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"At one point Lemmy came up to me and said, 'I wanna accept a chat with you about your drinking'," says Captain Sensible. "Well, aback addition like Lemmy says that to you, you listen. He said, 'Remember: it's not what you drink, or how abundant you drink, it's how fast you drink.'" The Captain finishes his Grolsch and orders a canteen of water. "I'm abundantly abashed to accept appear through it and still be alive," he says.

Welcome to an ballsy account of fast active and faster music. The Damned were the aboriginal UK jailbait bandage to absolution a record, the aboriginal UK jailbait bandage to bender America, the aboriginal to breach up (in 1978), and the aboriginal to reform, six months after (when the Clash were alone on their additional album). They've had added agency changes than Marlon Brando had hot dinners (with both Motorhead's Lemmy and Culture Club's Jon Moss abutting briefly). Their guitarist became a red-beret cutting change pop star. They became alike with the 80s goth movement and biconcave the annal with Eloise. Forth the way they've been attack at, baffled up, hoodwinked, argument on and chased about venues by three-legged dogs.

Meet Brian James, guitarist, songwriter and the man who was The Damned for a abbreviate while. "We acclimated to do a fair bit of speed," says Brian, "but we acclimated to alcohol a lot so we bare it to breach awake." He shrugs: "I like arena fast. I like arena loud."

Meet Dave Vanian, diva and wannabe vamp: "People would ask you why you abutting a band," says Dave, "and added bodies would say, 'Well, I appetite to alcohol as abundant as I can, booty as abounding drugs as I can, fuck as abounding women as I can…' and all that stuff. What I capital was the apparitional abode on the hill. With the bats aerial about it and the laboratory. And if I got a brace of girls central of it, great…"

Meet Captain Sensible, ancient jailbait legend, change pop ablaze and Damned bassist, guitarist and songwriter: "We had a adage in the band," says Captain. "'The aboriginal aphorism is: there's no rules'. I'm a animate chic bloke. I actually was a toilet cleaner. Rat was a toilet cleaner. Dave actually was a grave digger. If addition comes up to me and says 'Will you do an ad for Golden Wonder Cheesey Wotsits?' Am I declared to say, 'Fack off! I ain't doin that shit! I'm gonna angle up for me principles, mate, fuck off! I don't charge that fifty grand!' Aback I'm bistro Pot Noodles, active in a board flat? I don't anticipate so. I'm like, 'Gimme that cash!'"

Meet Rat Scabies, jailbait pioneer, hell-raiser and The Damned's agent Keith Moon. "........ " says Rat. " .......". By all accounts, Rat isn't commonly this quiet. Rat, you see, has banned to be interviewed about The Damned, accepting had a bit of a falling out with the blow of the bandage over a - cough! - babyish business matter.

A shame, but that's The Damned all over: a agitated account of gob, vomit, cider, sulphate, apparitional mansions, Cheesey Wotsits, arguments, breakdowns and mad, bad and alarmingly loud bedrock music.

As the All Music Guide already put it: "The Damned weren't revolutionaries, they were bashed louts that would do annihilation for a prank". It's a delusion that has done the bandage no favours over the years: while the Sex Pistols accept been the accountable of movies, documentaries and books, and The Clash accept had a following cardinal one and an Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award, The Damned accept been overlooked.

"We were outsiders alike in the aboriginal days," says Vanian, "'cos we acclimated to say what we actually acquainted rather than words that were put in our mouths. I consistently acquainted that The Clash's political attitude came from their administration added than annihilation else. He [Clash administrator Bernie Rhodes] seemed to accept heard about how the MC5 did it in the 60s and absitively to archetype that. Bodies were assertive statements like 'We're alone actuality for the kids', aback we'd apprehend them adage actuality like 'Oh, when's the limo advancing round?'"

While Johnny Rotten caked negativity on aggregate (packaged up nicely, meanwhile, in Vivienne Westwood clothes) and the Clash approved their hardest to animate up to a manifesto, the Damned were a accomplished added kettle of fish. "We aloof adopted this persona of actuality as alarming and anarchic onstage as possible," Rat said later. This about meant alcohol-fuelled destruction, nudity, vomit, adventuresome behaviour, exact corruption and lashings of gob. The kinda brainless bits adolescent animate chic bodies do, in added words.

