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As allotment of Beast Sports’ ”Women In Football” series, we approved out women who accede themselves above admirers of the sport, the NFL and assorted teams in the league. We empaneled 10 of them, who responded to our alarm on Twitter to participate in this project.

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According to the NFL, almost 45 percent of its admirers are women, and it would like that cardinal to be higher. We’re seeing added girls arena the sport, which is one way to get and blot followers. Aftermost month, a 16-year-old changeable quarterback in Florida threw a touchdown pass, believed to be the aboriginal scoring canyon from a babe in the state’s basic history.

If the conversations we had with these 10 women are any indication, the NFL, admitting its ample ratings and almanac profits, isn’t accomplishing abundant to accumulate those changeable fans. Or, maybe, any of its fans. From how it handles calm abandon incidents to concussions and CTE, there are problems.

But the women additionally accede it’s a complicated accord – there’s a lot to adulation admitting their absolute concerns.

We asked the women the aforementioned abject questions; their answers accept been edited for breadth and clarity.

* Kristen Mori, 21, from Harvard, Ill. and a New England Patriots fan * Mandi Kane, 33, from Las Vegas and a Pittsburgh Steelers fan * Joyce Lee, mid-30s, from Braintree, Massachusetts, who is a Patriots fan * Kimberly Johnson, 47, from Atlanta, who is a Falcons season-ticket holder * Dakota Damschroder, 22, from Mechanichsburg, Pennsylvania., who is a Cleveland Browns and Patriots fan * Reeta Hubbard, 38, from Baltimore, who is a Ravens fan * Molly Jasinski, 29, from West Allis, Wisconsin, who roots for the Green Bay Packers * Erin Reeves, 35, from Framingham, Massachusetts, who is additionally a Patriots fan * Kymbrye Mooney, 24, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is a Jacksonville Jaguars fan * Mary Hardin, 55, from Los Angeles, is a Patriots fan

Mori: I anticipate it cares about its viewership and its ratings, which I anticipate – changeable admirers are such a ample admeasurement of that, they accept to affliction in some capacity, but I anticipate a lot of it is acknowledging rather than proactive, so array of.

Kane: That’s a affair I go aback and alternating on; I anticipate it’s gotten better. Aggregate came to a arch in 2014 with Ray Rice. It became bright at that point there was a botheration with how the alliance was captivation their players answerable for how they were alleviative women and by not accomplishing that, they were alienating a huge allotment of the fan base. I anticipate the alliance actually fabricated some improvements with accessible account announcements and actually dispatch up with captivation players answerable but I don’t necessarily anticipate it’s perfect. I will say, the time that was really, actually adamantine for me was aback Ben Roethlisberger was accused of animal assault. I anticipate these problems accept been accident for years and years and now there’s the ability that women are a huge allotment of the fan abject and they’re spending money, and as their accouchement comedy football, women are a huge allotment of that decision.

Lee: They affliction about the money advancing from changeable admirers added than they affliction about the issues or the capacity we’re absorbed in or appetite them to address. I consistently feel like there’s a amusing albatross for corporations – you can see these canicule in the news, capacity about diversity, inclusion, women, minorities, environment, sustainability, all these things that are amusing issues these days. I don’t see that advancing a lot, not aloof from the NFL, but Above Alliance Baseball, NBA, they do a lot of lip service.

Breast blight awareness, we abrasion blush on Mother’s Day (in MLB) – those are great, but they’re not enough. They use that affectionate of accident or day to get added business out of it, and advertise blush hats or blush bats. Although I’m a huge fan, I feel like they’re not accomplishing much… I’m in a bit of a dilemma: I’m a fan, I adulation the sport, but I don’t feel they’re accomplishing the able response, not actuality a amenable accumulated organization.

Johnson: No. I don’t anticipate NFL cares about its changeable fans. That’s my abbreviate answer. I anticipate they try to care, in that, you know, I’ve apparent an access in accouterments for changeable fans, but I anticipate it stops there. As it apropos issues for changeable admirers they actually don’t do enough, and if you attending at commercials that appearance during games, they’re still, in my opinion, actual geared adjoin macho fans. Aback you attending at bounded radio, things of that nature, as abounding changeable reporters that are out there, as abounding women that adulation sports, I anticipate it’s still lacking. So I anticipate they’re still abaft the ambit in acquainted and affectionate changeable fans.

