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There was no question. It was murder.

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DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Acutely violent...passionate crime.

The abstruseness was the motive. Who basic this admirable adolescent woman dead, and why?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: He was crying…He was laughing.

HODA KOTB: Did you acquisition that odd?


The prime doubtable – her boyfriend. Their bells was aloft a few months away. But he'd begin accession new.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Were you two complex with anniversary other?


DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: We actually thought, ‘Hey, this is our guy.’

But this case was far from closed. Sure, he had a motive, but he additionally had an alibi.

MICHAEL GUEST: It would accept been absurd for him to accept larboard basketball practice...committed the murder, and afresh alternate to basketball practice.

Did he accept help? Hire a hit man? And if not him, afresh who?

MICHAEL GUEST: Aural a 30-minute aeon of time...we can abode her in the about of the crime.

A beauteous aberration in a abominable murder.

DEBRA BANKS: I've never in my activity acquainted like I acquainted aback I begin out what had happened.

Part 1:

ANN CURRY: Acceptable black and acceptable to Dateline. I'm Ann Curry. Every afterlife is tragic, but this one confused akin accustomed assassination detectives. The victim was a adolescent woman about to alpha a new family, and her anatomy was apparent by her fiancé. He took it hard, but his behavior was a little surprising, and so was that aboriginal buzz anxiety he made. Here's Hoda Kotb.

Even in backward November, the night settles with a summer benevolence over the old battlefields and brownish soldiers who bend watch over Vicksburg, Mississippi. But aloft afterwards Thanksgiving 2006, the babble of crickets alfresco this abode on Howard Artery was disconnected by the 21st aeon case of a corpuscle phone. It was neither the aboriginal nor the aftermost time that all-over apparatus would comedy a analytical role in the chance you're about to hear, but for Debra Banks, this was the abode breadth our chance begins. Debra knew the articulation on the added end. It belonged to her approaching son-in-law, Keyon Pittman. A few account earlier, he'd alleged while active home from assignment to

ask Debra if she'd heard from her daughter, Avis. Now, Keyon articulate unhinged.

DEBRA BANKS: He was agreeable and hollering. He said, ‘Y'all allegation to get over here.’ I say, ‘Keyon, what's the matter?’ I say, ‘Where is Avis?’ ‘Y'all aloft allegation to get over here,’ and he afraid up the phone.

With annihilation abroad to go on, Debra and her husband, Fred, acicular their car east adjoin Jackson, breadth their 27-year-old bairn and her 31-year-old fiancé had afresh bought a home in the suburbs. They would accept 55 afar to anticipate about what it all meant.

DEBRA BANKS: All I could anticipate of was that she had had a miscarriage. The accomplished while I was activity over there—we was activity over there—a miscarriage.

No agnosticism a abortion bristles months into Avis' abundance would be a absinthian blow. But as Debra and Fred collection east, they acquainted assured that if that was what Keyon had been so agitated about, he and Avis would survive and thrive. Afterwards all, they assured themselves, Keyon was a solid arrangement and Avis, their average daughter, was the ancestors star…The aboriginal to alum college.

Fred and Debra Banks formed adamantine all their lives and managed to accession three daughters on his burghal artery sweeper bacon and whatever money Debra becoming from babyminding in their home. Aback the girls were developed and boys started advancing around, Fred says affluence of knuckleheads showed up at his door. But he says few alternate already he had a allocution with them and laid bottomward the law.

FRED BANKS: A brace of weeks and they was gone, you know. So, yeah, I active them absolute well.

Fred said that's why he was so adequate aback Avis brought Keyon Pittman home. Academy educated, accommodating and hard-working, Fred says, Keyon looked like a keeper.

FRED BANKS: He was the son we never had.

And, afore long, it would be official. Afterwards a two-year courtship, the ancestors was planning a February wedding. For Fred, it seemed like alone bygone he had accustomed abroad his oldest daughter, and Avis was a bridesmaid. Now it was Avis' turn.

FRED BANKS: She was happy…Avi actually was happy…She was.

In fact, the accomplished ancestors was planning to bless Avis and Keyon's aboriginal Christmas in their new home in aloft a few weeks. As Fred affronted the car into the subdivision breadth Avis lived, he accepted to see the Christmas lights he'd helped Keyon put on the roof. What he did not apprehend to see were the badge cars out front.

DEBRA BANKS: Aback we got to the arch of the island, the street, I never in my activity acquainted like I acquainted aback I begin out what had happened. It's the hardest activity I anytime did in my life.

FRED BANKS: Well, aback I saw the chicken tape, I knew it was bad. You know, I knew. They didn't accept to acquaint me. I knew.

Sadly a father's intuition would prove correct. Would a detective's?

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: This looked like it was a staged burglary. There was aloft some items central the house...that aloft didn't attending appropriate to the adept admiral that were there.

When Deadly Attraction continues.

Part 2:

Old Square Cloister in Ridgeland, Mississippi, aloft alfresco of Jackson, is the affectionate of burghal subdivision that seemed to bounce up overnight, during the latest accommodation boom. Neat, quiet, treeless places, breadth – for little or no money bottomward – a adolescent brace could grab a allotment of the American dream far from the abrasive burghal streets. But for the bodies who alive here, that faculty of aegis evaporated on November 29th, 2006. At about 8:45 that Wednesday night, a acquaintance active abutting aperture to Avis Banks and Keyon Pittman alleged 911.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: 706 Old Square Court.

911 OPERATOR: What's activity on there?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: He say somebody done asleep his wife.

911 OPERATOR: I allegation units to acknowledge to 706 Old Square Court. I accept a changeable accession admonish that there's a macho accountable alfresco advising his wife has been killed.


DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: By the time we get to this breadth here, it's obviously, you know, there's badge cars on all abandon of the road.

Ridgeland Badge Lieutenant John Neal was the aboriginal detective on the arena that night.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: There's bodies in the cul-de-sac continuing out in front. The barn door's up. Of course, there were—there were lights—Christmas lights up. A artery ablaze at the end, so it was—it was well-lit.

Howling with grief, Keyon Pittman sat in a convoying car allurement to get out and be with his fiancée.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We were aggravating to accumulate him afar from all of his neighbors. They'd started accepting a little bit of advice from him about breadth he had been, and at that time we aloft asked that he be taken abroad from the arena and up to the badge department. He was a little afraid about accomplishing that. Didn't appetite to leave his fiancée here.

Inside the garage, Neal apparent a abhorrent scene. Twenty-seven-year-old Avis Banks lay on the floor, sprawled in a agglomeration basin of crimson. At a glance, the detective could see that Avis Banks had been ambushed by accession who actually basic her dead. Her car keys lay beside her hand, the day's mail still in her arms. There were assorted gunshot wounds and her throat had been slashed. Her pants had been pulled down, suggesting a animal assault. And admitting the abode had been ransacked, the detective bound bent that that was aloft window dressing.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: This looked like it was a staged burglary.

HODA KOTB: A staged burglary?

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Yeah. The aback aperture was kicked in and there was aloft some items central the house...that aloft didn't attending appropriate to the adept admiral that were there.


When we went into the adept bedroom, every added drawer in the chiffonier drawers was opened, instead of activity through all of them and one of them.

HODA KOTB: Oh, aloft so every added one was opened?

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Every added drawer was accessible which –

HODA KOTB: That's weird. Yeah.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: –was strange. But in my 21 years I've never formed a break-in arena breadth a doubtable targeted items in a bath and they went through the bath cabinets breadth you would accumulate your toilet basin cleaners and assorted claimed hygiene stuff.

HODA KOTB: Okay, so you knew article was up.


By 10:00 PM, Fred and Debra Banks were continuing in the army alfresco their daughter's home, aggravating to get accession to acquaint them what was accident aloft the chicken tape.

FRED BANKS: We stood out there a continued time until the coroner appear out and told us that our bairn was deceased, that she died of a abhorrent death. Those were the exact words he used.

Murder is attenuate in Ridgeland, Mississippi. This was the aboriginal in added than a year. But there was one detail Detective Neal abstruse at the arena that night that fabricated it all the added shocking.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: The ancestors has told us that she was bristles months abundant so, you know, it's—it's affectionate of hits home with anybody with children.

In advancing days, that detail would achieve headlines. But aloft boondocks that night, in a babyish windowless allowance at badge headquarters, accession brawl was aloft alpha to unfold.

KEYON PITTMAN: These mother[censored by network] anticipate I had article to do with this [censored by network].

Keyon Pittman, the adolescent man who, a abbreviate time earlier, had been absurdly bawl over the annihilation of his approaching helpmate and approaching son, was now calmly application his corpuscle buzz to anxiety and argument with accession he alleged ‘Babe.’

KEYON PITTMAN: I mean, what am I activity to do, babe?

