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Cady Mansell, 9, was so aflame for her aboriginal accord that she had an accouterments best out weeks in advance.

The Indiana fourth-grader has been into fashion, decidedly bowties and pantsuits, aback she was 4 years old, frequently activity arcade with her mother for admirable outfits.

Her mother, Chris, 34, had bought Cady an all-white pantsuit for the big day aback she was abreast on Sept. 27 that Cady would not be able to abrasion it for the commemoration on Oct. 1 because it abandoned the church's dress code.

"She got affecting aback I originally told her, 'You can't abrasion the suit,''' Chris told TODAY Style. "She said, 'I've beat apparel to abbey before, why won't they let me?' She said, 'I don't appetite to abrasion a dress but if you appetite me to, I will,' and I thought, this is not OK."

Chris, who was a teacher's abettor at Cady's Catholic school, St. John the Evangelist, said she was alleged in to accommodated with academy administrators who had gotten chat that Cady planned to abrasion a clothing to communion.

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"Never did I anticipate it was about Cady's suit,'' she said. "I was in such shock that I didn't apperceive what to do."

She was told that if Cady arrives cutting a suit, she cannot participate in aboriginal communion, but a affect will accord her accord afterwards the Mass.

The academy beatific a dress cipher to parents in August advertence that girls charge abrasion a acceptable white dress with white shoes and again adapted it on Sept. 21 to say no apparent accoutrements in sleeveless dresses, according to abstracts emailed to TODAY. Any girls cutting sleeveless dresses, which meant straps with bald shoulders, had to awning their accoutrements with a sweater.

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Traveling for work? This drudge makes packing a clothing a breeze Play Video - 0:51

Chris initially appropriate putting a brim over allotment of Cady's suit. Again she batten to added mothers who said they were bringing their daughters in sleeveless dresses because the dress cipher amend didn't leave abundant time afore the commemoration to get sweaters.

"So I said to (principal Brianne Oliver), are you activity to stop them from demography allotment in the ceremony, and she said, 'No, we wouldn't do that,''' Chris said. "That was what fabricated me debris to aback down."

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The abbey maintains that best sleeveless dresses do awning the shoulder, so there was no abuse of the dress cipher by those added children.

"St. John the Evangelist analogously enforces dress codes at our archdiocese academy and for religious rites,'' the abbey said in a account to TODAY. "We accept requests for exceptions to the dress cipher every year, alignment from sneakers to the blush of one's shirt; thus, we accept consistently alleged to attach to the dress cipher rather than acceptance a countless of exceptions to it. The dress cipher provides bendability amid all acceptance and ensures the the focus of aboriginal accord is on Jesus Christ rather than attire."

Chris wrote about her annoyance in a bulletin to the Facebook accumulation Pantsuit Nation, writing, "My candied babe is heartbroken."

Chris's husband, Richard, accompanied Cady to a accord convenance on Sept. 28, area Chris said he was alleged in to allege with the Rev. Sammie Maletta, the pastor of the school.

"Maletta said, 'You're adopting your babe wrong,''' Chris said. "You're the parent, you acquaint her she's cutting a dress and she's cutting a dress, that's how it works. What he was accepting at was that we were absolution Cady be a little boy."

Since the adventure became widespread, Chris said she has heard from bodies allurement if Cady is transgender.

"She's alone 9,'' she said. "She added identifies with Jedis and storm troopers (from Star Wars)."

Cady additionally wears her beard abbreviate because she baldheaded it beforehand this year for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, which raises money for adolescence blight research. While pantsuits accept become alike with Hillary Clinton, Cady is added into appearance than politics.

Once Chris heard about the parenting animadversion from Maletta, she emailed him that night to say they were abrogation the abbey afterwards 5 1/2 years. They transferred Cady and her adolescent sister, Anabelle, 8, to St. Mary Catholic Community Academy in their hometown of Crown Point, Indiana.

"We told the girls that Father Maletta doesn't like the abstraction that we let you dress how you appetite and how you feel adequate and beautiful, so aback we anticipate so abnormally (from him), it's time to acquisition a new school,'' Chris said.

The Mansells fabricated St. Mary's acquainted of the bearings afore they enrolled the girls and were told it was not an issue. Cady has still not fabricated her aboriginal accord because St. Mary's holds endemic for accouchement in third brand so her new classmates accept already had theirs.

The ancestors is blessed to accept confused on and begin a new home for the girls.

"There are added important things to anguish about than added people's accouchement and what they accept to wear,'' Chris said.

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