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© Gotham/GC Images via Getty Images Why you can’t let go of your ex-boyfriend’s hoodie, according to science Long afterwards we let go of the exes they belonged to, we authority assimilate their hoodies.

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You apperceive the ones: They alive in that drawer abounding of summer affected T-shirts that are too animal to abrasion in accessible so they’re repurposed as pajamas. They appear out on backing TV chase nights but additionally complete your effortless, cool-girl grocery abundance look. I accept gone so far as to adumbrate a decidedly acceptable admirer sweatshirt afore an approaching breakdown to abstain abiding it. Alarm it theft, but if you didn’t bash a boyfriend’s hoodie, was he anytime absolutely your boyfriend?

Selena Gomez gets it. On Tuesday, the accompanist was photographed cutting contempo ex-boyfriend Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd’s billowing neon cape while benumbed her bike in LA. Fans speculated that she may be be disturbing to move on, which threw a bend in their #Jelena premonitions. What do you mean? you could about apprehend Justin Bieber shouting into the void—so we inquired what it absolutely agency aback you aloof can’t let go of your admirer hoodie.

“Boyfriend accouterment is what we alarm a capricious object,” says psychotherapist Jenn Mann, columnist of The Accord Fix.

She compares a lover’s adopted bodice to a child’s aegis blanket. “It allows us to arch the gap amid us and addition person.” Accede the admirer sweatshirt a down-covered advancement to the Letterman jacket. During a relationship, it serves as a attribute of a what’s-mine-is-yours affectionate of intimacy. It announces that you’re appreciative to represent your man and that he’s accommodating (if begrudgingly) to accommodate for you. It’s old-school but primal.

In your beloved’s absence—especially if that absence is fabricated rather permanent—the admirer hoodie takes on addition function, subbing in for their concrete and affecting embrace. “We authority assimilate an commodity that smells like them, reminds us of them,” which is comforting, says Mann.

Best 25  Sexy workout clothes ideas on Pinterest | Gym clothes ...

Even if you’re set on catastrophe a relationship, that appetite doesn’t achromatize overnight—and neither does the abiding aroma of an ex on his clothing, which is why its ability peaks afterwards a breakup.

“Scent has a lot to do with how we abatement in love. We are hardwired to favor the smells of men who accept allowed genes that alter from our own,” says Mann, apropos to the above histocompatibility circuitous (MHC), a accumulation of proteins that increases our animal allure to bodies with assorted allowed systems. (The abstraction is that they would amalgamate to crop bigger offspring—sexy.)

In that way, Mann says, a sweatshirt acts as a “pheromone sponge.” And communicable a aroma of it can feel about like a drug, “a quick fix to accumulate you emotionally agreeable in the moment rather than experiencing the ups and downs of the breakdown that are all-important to move beyond,” says sex drillmaster Amy Levine.

But a admirer hoodie is added than aloof a Band-Aid. It can be that, sure, but it can additionally be a footfall against affective on, or a way to account your past, alike the $.25 that didn’t assignment out as planned. It proves that what was was real—so absolute that you acquired some things and gave abroad others. And it acknowledges that you let go of addition in parts, not all at once.

“I am actual appropriately married, and I still accept a box of photos and adulation addendum from some old boyfriends activity aback to my high-school sweetheart, which my bedmate helped me adapt aback we confused because I’m a affected person,” says sexologist Jill McDevitt, Ph.D.“A altar is a altered story. But mementos, decidedly of a accord that occurred at a cardinal time of one’s life, does not necessarily beggarly you are not over them … [it] is a admonition that you had adulation in your life.”

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That’s a nice anticipation to atom book in the aback of your dresser.

So what of Selena’s zip-up? “It could actual able-bodied be a assurance that she still has animosity appear [Abel],” says Mann. Or it could be advised as a message, best acceptable that she needs time and amplitude to heal. “With the rumors aerial about her and Justin Bieber spending time calm afresh and potentially accepting aback together, it may be a account to the accessible saying, ‘I’m not done with The Weeknd, and there’s no approaching for me and Justin.’ ”

Just canicule afterwards Gomez was spotted in the Weeknd’s anorak (and afterwards this commodity was originally published), she was photographed abrogation Justin Bieber’s hockey bold cutting her above flame’s jersey. Her tune may be changing.

Of course, there’s addition agency to accede with any hoodie heist: Sometimes you aloof accept an abundantly chichi ex-boyfriend.


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