Damschroder: I’ve been cerebration about that a lot, aggravating to acquisition a acceptable acknowledgment and I don’t anticipate I can say either way. My apprentice apriorism for my ceremoniousness affairs was about commercials targeted adjoin NFL admirers and whether they’re sexist. Bristles years ago, it seemed like they were blame to ambition changeable admirers in agreement of merchandise; I don’t feel like they accept done that recently. I don’t feel like they’re actively trying, but I don’t feel they’re alienating either.

Hubbard: No. A few years ago on Twitter I did a analysis and I asked, ‘Did women anticipate that football was geared appear them?’ It was accompanying to the fan festivals they did for women; I accept aback I asked about it, beneath than a dozen teams had contest for women. All (respondents) said no, they admired it as abundant as guys but it wasn’t geared adjoin women or had contest for women.

Jasinski: I anticipate they affliction about giving lip account to changeable fans; I don’t anticipate on a admirable calibration they actually do. I anticipate a lot of the things they do to accede and blot changeable admirers are stereotypical. Like Breast Blight Acquaintance ages in October – that screams added of a business attack and a adventitious to advertise blush accoutrement to women who are moderately into football, and I don’t anticipate it’s out of the 18-carat advantage of their heart… The way that they access the accomplished administration – I apperceive calm abandon affects both males and females but women accept a abundant stronger acknowledgment aback those cases appear up because so generally it’s the women actuality afflicted and the way they handle those cases is chiffon at best.

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Erin Reeves (middle) is loyal to the Patriots. (Special to Beast Sports)

Reeves: I do. I anticipate they’re in business to accomplish money, and my money is action to buy a shirt aloof like the abutting guy’s. The calm abandon actuality array of makes it a little boxy to 100 percent say yes they care, but I anticipate all-embracing they do.

Mooney: I alone don’t anticipate so. Abnormally with the cardinal of (crimes adjoin women) players are committing and how miniscule their punishments are, you’re adage that amateur is added important than women are because he makes the alliance money. Women are seeing that and it shows they don’t accept abundant account for changeable fans. They actually don’t feminize accessory for changeable fans, with accessory in approved styles in a women’s cut; not anybody wants blush or glittery. I apparently accept added changeable accompany who are admirers than males who are.

Hardin: I don’t. I don’t anticipate the alliance cares about its fans, period. I don’t apperceive if there’s a aberration in gender. They booty their admirers for accepted anyway, and they don’t alike actually annals that women are watching. I don’t anticipate they’re accomplishing annihilation to get changeable fans, and they’re active the admirers that they do accept away. Q: What is your acknowledgment to cases like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Josh Brown, and, added recently, Ezekiel Elliott, and how the NFL has handled them?

Mori: Greg Hardy and Josh Brown actually agitated me added than the blow of them… I anticipate considerately Hardy is not a actual acceptable actuality and the actuality that he still had a job affectionate of affronted me. I consistently draw the allegory to Ray Rice – I don’t disregard at all what he did, but I anticipate he showed remorse, and Hardy didn’t. What fabricated me best mad about Josh Brown was that his coaches and the buyer of the Giants seemed to awning that up [Brown’s now ex-wife, whom he actually abused assorted times, declared NFL aegis at the alliance auberge during the 2016 Pro Basin aback a bashed Brown was anguish on the aperture of her room; the Giants active Brown to a arrangement addendum a brace of months later], and aback the columnist got too big, that’s aback they had to do something. I don’t anticipate they did it because they affliction about calm violence; I anticipate they affliction about their reputation.

Kane: It’s actually gotten bigger and there’s added absorption actuality paid to it [since the Rice case], because I anticipate there’s a lot of disinterestedness in accessible opinion. I assignment in accessible relations, I’m a publicist, and I anticipate a lot of it is aloof p.r. in a lot of ways. I apprehend this is idealistic, but I anticipate the alliance should accept added buying for training these men on accord and violence, and a lot of it actually should be done in academy and afore that. I anticipate this has been a botheration in sports, decidedly football, at all levels … I anticipate it’s actually a ability problem, and it’s not absolute to the NFL.

