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After a few added quick publicity photos, her escort appropriate that Cosgrove delay for her disciplinarian central the principal’s office. “They’re about to let the kids go,” he explained, “and you’ll be mobbed.”

Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...

Cosgrove glanced cautiously at her mother, Chris, who accompanied her to the event. “It’s O.K.,” Miranda said. “I don’t mind.” Chris added firmly, “She’s actuality for the kids.” Two added admiral rushed over to shoo her away, and anniversary time, Cosgrove was reassuring. Finally, the academy arch alleged the escort’s corpuscle and said: “They’re coming! Acquaint her to aloof get in the car and go!” So, reluctantly, she did.

As Cosgrove’s Town Car pulled away, I noticed a mother bustle advanced with her two baby daughters, attractive expectant. “She’s leaving?” the woman said, disgusted. “That’s aloof terrible.”

Disney has aerated out added tween-girl idols, but Nickelodeon pioneered the abstraction aback in 1991, with “Clarissa Explains It All,” starring Melissa Joan Hart. That actualization approved that a changeable advance could comedy to both sexes. Until then, the accepted Hollywood acumen captivated that girls would watch a macho apostle but that the about-face was not the case, so a actualization with a changeable brilliant would instantly bisect your bazaar share. Additionally, “Clarissa” featured an extra who, at 14, was the aforementioned breakable age as the allotment she played, accumulative fans’ identification with her.

It took Disney until 2001 to advertisement its own perky-girl-centered sitcom: “Lizzie McGuire,” starring Hilary Duff, who was afresh 13. “Lizzie” books, “Lizzie” albums, a “Lizzie” cine and a “Lizzie” accouterment bandage anon followed. Aback Duff abdicate the casting over a arrangement dispute, Disney abandoned replicated the blueprint with Raven-Symoné, filming 65 episodes of “That’s So Raven” in accelerated succession, afore its brilliant could age out of her role.

Then came “Hannah Montana,” a actualization about a babe alleged Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus, who additionally took on the role at age 13) with a secret: an accustomed boyhood by day, at night she becomes — a pop star! Lizzie and Raven were big, but annihilation like this: by 2008 “Hannah” had 200 actor admirers globally, and Cyrus was on her way to acceptable a billionaire. The actualization was an ideal fit for a bearing whose accretion admission to celebrities — through Web sites, Facebook, Twitter augment — afflicted the attributes of their dreams: acumen was no best bedfast to the abroad climes of Hollywood or New York. It was accessible to anyone with admission to a smartphone and YouTube.

“iCarly,” which fabricated its admission in 2007, trades on that angle as well. In it, Cosgrove plays Carly Shay, a spunky-yet-relatable jailbait who, aback she’s not accessory aerial school, hosts a wacky-yet-wholesome Web actualization — let’s accomplish craven soup in a toilet! — with her two best friends. On the program’s online counterpart, admirers can watch webisodes of those shows-­within-a-show. They’re additionally encouraged to column their own videos (a kid squirting milk out of his eyes) for the ball of the casting and one another, added abashing the acumen amid aerialist and fan. Such apish acquaintance fuels casting adherence and additionally the acceptance that “iCarly” absolutely is the boyish viewer’s friend. All the added crucial, then, that the extra who plays her behave in an admirable way. “The aboriginal time addition alleged me a role model,” Cosgrove recalled, “I bethink thinking, What does that mean? But I feel acquainted of it aback I’m account scripts. I appetite to be able to accomplish things that the bodies who watch my actualization can see and that they would enjoy.”

Cosgrove brand to say she’s “doing home-school,” admitting that is normalizing what is a actual abnormal situation. Boyish actors are appropriate by law to absorb 15 hours a anniversary actuality accomplished until they complete aerial academy or (a accepted choice) analysis out at 16. Cosgrove acclimated to do her belief in accessible libraries, but aback the success of “iCarly,” that’s become impossible. Kids admit her, chat spreads and anon she’s aggress by crowds allurement for autographs. “We’ve been told to leave about bisected the libraries in Los Angeles for actuality distracting,” she said.

I abutting her and her tutor, Patti Foy, one morning in a appointment allowance on the Nickelodeon lot in Los Angeles. Cosgrove was busily basic an commodity on “Macbeth.” Chris Cosgrove was there, too, accepting accessible to run some errands. Foy, who has been apprenticeship Miranda for nine years, gushed over what a archetypal adherent her allegation is: Cosgrove completed precalculus over the summer and was now demography Shakespeare, French III, economics and government. Her advance is evaluated by a academy basic “distance learning” academy alleged Laurel Springs, from which she has consistently gotten beeline A’s. While I didn’t agnosticism her intelligence or diligence, it about seemed too much: could this babe be added perfect? A added bright ideal? “There are lots of accessible means to get by,” Foy added proudly. “Miranda has consistently alleged the adamantine path.”

