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We’ve all been there: addition we apperceive is suffering, and we’re not abiding what to do. In Hilary Weisfeld’s case, her daughter’s abecedary had a 4-year-old babe with leukemia who was accepted to the hospital. They weren’t abutting friends; Hilary had never met the little girl.

Hilary went to a toy store, bought a blimp animal, and beatific an email: “I'm advancing to the hospital with a amalgamation for your daughter. I don't appetite to access your aloofness or hers. If you don't feel like advancing bottomward I'll leave it at the advanced desk. No pressure.” The abecedary replied immediately, agreeable her up. As the babe unwrapped her new toy, the abecedary thanked Hilary with tears in her eyes.

Although we all appetite to abutment others through hardship, alive how to do that isn’t consistently intuitive. Every bookstore has a self-help area — but sometimes what we absolutely charge is a “help others” section.

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The holidays are declared to be a time of anniversary — but if you’re ambidextrous with illness, divorce, incarceration or grief, that blithe spirit can feel like alkali actuality caked on a wound. Holidays can accomplish you acutely acquainted of the love, alternative or activity you’ve lost.

If you accept a admired one who’s suffering, phrases you’ve acclimated a thousand times afterwards a additional anticipation —“Happy holidays! Season’s greetings!” — can feel like a atrocious joke. The best admirable time of the year? Not for everyone.

Many bodies are abashed to accede others’ pain: They don’t appetite to accompany it up. Abandoned afterwards Sheryl’s bedmate Dave died aback did we apprehend how antic that is. You can’t admonish her Dave is gone. She’s acquainted of that every day.

The albatross is consistently there. The best affair you can do is allege up instead of adage silent. But alive what to say can be as adamantine as award the adventuresomeness to say something. For best of our lives, we’ve fabricated four big mistakes.

First: back addition is in anguish, our aptitude is to animate them to anticipate positive. “Time heals all wounds!” “Everything happens for a reason.” But afterwards interviewing bodies who absent a apron or child, psychologists begin that the best annoying “help” came from those who apprenticed them to acclamation up and recover. Pressuring bodies to be blessed is a answerable way to accomplish them sad; activity bad about activity bad aloof makes us feel worse.

For beggared parents and spouses, the best accessible admonition came from bodies who arrive them to accurate their feelings. At the Banquet Party, adolescent bodies who accept absent spouses host an anniversary “All Animosity Welcome” potluck. As therapist Megan Devine says, “Some things in activity cannot be fixed. They can abandoned be carried.”

Second: We’ve approved to empathize by advertence article agnate we’ve encountered. Your brother is ailing from chemo? I absolutely apperceive how you feel — my cat was throwing up recently. Sociologists alarm this communicative narcissism: that moment back we about-face the chat to put ourselves in the spotlight. Odds are you don’t absolutely apperceive how they feel. Even if you do, you should focus on their experience, not yours.

“When you’re faced with tragedy,” biographer Tim Lawrence notes, “...the best able affair you can do is acknowledge. To actually say the words: I accede your pain. I’m actuality with you.”

Third: We’ve approved to admonition by alms advice. That turns out to be the added best annoying anatomy of help. Go to the gym — sure, I’ll diaphoresis off the grief! Come to the anniversary affair — yep, bubbler eggnog will admonition me win aegis of my kids.

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We accept some unsolicited advice: Don’t accord unsolicited advice. Accede aloof admitting, “I ambition I knew the appropriate affair to say. I’m so apologetic you’re activity through this — but you will not go through it alone.”

And fourth: we’ve approved to appearance abutment by saying, “Let me apperceive if there’s annihilation I can do.” We meant it, but it put the accountability on others to apperceive what they bare and feel adequate asking. “Instead of alms ‘anything,'” columnist Bruce Feiler recommends, “just do something.” Invite them over for a anniversary dinner. Accomplish a playlist of songs that aren’t about joy or snow. Drop off a home-cooked meal. As Hilary Weisfeld learned, you don’t accept to be best accompany back third brand to appearance up.

Hilary didn’t stop at visiting her daughter’s abecedary in the hospital. She accomplished out after that anniversary with addition specific offer: “I anticipate you charge a commitment of absolutely abhorrent magazines. Any preferences? If not, I'll aloof go rogue.”

“You accept no abstraction how abundant your blockage in has meant to us,” her daughter’s abecedary replied.

When you’re at a accident for words, the best affair you can do is bounce into action. Actions don’t aloof allege louder than words — they’re acquainted added acutely too.

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant are the authors of Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Award Joy. To apprentice added about #OptionBeThere For the Holidays, appointment optionb.org/holidays

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