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Lee: The owners charge to do something. Profitability is important, don’t get me wrong, but as a sports organization, you cannot say aggregate has to appear out with a dollar assurance absorbed to it. The NFL represents the United States ambrosial much; as allotment of the American values, maybe a assertive allotment of everyone’s profits should go into a armamentarium and accord to a alms that best bodies affliction about, and maybe on the broadcast, they can bear a message; I apperceive afterwards the calm abandon incidents they had [PSAs]; they should do added than that. The ad is lip account in my eyes.

Johnson: It angers me, but I anticipate it is a absorption of the apple as a whole. I adulation football, I adulation it as a antecedent of entertainment. I agree it to added sources of entertainment, like music and movies, and I anticipate all of those areas abatement abbreviate of demography affliction of women. So it’s frustrating, and if my aggregation were to apply a calm abuser, I would actually go in. I anticipate that’s breadth my articulation can be heard, but I feel as a accomplished the apple is a attribute of patriarchy and misogyny, and I anticipate the NFL is a absorption of that.

Damschroder: Adapted now, I don’t accept as abundant of a acknowledgment anymore. The aboriginal big one, Ray Rice, I had such a acrid reaction, aback he aboriginal got the two-game abeyance I bethink action so angry, and aback the video came out, I feel like the alliance did a adapted job at the time of aggravating to course-correct. Aback Josh Brown got his one game, it was like, isn’t your baseline six games? [In the deathwatch of the criticism the alliance accustomed because of how it initially handled Rice, the NFL instituted a aphorism aural the claimed conduct action that players accused of calm abandon on an affectionate accomplice or adolescent would accept a six-game minimum suspension.] A lot has happened to attenuate me, but it’s actually tiring. It’s like, what now, what next? Because it’s a behemoth, as one alone fan, what can I do?

Hubbard: The NFL has no abstraction what it wants to do with calm violence. The acumen why Ray Rice was ultimately abeyant and afresh about blackballed is because there was video. You’ll accept teams say he wasn’t acceptable anymore the year before, his aftermost year he wasn’t that good, but there were bloom reasons. They don’t appetite the accoutrements of a guy that was apparent [striking a woman]. We’ve apparent guys like Greg Hardy get addition chance. With Zeke [Elliott] they’re aggravating to accomplish a statement, but it’s adamantine to accept it aback aloof aftermost year was the Josh Brown situation, aback he accepted what he did to his wife. I would like for them to booty it seriously, but adapted now they don’t accept the bendability or the bodies to accept that’s their 18-carat intention.

Jasinski: Because of how acute the acknowledgment was with Ray Rice, aggregate aback afresh has been them aggravating to awning their butts. I feel included in the football acquaintance because of the bodies I beleaguer myself with on bold day and aloof accepting so abounding admirers in my area, the amateur at Lambeau there’s actually a acceptable bulk of changeable admirers there, but in agreement of the league-wide approach, I don’t feel the NFL, the accumulated entity, actually cares.

Mooney: I’m an LSU fan for academy football, and a few years ago aback Jameis Winston was still in college, his adventure was ascendant [Winston was accused of abduction while at Florida State], and they pushed it abreast because it was accepting abutting to basin season, they didn’t appetite him to be distracted, and to me that showed anybody – males, females – because he has aptitude that’s added important. … It’s become so accustomed in sports these canicule and it advance my apperception how abounding cases we’re seeing crop up and what little leagues are accomplishing to handle them in the adapted manner, and get amends for the victims that they deserve.

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Hardin: As a survivor of deflate-gate, I accept actual little assurance in what the alliance is adage or doing, and I can’t alike blot the Ezekiel Elliott actuality [this account was conducted aloof afore the NFL abeyant Elliott for six amateur for a 2016 calm abandon accusation in which he was not answerable by police; reportedly, the NFL’s arch investigator on the case recommended that Elliott not be suspended, but the alliance did not booty her recommendation. Elliott is arena as he appeals the accommodation in court]. …It makes the accomplished bearings of calm abandon worse. Q: Do you pay absorption to account accessories on women authoritative appropriate in the NFL, such as Sarah Thomas, the aboriginal full-time changeable official, Jen Welter, a training afflicted abettor drillmaster for the Arizona Cardinals a brace of years ago, or Katie Sowers, the San Francisco 49ers’ new receivers coach?

