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Inside Audio, a club in Sao Paulo, Brazil, samba music echoes off the walls. Men in short-sleeved shirts brawl with women in tight-fitting clothes. It's accomplished 11 p.m. and Thiaguinho, a bounded pop star, is on stage. Abutting to him, ambagious to the beat in a chicken Brazil jersey, is a guy dressed as a canary.

Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com

Word spreads throughout the abode that the Brazilian players who accept aloof defeated Chile 3-0 in the aftermost annular of South American World Cup qualifiers are on their way here. Thiaguinho stops a song amid through and shouts, "We're activity to win in Russia," apropos to the armpit of the 2018 World Cup. The bare throws up his anchor in agreement. The army roars.

Three-and-a-half years ago, the arena in Brazil was the opposite. The civic aggregation had been larboard in charcoal afterward a 7-1 accident on home accommodation to Germany in the 2014 World Cup semifinal. Civic sports bi-weekly Lance! alleged it "the bigger abashment in history." Futebol, already the basal faculty of pride for the country, could no best be relied upon.

Even with Neymar, one of the best players on the planet, article had been missing for the Brazilian aggregation aback the aftermost World Cup celebration in 2002. "It's been a continued time that we accept been adage that," says Elano, a aloft Brazilian civic aggregation player. Then, he adds, as if a college calling had about been answered, "Jesus appeared."

Gabriel Jesus, at the age of 20, with his rags-to-riches account and adolescent face, has denticulate with such alarming regularity aback actuality alleged up to the civic aggregation aftermost year that he's bound become Brazil's key to achievement in Russia. But from an asperous alpha with his civic aggregation to burning all-embracing success in Manchester City, his come-up has been a amaranthine exercise in defiance. He is a prodigy, to be sure, but is Gabby Jesus absolutely that amazing as to actualize the savior of his country's atrocious prayers? Alike the believers aren't so sure.

Hours afore Thiaguinho and the guy dressed as a bare booty to the date in Audio, admirers book into Sao Paulo's Allianz Parque amphitheater to watch Jesus and his teammates booty on Chile. The angle sparkles, beer is bargain and with every samba-tinged step-over and juke move by Jesus, the army rises to its feet, ooh-ing and aah-ing. Attending a Brazilian civic aggregation bout is every bit as august as you could imagine.

Outside Section 107, it's revelry. Rodrigo Hernandes, a sales accessory from Sao Paulo, can't accommodate his excitement.

"Jesus will be bigger than Neymar and Ronaldo," Hernandes exclaims while cutting Jesus' No. 33 jersey from Palmeiras, his aloft club team, which plays its home matches actuality at Allianz Parque.

Others, though, abide cautious. Alvaro Rocha from Belo Horizonte, who claims he's "Brazil's bigger fan," says of Jesus: "I don't anticipate he's as acceptable as the media makes him out to be. He's not ready."

Being a footballing figure in Brazil can be suffocating, alike at the best of times. Admirers apperceive that for every Pele and Neymar, there's a Denilson and a Kleberson, ambitious Brazilian futebol heroes who alone sniffed at their all-inclusive potential, clumsy to alive up to the behemothic expectations admirers abode aloft them.

As the burden builds and accouterment assimilate Jesus' rail-thin shoulders, he seems to contentment in proving these naysayers wrong. Throughout abundant of his aboriginal career, he played on a clay angle with players alone by all the big clubs in Sao Paulo. He's been determined in his following of glory, alive his way up from a favela to the affectionate of Brazilian success account that accouchement are told about but rarely see. His adventure stands in complete adverse to that of Neymar, the larger-than-life superstar who seemed to accept been all-powerful the World's Best Amateur from birth.

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Yet on the angle adjoin Chile, Jesus and Neymar assume preternaturally linked. A forward, Jesus commands the average of the advance and glides beyond the field, overlapping and bond with Neymar and, at times, Philippe Coutinho. As Chile's aegis turns or hesitates for a moment, Jesus explodes forward, again moves into spaces that seemed bottled up alone moments before.

Through the aboriginal 54 minutes, the World Cup qualifier is scoreless afore a Paulinho ambition makes it 1-0. Again comes the moment the army has anticipated: Standing central his own half, Coutinho finds Neymar active aloof to the larboard of the goal. His lofted through-ball hits Neymar altogether in stride, and Neymar passes beyond the ambition to Jesus, who has a simple finish. Then, in the game's final moments, Jesus outruns the complete Chilean aggregation and array his additional goal.

In the locker allowance afterwards the game, Bruno Petri, Jesus' adolescence aggregation drillmaster with Palmeiras, stops by to congratulate him. An beat Jesus all-overs his duke and artlessly says, "I'm so adequate to accept scored."

Jesus watched the belled 2014 World Cup semifinal in his mother's active allowance in Jardim Peri, a banal adjacency in arctic Sao Paulo. At the time, he was arena for the Palmeiras under-17 aggregation and had abundantly taken a job painting Sao Paulo's sidewalks blooming and yellow, Brazil's aggregation colors, afore the World Cup. As the account of the semifinal became added askew in favor of Germany, Jesus alleged his acquaintance and assistant Gabriel Furtado. But aback Furtado best up, Jesus didn't apperceive what to say. "We were aloof in shock," Furtado says now.

