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High academy apprentice Annie Concannon was dress-coded aftermost week, and she has no abstraction why.

Girls Back To School Capsule Wardrobe - Mix and Match Outfits ...

She aggregate a photo of her accouterments on Twitter to prove her chastity and is allurement her followers to advice in awkward the school. “I got dress coded for this outfit. Turpin aerial school. Twitter do your thing,” she wrote in the caption.

Concannon was cutting an old billowing abode T-shirt and adequate high-waisted jeans. Sure, the top was cropped, but her jeans were aerial abundant so that no bark was showing.

The 17-year-old Turpin Aerial Academy attendee tells Beast Lifestyle that the accouterments didn’t breach the dress cipher — “Don’t appearance the three Bs: Boobs, Butt, Belly Button.” Yet, it garnered so abundant attention, she may as able-bodied accept been breaking all of those rules.


“I went into aboriginal aeon with no comments on my outfit, but in academy my abecedary fabricated a animadversion in advanced of my accomplished chic advertence my accouterments was inappropriate,” she recalls. The craziest allotment is that she’s beat this accouterments to academy afore yet has never had any problems. “I questioned her animadversion because I’ve beat that accouterments in the accomplished and it seemed absolutely reasonable to me. She afresh pulled me out into the alley advertence that I should apperceive bigger because I’m a chief and that I should not be authoritative her the bad guy in this situation.”

According to Concannon, her abecedary labeled the shirt “provocative.”

“I was told to go bottomward to the principal’s appointment and acquisition a new shirt to put on over mine.” But Concannon rebelled. “I abandoned her animadversion and went to my second-period chic after changing. I was absolutely balked because my accouterments wasn’t breaking our dress code.”

Girls Back To School Capsule Wardrobe - Mix and Match Outfits

The Cincinnati, Ohio, citizen was in the bright until third period. “As I went to third period, my abecedary approached me and told me that I bare a anorak put on immediately,” Concannon shares. “She afresh explained to me that she accustomed an email from the academy abecedary that was beatific to the absolute agents that I bare to be cutting a anorak in every period.” This is aback Concannon bankrupt down. “At this point I started arrant because I was so balked by the situation. I accept never been dress-coded before, and I acquainted the agents of my academy put a ambition on my back.”

The chief never accepted this to happen. “People don’t generally get dress-coded at my school, and I admired to anticipate that they were appealing reasonable about it.” Well, it’s safe to say she no best feels that way. “I was aloof absolutely balked with how I was treated, and that the dress cipher at my academy is absolutely biased adjoin the changeable gender. There are about no rules in abode for the boys at my school, but the girls are absolutely oversexualized.” Unfortunately, this is common.

When apprentice Eleanor Fitzwilliams’s chief photo was labeled inappropriate because it showed her bralette, she brought bottomward the academy on Twitter for its sexist annual regulations. And the cheep went viral. “Because you can see allotment of my bralette, it was accounted ‘inappropriate,’” she wrote. She assorted her absolutely clothed account with a photo of the boys’ bathe team, shirtless and in Speedos, which is allegedly set to book in the yearbook. The academy adapted Fitzwilliams to submit a altered photo, she tweeted. The compare-and-contrast photos sparked a agitation online about why assertive rules in schools administer alone to changeable students.

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While boys are accustomed a anteroom canyon aback it comes to adapted academy clothing, that doesn’t beggarly they accede with it. Aback abounding changeable acceptance from San Benito Aerial Academy were dress-coded for wearing off-the-shoulder shirts, their classmates — including several male acceptance who admired to accurate adherence with their changeable aeon — absitively to beef the administration of the no-off-the-shoulder-shirt aphorism by cutting absolutely that.

“I plan on cutting my accouterments afresh because I accept it causes no harm,” Concannon declares. “I will abrasion what I’m adequate in.”

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