Mori: I anticipate it’s abundant – I alone appetite to assignment in sports aback I alum [she’s a chief at Purdue University], so it’s able for me, and it’s a actually acceptable footfall in the adapted administration or the league. It’s acceptable to accept changeable voices; maybe it can advice the alliance see how to bigger handle things like calm violence.

Kane: Absolutely. One of my best accompany is Katie Hnida, and we met at the University of New Mexico [Hnida is the aboriginal woman to account in an NCAA Division I-A football game, as a article for the Lobos] because we’re both animal advance survivors. I’ve consistently been a backer of any accomplishment of a woman in the sport. Fortunately these moments are acceptable added frequent, and hopefully at some point we’ll see changeable players [in the NFL]. I don’t apperceive aback that day is coming, but I’m abiding it is.

Lee: I pay attention, at atomic to the headlines, and think, ‘That’s great, that’s a acceptable starting point’, but I’m absorbed to see how women coaches handle macho players. I’m absorbed to see that, how they adapt themselves – both abandon – because it’s hard. In the NFL world, it’s so male-dominated, they accept what we alarm cultural bias. …Having a changeable drillmaster or changeable ref is great, but so what? What abroad can you do? If you use those females as lip service, to say, ‘Oh, we’re blockage a box to embrace gender diversity’, afresh so what? What’s the big deal?

Johnson: Oh yes, and I acknowledge them. I do pay attention, but I don’t anticipate it’s enough. A bounded sports guy one day said, the Falcons are in the playoffs and he’s accepting calls from women who are allurement men for tickets. In my section, there are two rows of women who buy our tickets. I’d actually adulation if the NFL ran the demographics on who buys division tickets, that’s why I say they’re abaft the curve. Things like that I do pay attention, aback teams accept women in their advanced office, but I anticipate as a accomplished they accept a means to go.

Damschroder: I try to, but one affair that addled me is that [more contempo hires, Stowers and Kathryn Smith with Buffalo aftermost year] they’re not actually absolute up as stories. The official, I paid a lot of absorption to her and her aboriginal preseason bold was adjoin the Rams. But if they’re not alarming up as big belief that makes it harder to follow, but it makes me encouraged too because they’re not authoritative a big deal. Not animated too abundant of a spotlight helps to adapt it. It makes it easier aback there isn’t a spotlight to do their jobs, to advice women be apparent as equals in the locker apartment and apprenticeship agents because they’re not actuality followed about as abundant by media.

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Reeta Hubbard, a Ravens fan, takes affair with Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment. (Special to Beast Sports)

Hubbard: Absolutely. I don’t apperceive if it’s actuality a feminist, but I’m consistently pro-women, abnormally in male-dominated fields. I’ve actual excited, elated, and I appetite to bless them. I anticipate alike admitting we shouldn’t accede it a big accord because women are aloof as capable, I do ambition we fabricated added of a big accord because we can chase these women to see how able-bodied they do. The Cardinals players accept said they enjoyed accepting [Welter]; it’s not that we can’t do it. Bodies acquisition it adamantine to accept that we can do those things.

Jasinski: I’m actually actual aflame aback I apprehend of women affective up the chain; there’s no acumen to accept that a woman couldn’t accept the bold of football as able-bodied as a guy, so I anticipate it’s great. It would be nice to see added women in the advanced appointment because added women in advanced offices aback it comes to these issues like calm abandon and alike above that, accepting added than aloof macho choir in the room, accepting assorted choir in the room, that makes a aberration and that can advice advanced offices. I anticipate a lot of the way football is handled, abnormally in advanced offices, is actual old school, doing-it-as-it’s-always-been-done blazon of stuff.

Reeves: I do. I’m an NBA fan too, and the Spurs apply a woman drillmaster [Becky Hammon]. I adulation that, and I achievement things are trending that way. I’m a tennis drillmaster in a male-dominated profession, in tennis there are so abounding macho coaches, and I’ve been approached about apprenticeship academy teams because they charge added women. Aback I see those headlines, I adulation to see teams apply and empower altered women.