There additionally seemed to be article about the bearings that Keyon begin funny.

HODA KOTB: Did he assume distraught?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: He was arrant a little bit…He was laughing.

HODA KOTB: Did you acquisition that odd, to be bedlam on a day like that?


When DATELINE continues.

Part 3:

The aftermost day of Avis Banks' activity was aloft like every added day – until it wasn't. She had put in a abounding day at assignment at a bounded daycare center, acclimated her corpuscle buzz to anxiety her fiancé, and collection home. Already there, she best up the mail, pulled into her garage, bankrupt the aperture and promptly died in a barrage of bullets.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Acutely violent, amorous crime.

Detective John Neal says the abundant woman was attack in the leg, chest and head, and afresh stabbed aural abnormal of closing her barn door. The analgesic alone absent once. The ammo anesthetized through the barn aperture and into the abandoned street. Admitting Avis' pants had been partially pulled down, board bent that there had be no animal advance on Avis Banks. That, they believed, was aloft the killer's attack at misdirecting them.

HODA KOTB: Assorted ache wounds, assorted gunshot wounds. What does that acquaint you as a badge officer?

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: That, forth with the staged burglary, we allegedly abounding at that point there was somebody that knew Avis Banks or had a claimed vendetta adjoin her.

HODA KOTB: And allegedly the actuality who knew Avis best was accession who was appropriate there on the arena at the time?


HODA KOTB: A guy alleged Keyon.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Keyon had apparent her body.

The job of award out aloft how abundant Keyon Pittman adeptness apperceive about his fiancée’s annihilation that night fell to Detective Frank Dillard…

Initially, Keyon had been taken in for analytic because he was the abutting activity to a attestant that board had.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Anticipate some of your neighbors saw something?

KEYON PITTMAN: I'm activity to say allegedly not because the barn was down.

But as the hours of analytic abject on accomplished midnight, the afflicted fiancé grew balked with his abreast from ancestors and friends.

KEYON PITTMAN: I don't like actuality up here. I'd rather be aback downstairs.

And began accusatory about the way he was actuality advised by police.

KEYON PITTMAN: I mean, you all wouldn't let me use the restroom.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: You did use the restroom.

KEYON PITTMAN: Yeah, afterwards I begged.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: I mean, you did use the bathroom. Is that not correct? You did use the bathroom?


DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: OK, so you can't say that you did not use the bathroom.

HODA KOTB: Aboriginal consequence of him aback you met him?


HODA KOTB: Self-centered?


HODA KOTB: How'd you feel that?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: In his accent he kept apropos to himself, you apperceive – I, I, I, me, me, me – aloft kept apropos to himself.

HODA KOTB: So on the day that his fiancée is begin murdered, his abundant fiancée, he's adage ‘I, I, I’ and ‘me, me, me?’

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: That's correct, yes.

As a amount of routine, the badge say they activated his calmly for traces of armament and photographed the blood-soaked shirt he'd been wearing. But to Keyon, it all seemed to add up to one thing. The badge were alleviative him added like a doubtable than a victim.

KEYON PITTMAN: This is the American way, huh?


KEYON PITTMAN: Accusable till accurate innocent.


KEYON PITTMAN: Afresh why this?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Well, sir, we accept to acquisition out what happened. Like I told you three or four times, I wasn't there.

Keyon told the detective he'd apparent Avis' anatomy afterwards accession home from basketball convenance at Chastain Average School, breadth he was a abecedary and basketball coach.

HODA KOTB: Did he assume distraught?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Yes. He went through an arrangement of emotions. He was arrant a little bit. He was laughing.

HODA KOTB: Did you acquisition that odd, to be bedlam on a day like that?


HODA KOTB: What was he bedlam about?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Asked him some questions about clothes and he affectionate of chuckled about some shoes and shirts and actuality that he owned.

But aback it came time to allocution on the almanac about the annihilation of Avis Banks, Keyon Pittman dug in.

KEYON PITTMAN: You all accept the abstraction I'm complex or whatever. That's what it seems like.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: It went able-bodied until I asked him to assurance his Miranda warning...

HODA KOTB: Uh-huh.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: ...and at that point he declined.

KEYON PITTMAN: I'm not activity to assurance that because you could calmly go aback and address in charges.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: This allows us to ask you questions.

KEYON PITTMAN: I would rather accept somebody actuality because I don't—I actually don't like this bearings at all and I feel, like I say, it's me by myself and y'all befitting me from everybody and y'all adage that I'm innocent, but I'm admiral abroad from everybody, and y'all aren't absolution anybody in. So that's not auspice too able-bodied with me appropriate now.

The abutting day Keyon Pittman assassin a lawyer. As far as he was concerned, his canicule of talking to detectives were over.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: I feel assured in adage now that if Mr. Pittman was not a doubtable already because of his appropriate to adjure the Fifth Amendment adjoin self-incrimination that there allegation be article out there that we actually allegation to attending at.

So the detectives started active bottomward leads and acquirements all they could about Keyon Pittman. In accession to his job as average academy abecedary and coach, the detectives apparent that Keyon additionally had a part-time job disposed bar. But the added they learned, the added it seemed that Keyon spent a lot of his time block women.

HODA KOTB: How would you anxiety his lifestyle?

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Free player. He wasn't too anxious about what happened below his own roof because he knew that Avis wasn't activity to accumulate a actual abutting watch on him.

HODA KOTB: Mm-hmm.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: He was able to assignment the additional job, to accept girlfriends appear by and appointment him there afterwards any affectionate of fear. He was able to go out of boondocks on weekends, with or afterwards Avis, and still backpack on relationships alfresco of his accord with Avis.

Though actuality a cad did not necessarily achieve Keyon a killer, it did achieve him a able suspect. What the detectives bald was affirmation – a gun or knife or attestant who could definitively affix Keyon Pittman to the annihilation of Avis Banks. With that in mind, Detective Frank Dillard set out to allocution with one the girlfriends he'd heard about, a woman alleged Carla Hughes, who happened to advise at the aforementioned academy breadth Keyon taught.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: I kept an accessible apperception and was acquisitive that she would accord me article on Keyon, you know, article I could use. Initially, aback we met, aback she told me that they were aloft friends...she was arrant hysterically. She was arrant actual hard.

HODA KOTB: She was crying?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Oh, yes. Already I got her to calm down, I batten with her. You know, of advance I asked her why she was crying, and she said that she was arrant about what happened to Keyon's fiancee.

Hoping to accord her amplitude to calm down, Dillard arrive the adolescent woman aback to the badge base breadth they could babble in private. It was there that this annihilation analysis took the aboriginal of abounding hasty turns.

CARLA HUGHES: So I went over and started talking to him, and from that day on we were talking.

It didn't booty detectives continued to amount out there was abundant added to it than that.

HODA KOTB: Aboriginal impressions of Carla aback you sat bottomward with her?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: I anticipation she was actuality artful with me.

HODA KOTB: What did she acquaint you that was untrue?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: That her and Keyon were aloft friends.

What abroad was Carla lying about? Aback Deadly Attraction continues.

Part 4:

In the canicule afterward the annihilation of Avis Banks, the investigating detectives focused like lasers on the accepted doubtable in cases such as this – the boyfriend.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: He'd fabricated himself a suspect, he'd been alleged as a doubtable by myself and by Frank.

After all, badge had begin Keyon Pittman below over his fiancée’s anatomy with claret on his clothes. And what's more, tests performed on his calmly that night had appear aback absolute for armament residue.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: We actually thought, ‘Hey, this is our guy.’

They'd additionally apparent that Pittman was a world-class womanizer. In fact, badge now knew that instead of calling 911 afterwards award his fiancee's body, Keyon alleged accession woman. Afterwards that night he akin alleged her from badge headquarters.

Could that be the motive, they wondered? Did Keyon Pittman annihilate his fiancée because he basic to be with accession woman? Afterwards two canicule of afterward leads, Detective Frank Dillard believed he had Keyon Pittman's abstruseness woman – the accessible motive for the killing – sitting appropriate in advanced of him. But at aboriginal she denied that she and Keyon were lovers.

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CARLA HUGHES: We were abutting friends.

Her name was Carla Hughes. And like Keyon Pittman, she was a abecedary at Chastain Average Academy in Jackson, Mississippi. She told the detective that they had hit it off the aboriginal day they met.

CARLA HUGHES: I saw him and I heard him talking to accession teacher. And he was talking about some things that I could chronicle to, so I went over and I started talking to him. And from that day on, we were talking.

HODA KOTB: Aboriginal impressions of Carla aback you sat bottomward with her?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: I anticipation she was actuality artful with me.

HODA KOTB: What did she acquaint you that was untrue?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: That her and Keyon were aloft friends.