"I was alone absorbed in backroom in agreement of active things up," says Brian. "If things are collapsed and arid and you're actuality programmed to be like your grandparents afresh something's wrong. Something's amiss if you've gotta absorb all your activity animate for a fucking pittance. We weren't shouting about anarchy or giving it the big Clash cardinal but that was never what we were in it for. We aloof admired music and we aloof capital to play. It was about expression, activity y'know? The fun was a bonus. We might've been blithe about a bit onstage, but we were still advancing up with the goods."

They weren't hypocrites either. "On the Anarchy In The UK bender [the brief jailbait bender with the Pistols, The Clash and Johnny Thunders]," remembers Dave, "we were in the aback of a van, they were in four ablaze hotels. We wouldn't be hypocritical. We'd say we capital money - it'd be brainless to say otherwise, y'know, we capital to accomplish a active - and in some faculty that classed us as outsiders."

Significantly, the Damned banned to go forth with the abstraction that all the music that had appear afore jailbait was for hippies. "We banned to go forth with the old farts thing," says Vanian, "saying that all the earlier music was rubbish. We were alone anytime adjoin the actuality that was rubbish."

That said, the music arena at the time added hardly defective in excitement. "In '76 there was annihilation to accept to," says Captain, a accepted Santana and Hendrix fan. "I didn't actually like The Bandage and Little Feat and all that stuff. Clapton had gone bottomward the toilet, and that apathetic country bedrock affair actually wasn't my cup of tea. And it was that or the Osmonds. So aback the Ramones came forth it was a revelation. All that '1-2-3-4' stuff: that's what it's all about!"

"The annal were appealing abominable at the time," remembers Dave who - as a jailbait in Hemel Hempstead, got his bliss from 60s barn bands like The Seeds and Strawberry Alarm Clock, as able-bodied as aboriginal Gene Vincent, Alice Cooper and blur music. "I managed to see the New York Dolls aback they came over aback in '73 or '74. They were like a bequest to the '50s Shangri Las period. I anticipation Johnny Thunders was a abundant guitarist and of advance Brian had appear from a connected bandage of those Keith Richards-y blazon guitar players."

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Guitarist Brian James had played at Phun City, the allegorical 1970 anniversary in Worthing that had been the bigger chargeless anniversary in the UK. Headlined by hippy’s active addition – the MC5, the Appealing Things, Pink Fairies etc – it had a huge access on the adolescent Brian. Aback his high-octane bedrock bootless to acreage an admirers in the UK, he took it to a added beholden admirers in Europe. "I had a bandage antecedent to The Damned alleged Bastard and we were amid in Brussels," he says. "No-one in England would book us. We were aloof too fucking up for it for them. It was the after-effects of the hippy thing, pub bedrock – this would be like '73/'74 – so we fucked off to Belgium area bodies were into the American bands like the Stooges, MC5, the Dolls, Lou Reed, all these acceptable people…

"When I came aback in '76 I teamed up with a brace of guys in England, Tony James and Mick Jones. They were aggravating to get a bandage activity alleged London SS. And afresh we started auditioning bodies and I was aloof really, actually abashed at the bodies advancing out of the woodwork that were actually into that affectionate of music - there was no assurance of them a year before."

"I met Brian through an ad in Melody Maker," says Captain. "He had vision. He had this plan of demography over the apple through thrashy jailbait music. And he had a agglomeration of songs that were actually what I capital to hear. It booted butt, and there was annihilation like it over on this ancillary of the Atlantic."

Brian had already absorbed up with bagman Chris Miller, anon re-christened Rat Scabies when, at his admirers for the London SS, a rat appeared in the call rooms. Miller had scabies at the time; his appellation was sealed.

"To me, jailbait was like a fucking dream appear true," says Brian. "Suddenly I was able to comedy these songs I'd written. Award agreeing musicians: award Rat was such a fucking *turn-on*, a bagman that capital to comedy like I did. And afresh there was these guys we were accepting alien to alleged the Sex Pistols, and they were arena - not with the aforementioned agreeable ability - but with actually abrogating attitudes to all the hippy-dippy actuality that was still abiding about. Afresh Mick had teamed up with a brace of guys and they'd got The Clash together, Tony James had Generation X. There was a lot of attitude, bands basic and splintering and added bands basic out of that. It was a actually agitative time for a while."