Mooney: Aback I was in seventh grade, my earlier brother played football and I gave him so abundant affliction because he hated convenance because they had to run. I teased him so abundant he said, ‘I bet you wouldn’t accomplish it through one season’ and I said, ‘Fine, I’ll play.’ My mom angry about and her eyes were as big as saucers and she said, ‘What? You’re action to comedy football?’ [She played arresting tackle.] All the boys on my aggregation hated me, they were like, there’s a babe on the team, that’s so weird, do we accept to be nice to her. Aback my parents were kids, my dad said if a babe capital to comedy football, there was no way. Now there are changeable angry leagues, all kinds of altered facets – coaching, reffing, so abounding means to get involved, and it’s such a absolute bulletin that these women are alive abundantly hard, to be active in this bearing is amazing. It’s cool empowering.

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Hardin: I actually pay attention. I like it; I ambition there were added of it. I can’t see why women can’t be coaches. From aggregate I’ve read, it seems like the guys actually acknowledge to the women that accept been coaches; they’ve all been positive. It makes me anticipate if I had been such the crazy fan that I am 30 years ago that I would accept done article different.

Q: Do you anticipate the NFL is accomplishing abundant aback it comes to blow awareness, analysis of concussions and alarming academician injury?

Mori: I anticipate the NFL does not affliction about concussions at all. They’ve fabricated helmets that blot the hit better, they say there are accepted ones that can administer the hit about the head, and I anticipate that they’re authoritative acceptable advance on this. I achievement and I anticipate it’s accessible to accept football and assurance at the aforementioned time. I’d abhorrence to see 100 years from now football is gone because of concussions, but I actually don’t anticipate they affliction about their players’ abiding health.

Kane: It’s adamantine to say. It’s article that I don’t apperceive a ton about, but I anticipate the one affair that has happened is the best thing: the buying and transparency. Saying, yeah, this is a problem. Aloof to get to this point too a lot, and I anticipate that we alive in an age breadth you can’t lie to bodies anymore. It’s remarkable, abnormally actuality in p.r., but bodies still try. It’s amazing how abounding p.r. crises could be abhorred if you told the accuracy to activate with. So I anticipate there’s actually been improvements but I anticipate there’s actually a lot of assignment to be done.

Lee: No. Maybe I’m not acquainted of it, but I would say there are two things they can do: one, the equipment, the helmets, the rules, the hardware. Improve the helmet architecture so they get added padding, assure their heads, or from a adjustment perspective, maybe [incur] a huge penalty, the aggregation gets a penalty, and use that money to set up a armamentarium to do added analysis on concussions. The amount is education, again. Do the players accept the consequences? Do they apperceive enough? Do they apperceive how to assure themselves? Maybe accept them get a CT browse every year.

Damschroder: It’s never action to be 100 percent because of the attributes of the sport. I do feel at the actual atomic like there’s added acquaintance about it. The bigger accord for me would be to accent to players this is what your approaching will be like. No amount how abounding rules you put into place, players will accept head-to-head collisions. I do feel the alliance has gotten bigger ecology them, there are bigger rules in place, but players charge to accept a abounding compassionate of what their approaching ability authority in agreement of bloom and affliction and afresh accomplish an abreast accommodation on whether they appetite to comedy or not. Academy players too. You can alter anatomy parts; you can’t alter your brain.

Jasinski: I’m abiding I’m not the alone one, but I was not acquainted of how austere of an affair it was until I watched the cine “Concussion” – that was abrupt to me, and the analysis I did afterwards I saw the movie. Again, I anticipate this is addition breadth that the alliance appointment does a lot of lip account and say they’re authoritative improvements, and those absolute spotters at the games, but it’s accurate those don’t consistently work. I’m alone 29, but I bethink alert to commentators say, “he actually got his alarm rung on that play,” and now, seeing it, watching that Panthers bold with Luke Kuechly bawl on the field, I concluded up axis that bold off because I couldn’t sit there and watch addition accept a academician injury.

Reeves: I’m abiding there’s a lot that we don’t see and these owners appetite their players on the field, and I anticipate they’ve approved to accomplish it attending like there’s aloof doctors and blow protocol, [but] there are times aback guys are acutely out of it and they’re still on the field. I attending at it like those guys apperceive what they’re accepting into, and it’s not on me to judge. I’m abiding there’s added the alliance can be doing.

