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Thursday afternoon began the 11th Annual Edmond Open Boys Clash at North High School, and Santa Fe was the abandoned Edmond-squad to beforehand into the winner’s bracket afterwards the Thursday night tilts. 

Hosting North started out the activity with their covering match-up that saw the Huskies affair Lawton Eisenhower at 3:30 p.m. 

Ike claimed that aperture bold 66-37, relegating the Huskies to Friday and Saturday’s sunshine-league action. They did that, in part, aback four of their athletes accomplished double-digit credibility adjoin a abstracted North defense. 

Kinyon Parker led the Eisenhower advance with 13 points. Parker, abutting by Kevin Farmer’s 12 credibility and 5 blocks, and addition 11 credibility from both RJ Fisher and Antonio Gordon, saw that Ike gave North their third accident this division — attached their accident absolute from aftermost year’s State Championship run. 

With a quartet of Eagles extensive double-digits, no distinct Husky was able to get North of Cooper Peterson’s 8 credibility aback they struggled to account generally abundant on a 30-percent cutting night. 

Next, Memorial took the cloister adjoin Midwest City, and, aloof like their North brothers, the Bulldogs struggled. 

The Bombers jumped out to a huge 26-5 advance amid through the additional quarter, and looked assertive to annihilate Memorial afore halftime. Midwest City abused a zone-oriented Memorial aegis throughout the aboriginal half, but an acclimation at abeyance saw the Bulldog D extend out accomplished the three-point arc and accomplish a late-run at the contest. 

After the adjustment, Memorial’s Drew Tennial led the allegation back. Tennial, who recorded a point-rebound double-double aloof afterwards the fourth division began, had 11 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals in the comeback-attempt, but the Bombers fabricated aloof abundant to authority him off. 

Some of that “just enough” was their muzzling of Memorial’s arch scorer Peyton Caldwell. In the aforementioned gymnasium, and six canicule prior, Caldwell alveolate 20 credibility on 70 percent shooting. But, on Thursday, Midwest City captivated Caldwell scoreless on four attempt attempts. 

Santa Fe again played Edmond-savior on Thursday, though, but not afterwards a backward alarm by Muskogee. 

Tauriawn Knight came baking at tipoff for the Wolves, benumbed a 17-point first-quarter to 21 first-half credibility overall. It looked like Knight, who wears the cardinal one, was activity to accept a shootout with Muskogee’s cardinal one, CJ Parks, afterwards the closing had 17 first-half credibility of his own. The “one-on-one” activity would blow in the final two frames, though, as neither of the two denticulate a brazier until the final account of the second-half. 

In those points, Knight hit a mid-range two-pointer in traffic. Next cruise bottomward the floor, he active a three that concluded what little achievement Muskogee had at an agitated and accustomed the Wolves to affirmation the 70-63 win. 

Thursday’s activity agency North will accommodated Muskogee at 3:30 p.m. Friday, and the best-possible aftereffect for the hosting Huskies is a 5 p.m. consolation-matchup on Saturday if they’re able to affected the Roughers.

For Memorial, they’ll now altercation adjoin Norman afterwards the Tigers absent a last-second attempt adjoin Northwest-Classen. Similar to North, the best-case book for the Bulldogs is a consolation-championship game. 

And, as for Santa Fe, their Open Championship hopes are still alive. Favored, advancing into the clash as the top-seed, they’ll accept to affirmation a angle adjoin Lawton Ike — the Ike that almost-double North’s account on Thursday. If the Wolves can handle that, they’ll be set to accommodated one of the non-Edmond schools in the boy’s championship match.


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