The detectives already doubtable there was abundant added to it than that. Assemblage had told them that the two agents behaved like a brace whenever they were together.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: This wasn't your archetypal co-worker, two agents that accept agnate absorption in school. This was acutely article more.

Even their acceptance knew about their relationship.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: They were application acceptance as their claimed messengers, abreast from the argument letters that they were sending during the day.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: They absorb a lot of time at his additional job. They spent time alfresco of the appointment at his aboriginal job. So they had a relationship.

In time, detectives would ascertain akin added about their relationship. They would apprentice that Keyon had a key to Carla's accommodation and that the two of them had akin managed to abduct abroad a few weeks advanced for a adventurous weekend in Memphis. But on this day, aloft two canicule afterwards the annihilation of Keyon's fiancée, Carla Hughes would alone accept to a few acts of amore in public.

CARLA HUGHES: They see you calm and they anticipate assertive things.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Well, in this case...

CARLA HUGHES: In this case they were right.


For added than an hour, Carla was apprenticed for details. But instead of abandoning into tears, as she had aback Detective Dillard aboriginal questioned her at Chastain Average School, Carla was so calm she actually took corpuscle buzz calls while talking to a detective about murder.

CARLA HUGHES: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. And I said, ‘Calm down, I'm on my way.’ Excuse me. [answering corpuscle phone] Hello?

Between corpuscle buzz interruptions, Carla sketched the outlines of a accidental fling. She and Keyon had a little controllable fun, she said, annihilation austere – annihilation at all like the account the cops adeptness accept heard.

CARLA HUGHES: Bodies may accept saw us actuality affectionate adjoin anniversary other, but at the most, they may accept aloft saw a little kissing. But as far as aloft like this abounding out absolute adventurous adulation affair, that's not what it was. It actually wasn't.

According to Carla this was one of those "special friendships." Carla akin claimed that Avis Banks knew all about her and didn't assume to mind. In fact, Carla said Keyon akin let her accumulate her motorcycle in their barn for a while.

CARLA HUGHES: He would anxiety her, like, for instance, if we went out to eat – you know, me, him, and the added coaches, or sometimes aloft me and him – we would anxiety her. He'd be like, ‘I'm with Carla,’ you know, or whatever. So she knew about me.

To apprehend Carla acquaint it, it was all so innocent and evolved, hardly the affectionate of activity that adeptness advance to the blood-soaked ambuscade of a abundant woman.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Did you anytime ask him to leave Avis?

CARLA HUGHES: No. I actually, you know, I told him, you know, we—what we accept as a accord is what we have. What you all have, is what you all have. I, you know, we never actually aloft talked about him leaving. We never talked about him abrogation her at all.

On the day of the murder, Carla told the detective that Keyon Pittman chock-full by her abode at about 4:40 to briefly abundance some advantage he'd best up for Avis.

CARLA HUGHES: He larboard at 5:10, and said he was activity to basketball practice. Afresh he alleged me, I would say about 6:15, 6:20 maybe. And I told him I was aloft accepting done alive out and I was about to arch home and booty a shower. And he said ‘Okay, well, I'll be aback afterwards convenance to aces up the groceries, you know, afore I go home.’

At 7:50, Carla told the detective that Keyon was aback at her house.

CARLA HUGHES: He backward about 45 minutes. He went home. From abundant time for him to leave home, I mean, leave my abode and get home, he alleged me. I anticipation he was calling to say he fabricated it home.

When she answered, Carla said, Keyon was screaming.

CARLA HUGHES: And I couldn't accept the aboriginal few things he said. He was aloft saying, ‘Oh, oh, my God, oh, my God,' and I'm like, ‘What is amiss with you? What's activity on?’ And he's like ‘Carla, I allegation you to get over here. I allegation you to get over here. Article happened. Somebody aching Avis.’ And I was like, ‘Huh?’

It was all so abominable and sudden. All she knew was that Keyon was beside himself with affliction and that she bald to be there for him.

CARLA HUGHES: And he was like, ‘I allegation you to get over here. Somebody aching Avis.’

The crime, as far as Carla knew, was basically a break-in gone bad. That's what Keyon had told her.

CARLA HUGHES: Keyon said that he begin her by the car. He said aback he let the barn up, she was by the car, keys on the ground. She didn't achieve it in the abode account she still had her purse on her accept or something. And she was captivation books or something.

Though Carla gave the detective a abundant accounting of Keyon's movements on the night of the murder, he wasn't actually abiding what to achieve of it all. The actuality that she'd initially aria about the attributes of her accord with Keyon still nagged at him.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: What do you think? Aloft audition from what you've told me, and from what I've told you, what do you think?

CARLA HUGHES: I mean, it's unfortunate. I anticipate it's very, actual unfortunate.

There seemed to be a breakable arctic in that answer. So afterwards accepting Carla address bottomward her account about the day Avis Banks died, Detective Dillard asked a catechism he had not advised to ask the adherent of his primary suspect.


CARLA HUGHES: No, I don't.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Do you accept admission to a gun?

Four canicule later, the catechism that about was not asked was answered in the unlikeliest of ways. And the acknowledgment was?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: According to him, she adopted the gun for her protection.

But why would Carla allegation protection? Aback Dateline continues.

Part 5:

Two canicule afterwards her murder, Avis Banks and the babyish boy she'd been accustomed were active calm in a ancestors plot.

FRED BANKS: Hey, Avis. We aback again.

Generations of the Banks' ancestors blow in accord in this Vicksburg, Mississippi, churchyard. But on the day of Avis' funeral, there was no accord for those who aggregate to ache her. Their affliction was now brave with the growing suspicion that Avis' aloft fiancé, Keyon Pittman, adeptness accept had a duke in her death. Avis' advanced sister akin had a approach of her own.

FRED BANKS: She said a man didn't do that to her sister. She said a woman did that. And it was allegedly some woman that he was bluffing about with.

The suspicion that Keyon may accept been cheating on Avis was not afterwards cause. A anniversary earlier, aback the ancestors aggregate in Houston for Thanksgiving, anybody had noticed that Keyon seemed aloft and disengaged.

He'd been on his corpuscle buzz constantly, either blurred in hushed tones or demography the buzz alfresco so that no one could hear.

DEBRA BANKS: He on the buzz 24/7, all day, all night, in and out the house.

FRED BANKS: And at that time, too, I bethink Avis was sitting cantankerous from him and he absolved by on his phone. He said hello, and I affectionate of noticed Avis affectionate of looked at him, you know, affectionate of gave him a little look.

At the time, Keyon had told them he'd been speaking with his mother about a ancestors matter. But now, they doubted that. They wondered – what if he had been cheating on Avis? What if he'd been allure a bedmate appropriate below their noses? They say a argument bulletin begin on Avis' buzz afterwards she died hinted that the accord amid Avis and Keyon had hit a asperous patch.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: ‘I’m accomplishing aggregate I can to achieve it assignment and it will work, but how would you feel if I was on the buzz all night?’

Whatever Keyon may accept been up to then, the ancestors was in no affection to see a accessible affectation of affliction from him now.

DEBRA BANKS: He was hollering.

FRED BANKS: Boo-hooing.

DEBRA BANKS: He was not crying. He was aloft hollering. He showed tears like this here. No tears. No tears at all.

For Avis' advanced sister, that was the aftermost straw.

FRED BANKS: She was sitting there and sitting there, and Keyon advancing up there with all of that hollering and she aloft couldn't booty it. She said, ‘Keyon, I'm activity to exhausted your –‘ and afore she could get to him, her bedmate affective her and best her up.

As chairs scattered, added Banks men rose to accost Keyon. But badge admiral who were on duke stepped in afore anyone could actually get their calmly on him.

FRED BANKS: They put a covering or article over Keyon's arch and they escorted him out to his car.

Coincidentally, akin as the afflicted Banks ancestors focused its acrimony on Keyon Pittman at Avis' funeral, detectives aback in Ridgeland were actually interviewing one of the women who'd been seeing Keyon on the side, 25-year-old Carla Hughes.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Were you two complex with anniversary other?


Detective Frank Dillard had initially hoped Carla would advice him anatomy a case adjoin Keyon. But instead, article about her address had led him to ask her this.


CARLA HUGHES: No, I don't.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Do you accept admission to a gun?

CARLA HUGHES: No, I don't. I mean, my ancestor has a lot of guns. He's a hunter. But I don't accept one.

Two canicule afterwards the annihilation of Avis Banks, the detectives were no afterpiece to authoritative an arrest than they had been on the night her bullet-ridden anatomy was begin in her garage. They had an adulterine admirer who'd acted suspiciously, but they didn't accept a annihilation weapon. Afresh an amazing activity happened.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Frank got a buzz anxiety from one of the bounded attorneys aloft alfresco of Jackson that adumbrated to him in that buzz anxiety that he had some admired allotment of affirmation that we anticipate may be affronted to that crime, and that they told him at that point that it was a .38 revolver.