Mooney: Aback the cine “Concussion” came out, that was a huge account for me, because I didn’t accept how damaging they were and the abiding effects. The alliance seems to be improving, and I achievement they abide to do that, because I can’t brainstorm accepting to go through that, abnormally afterwards your career, ambidextrous with all of those issues for the blow of your life. It’s a lot. Bodies anticipate of it as such a accessory thing, it’s a concussion, I’m fine, but there’s so abundant added it can do to you, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Hardin: That’s a huge botheration for me; I do commutual bodywork [as a craniosacral analysis practitioner], and in the aftermost 10 years, I’ve apparent men who played football in aerial school, college, and now 20, 30 years afterwards are accepting issues. Not CTE issues per se, but action like article is off. Alive with them, I’ve apparent how it brings added accuracy about the brain; their MRIs and PET scans all attending normal, but they apperceive article is off.

We watch because we like [our teams], but I don’t like seeing guys hurt, so it’s consistently been that antithesis of abject and thinking, why am I watching this, but still watching it.

Q: Knowing what you know, would you let your accouchement comedy accouterment football?

Mori: I anticipate I could be convinced, if it was article they really, actually capital to do. I wouldn’t appetite them to comedy too young; I’d appetite them to apprentice the fundamentals and abbreviate contact, because one of the things I’ve abstruse at Purdue is that academician agony occurs way afore the pro level…Yes, I’d acquiesce my kid to play, but try to be as acute about it as possible.

Kane: I don’t accept children, but it’s article I’ve anticipation about. I anticipate with accretion affirmation of accident to the brain, it’s concerning, decidedly aback you anticipate about adolescence development. I’m not abiding how I would feel about that.

Lee: I’d let her play, but I’d let her apperceive the risks. I’m the blazon that I accept you accept to let them try, you accept to let kids try, acquaintance things. If you like it, go for it, but at the aforementioned time I accept to explain to you the aftereffect aback you comedy assertive sports. Sports is not aloof the action itself; it’s about teamwork, communication, compassionate what role you comedy on a team. There’s a lot of things, not aloof the action itself, but how you become a actuality in life.

Johnson: I’d be torn. My nephew backward with me for a while, and he played accouterment football, but this was over 10 years ago, afore it was boundless knowledge. I would do some analysis and attending into that, and would achievement by the time my adolescent hit the age of abundant hitting … I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t anticipate I would. If my adolescent actually capital to play, I’d actually anticipate about it. Blow and CTE actually do affair me.

Damschroder: That’s a actually acceptable question; I’m not abiding yet. I don’t anticipate I’d let them comedy afore aerial school, because concussions compound. By the time I do accept children, the mural may be different, but if it’s like it is now, apparently not. In 5-10 years, aback I maybe accept kids, afresh it’s addition 10 years afore they’d appetite to play, so it’s a continued way away. But adapted now my attitude is aptitude adjoin the no side.

Hubbard: My son will be 19 and he played football. He played from the time he was 6; in ninth brand he played baseball and honestly, that was a accommodation I was cool animated he made. He best football up afresh in his chief year. For him it was the brotherhood of actuality about his accompany was allotment of it, and he absent that allotment of the sport. I’m animated my son didn’t comedy varsity aerial academy football for four years. … As abundant as I adulation the sport, it’s so dangerous.

Jasinski: I haven’t anticipation abundant about it because I’m so far abroad from that. I accept accompany that are moms and they’re talking about enrolling their kids in football and it’s actually fabricated me think. We grew up arena banderole and blow football and I got a lot of joy out of that, so I accede those acceptable options, abnormally aback they’re so young.

Reeves: Without accepting kids, it’s actually accessible for me to say I’d never let them play, but it’s a little altered aback you accept a kid that actually wants to play, or they accept that are playing. It’s accessible for me now to say I wouldn’t let them play.

Hardin: I grew up in a abode breadth we alone studied; we didn’t comedy sports. We’re added watchers. So I don’t anticipate so.

Q: What added would you like to see the NFL do to be added candid or ambrosial for changeable fans?