Dave Vanian had been blind about Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's shop, at that point alleged Too Fast To Live, Too Adolescent To Die (later to become Sex). "I bluffed my way into the agreeable industry," says Dave. "I sang in my bedchamber and realised that I could authority a agenda or two. McLaren was attractive to put bodies calm and I told him that I'd sang in some bounded bands. He admired the way I looked, I s'pose. I was all in black, but a little weirder looking. All fabricated up, spikey beard and six inch alpine granny boots: aerial applique up Victorian boots with massive heels. I accept I acclimated to attending actually androgynous and I acclimated to get endless of stick. I was consistently accepting into fights. It was a nightmare. Aback Captain was brought in he had all this braid beard like Marc Bolan. I bethink Malcolm saying, 'I don't wanna use 'im - 'e's aloof a facking 'ippy!'"

While McLaren went off to administer the Sex Pistols, the basis of the Damned was formed. Brian asked Dave if he'd like to admirers as singer. "I begin out that there was addition guy auditioning so I angry up aboriginal to see what he'd be like. He never angry up and I got the job. The awe-inspiring affair is, the guy who never angry up was Sid Vicious. I generally wondered whether, if he had showed up, he'd accept become the advance accompanist in the Damned."

Getting the gig meant Dave had to leave his job as a grave coquette in Hemel. "I actually alone did it to accord me some time to anticipate about what the hell I was activity to do with my life," he says. "But they offered me some allowances to breach and stuff, and I was authoritative a hell of a lot added money digging graves than I was with the Damned, I'll acquaint ya."

New Rose was appear in October 1976, pipping the Sex Pistols' Anarchy In The UK to become the aboriginal almanac appear by a UK jailbait band. Stiff had rushed them into the flat to almanac the distinct and anthology afore the Sex Pistols and the clip was akin by the music. It didn't stop to blend around.

"The anthology was raw," says Sensible. "It's all aboriginal takes and hardly any overdubs at all. Fuelled on sulphate and cider, if I bethink rightly. We agape it out in two canicule with [producer] Nick Lowe. It doesn't assume that fast nowadays, but at the time, bodies acclimated to say, 'Did you acceleration the anthology up?' Ridiculous. But it's raw and it doesn't complete able at all, compared to the Pistols stuff. I mean, booty Rotten off and it could be Bad Aggregation or somebody like that. Apathetic and turgid, I thought. We laughed aback we heard Anarchy - couldn't accept it."

Rat's anguish drums, Brian's acid riffs and abbreviate squealing solos, Sensible's berserk active bass curve and Vanian's abrupt vocals (his clear gothic carol didn't appear until a brace of years later) created the complete of a bandage in a blitz to get to the point (or, added likely, the bar). A agitated and bent British adaptation of the Stooges and the MC5, it fabricated the Clash attending abashed and the Pistols attending turgid. The distinct came out in October, the anthology was appointed for February, and in amid was the babyish amount of the Anarchy In The UK Bender with the Sex Pistols, Clash and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. The bender started on the 3rd of December. By the 7th, the Damned had been befuddled off and labelled 'punk traitors': in Derby, the board had banned to let the Pistols play, but said the added bands could. The Clash and the Heartbreakers refused, but the Damned were accommodating to accede it. And that fabricated them sell-outs.

If you accept Malcolm McLaren's ancillary of the story, that is. "The accuracy is," says Brian, "the alone acumen Malcolm capital the Damned on the Anarchy bender was because the Pistols had hardly anytime played alfresco of London. I don't anticipate the Clash had anytime played alfresco of London, and we had. We had a bit of an admirers going, so he capital to accomplish abiding the Damned were on the bill contrarily 30 afar alfresco of London there'd be no-one there.

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"The night afore all the bands were accomplishing a soundcheck aback the Pistols came active in: 'You won't fucking accept it! We've aloof done the Bill Grundy show… banausic banausic blah'. Laughing about it. The abutting day, it's all over the fucking papers, Bill Grundy's sacked, the accomplished thing. And the abounding aftereffect of that bliss in maybe two canicule into the tour. At that point, the agency was the Pistols headlining, the Damned afore the Pistols, and afresh Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers and the Clash on first.

"Two nights into the tour, Malcolm starts accepting a go at our bender manager. He was like an appointment boy at Stiff, he wasn't an accomplished administrator or anything, he was aloof there to accomplish abiding we got to our hotels and stuff. We weren't travelling with the blow of them. They had almanac aggregation support: EMI, CBS and actuality like that. They had a big coach, we had a little Transit. We weren't allotment of 'the Malcolm McLaren gang'. So Malcolm gives this kid such a adamantine time, adage 'I don't charge the Damned' and all this shit, that he's in tears. So I aflame in and I had a go at Malcolm: 'What the fuck are you on about?' I didn't accord a fuck in them days, I was accessible to fuckin' hit 'im to acquaint you the truth. But he had his bodyguards.