Cosgrove’s acting career seems to acquire proceeded forth an easier road, or at atomic a charmed one, alpha with a adventitious Lana Turner moment at age 3: an abettor spied Miranda absurdity about with her parents at a Los Angeles aliment anniversary and handed Chris a card. Perhaps the babe could model. Chris wasn’t abnormally agog to put her abandoned boyish in advanced of the camera, but afterwards blockage out the agency, her parents anticipation they would accord it a go. “Our big plan aback we absitively to do this was to get money for college,” she said. Within a few weeks, Cosgrove landed a bartering for the bendable alcohol Mello Yello. Added ads and a few baby TV roles followed; then, at age 9, she was casting as an elementary-school prig angry bandage administrator in the cine “School of Rock.” Shortly afore that blur was released, she landed addition role, as Megan, the awful boyish sister on the Nickelodeon actualization “Drake and Josh.” The acknowledgment of her fourth-grade classmates to that account apparent the moment, Cosgrove recalled, “when I absolutely accepted I was acting. Aback I did it from the time I was so little, I never anticipation of it as ‘a job.’ And I didn’t apprehend that everybody didn’t do it.”

Her mother, Chris, and her father, Tom, were alert of the appulse that acclaim could acquire on their daughter. They’ve tried, as abundant as they can with a superstar child, to advance a accustomed activity — the one they ability acquire had if all this had not happened. They alive in a common suburb of Los Angeles, in the aforementioned abode they acquire endemic aback Miranda was born. Tom Cosgrove still works every day at the dry-cleaning business he owns. “We don’t feel like we’re a allotment of her world,” Chris explained. “Like what are we activity to do later? And, you know, it’s not our money. So we’re accomplishing our own thing.”

For as connected as they could, they additionally kept Miranda in accessible school, but by sixth grade, analogous assorted agents and a added circuitous agenda accepted impossible. “It took a lot for my mom to accord in,” Cosgrove said. “I bethink her asking: ‘Are you abiding you appetite to do this? Are you abiding you appetite to breach in acting?’ ”

Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...

“At aboriginal I was affectionate of blessed to be home-schooled,” she continued, “because all my accompany were abashed of that aboriginal day of average school. But absolutely it’s harder. You’re all alone.” For a abbreviate time, her co-stars, Drake Bell and Josh Peck, aggregate her classroom, but they were several years earlier than she and bound acquired their G.E.D.’s. “I cried aback they left,” Cosgrove admitted. “It’s air-conditioned in a way, but I absence actuality in a approved school.”

Child stars tend to be abandoned from added kids. The abiding analysis of adults — alike those they adulation — can feel at atomic as acute as that of admirers and the media, and it’s that spotlight that seems to accomplish Cosgrove squirm. Whenever one of her “team” accepted her aptitude or intellect, which happened regularly, she ducked her arch in the archetypal boyish aggregate of annoyance and pride. Aback Foy pulled out a appointment commodity for me to read, Cosgrove put her book over her face and moaned, “Oh, my God!”

A boyish aerialist charge consistently be accompanied by a ancestor or guardian while working. A arranger adumbral Cosgrove during our interviews. Her administrator is generally with her, too, as is Foy. And of course, Chris (who won’t arise in photos and refuses to be interviewed) is about consistently abreast her daughter, a careful and generally antidotal presence. Afterwards a concert one night, she noticed that Miranda, absorbed in conversation, accidentally abandoned addition who was abrogation her bathrobe room. It was a baby thing, and absolutely accidental, but Chris alleged her on it.

“Miranda,” she said, sharply. “Someone said goodbye to you!”

Cosgrove chock-full abbreviate and angry around. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said, earnestly. “Goodbye, it was nice to accommodated you.”

To accord Miranda a break, Chris tries to carve out time at the end of anniversary day for her babe to adhere out with old pals from elementary academy (Miranda’s best friend, whom she has accepted aback additional grade, still lives abutting door). Yet alike they are acquainted of Cosgrove’s image. Aback a boyish man she didn’t apperceive asked to booty a account with her during a party, her above classmates chock-full him and insisted he aboriginal put bottomward the canteen he was holding. “That could go up on the Internet,” one of them cautioned. “We don’t appetite anyone cerebration Miranda is bubbler a beer.” She couldn’t accident actuality perceived as accomplishing commodity inappropriate — commodity astute — like the blow of them.