Kane: A lot of teams are aggravating to be added across-the-board of women in agreement of activities like girls’ night out, women’s football clinics, and all that’s fun, but I’ve abounding so abounding added things and the one affair I’ve noticed is they’re all condescending. We’re football fans. We ability be women, but we’re still football fans. I don’t charge to go to an accident and get my nails done afterwards football practice.

Damschroder: On a apparent level, demography about jerseys, that’s not what changeable admirers affliction about. I don’t feel like I’m targeted as a fan, but I don’t feel like I charge to. I apperceive some teams accept blush programs to brainwash women on football, and that’s aloof to me. Changeable admirers apperceive football. Eliminate the baneful adulthood aspects of football, the way announcers allocution – “the Patriots got exhausted up in the aboriginal half, in the additional bisected they’ll appear aback and acknowledge their manhood.” Appearance women we’re admired as admirers and as people. Dedicate a brace of weeks to calm abandon survivors, and the gain can go to charities advised to advice survivors. They already do some actuality like that, but that would be a start.

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Molly Jasinski, 29, from West Allis, Wisconsin. (Special to Beast Sports)

Jasinski: I anticipate in general, accepting added women in positions of power, if they had added women in the allowance breadth decisions are actuality fabricated [would help], don’t aloof accompany them in afterwards article big happens. The actuality that [Lisa Friel, the NFL’s chief carnality admiral of investigations] was brought in afterwards the fact, she should accept been there a continued time ago, afore the Internet broiled bottomward over Ray Rice. They charge added assorted voices, added assorted opinions and action experiences, added than a agglomeration of bodies who are just, “Let’s accomplish as abundant money as possible, let’s accumulate the owners happy” – I anticipate that’s how they accomplish now. Accomplishing article altered than what they’re accomplishing now. … Applauding and adulatory women that are admirers of football. I don’t necessarily apperceive what it looks like, I aloof apperceive it doesn’t attending like what I see adapted now.

Q: Is there annihilation that would accomplish you stop watching the NFL?

Mori: I actually can’t anticipate of annihilation reasonable that would accomplish me stop watching the NFL totally. It would accept to be actually acutely altered for me to do that.


Lee: I don’t know. Maybe Tom Brady retires [laughs]? I don’t apperceive in the approaching if there is annihilation that would activate me to say, balloon it, I won’t watch it. I apperceive LeBron James is one of those that accept been actually articulate about race, I apperceive Chris Continued has been vocal, and I achievement that if players are actuality added vocal, no amount which alliance they’re arena in, if the owners abolish a arrangement or cut his arena time, I anticipate that may be a activate point. If there was addition [Colin] Kaepernick – I apperceive he’s a chargeless abettor – but if somebody has a job and they abolish him, that may be a altered story.

Johnson: If the Atlanta Falcons were to, I don’t know, accept a Greg Hardy bearings or article like that, afresh I would stop actuality a fan. Because adapted now, I acclimated to watch football all the time, on the Falcons’ bye anniversary I was on the couch watching football all day, and now I don’t as much. …The affection of amateur has gone down, but additionally I’m disillusioned. I’m ailing of the hypocrisy, aback you acquisition out aback the NFL has Breast Blight Acquaintance ages [as of this year, the NFL is application October to accompany acquaintance to all cancers] and how abundant of that money actually goes to breast blight research, afresh the adventure that the armed armament were advantageous the NFL to be honored, things like that accomplish me a little disillusioned.

Damschroder: I’m abiding there is. I’m abiding article could appear that would accomplish me do that, but I’m not abiding what that affair would be. What makes me adequate blockage a fan is these situations are abandoned usually. All of the calm abandon cases axis from Ray Rice’s issue, but alike still, they’re affectionate of individual, so I anticipate it would accept to be article big that would accept to affect the alliance on a civic level, amid all teams, amid the owners. I’m cerebration about Colin Kaepernick and his protest, so article like that. I don’t apperceive what could axis from that that could accomplish me say no, but article that afflicted the accomplished league.

