from the dissection aspects of gluttonous corrective enhancements. You can get absorbed to it.’

Is Julie branch that way? ‘No, not at all,’ she says. ‘I am complete abundant to apperceive if I am activity too far.’

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‘I’m in my 60s,’ she says disbelievingly, afore abacus with aloof a blow of glee: ‘And absolutely I’ve never looked — or acquainted — better. I can’t delay for the abutting affiliate of my adulation life!’

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