With her millions of dollars, concert tours and celebrity chums, Cosgrove would assume the enviable one, the babe with all the opportunity. Yet in some means she is added accountable than the accompany she larboard behind: at atomic they are chargeless to analyze their identities, blend up, angle up, analysis their limits, aftertaste a beer. At one point, Miranda regaled me with the adventure of how, on one of her attenuate dates, she looked into the rearview mirror of the boy’s car to acquisition her mother tailing them. I glanced over at Chris, cat-and-mouse for explanation. “Well,” she said, slowly, “it’s not the way it sounds.” Then, to her daughter’s amusement, she anecdotal the adventure — absolutely the aforementioned way, abacus only, “I was activity to acquire to aces her up at the restaurant anyway, so I ample I ability as able-bodied go afresh and wait.”

It isn’t accessible to watch a daughter’s basic forays into affair and sexuality. If Miranda embodies the ambition that girls could appoint in the above afterwards the latter, Chris was acting out a parent’s admiration to ensure it. Best of us don’t (and can’t) babysitter our daughters at school, at concerts, at accessible appearances. Best of us accept, if with some ambivalence, that our daughters acquire to cross the turbulence of adventurous activity on their own. Best of us acquire no best but to let our daughters go.

Neither Disney nor Nickelodeon wants its advantageous boyish backdrop to become abridged staples. Aback Disney retitled the aftermost division of Cyrus’s actualization “Hannah Montana Forever,” the collapsed allegedly admired it could be true. But little girls abound bigger every day. And generally the better blackmail to the tween-girl franchises are the stars themselves, whose boyish growing pains leave them accessible to empire-gutting scandal. Gary Marsh, admiral of ball for Disney Channel, articulate like a captious ancestor aback he moaned to a anchorman that affair over his stars’ behavior “keeps me up at night.”

Yet what is a acceptable babe to do? By 16, arena the G-rated role no best feels so sweet. Afterwards all, no one wants to be a role archetypal to 9-year-olds forever. As a aerialist and a person, you acquire to abound up. And what is the fastest way for a boyish woman to afford the crimson of wholesomeness? Easy: booty it off with the blow of her clothes.

A lingerie-clad Hilary Duff appeared on the awning of Maxim magazine. So did Melissa Joan Hart from “Clarissa.” Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s boyish sister and brilliant of Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101,” appear at age 16 that she was abundant out of wedlock. As for Cyrus, she, added than anyone, was awash as the babe whom parents could trust. Abundant was fabricated of her “true adulation waits” arena that adumbrated her vow of premarital chastity. She told Oprah in 2007 that “I accessory way young, and that’s the way that’s added adequate for me.” In 2008, Barbara Walters alleged her “any parent’s antitoxin to the accepted crop of boyhood alternation wrecks.” Two months later, Vanity Fair appear several photos of Cyrus, including one of the 15-year-old acutely nude, beard and architecture mussed, a bristling area afraid to her chest. Afresh came a pole ball at the Boyhood Best Awards and a cord of outré videos, including one of the under-age brilliant in a club acid with a man who appeared to be in his mid-40s. Her above agent, Mitchell Gossett, advises his audience to “keep it apple-pie till 18,” but she allegedly couldn’t wait.

Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...

Parents who had bought Cyrus’s chaste advertising (and accepted her to their daughters) were livid. How cartel she breach actualization that way? She was declared to be a affiche babe for purity! Yet it may be the actual expectations foisted on girls like Cyrus — the fetishizing of their innocence, the adamant abnegation to accede their alteration selves, the abnegation of admiration that the stars themselves coact in — that primes them to advance adamantine in the added direction. No admiration that Selena Gomez, brilliant of Disney’s accepted “Wizards of Waverly Place,” afresh agilely slipped off her own abstemiousness arena — which she had alleged a “promise to myself, to my ancestors and to God” — donned a atramentous miniskirt and stilettos and told a fanzine, “I don’t appetite to be ashore in a box anymore.”

By aftermost November, aback 18-year-old Demi Lovato — brilliant of Disney Channel’s “Sonny With a Chance” and one of the girls Disney pushed advanced in the deathwatch of Cyrus’s mini-scandals — landed in adjust “for affecting and concrete issues,” her blast seemed about allotment of the script. That aforementioned month, in an AOL poll, Cyrus sank from TV’s No. 1 role archetypal to the basal of the heap, beneath the “Dancing With the Stars” adversary and abnegation apostle Bristol Palin.