"So it comes to this big showdown. Malcolm wants the Damned to go on first, afresh Heartbreakers, afresh the Clash… It angry into this big political number. Meanwhile, the gigs were actuality annulled because the promoters were accepting the all-overs because of all the bad press. We're accepting all this applesauce from McLaren and there's bodies contacting our appointment saying, 'Will the Damned comedy anyway?' We'd about-face up about like Manchester to acquisition the gig's cancelled, but they still appetite us: 'Fuck it, we'll do it'. What are we meant to do? Say, 'Oh no, we're not accomplishing it! Not if our acquaintance Malcolm's not accomplishing it!'? You apperceive what I mean? I could've fucking dead that bastard!"

The adventure as appear in the music columnist broke some of the band's credibility. Years later, in Jon Savage's admired jailbait anthology England's Dreaming, it was still actuality distorted: the Damned weren't acceptable enough, the Clash capital to be college up the bill, the Damned couldn't be trusted. "Total nonsense. Him [Savage] and McLaren accept re-written things," says Sensible. "These bodies - they debris to acquiesce the blow of us any acclaim for absent things up or accepting intelligence. So of advance jailbait didn't alpha in the confined bottomward Portobello Alley with the bands, it was McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. Annihilation to do with us."

The Anarchy Bender wasn't the alone bender the Damned got befuddled off. A abutment aperture with US rockers the Flamin' Groovies was additionally abbreviate lived. "They couldn't accumulate up with us, I'm afraid," says Captain. "I wouldn't accept admired to assignment with the Damned at the time, to be actually honest. It was actually dangerous, I'd imagine. To accept appear through it still alive… I'm not overstating it: there was austere amounts of aberration activity on. If the auberge was abutting to addition building, we'd jump from roof to roof, pissed as parrots, aloof to get the banderole off the roof. I'm afraid of heights! The things you do aback you're paralytic…

"We had banners fabricated up that said 'Gob now!' And we'd authority the banners up abaft the bandage we were animate with. The audience, of course, would accede and the bandage would be actually covered in stuff. We had one abutment band, they got the accomplished fisherman's apparel - sowesters, aggregate - and they wore them every night onstage! The Flamin' Groovies didn't approve! They'd never apparent annihilation like it. There was addition bandage that came over from New Zealand, alleged Breach Enz. They had awe-inspiring haircuts and funny clothes and in Australia they were abominable bodies by the way they looked. They came out on date in the UK and the admirers abashed them! Beeline on the aboriginal alike aback home they were. They were appealing berserk days."

The aberration continued. For their additional album, Brian absitively he capital a additional guitarist. Rat and Captain disagreed. "We anticipation Brian could awning it," says Captain. "When you've got that big bank of noise, you don't charge two of them accomplishing it. Throughout the auditions we were accomplishing aggregate we could to put bodies off."

Like what? "Like spitting at them as they were auditioning. And we'd be arena with our trousers and pants bottomward about our ankles, y'know, urinating on the floor, actuality like that. Out of the 30-40 bodies we saw that day, best of them didn't alike aftermost one song. This appearance Lu gave endless back, he admired it. His name was Robert Edmunds, but we alleged him Lu, abbreviate for Lunatic. We were like, 'Get that absurd back, he was the alone one that had any bottle!'"

The album, Music For Pleasure, recorded with Lu and produced by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason (The Damned allotment a publishing aggregation with Floyd – initially, they capital Syd Barrett), was a disappointment to the band, admirers and critics. Today, Brian blames the almanac aggregation hasty them into the flat with half-finished songs, the chic studios it was done in, and the actuality that the bandage were knackered. (Why didn't they booty a break? "They kept us on the road," says Brian, "kept us working. They capital the money advancing in.")

The anthology came out in November '77, their additional in one year, and admitting standouts like Problem Child, Stretcher Case Babyish and Creep, it didn't animate up to expectations. On their UK bender that month, Jon Moss – bigger accepted after as the bagman for Culture Club – replaced Rat Scabies. "Rat had a bit of a breakdown in France. He congenital a bivouac in the average of his auberge room. It was actually admirable in a way," action Brian. "Except that he'd bashed a canteen of brandy or article and was aggressive to jump out the window. At that point, our alone bit of course was the three abode of an hour on stage. It was alone afresh that no-one was afraid actuality bottomward our throats or up our noses. Offstage, people'd be… celebrating. And it's adamantine to wind bottomward aback you're not acclimated to it. And I anticipate it'd got to Rat. He'd partied hard, *real hard*."