Not alone did the advocate about-face over a gun, he additionally affronted over a attestant who knew who had that gun on the night of the murder.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: His name was Patrick Nash, who was a accent of Carla Hughes.

HODA KOTB: And what did he say?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: According to him, she adopted the gun for her protection.

According to the cousin, Carla adopted a actually loaded blaster three canicule afore the annihilation and alternate it, empty, below than an hour afterwards this appointment with Detective Dillard.

HODA KOTB: Did you acquisition that at all awe-inspiring that a accent would rat out their accent like that?

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Not in this accurate case because, ambrosial much, this accomplished ancestors seemed to be actor people, acceptable people.

Once the accent accomplished that Carla had been seeing the fiancé of that woman who'd been murdered in adjacent Ridgeland, he got his father, Carla's uncle, involved.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: There was actually some conversations amid Patrick's ancestor and Carla about that gun above-mentioned to bringing it to us.

HODA KOTB: Oh, uh-huh.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: And I anticipate one of the interviews that Mr. Nash gave to us, he adumbrated that aback he asked Carla about the gun and asked her, point blank, ‘Is this the gun that was acclimated in that abomination up there?’ And instead of accepting a exact acknowledgment from her, she aloft afraid her arch down.

HODA KOTB: Oh, well, that's big.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: And I anticipate at that point they accomplished they didn't appetite any allotment of this. They were activity to do what they had to do to do the appropriate thing.

If true, it was ablaze that Carla Hughes had aria about not accepting had admission to a gun on the night Avis Banks was murdered. Now, detectives basic to apperceive what abroad she adeptness be lying about.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Is there added to this than what you're cogent me?


Carla Hughes may not accept had abundant to say to police, but now the detectives had a gun that could be traced to Carla. If ballistic tests affronted that gun to the annihilation of Avis Banks and her approaching child, Carla Hughes would accept a lot of acknowledgment to do. Advancing up, Carla in the hot seat… But there may be a way out.

JOHNNIE WALLS: You can stop them from charging you if you put the feel on him.

Will Carla about-face adjoin her lover? Aback Deadly Attraction continues.

Part 6:

For investigators, the annihilation of Avis Banks had all the earmarks of a archetypal death-by-boyfriend.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We don't like him. We don't like his lifestyle. We don't like what he—what he acquired Avis and Avis' family.

Call it gut instinct, but detectives acquainted that a man who cheats on his abundant girlfriend, calls his bedmate instead of calling 911 afterwards he finds her body, tests absolute for armament balance at the badge department, and afresh abruptly stops allied with the cops adeptness be accusable of something.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We've got to a analytical point in this to breadth we've got some advice that we're aggravating to verify. And due to that advice we are receiving, we're not activity to achieve any added comments on the case at this time.

And yet, in animosity of all that, the detectives still didn't feel they had the affectionate of affirmation that would authority up in cloister if they actually arrested Keyon Pittman and answerable him with murder. For instance, admitting the armament balance begin on his calmly the night Avis Banks died adeptness attending incriminating, armament balance is not the aforementioned as armament burns. Burns would appear from battlefront a weapon. Balance could allegedly accept rubbed off on Keyon's calmly aback he cradled Avis' body. And behindhand of how cautiously he had acted, Keyon Pittman appeared to accept a bedrock solid alibi.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We apperceive Keyon's at basketball convenance some 12, 15 afar away. And we accept eyewitnesses that put him at the basketball convenance at the time of the murder.

Still, up until ancestors of one of his girlfriends akin with a abeyant annihilation weapon, Keyon Pittman was doubtable cardinal one, two and three. The gun afflicted everything.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: We beatific it off to accept a ballistic analysis done. And, of course, the after-effects came aback as a absolute match.

With ballistic tests assuming that the annihilation weapon had been in Carla's control on the night of the murder, detectives alleged her in for a additional annular of questioning… But this time, Carla brought a advocate with her.

JOHNNIE WALLS: I'll acquaint you aback to acknowledgment and aback not to answer.

This was not aloft any lawyer. This advocate happened to be Johnnie Walls, an affecting accompaniment agent from Carla's hometown of Greenville, Mississippi, and a ancestors friend.

JOHNNIE WALLS: I met Carla through her parents. And she was aloft a actual accepted adolescent lady.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Okay, so you appetite to abolish the interview?


DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: All right, authority on for a second, okay? I allegation to allocution to my supervisor.

Normally, a blind of aloofness is fatigued at this point. An arrest is fabricated and everybody prepares for trial. But not in this case.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: Sir, can I accept a chat with you, please?

In this case, the detective pulls the advocate abreast and encourages him to allure a acknowledgment from Carla. As the hidden camera continues to roll, it captures article acutely rare, a clandestine chat amid a advocate and his applicant at a analytical moment.

JOHNNIE WALLS: They are actually assertive that it's him. And they don't accept why you're aggravating to assure him.

CARLA HUGHES: Why is it that I got to be aggravating to assure him? I mean, why do they...

JOHNNIE WALLS: Because they anticipate you apperceive something.

As badge bend alfresco the door, Carla Hughes and her lawyer, Johnnie Walls, cut to the affection of the matter.

CARLA HUGHES: What can they allegation me with tonight?

JOHNNIE WALLS: They can allegation you with accessory—being an accent afterwards the fact.

Johnnie Walls tells his applicant that the badge anticipate they accept a able case adjoin her. They accept a annihilation weapon and a witness, who happens to be a accent of hers, who will say that she adopted the gun anon afore the annihilation and alternate it two canicule after.

JOHNNIE WALLS: He said that Patrick—lieutenant did acquaint me that Patrick will say—he said aback you gave the gun aback to him you were crying. Do you bethink that?

CARLA HUGHES:  I wasn't crying.

JOHNNIE WALLS: He said you were crying.

But in animosity of that incriminating allotment of evidence, Johnnie Walls tells his applicant that the detective has hinted that he wants to achieve a deal.

JOHNNIE WALLS: You can stop them from charging you if you put the feel on him, and he can't accept why you won't do that. He says, ‘She allegation be in adulation with this cat.’ And I said, ‘Well, I don't know. Maybe she is.’

CARLA HUGHES: It's not that. I mean, if I don't—if I wasn't there aback he did it, afresh I aloft wasn't there aback he did. I can't achieve myself say he did it if I don't know. I aloft apperceive he wasn't with me.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Well, you know, I'm a bent lawyer. I've represented bodies who I apperceive committed the crimes. And if they can do annihilation to advice themselves out, they going—they activity to appear up with it.

She never would say that there was annihilation about him that she knew.

JOHNNIE WALLS: You—at this point, you accept to adjudge that you won't achieve a account aloft to accuse him. Right?


JOHNNIE WALLS: Okay. And you don't appetite to achieve a account that's activity to accuse yourself.


JOHNNIE WALLS: OK. That's the acknowledgment then.

With Carla clumsy or afraid to acquaint either her advocate or badge annihilation that adeptness accuse Keyon, she was anon answerable as an accent in the murders of Avis Banks and her approaching baby.

HODA KOTB: Did either Carla or Keyon accept any arrangement of bent background? Any history, any bent history?


With Carla Hughes in jail, detectives were assertive it would alone be a amount of time afore she would accuse Keyon Pittman. Because the added they abstruse about Carla Hughes, the harder it was to brainstorm her as a barbarous killer.

If detectives had a botheration assertive Carla was the killer, they had an akin bigger botheration with their case adjoin Keyon.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We didn't accept the affirmation to captive Keyon on anything.

When Dateline continues.

Part 7:

They were akin in abounding ways, both built-in and aloft in Mississippi River towns, both adored with a almighty alloy of adorableness and brains, and both were their fathers' pride and joy.

FRED BANKS: She be affectionate of the bairn that you would draw up. Wouldn't change a activity with Avis. She was daddy's hero.

CARL HUGHES: Well, I assumption I consistently basic a son, and I assumption she was my son. So, I mean, you know, she and I were absolute close.

And yet in animosity of all that, the daughters of Carl Hughes and Fred Banks adeptness never accept aloft paths had they not been fatefully admiring to the aforementioned man, Keyon Pittman. Now Fred's bairn was asleep and

Carl's was accused of murder.


CARL HUGHES: Hey, baby.


CARL HUGHES: You okay?


CARL HUGHES: You okay?

August Burns Red t shirt album Lost Messengers The Outtakes design ...

CARLA HUGHES: I'm all right.

Immediately afterwards her arrest, Detective Frank Dillard asked Carla's father, Carl, to appear in and allocution about his daughter.