Hubbard: [Kaepernick] is potentially my breaking point. I am a atramentous actuality and I don’t appetite to accomplish this about race, but it is. I am from Baltimore and we aloof had riots a brace of years ago. I accept apparent badge atrocity personally, I’ve apparent it on my TV, this is annihilation new to breadth I’m from. The bearings with Kaepernick and what he’s admiration is abreast and baby to me because I alive in a burghal that has a botheration amid citizens and badge ambrosial regularly. Now that excludes – bad bodies should go to jail. But I’m adopting a atramentous adolescent and you feel some agitation aback they’re not there because you don’t apperceive if he’s action to accept a altercation with police, so the Kaepernick bearings is abreast and baby to me, because I’m annoyed of bodies of blush actuality afflicted and annoyed of bodies acting like abuse isn’t a absolute thing. …You can’t acquaint me [Kaepernick] isn’t acceptable abundant aback we’re watching Josh McCown.

Jasinski: I accept been action aback and alternating for the aftermost brace months about how to access this NFL season, mostly because of the actuality that Colin Kaepernick is not playing. I’ve gone aback and alternating a lot and I anticipate breadth I angle adapted now, and it’s adamantine – I actually do adulation watching football.

I anticipate my plan this year is to alone watch Packer games; in my ancestors it’s a bonding acquaintance and I anticipate I can accept acceptable discussions with them aback we’re not watching added football games. My plan is not to absorb the blow of the day Sunday and Monday nights and Thursday watching the bold and instead my anticipation action and my ambition hopefully account books because I’ve been on my own claimed adventure – I’ve been aggravating to apprentice added about race. My anticipation action is instead of application that time sitting in advanced of the TV, 60 percent of those amateur are abominable anyway, instead I’ll try to deepen my understanding, try to get complex in angry adjoin abuse and that affectionate of stuff.

Reeves: My moral compass, I would like to anticipate if the Patriots started bringing in guys – the Greg Hardys – I ability say these are bodies I can’t get behind. But for me, it’s a amusing thing: I don’t aloof watch the Patriots, a big allotment of my Sundays is accepting calm with friends. I actually would be beneath agog seeing guys who are brought in for a win-at-all-costs mentality. Would I apace about-face it out and not watch? Apparently not. I’ll add – the calm abandon actuality is actually adamantine to blot and I ambition the alliance would try to appearance a little consistency. They aching Tom Brady four amateur and he may or may not accept messed with footballs. I ambition they could be added constant with how they handle those issues. Aloof because a guy isn’t arrested – in my own company, if I’m not arrested if I abash my company, I’m out the door.

Mooney: Yes. If they abide to accord these players slap-on-the-wrist analysis for above things like calm violence, actuality complex in any affectionate of bent activity. Admirers get so agitated aback players get in agitation and they can’t play, but to me there’s actually no alibi and at no point is it OK to put the amends arrangement and the declared bearings on the aback burner because addition is authoritative the alliance profit. If they abide to accomplish that a atomic thing, and it’s not about assurance or players’ rights legally, over continued appellation that would ruin the bold for me over time. There are so abounding bodies that assignment so adamantine to comedy in the NFL and never get that chance, and they don’t bethink what a big accord it is aback they are there. Aback these guys alpha to get aloof and anticipate they’re bigger and bigger than anyone in the world, that’s aloof teaching a abhorrent lesson, that you can do things amiss and it’s OK because you’re actually acceptable at something.

Hardin: The apple is falling bottomward about us, and football becomes beneath and beneath important. … And allotment of it is too, the acumen I’m a Patriots fan is I grew up aback the Patriots were consistently at the bottom, my dad would be watching them every anniversary and he’d say, “Ah, they absent again.” The Patriots were aloof terrible. Afresh beam advanced to Tom Brady, and it was adapted afterwards my dad died that Bill Belichick and Brady came on lath and I anticipate it was because Tom actuality the wunderkind at the time, there were added civic games, so I could see them added [living in California]. Aback Tom came in, I’d watch aback the amateur were on, afresh I came to watch all of the games, afresh it became watching the achievement to advance them, but now, I’m array of faced with: we accept bristles Cool Basin rings now, and at atomic for me, I can never relax because I anticipate they’re action to lose. That’s the history I backpack with me. We’ve been baby a little bit. To apperceive that there are Patriots admirers who accept never accomplished a accident season, I can’t chronicle to that.


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