Jon Moss took over for the UK tour, but auditions for a abiding new bagman didn't go smoothly. An old rocker who'd drummed with the brand of Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran angry up. ""He had all these abundant stories," says Brian, "and you don't accommodated these bodies actual often. There were all these drummers queuing up to do their bit - I did feel a bit apologetic for them - but we larboard them cat-and-mouse and went to the pub. For about two hours."

Brian had absent interest: "I said to the added guys, 'Look, I appetite to breach the bandage up'. I don't anticipate the Captain was actual blessed about it. But it wasn't working."

"It was Brian's baby," says Captain now. "It was his eyes and his songs that fabricated us. And aback that happens bodies say, 'You're the aptitude in this band, you don't charge the blow of them.' I anticipate bodies were adage that to Brian. I was appealing pissed off, to be actually honest. I could see the toilets beckoning. They'd said they'd accumulate me job accessible for me! I didn't apperceive what to do with myself. Six months after we got aback calm again, after Brian."

Captain confused over to his aboriginal love, advance guitar, and they got a new bass player, Algy Ward, ahead of Aussie punks The Saints. The actual members, meanwhile, apparent a songwriting allure they didn't apperceive existed. The Captain's aboriginal attack at a song was Adulation Song, a baking two and a bisected account of jailbait pop thrash. It went to cardinal 20. The resultant album, Machine Gun Etiquette is now anticipation by abounding to be their best.

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"I anticipate bodies anticipation we were done up," says Vanian. "The songwriter of our hit album, gone. Guitarist, gone. You'd anticipate that was it. But Captain had consistently been a abundant guitarist and aback we all started autograph it was accessible there was a lot of allure there. We went in altered admonition and I anticipate that's what has kept the bandage alive, somehow: anniversary anthology moves somewhere."

1980's The Atramentous Anthology was bifold vinyl and a advised nod to the Beatles' White Album. Neither as indulgent or as streaked with ability as the Fab Four's creation, for a jailbait bandage it about pushed the boundaries. At 17 minutes, marvellous ballsy Curtain Call abounding a accomplished ancillary of vinyl. Keyboard astrologer and soundtrack artisan Hans Zimmer produced History Of The Apple Pt. 1. Dave Vanian, meanwhile, appear himself to be one of the best characteristic and able singers of the era (“My articulation alone about an octave," he says. "I could ability abundant lower addendum than I had anytime been able to previously. Consequently I wasn't able to ability the college addendum either").

Algy Ward was out, Paul Gray was in, and this time about they produced the anthology themselves on an old pig acreage in Wales. "The almanac aggregation said, 'You can't aftermath yourselves, it's the kiss of death'," remembers Dave. "They were freaking out. They beatific this guy bottomward to apprehend the results, so we recorded a actually abhorrent clue – out of tune vocals and all this babble – and we abiding it so that as he pulled into the car esplanade I was cutting a shotgun at one of the bandage as he ran off screaming, 'I'm never fucking animate in this bandage again!" The guy arrives in the average of all this chaos, comes in and hears this abhorrent track, turns about and says, 'Sounds great!'"

Despite a abridgement of bartering success, the bandage had hit a amethyst patch. Aftereffect anthology Strawberries was alike better: abridged pop songs with admirable melodies, abundant bedrock hooks, able arrange and ablaze production. They switched almanac labels, absent and acquired cadre (Roman Jugg abutting on keyboards), but still the big hits eluded them. Well, not all of them. Captain Sensible's adaptation of Rogers and Hammerstein's Blessed Talk, recorded as a antic accompaniment for a abandoned anthology he'd been animate on, was appear as a distinct in June '82 (months afore the absolution of Strawberries). It went to cardinal one and fabricated Sensible a change pop star.

"I accept it happens in added bands, but usually it's not the guitarist it happens to," says Captain. "Sounds had declared me as 'one of the world's best abominable slobs'. We were appealing rancid and abominable and the antic was that I wasn't the array of being that should've articulate a song like that. Bodies were arena it for that acumen at aboriginal and afresh it became a monster hit. A few months afore it I'd done a distinct with [anarcho-punks] Crass! That was me. Blessed Talk wasn't."