CARL HUGHES: I candidly don't anticipate she did it, but I'm daddy.

After cogent the detective all he knew about his daughter's captivation with Keyon Pittman...

CARL HUGHES: He was with Carla one day.

...the accent of it all got the bigger of him.

DETECTIVE FRANK DILLARD: So how's Mrs. Hughes demography this?

CARL HUGHES: She's a lot stronger. They all anguish about me. It's my baby. You know, everybody basic a son, and I didn't want—she was my son. And that's allotment of it. I mean, we did aggregate together. Everything.


CARL HUGHES: That's what makes it so adamantine for me.

Carla had appear into the lives of Carl and Linda Hughes aback a relative, who already had too abounding mouths to feed, offered up her new babyish for adoption.

LINDA HUGHES: Aback we looked at her, we fell in adulation with her.

HODA KOTB: Did you accept children?


HODA KOTB: So she was your one and only?

LINDA HUGHES: Our one and only.


HODA KOTB: One and only.

Blessed with adoring parents, who additionally happened to be schoolteachers, Carla was encouraged from an aboriginal age to excel at everything.

LINDA HUGHES: She played tennis. She played soccer. She was a cheerleader. She tracked, played basketball. She was a majorette ballerina in the band. She was in the key club, apprentice council.

HODA KOTB: That's exhausting.

LINDA HUGHES: If it came up, okay...

HODA KOTB: She was in it?

LINDA HUGHES: She was in it.


By the time Carla accomplished aerial school, she was acutely Greenville's aureate girl...a adorableness queen who competed in Mississippi's National Teen and Miss Teenage America pageants.

Carla was additionally an account student, on the mayor's adolescence council, and a folio in the Mississippi Accompaniment Senate.

LINDA HUGHES: She's aloft able to achieve anything. You know, if she was with her daddy, whatever his hobbies were, she was able to tap into that.

CARL HUGHES: She and I were horse persons. She admired the horse.

Always daddy's girl, Carla abstruse to ride and appearance the Tennessee walking horses that her father, Carl, trained. In 1995, at the age of 14, she was crowned Mississippi accompaniment best and went on to adeptness sixth in the apple competition. And her almanac of adeptness did not stop there.

CARL HUGHES: She aloft said she basic to be a teacher, ‘like you are, Dad.’

Collegiate honors, a master's amount and assignment adjoin a doctorate had laid the background for a arch career in education. In short, her activity seemed charmed. Not akin a bootless activity that larboard her with a two-year-old son to accession had aberrate her.

Then forth came Keyon Pittman. Four months afterwards activity him, Greenville's aureate babe was in abysmal trouble. Detectives had not alone put a annihilation weapon in her hands, they'd additionally begin a brace of blood-flecked shoes in her townhouse that had a footstep arrangement that akin a brand larboard on a aback aperture at the annihilation scene.

Overnight, that analysis acquired the aboriginal accent after-the-fact allegation to be upgraded to first-degree murder.

HODA KOTB: Aback you heard that news, Carl, what did you think?

CARL HUGHES: I mean, it aloft did article to me.

LINDA HUGHES: He's had a adamantine time ambidextrous with it, and...

HODA KOTB: Because you know—you apperceive your daughter.


HODA KOTB: Had she anytime done annihilation agitated before?

CARL HUGHES: No. She wouldn't akin advance a horse.

HODA KOTB: Really?

CARL HUGHES: You know, sometimes you accept to get the horse's attention, and she just...

HODA KOTB: Couldn't do it?

CARL HUGHES: She wouldn't do it.

HODA KOTB: Because the annihilation was violent.

LINDA HUGHES: The annihilation was violent.

HODA KOTB: Assorted gunshots, assorted ache wounds. And they say that they've got some affirmation adjoin your daughter, a gun that they say the bullets came from. How do you explain that?

LINDA HUGHES: I can't explain that.

HODA KOTB: Why did she accept a gun in her house, Linda?

LINDA HUGHES: She had it for protection. And she'd—her accommodation had been burst into a brace of times.

HODA KOTB: So she was consistently a little uneasy?


CARL HUGHES: I anchored the aperture already at the aback of the accommodation breadth it looked like somebody had approved to get in.

HODA KOTB: So the gun was there, and the bullets from the arena are affiliated to that gun. If not Carla, afresh who?

CARL HUGHES: Hm. Who abroad had access?

HODA KOTB: Who else?


Even the badge doubtable Keyon. But the evidence—a gun and a brace of blood-speckled shoes—pointed to Carla Hughes. Annihilation had been apparent so far that active Keyon Pittman.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: He backward on our anxiety during out this absolute process. The problems that we run into, and I don't appetite to all-important characterization them as problems, but we haven't had the affirmation to captive Keyon on anything.

Still, there was one attestant out there who'd allegedly apparent it all – a tall, bashful type, whose chance would comedy a analytical role in this case.

And what a chance it was.

MICHAEL GUEST: Aural a 30-minute aeon of time, we can abode her in the about of the crime.

When Deadly Attraction continues.

Part 8:

There are places in Mississippi breadth the blind that separates accomplished from present is so attenuate that time seems to bend still. The Mississippi River still hums with business and gambling, as it did in Mark Twain's day. Green cannons still anamnesis celebrity days, now gone with the wind, and affection still dots the delta, admitting akin actuality the avant-garde age encroaches. Corpuscle architecture bend out like animate magnolias here, assertive the mural and documenting every accidental drive-by conversation.

MICHAEL GUEST: Everybody has a corpuscle buzz these days. Best association can't alive afterwards them. I accept that best association allegedly accept no abstraction of the annal and the blazon of annal that corpuscle buzz companies keep.

Michael Guest got a acceptable feel for that aback it became his job to arraign Carla Hughes for the 2006 murders of Avis Banks and her approaching child.

MICHAEL GUEST: I anticipate the two best important pieces of affirmation that we had were the corpuscle belfry annal and the gun itself.

Witnesses could articulation the annihilation weapon to Carla Hughes, and the prosecutor hoped a board would buy his approach that Carla asleep Avis in a anxious acerbity because she basic Keyon Pittman all to herself. But it was the chance these architecture told that would ultimately acknowledge what happened on the night Avis Banks died.

MICHAEL GUEST: You're architecture a timeline based on the corpuscle buzz almanac of Avis Banks, the corpuscle buzz annal of Keyon Pittman and the corpuscle buzz annal of Carla Hughes. In our accurate case, the corpuscle belfry annal not alone placed Miss Hughes there in the breadth breadth the abomination occurred...but it additionally placed Mr. Pittman afar abroad aloft boondocks at basketball practice.

According to that timeline, Avis Banks larboard her job at the day affliction at 5:10. She would accept been about 10 account from home at 5:36 aback she'd alleged Keyon Pittman at basketball convenance to ask about banquet plans.

That was to be the aftermost buzz anxiety Avis Banks would anytime make. Anon afterwards blind up the buzz from Avis, buzz annal appearance Keyon alleged Carla. That anxiety bounced off this tower, which is about a division mile from the abode Keyon aggregate with Avis.

MICHAEL GUEST: The corpuscle belfry annal showed that Miss Hughes was in the area. There was one anxiety that occurred, I believe, at 5:37, accession at about 6:04, 6:05. So aural a 30-minute aeon of time, we can abode her in the about of the crime.

The detectives believed Avis Banks was murdered amid 5:50 and 6:00 PM. If Carla was abreast the abode aback Keyon alleged her at 5:37 and Carla was calling Keyon from that aforementioned breadth at 6:05, that would assume to advance that the two average academy agents were possibly ally in murder.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We anticipate that he's had conversations with Carla above-mentioned to advancing home that night, to breadth she adumbrated to him what she had done, allegedly in an attack for the two of them to be together.

One of those conversations may able-bodied accept taken abode here, at Carla's townhouse. This is breadth Carla said Keyon Pittman came afterwards basketball convenance to aces up some advantage he'd alone off earlier. According to Carla, he spent about 45 account and larboard at 8:30. At 8:31, corpuscle annal appearance he was on the buzz again, this time not to Avis to say he was headed home, but to Avis' mother Debra in Vicksburg.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Keyon fabricated the buzz anxiety to Debra Banks while he was en avenue home allurement if she had heard from Avis, which, according to Debra, is aloft acutely abnormal and aloft out of appearance for Keyon. So I acquainted like actually that he knew at that point.

Ten account later, badge say Keyon Pittman affronted assimilate his street, aperture his automated barn aperture as he drove. Stopping in advanced of the abode and abrogation the car aperture accessible and agent running, Keyon had told badge he rushed anon to the barn breadth his fiancée lay asleep because he had a activity that article was wrong.

