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I'm Daemon Hatfield, and I've baffled Saints Row the Third.

Last anniversary I answered a clairvoyant catechism about whether it's bigger to comedy as a man or woman in Saints Row 3. I additionally encouraged you to address me with your own questions:

So actuality we go: your Saints Row the Third questions answered!

Question (from James Worville): Does Saints Row 3 accept cheats? Also, can you use cheats online?

Answer: Yes, there are two means to alleviate cheats in Saints Row the Third. First, you can absorb in-game bill to alleviate them -- annihilation from appropriate abilities to bloom upgrades to weapon modifications. The added way to alleviate cheats is a abstruse for now.

And yes, you absorb your upgrades (cheats) aback arena online.

Question (from Josh): Aback you become a naked appearance are the annoying $.25 blurred out or was that done for YouTube?

Answer: Sorry, Josh, those annoying $.25 are blurred in the game. The accepted in America is: alarming abandon = good, the naked anatomy = bad.

You can go naked in Saints Row the Third, but your annoying $.25 will be blurred.

Catechism (from Samuel Brown, England): I was acquisitive you could acquaint me what radio stations are in Saints Row 3. I like 107.7 the mix in Saints Row 2.

Answer: You're in luck, Samuel -- 107.7 The Mix is aback with pop bedrock from the '80s and '90s. Actuality are all the radio stations in Saints Row the Third:

Question (from Jordan): I was apprehensive if you are accustomed to accord us any advice on Professor Genki's appearance in Saints Row 3.

Answer: The Professor Genki activities are basically Running Man-style bold shows area you run and gun through trap-filled warehouses. Kill abundant enemies and accomplish it to the avenue afore time runs out and you are adored with banknote and respect.

Professor Genki's Reality Show

Question (from Jazib): Do you get assemblage clothes?

Answer: You can adapt your assemblage with altered styles of accouterment and vehicles, if that's what you mean.

For those of you apprehensive what your assemblage is, you eventually recruit assemblage associates that can be summoned to action alongside you in combat.

Customize your gang.

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Catechism (from Jarule): Is there a abode area you can advancement your guns?

Answer: You can advancement weapons both at Friendly Blaze food and in your corpuscle phone's Upgrades menu.

Question (from Josh): What is your admired weapon and will you be accepting dlc's with weapons? If you do, i anticipate you should accept ablaze sabers or article like that if you do not already. You are absolutely awesome.

Answer: Well, thanks, but I'm not authoritative Saints Row the Third -- I aloof adulation the hell out of it. I'm not abiding if developer Volition is planning any downloadable weapons or not. But my admired weapon in the bold is apparently the Annihilator rocket launcher. Eventually you'll advancement it to blaze heat-seeking missiles.

The Annihilator rocket launcher.

Catechism (from Craig): I was aloof apprehensive if you can adapt your guy afore you alpha the bold as u could do that in the aboriginal two amateur afore bold comedy started.

Answer: Saints Row the Third begins with a coffer robbery area your appearance is cutting a mask. Appropriate afterwards that mission you get to do your customization.

Question (from Peter Freeman): What affectionate of agent customization is there in Saints Row the Third?

Answer: You can advance a vehicle's achievement (tire durability, able bumper, nitrous), adapt the body, change the wheels, etc...

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Question (from Santana Stott): Does the Octopus Gun assignment on STAG?.

Answer: Yes, it does. But remember, the alone way to get the Octopus Gun is by pre-ordering Saints Row the Third.

Question (from Simon Kita): Is there like a car commitment by a call?

Answer: Yes, you can advancement your assemblage to bear cartage appropriate to you.

Question (from Jimi Whitlock): Can you buy assorted cribs?

Answer: Yep, by my calculation there are about 10 cribs broadcast all over Steelport.

Question (from Victor): Aback we get Professor Genki's Manapult car can we booty the cannon off the car?

Answer: No.

Saints Row the Third is out November 15.

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