Over the abutting brace of years, tensions set in. "I anticipation we could co-exist, but I aloof didn't realise it wouldn't work," says Sensible. "I bethink a gig in arctic Wales area a auto came and best me up and aerated me off to do some promotional affair and the blow of them had to get in the aback of some Transit van. It must've agitated them."

Vanian disagrees: "That never afraid me," he says. "All this babble of bodies affairs out. If the TV bodies appetite to pay for some nice car to aces you up, why not booty advantage of it? Why go on the blood-soaked bus? Booty it - it's not activity to aftermost forever. To me it was abundant 'cos actuality was this abundant aberrant character, allotment of our British heritage, accepting in the aback of a limo activity 'Lend us a fiver. Ah, fuck you mate!'. The affair about Captain is: what you see is what you get. It's not an act. He actually is a complete… weirdo."

Down but not out, The Damned fabricated their bigger improvement yet. Their new actual won them a above characterization accord with MCA, Roman Jugg confused on to guitar, and Grimly Fiendish a banana up-tempo Goth-meets-Madness cardinal went to cardinal 21 in the UK. The Phantasmagoria anthology saw them coquette with goth (albeit a far added fun and adapted adaptation than the po-faced doom of the Sisters Of Mercy or Fields of the Nephilim). It accomplished cardinal 11 and was repackaged in 1986 aback a distinct not on the anthology accomplished cardinal two in the UK, their accomplished blueprint placing: Eloise, a awning of a 60s hit for Barry Ryan, and accounting by his brother Paul.

"I've got this abbreviate account of covers I've consistently capital to do and that was on the list," explains Vanian. "I admired Paul Ryan's autograph because it's not as beeline as you aboriginal anticipate it is. On the apparent they assume like bathetic adulation songs, but actually they're all actually askance songs about awe-inspiring situations. The aboriginal lyrics of Eloise were banned by the BBC: it's about an attraction he'd had with a stripper.

"It's a sad story: aback we covered it, I concluded up on TV with Paul and Barry accomplishing interviews, and it was great. Lovely guy. We rekindled his accomplished absorption in autograph and he went out and bought a keyboard and started autograph again. He recorded some demos and it was the aftermost assignment he anytime did: he dead himself in a bender of depression. In fact, I accept a audience of a song that he gave me which at some point we may do. It's about John Lennon and it's apparently the aftermost song he anytime wrote."

MCA rushed them into the flat for a follow-up, admitting the band's protestations. The result, Anything, was the affliction anthology of their career: over-produced and defective archetypal songs. For the aboriginal time, the bandage faced complete aloofness from admirers and almanac company. MCA alone them at the end of 1987, afresh began a alternation of alliance gigs. "Things actually started to abort out for us," says Vanian. "The MCA affair had concluded and assertive bodies in the bandage had got acclimated to that affectionate of lifestyle. We aloof didn't apperceive area it was going.

As the accepted music arena was absorbed by grunge and afresh Britpop, The Damned seemed out of step. Vanian threw himself into his ancillary project, The Phantom Chords, while Rat came up with a plan. According to Vanian, the abstraction was to almanac an anthology of guitarist Allan Lee Shaw's songs for absolution in Japan only. With the money from that, they'd go in to the flat and assignment on a able Damned album. The album, Not Of This Earth was appear in Japan and afresh America, adjoin Vanian's wishes but with Rat's approval. It spelt the end of a connected relationship. "I don't buck any acrimony appear Rat," says Vanian. "We hadn't announced for a while but we do now. It took me a while to get over it though."

Six months later, in February '96, the Damned were aback calm after Scabies, but with Sensible. Vanian's accomplice Patrica Morrison, aforetime of the Gun Club and the Sisters of Mercy, abutting on bass. Years of gigging and songwriting paid off with a almanac accord with Dexter Holland of The Offspring's Nitro Records. The album, Grave Disorder, was an amazing acknowledgment to form. So, Who’s Paranoid? followed seven years later. At the 2012 Archetypal Bedrock Awards, they won the Outstanding Contribution Award.

"Some bodies bake actual blithely and afresh they dim for a while and afresh they aback appear aback bigger than ever," says Vanian. "I don't apperceive if anyone has been consistently ablaze throughout their accomplished career - not if they've had a connected career anyway. At the alpha you're hungry, you're broke… In some means that hasn't afflicted for us! Maybe that's what gives us an edge."

"Yeah," says Captain, "I can't anticipate of any bands that're actually abhorrent affluent that accomplish acceptable music, can you? And we've consistently been brassic…"

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