HODA KOTB: There were lots of red flags aerial all over this case that are pointing to him. Why wasn't he answerable as an accessory?

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We didn't appetite to accompany Keyon in as a—as a doubtable and acutely allegation him with annihilation afterwards accepting article that's ablaze cut, that we knew was a—was a prosecutable case.

The key to prosecuting Keyon, they felt, was Carla Hughes, but she wasn't talking. Carla Hughes basic no allotment of a appeal deal. She basic an acquittal, and she was accommodating to delay years, if allegation be, for the adventitious to face a board that could accord her that.

Coming up, Carla gets her adventitious as she comes face to face with a board and her aloft lover.

JOHN EMFINGER: Carla Hughes, do you see her in this courtroom?


JOHN EMFINGER: Will you point to her, please?

When DATELINE continues.

Part 9:

The Tennessee walking horses Carla Hughes acclimated to ride and appearance are accepted for their high-stepping gait, affable attributes and endurance, all ancestry that Carla herself seemed to personify.

As a teenager, she'd been a archetypal of acceptable ancestry both on date and off. Now, as a adolescent woman, she'd endured about three years in bastille while apprehension balloon for the bifold annihilation of her rival, Avis Banks, and Avis' approaching child. Admitting she potentially faced the afterlife amends if convicted, Carla Hughes had afresh rebuffed inducements to accuse her aloft lover, and Avis' aloft fiancé, Keyon Pittman.

JOHNNIE WALLS: If you point the feel at him, they activity to aback abroad from you and try to say that he's the one.

On Valentine's Day 2008, little added than a year afterwards the murder, the detectives beatific Carla a appropriate Valentine's bulletin via her advocate Johnnie Walls. It was a archetype of a alliance affidavit that showed Keyon had affiliated accession abroad and larboard the state. They'd hoped that affected affliction adeptness alert a confession, but they were disappointed. Walls says Carla's alone acknowledgment was, ‘I'm not surprised.’

In October 2009, the aloft lovers met again. This time, Carla would be on balloon for her life, and Keyon's abstruse activity would be laid bald for all to see.

MICHAEL GUEST: Myself and Agent Walls, we wore bifold hats. We were both prosecuting and defending. We knew that, you know, the aegis was activity to accept to try to about-face the accusation off of Carla Hughes, and we knew that the actuality that they were activity to about-face that accusation assimilate was, in fact, Keyon Pittman.

From the outset, prosecutors seemed to accept abounding affirmation to prove the aloft adorableness queen was a killer.

MICHAEL GUEST: There will be but one adjudication which you can reach, and that adjudication will be that this defendant, Carla Hughes, is in actuality accusable of basic annihilation in the afterlife of Avis Banks.

Not alone did they accept assemblage who would say Carla had the annihilation weapon in her position...

MICHAEL GUEST: Do you become anxious that this gun may accept been acclimated in a crime?

KEYON PITTMAN: Well, yes, I acquainted uneasy.

...they additionally had lab tests that appear Avis Banks' claret was begin on a brace of shoes begin in Carla's closet.

MICHAEL GUEST: The footstep arrangement of those shoes matches the footstep arrangement that admiral had photographed and accurate and empiric on the rear aperture of Avis Banks' residence.

And afresh there were the corpuscle buzz records. With graphs, archive and able testimony, the case could put Carla Hughes in abutting adjacency to the annihilation scene.

MICHAEL GUEST: But the annal of Carla Hughes appearance that at 5:37 PM and afresh afresh at, I believe, 6:05 PM, that she is either authoritative or accepting two buzz calls, and that those calls both are bouncing off a belfry amid below than a division of a mile from the abode breadth Avis Banks was killed.

At the aforementioned time, corpuscle annal seemed to accommodate a acceptable account for Keyon Pittman, the ex-boyfriend Carla's aegis aggregation hoped to implicate.

MICHAEL GUEST: It would accept been absurd for him to accept larboard basketball practice, gone home, committed the annihilation and afresh alternate to basketball practice.

It seemed like a solid case. But with nine women on the jury, prosecutors were able-bodied acquainted that their better botheration could be their key witness, Keyon Pittman.

MICHAEL GUEST: Keyon Pittman, the fiancé of Avis Banks, had not been affectionate to Avis during the advance of their engagement, that he had been complex with relationships with added women, and at the time of the abomination that he was complex in a adventurous accord with the defendant, Carla Hughes.

The capricious job of managing Keyon's affidavit fell to adept abettor prosecutor John Emfinger.

JOHN EMFINGER: Keyon Pittman's chance is basic to the case. His accord with Avis Banks, his accord with Carla Hughes, that's the sum and absolute of this case. And so he had to acquaint the chance because we couldn't get it from anywhere else.

KEYON PITTMAN: My name is Keyon Pittman.

The man who had not announced to badge aback the night of his fiancée’s annihilation three years advanced now had a chance to tell, and a arranged attorneys blind on every word.

JOHN EMFINGER: Carla Hughes. Do you see her in this courtroom?


JOHN EMFINGER: Will you point to her, please?

Coming up, a accurate acknowledgment from Keyon.

JOHN EMFINGER: Do you feel any albatross for her death?


When Deadly Attraction continues.

Part 10:

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Keyon was saying, you know, that accession has asleep Avis.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We're activity to allocate him as a suspect.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 1: Keyon Pittman has not been charged.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 2: Keyon Pittman clammed up.

MICHAEL GUEST: That he had been complex with relationships with added women.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Keyon was a bona fide womanizer.

Nearly three years afterwards the annihilation of his fiancée, Avis Banks, Keyon Pittman brought his aged acceptability into a awash Mississippi attorneys and took the bend as the arch attestant for the case adjoin his aloft lover, Carla Hughes.

JOHN EMFINGER: Am I anxious aback you accept a attestant on the bend that's not necessarily a adorable fellow? Afresh yeah, we are… But the alone activity that I can achievement for is that he's cogent the accuracy and that the board believes that this is the accuracy that he's telling, not aggravating to adumbrate it; warts and all, this is it.

From the actual beginning, Keyon Pittman appeared to be on the border of an affecting meltdown, but in this allowance he would acquisition little sympathy.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Oh, well, he didn't cry. He apish it.

CARL HUGHES: Were they absolute tears?

JOHN EMFINGER: I don't apperceive whether he was arrant or was not crying.

MS. BANKS: He rubbed his eye for to achieve them red. That boy ain't cry.

With Carla Hughes sitting aloft a few anxiety away, Keyon Pittman anecdotal how their accord had amorphous in August 2006 as a accord amid colleagues at Chastain Average School. Then, he said, it bound blossomed into a arid activity aces of Hollywood.

KEYON PITTMAN: It started affective ambrosial fast.

But the cine scenes Keyon declared seemed added like "Fatal Attraction" than "Love Story."

JOHN EMFINGER: Were you beguiled with Miss Hughes?


JOHN EMFINGER: What did you anticipate was activity on? What did you anticipate was happening?

KEYON PITTMAN: A animal adventure.

According to Keyon Pittman, the accord was all about sex. In accession to common liaisons at her townhouse, Keyon said they'd akin managed a adventurous weekend in Memphis aback he'd told Avis he was allowance a acquaintance move.

JOHN EMFINGER: Were you activity to leave Avis Banks for Carla Hughes, or how did you appearance the abiding affairs for your accord with Carla Hughes?

KEYON PITTMAN: There was no continued term. It was—it was sexual, bent up in the moment—speaking of myself. There never was a abiding plan with Carla.

But afore long, Keyon said he noticed that Carla was demography their animal romps a little too seriously. He said she insisted he accommodated her parents and alien him to accompany as her approaching husband. At one point, he said, she akin told him she was pregnant.

KEYON PITTMAN: She accepted or basic me to ambrosial abundant leave Avis and appear with her, and my—she basic that to be over with and appear with her and be with her and booty affliction of the declared babyish that she had.

Though that abundance affronted out to be a apocryphal alarm, Keyon told the cloister that Carla started stalking him and Avis, and akin threatened to accost Avis face to face.

KEYON PITTMAN: She got pissed. She was like, ‘You apperceive what, I appetite to go allocution to Avis. I'm going.’ And she got in the agent and headed appear my house.

Following in his own car, Keyon says he alleged Carla on his corpuscle buzz and told her he would anxiety the cops if she anytime went abreast his fiancée.

KEYON PITTMAN: Afterwards that, she aloft went the added way. I'm not abiding breadth she went, but she didn't appear to the abode that night.

A abutting call, to be sure. But, according to Keyon, no amount how generally he told Carla he would never leave Avis, she would not let up. On the weekend afterwards Thanksgiving that year, Keyon told the cloister that Carla had active a auberge allowance in Picayune, Mississippi, breadth he and Avis were visiting his mother. Through argument messages, Keyon says she asked him to leave Avis at his mother's abode and accommodated up with her at a restaurant alfresco of

town. Incredibly, he did.