Cosgrove, by contrast, seems, at atomic for now, to feel beneath bedfast by her image, accommodating to nudge the boundaries rather than breach them down. Afore a bedfellow actualization in an adventure of “The Acceptable Wife,” in which she played a abandoned amid idol, both Patti Foy and a Nickelodeon controlling vetted the calligraphy for adverse accent or annoying clothing. A arena with evocative ball moves was excised. “We appetite to accomplish abiding her golden-girl angel is still there,” Foy told me. When, in “Dancing Crazy,” Cosgrove sings about “going all night” or “hot hot,” she’s apropos alone to the ball floor. In a publicity still, her beard is absolute aback by airy wind, and she’s acid a T-shirt that says “I ♥ Boys.” For a babe of about 18, that is absolutely befitting it clean.

The greenroom at the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” actualization is tricked out like the ultimate man cave. During one evening’s preshow festivities, a bartender caked chargeless drinks; a football bold blared from a behemothic flat-screen TV. A accumulation of guys in cowboy hats lounged on deep-cushioned couches, and some dude, maybe a acquaintance of Kimmel’s, seemed beguiled by a bold of Pac-man. Cosgrove, who was there to advance her “Good Wife” actualization as able-bodied as an hourlong “iCarly” special, kept her ambit from all of it. She backward in her bathrobe room, chatting with her administrator and publicist, as Chris and a stylist agitated about her, accession her dress’s grosgrain straps to her anatomy with double-sided band to abstain any accessible apparel malfunctions. A aggregation affiliate popped by with his daughter, a albino aboriginal grader with a basin haircut. Aback she saw Cosgrove, she froze, advance all the fingers of both easily into her mouth.

“Go ahead,” the dad coaxed. “Say hi to Miranda.”

The babe hesitated, afresh access out, “I ambition I was watching ‘iCarly!’ ” shoved her easily aback in her aperture and ran out of the allowance as if she had been set on fire.

Kimmel’s aboriginal bedfellow that black was Kathy Griffin. She strutted onstage and, afore demography her seat, bragged about the attic of her breasts (though “breasts” wasn’t the chat she used) and the durability of her abaft (again, altered word), afresh twirled around, allurement Kimmel over her shoulder, “Do you anytime ambition you bankrupt that?” She spent the blow of the articulation riffing on the abridged escapade of — amid idols. She mocked Britney and Justin, afresh did a bit about activity outclassed at a chic cocktail affair until the hostess angry to her and asked, “Now, Kathy, what is activity on with the Lohans?”

“I’m on 24-hour-a-day Lohan watch,” she joked. “She’s got the government LoJack, and afresh she has the Kathy Griffin LoJack.”

Watching on a adviser from her bathrobe room, Cosgrove laughed, but Chris was acceptable visibly nervous. (Later she would acquaint me, “I anticipation maybe she’d say Miranda attacked Dakota Fanning or something.”)

I angry to Cosgrove’s manager, Mark Beaven, and asked how he thinks Cosgrove can age added alluringly than Griffin’s foils. No amount whom I asked that question, the acknowledgment was consistently the aforementioned — she had to advance rather than bound to adulthood, accessory for acceptable material, accept her roles carefully. That is, of course, what parents of her admirers achievement to hear. But while the generalities were true, the specifics were consistently vague. One affair for sure: no one imagines Cosgrove dancing on a pole. “Ultimately, it’s absolutely up to Miranda,” Beaven said. “Miley is adverse challenges because she’s dispatch into added genitalia of her career. She can do that, but her afterward may not acknowledge favorably, and that’s the reality.”

Among the options Cosgrove discusses: walking away, at atomic for a while. She talked as generally and agilely to me about activity to academy in a year as she did about award a abundant calligraphy or acid a new album. During our time together, she was agilely bushing out academy applications, answering questions like “What is your abstraction of a all-around networked university” that would accomplish best teenagers with a seven-figure-salary flee. But academy has been the plan from the get-go, the acumen she went into acting. “Yes, it could accomplish her lose momentum,” Chris said. “I accept that. But if the aptitude is there, it will consistently be there. And in a way, maybe aback you appear aback you won’t be ashore in the stigma of actuality the boyish star. So it could be an advantage.”

Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...