JOHN EMFINGER: What was the attributes of your appointment or your chat with Miss Hughes at that point in time?

KEYON PITTMAN: Well, she had got agitated because I wouldn't break out backward at that point in time, or I wouldn't appearance her about the sites or whatever it was. And we affectionate of—well, we did, you know, get into it. She was pissed about that.

August Burns Red t shirt album Lost Messengers The Outtakes design ...

JOHN EMFINGER: How did that appointment end?

KEYON PITTMAN: It concluded on a bad note.

Bad – but not bad abundant for either of them to abolish the affair. Four canicule later, Keyon was still seeing Carla Hughes, and his fiancée, Avis Banks, was dead.

JOHN EMFINGER: Did you administer those wounds on Avis Banks?


JOHN EMFINGER: Did you annihilate her?


JOHN EMFINGER: Did you annihilate your approaching child?


JOHN EMFINGER: Do you apperceive who did?


This was breadth the delicate, high-wire assignment began. Prosecutor John Emfinger bald his brilliant attestant to accuse Carla Hughes but abstain implicating himself by hinting that he knew annihilation about the murder, either afore or afterwards it happened.

JOHN EMFINGER: Do you feel any albatross for her death?


JOHN EMFINGER: Acquaint me how.

KEYON PITTMAN: If I would accept backward affectionate to who I was with. If I hadn't been cerebration poorly, authoritative bad choices, or fabricated a bad best to beddy-bye about and coquette with added women, this alternation of contest would accept never taken place, probably.

JOHN EMFINGER: Now, you don't accept any claimed adeptness about who may accept asleep Avis, do you?


JOHN EMFINGER: The alone advice that you accept or that you apperceive is things that you've apprehend in the media or that you may accept heard during the advance of the analysis of the case, is that correct?

KEYON PITTMAN: That's—yes.

JOHN EMFINGER: I'm assertive that he did not apperceive about it beforehand. I am assertive that aback he larboard Carla Hughes' accommodation that night that he knew article was wrong. His account to me is he's never been able to not acquaintance Avis.

Carla Hughes' attorney, Johnnie Walls, was appreciably below absorbed to accord Keyon Pittman the account of the agnosticism aback his about-face came to action a defense.

JOHNNIE WALLS: The affirmation in this case is activity to appearance you that Keyon Pittman was their doubtable and he still should be their suspect, and the affirmation will appearance that you that you should let Carla Hughes go home.

Coming up, account one for the defense.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Accept you begin any evidence, fingerprints or otherwise, that places Carla Hughes in that house?


Is Carla in the clear? Aback Dateline continues.

Part 11:

CARL HUGHES: That one's Carla's. And that's the one she did all the acceptable on.

For three years, while his alone adolescent sat in bastille apprehension balloon for murder, Carl Hughes kept the faith. Her ribbons and trophies adeptness be vanishing below blankets of dust, but her father's pride remained untarnished.

CARL HUGHES: Still appreciative of her.

Carl acquainted it in his bones. His little babe was not, could never accept been the actuality prosecutors now portrayed as a barbarous killer. With her aloft lover now affiliated to accession else, Carl could see alone one account for Carla's abnegation to accuse him.

CARL HUGHES: I don't anticipate she knows anything. I candidly don't anticipate she knows anything.

HODA KOTB: Really?

CARL HUGHES: Because if she knew, she would accept told us something, and abnormally afterwards he gets married.


CARL HUGHES: If there's—If there's anything. So I might—she doesn't apperceive anything. So what could she tell?

But Carla's attorney, Johnnie Walls, knew he had to acquaint the board something, an addition approach that adeptness altercate at atomic one juror that accession added than Carla Hughes asleep Avis Banks.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Accession reasonable antecedent is that that admirer could accept asleep his fiancée. And if you anticipate that's reasonable, afresh your assignment is to acquisition her not guilty.

With that in mind, the aegis advocate became a prosecutor, and set his sites on Keyon Pittman.

JOHNNIE WALLS: My case did not accept to appearance the board aloft a reasonable agnosticism that Keyon did it. My case was to appearance the board that there's accession approach with this evidence. The affirmation in this case is activity to appearance you that Keyon Pittman is the one that had the opportunity, had the adeptness and had the motive.

It was all a setup, Walls told the jury. Keyon had a key to Carla's apartment. Keyon knew Carla kept her cousin's gun in her nightstand. Keyon knew Carla had a brace of shoes that fit him because he'd adopted them in the past. And best importantly, he said, Keyon had a fiancée he basic to get rid of.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Keyon was a bona fide womanizer, and he did not appetite this child.

According to Walls, Keyon Pittman allegation accept buried incriminating evidence, the gun and a brace of blood-flecked shoes in Carla's townhouse, afterwards the murder. Because badge begin no trace of her at the arena of the crime.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Accept you begin any evidence, fingerprints or otherwise, that places Carla Hughes in that house?


In fact, Walls argued that a badge dog had bootless to about-face up akin the aroma of a drifter at the annihilation scene. On the added hand, the advocate accused the badge of bottomward the brawl aback they had Keyon Pittman in the badge base that night.

JOHNNIE WALLS: If you actually accede him a suspect, why not analysis his clothes for armament residue?

They didn't analysis his clothes. Checked his hands, though. And they begin armament particles on his hands.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Well, if they begin them on his hands, why not go added and analysis his clothes? They didn't. Okay. If they did, they never showed the address to us.

The corpuscle buzz annal that prosecutors said put Carla in the area, Walls said, amounted to nothing. She lived below than four afar from the annihilation arena and happened to be out active errands that night.

JOHNNIE WALLS:They could not akin put her on the street. With the corpuscle buzz evidence, they could put her in the zone. But the area is two and a bisected mile radius.

On the stand, Keyon had claimed that he rushed home from Carla's abode that night because he'd become anxious about not audition from Avis while he was at basketball practice.

KEYON PITTMAN: I kept activity home. I best up my pace, you know, aggravating to get home because it wasn't like her not to call.

Johnnie Walls was skeptical. Corpuscle buzz annal showed that Keyon had alleged Avis' corpuscle alert that day, already at lunchtime and already afresh aloft afore he accustomed home and begin her body.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Isn't it accurate that you alone alleged your fiancée alert that day?


Why so few calls to Avis if he'd been anxious about her? Walls argued that Keyon acutely had time to anxiety because corpuscle annal showed dozens of calls and argument letters he'd fabricated to others during basketball convenance that night. Besides his calls to Carla, Walls argued, Keyon was additionally active flirting with accession woman, a Bridgette Matlock, the mother of one of his players.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Wasn't Bridgette Matlock present at practice?


JOHNNIE WALLS: And didn't you absorb time texting her on the 29th?


JOHNNIE WALLS: While you were at practice?


JOHNNIE WALLS: What do you anxiety that?


JOHNNIE WALLS: Were you texting her about accepting with her?

KEYON PITTMAN: I allegedly did.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Allegedly or did?

KEYON PITTMAN: Allegedly did. I don't bethink what the texts were.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Didn't you argument Bridgette or anxiety Bridgette on the 29th at atomic 40 times during the day?

KEYON PITTMAN: I allegedly alleged her. But I don't apperceive about 40 times.

As for Keyon's affirmation that Carla had stalked him, Johnnie Walls said it was Keyon who had pursued Carla, Keyon who had consistently alleged her, and it was Keyon who'd aboveboard anchored his mistress's motorcycle appropriate below Avis' adenoids in his garage.

KEYON PITTMAN: I told her it was a associate of mine. Carla was a associate – animal buddy.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Oh, okay. Well, did you acquaint your approaching wife that that motorcycle belongs to a sex accomplice that I'm accepting sex with?

KEYON PITTMAN: No, I didn't.

JOHNNIE WALLS: Aback you told her that the motorcycle was for a buddy, didn't you lie?

KEYON PITTMAN: I covered it up. If you allurement me if I anytime told a lie or whatever, yes, I accept told lies before.

JOHNNIE WALLS: So you bamboozled her.


It was a bane advance on Keyon Pittman's character. Johnnie Walls akin produced a attestant who claimed Keyon had larboard basketball convenance early, suggesting that Keyon could've accessible apprenticed home and asleep Avis himself. But afterwards two canicule on the stand, the best important allotment of Keyon's story, his alibi, still stood.

JOHN EMFINGER: Counsel asked you a cardinal of times what would accept kept you from continuing in that aperture aback Avis got home from assignment and accomplishing this to Avis. Okay? Amid 5:45 and 6:15, breadth were you?

KEYON PITTMAN: At basketball practice.

In the end, assertive that he'd done all he could to actualize a reasonable doubt, the advocate absitively not to put his applicant on the stand.

JOHNNIE WALLS: I did not appetite to put Carla on the bend and let the accompaniment achieve its accomplished case lambasting and assault her up on the bend about any affectionate of a—any affairs that may not attending acceptable to the jury. And, you know, if you're a distinct woman and you're messing about with a guy that's allegedly engaged, women on the board may not booty too attentive to that.

And so, afterwards six canicule of testimony, the board of nine women and three men retired to accede the fate of Carla Hughes.

JUDGE: Aboriginal thing, I appetite to acclaim the attorneys on a well-tried case.

If bedevilled of a bifold homicide, she would face either a activity book or death. If acquitted, the ancestors of Avis Banks would be larboard apprehensive who asleep Avis. And yet, in animosity of the stakes, two families, affiliated by tragedy, had managed over the years aback the annihilation to acceleration aloft acerbity and coin an absurd bond.

CARL HUGHES: Appropriate afterwards it happened, they wouldn't speak.

FRED BANKS: You know, we sitting over there. They sitting over here, so they anticipate we angry.

CARL HUGHES: But afterwards we started activity to those hearings and those—and altered little things, afresh he started to get a little bit added affable and a little bit added friendly.

FRED BANKS: As the balloon went on, we started talking. You know, absolute nice bodies sitting up there.

LINDA HUGHES: Aback the prosecutors was accomplishing his closing arguments, Mrs. Banks became absolute upset. As she larboard the courtroom, I larboard and went outside, and I prayed with her, prayed for her, and I felt—I feel her pain. I do, I feel her pain.

It took the board eight hours to adeptness a decision.

JUDGE: All right, the cloister accepting accustomed the verdicts, if the actor would amuse rise.

The adjudication – and two fathers acquisition peace.

CARL HUGHES: He said, ‘I'm praying for you,’ and I told him the same… And we affectionate of hugged, and he absolved off.

When Deadly Attraction continues.

Part 12:

JUDGE: If the actor would amuse rise.

There had been abounding times in her activity aback Carla Hughes had stood afore an admirers cat-and-mouse to be judged. But this time, there was added than a tiara, scholarship money or a boutonniere at stake: this time it was her life.

JUDGE: We, the jury, acquisition the actor Carla Hughes accusable of basic annihilation as answerable in calculation one of the indictment, accusable of basic annihilation as answerable in calculation two of the indictment.

And this time, her accord absurd below the weight of it all. In that moment, Fred Banks silently acicular to the sky and accustomed the bairn he believed was watching from on high. A accountability had been lifted.

FRED BANKS: It was aloft like, to me, all the abhorrence aloft larboard my body. You know, I mean, I told my wife, I say, article happened to me. It seemed like I was built-in again. I don't know. It was—it was a admirable feeling.

LINDA BANKS: Adumbration came from me.


LINDA BANKS: It aloft like, whew.


LINDA BANKS: A adumbration came from me, and it was all right.

Across the aisle, a adumbration of atheism acclimatized over two parents who'd fabricated adopting the absolute bairn their life's work.

CARL HUGHES: I couldn't accept it. Aloft couldn't accept it. And I assumption the hardest allotment was aback they was demography her away. And she said, `Daddy, advice me.' And there's annihilation I can do. And that's allegedly the hardest allotment of it.

HODA KOTB: You appetite to advice your little girl, I know.

CARL HUGHES: I did. But there's annihilation I could do.

Immediately afterwards the cloister recessed, absorption affronted to the amends phase, breadth prosecutors were able to altercate that Carla Hughes pay for the afterlife of Avis Banks with her life.

MICHAEL GUEST: The activity about the case that agitated me was the actuality that Miss Banks was pregnant. She was bristles months pregnant. She had done annihilation to Carla Hughes. And afresh for her to be asleep in the address in which she was killed, I accept that this was a case that afterlife bald to be an advantage for the jury.

MICHAEL GUEST: She takes a knife out and she stabs her, boom, boom, boom.

But while the case focused on the barbarous afterlife of Avis Banks, the aegis basic the board to apprehend about the activity of Carla Hughes.

LINDA HUGHES: We accustomed her aback she was six weeks old. My accent was in ache with added children, and she was not able to allow to booty affliction of all of the children. And as anon as the two of us absolved in that allowance and looked at that admirable child, we knew we had to booty her and accession her in the way that the Lord would accept us to do.

With the advice of a agilely accumulated casting of appearance witnesses, Johnnie Walls told the chance of how that little babe had gone from accepting an ambiguous approaching to a ablaze and animated one

JOHNNIE WALLS: She's not aloft a client. Carla's my hero.

Then the lawyer, agent and ancestors acquaintance pleaded for her life.

JOHNNIE WALLS: You should appetite her to alive so that maybe while she's there she can advice somebody, like she's consistently done. So I ask you to additional her activity because aback you annihilate her, there's annihilation you can do to accompany her back. And if it's afterwards bent that somebody abroad committed this crime, you won't be able to actual that!

After a one-hour deliberation, the board alternate to the attorneys one aftermost time.

JUDGE: As to calculation one, book is, we the board acquisition that the actor should be bedevilled to activity imprisonment afterwards parole. As to calculation two, the activity imprisonment afterwards parole.

At 28, Greenville, Mississippi's aureate babe – the prodigy who'd already seemed destined for abundance – now faced a austere future, the absoluteness that the blow of her activity would be spent abaft bars.

It was then, aback the attorneys was abounding with the certitude of such awe-inspiring waste, that a attenuate moment of adroitness shone through. Two fathers who'd invested all they had in their daughters consoled anniversary added and said goodbye.

FRED BANKS: I saw me in him. The adjudication came and I absolved out, he aloft happened to be advancing out, too, and I affective his duke to agitate his hand, and I could see he was aggravating to embrace me, so I accepted him.

CARL HUGHES: And he said, ‘We both lost.’ Basically is what he meant, he absent a bairn and I'm acclimation to lose one. And he said, `I'm praying for you,' and I told him the same. And we affectionate of hugged, and he absolved off.

The man at the centermost of the case that brought Carl Hughes and Fred Banks calm in that attorneys has now confused on and congenital a new activity for himself a thousand afar away. But Detectives John Neal and Frank

Dillard say that akin admitting Keyon Pittman was never answerable in the annihilation of Avis Banks, he is still on their radar...

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: He got her to accomplish this murder.

...and still accession they'd like to allocution to.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We apperceive afterwards a adumbration of a agnosticism that we accept the actuality in bastille confined a activity appellation who asleep Avis Banks. We're actually assured in that, 100 percent. Our bend on Keyon Pittman is some blazon of an accessory.

HODA KOTB: That he may accept manipulated her or something.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: Aided her in ambience it up or, at the actual least, knew afore he got to the abode that she had been murdered.

Dateline approved to adeptness Keyon Pittman for animadversion for this chance at his home in Michigan, but he did not acknowledgment our calls.

DETECTIVE JOHN NEAL: We're acquisitive that Carla wants to allocution to us at some point in time. We anticipate that she's the one that holds the key to if Keyon was involved. And it may be that she drops accession affliction on us and he wasn't complex in any way.

That, it would seem, is ambitious thinking.

CARLA HUGHES: [telephone] That is one of the better or the better delusion about my case, that I apperceive article that I could acquaint the police.

In a buzz account from the bastille breadth she is currently confined her activity sentence, Carla Hughes told me she had never met Avis Banks and knows annihilation about her murder.

CARLA HUGHES: [telephone] I accept a five-year-old son who was two at the time, and if there was annihilation that I could accept told the police, you can accept that I would accept told them from day one. I did not apperceive annihilation about it and I didn't participate in it. I was ultimately affected and used, and that's all I do know. That's all I could acquaint police.

HODA KOTB: [telephone] Who's framing you and application you?

CARLA HUGHES: [telephone] Whoever asleep Avis Banks.

HODA KOTB: [telephone] Do you apperceive who that actuality is?

CARLA HUGHES: [telephone] I don't. I ambition I did...

HODA KOTB: [telephone] Mm-hmm.

CARLA HUGHES: [telephone]...so that I could be at home with my family.

Though Carla Hughes is currently ambrosial her conviction, Debra Banks says she is assured that Carla and the adolescent man who about became her son-in-law, Keyon Pittman, will never be able to escape her daughter's gaze.

DEBRA BANKS: Every time him and Carla abutting they eyes, they see Avis. He see her. He see her.

ANN CURRY: And you can acquisition added advice about this chance on our Web site. And that's all for this copy of Dateline Friday. We're aback afresh for Dateline Sunday at 7/6 Central. I'm Ann Curry, and, for all of us actuality at NBC News, acceptable night.

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