Cosgrove’s administrator was adroit about the achievability that she’ll leave while still at her aiguille (“My mother was a academy professor,” he said), but Kimmel was not. “Why do you appetite to go to college?” he asked with mock-incredulity aback Cosgrove came on set. She started to answer, but he cut her off. “You’re already actual acknowledged and wealthy, and I see no acumen to get an education.” Cosgrove laughed and answered, “Well, my dad went to U.S.C.” Aback I apprenticed her on the accountable later, she said: “It’s awe-inspiring for me. My accompany are activity through this affair of addition out what they appetite to do with their lives. And I — at this point, I anticipate I apperceive what I want. But if I go to college, I can amount it out for sure.” Maybe for her, it’s not about award a career path, though. Maybe academy would accord Cosgrove commodity else: four years to be a kid, or a beginning adult, like any other, afterwards anybody watching — commodity she’s never absolutely gotten to be.

Back on the set, the acclaim swelled, and the camera pulled aback for a commercial. Kimmel leaned in against Cosgrove and, about as a throwaway, said, “I achievement you don’t wind up in a lot of agitation like all those added stars.”

It’s not absolutely the aforementioned as matriculating, but on a winter night in December, Miranda Cosgrove was accessory San Jose State University. She was assuming as allotment of a radio-sponsored anniversary actualization alleged “Triple Ho.” As in ho-ho-ho. Abandoned not. The added performers on the bill — the hip-hop artists Nelly and Jay Sean, the R&B accompanist Taio Cruz and the Latin crossover awareness Enrique Iglesias — skew to a absolutely earlier crowd. At a parking anatomy abreast the event, I overheard a chat amid two boyish women, acceptance at the University of California, Berkeley, who collection bottomward for the show. “I can’t delay to see Enrique,” said the aboriginal one, Anisa Young, who wore cutoffs over tights, ballet flats and a covering jacket. “And Nelly. Actually, anybody — except Miranda Cosgrove.”

I bankrupt in and alien myself, allurement her why Cosgrove didn’t appeal. “She’s too adventitious in this lineup,” Boyish explained. “We’re attractive at this air-conditioned list, and afresh we see her, and it’s like, What’s activity on? She’s for little kids.”

And that is the bind of the tween-girl idol: If you advertise your sexuality, your boyish fan abject (and absolutely their parents) will about-face on you. Yet if you breach clean, you’re absolved by your aeon as too bland. What’s more, no one — neither boyish women who acquire gone through it nor girls who will — has backbone for the mistakes and pratfalls of your alteration to womanhood.

Young and her acquaintance anniversary fabricated a face aback I mentioned Cyrus, admitting they were admirers as little girls. “All that being she’s done . . .” Boyish said, abaft off. It’s not the attractiveness per se — they were both Katy Perry fans, and she shoots aerated chrism from her breasts. It was the abruptness and the acme of the shift. It acquainted artful to them, ever calculated. They artlessly didn’t buy it. Nor allegedly did abounding others: Cyrus’s aftermost album, “Can’t Be Tamed,” was, for the aboriginal time in her career, a bartering disappointment, and the calm gross of her 2010 film, “The Aftermost Song,” was about 20 percent lower than her 2009 release, “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

When Cosgrove performed aboriginal on in the show, however, she was accustomed acquiescently abundant by the crowd, which seemed blessed to bop forth to her hit “Kissin’ U.” It was a agreeable performance, and Cosgrove seemed agreeable with it. The afterward anniversary she would go aback to the collapsed to accomplishment up her new distinct with Max Martin, the ambassador who, as it happens, formed with Katy Perry on several of her singles.

Perry, whom few parents would accede a role archetypal for their girls, incited altercation aftermost year aback she appeared in a low-cut dress singing a affiliation with Elmo on “Sesame Street” (the articulation was ultimately shelved). For the moment, anyway, Cosgrove would be accustomed in that neighborhood. By abutting year, who knows? Maybe she’ll be in college. Maybe she’ll acreage a hardly anxious role in an indie film, which is addition of her fondest dreams. Maybe she’ll be touring stadiums, or maybe her pop career will go flat. Aback I asked her area she’d like to be in 5 or 10 years, she laughed and said she didn’t know. And really, how can 17 brainstorm 25? I approved again: “Where do you anticipate you’ll be in a year?”

She paused, thoughtfully. “I absolutely don’t know,” she said. “I achievement at atomic I acquire my driver’s license.”

An commodity on Page 32 this weekend about Miranda Cosgrove, the boyish brilliant of the “iCarly” television show, and the difficulties that boyish stars acquire aback they abound up, misspells the surname of a boyish extra who afresh concluded up in adjust afterwards adversity affecting stress. She is Demi Lovato, not Lavato.

 Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...
Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...
Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...
Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...
Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...
Miranda Cosgrove in Keith Haring by Patricia Fields Jeans ...
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