Flash aback to nine years earlier: Jesus tags forth with a acquaintance to convenance at Pequeninos FC, a tiny alms club adjourned by donations that campaign to abroad amateur with 11 or 12 players awkward into a Volkswagen Beetle. As the aboriginal convenance starts on the club's arid pitch, Jesus' new coach, Jose Francisco Mamede, stands watching the eight-year-old with his aperture blind open.

"He fell from the heavens," the drillmaster says now, account at Jesus' advanced talent.

Soon thereafter, at 10 and 12 years old, Jesus was offered tryouts with the academy teams of accustomed bounded clubs Corinthians and Sao Paulo, but the players were far bigger than any he had competed against, and the clubs accounted him either too baby or artlessly not acceptable enough.

He alternate to comedy for Pequeninos, and aback his mother would biking beyond the burghal to her job charwoman houses, his drillmaster said he'd airing the mile-and-a-half to practice, internalizing his perceived shortcomings. Aback he assuredly bent the eye of Palmeiras' adolescence aggregation at 14, it active him to the squad.

"He had article to prove to everyone," Furtado says.

When his new aggregation travelled to Qatar to comedy in a high-profile clash adjoin Danish and Qatari adolescence clubs, Jesus believed his moment had arrived. Instead, he bombed. He absent the brawl generally or was offside. Aback home, his abandonment angry to defiance, and he spent continued hours on the training angle perfecting techniques he'd bootless to adept as a schoolboy. The club had a joke: If you ask Jesus to convenance 10 headers, he'll convenance 20.

Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com

As the 2014 World Cup came and went, Jesus was still gluttonous recognition. That winter, his under-17 aggregation played in the accompaniment championship clash adjoin the two adolescence clubs that disregarded him. At the aforementioned time, his coach, Petri, was ambidextrous with his wife's death. In the quarterfinals adjoin Corinthians, Jesus denticulate four times. In the semifinal adjoin Sao Paulo, he denticulate three goals. In the finals, Jesus denticulate alert adjoin Santos, Neymar's aloft club. Afterwards anniversary goal, he'd run adjoin Petri, accoutrements raised, and embrace his coach. "It was absolutely appropriate for me," Petri says.

Meanwhile, Neymar, who had absent the semifinal of the 2014 World Cup due to injury, was lighting up Europe with Barcelona. He was called to advance Brazil and a accumulation of primarily under-23 players at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to restore some affinity of antic pride to the country, admitting in a second-rate tournament.

Jesus, who confused up to the chief aggregation afterwards his avowal in the accompaniment tournament, was best for the Olympics alongside Neymar. Initially, their on-field affiliation was asperous at best. Alike as the aggregation struggled through the group, eventually acceptable the gold-medal match, Petri will accept that Jesus "wasn't fantastic. You wouldn't appear abroad adage he's an complete monster."

But with a gold badge about Jesus' neck, the abutting six months were surreal. He played up his savior credentials, allotment No. 33 with Palmeiras because it is believed to be the age of Jesus Christ at his death, and again scoring one jaw-dropping ambition afterwards another. The signature ambition of his Palmeiras career came adjoin Cruzeiro. He outran the defense, again juked the goalkeeper alert afore slotting home. He led his team, a abiding also-ran, to its aboriginal Brazilian championship in 22 years and was called amateur of the year in Brazil at the end of the 2016 season. Less than a ages later, he was on a even to England.

The goal-scoring record—15 goals in 24 Premier League matches—has been so abstract it's adamantine to accept Jesus alone confused 11 months ago from Palmeiras to Manchester City, for a alteration fee of £27 actor ($36.3 million). At the time, however, the British media saw the move as little added than a "punt, an absorbing idea," as The Guardian wrote. "Jesus looks as admitting he's fabricated of twigs, sherbet and tissue paper."

After alone a few games, the 5'9", 161-pounder wasn't aloof City's amateur to Argentine Sergio Aguero, one of the best strikers in the world; he was agreeable time with him, again replacing him in the starting lineup. Afterwards anniversary goal, Jesus would put his deride to his ear and his pinky to his lips. He told Petri that was a assurance he was calling his mom. Look how far I've come, he could acquaint her.

To the bodies of Brazil, the ascendance to all-embracing superstardom accustomed at the absolute time. The country has been ambidextrous with its affliction recession in a aeon and the bigger political aspersion in its history. President Dilma Rousseff, affected in bribery allegations, was accusable in 2016, and her successor, Michel Temer, was additionally bent up in allegations of wrongdoing. Protesters accept always abounding the streets over the aftermost few years, wagging their fingers at the fat bodies and the one-percenters.

Against that atramentous accomplishments aftermost summer, Neymar pushed for the better alteration and bacon in futebol history, affective from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain. For many, it was excessive. Headlines like the one on Aug. 3 in the civic cardboard Meia Hora—"In one night, Neymar will acquire added than you do for six years of work"—didn't absolutely attach him to fans. Jesus, on the added hand, has an agent adventure and a acutely apprehensive attributes that aligns him added with the new Brazil.

"Jesus doesn't accept that attention-seeking amore like Neymar," says Petri, the Palmeiras adolescence coach. "Neymar is aloft the people. Jesus is apparent as one of the people."

With the fans' adulation comes attachment, again expectations. Jesus is acquainted that his goalscoring almanac for Brazil agency he's no best apparent as the kid with potential. He's asked to be, forth with Neymar, the abundant achievement to restore futebol pride to a country that craves it, conceivably added than any other.

Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com

Elano, who sees what best Brazilians see from a distance, is encouraged Jesus will be able to accord with his newfound fame.

"He's a barbarous guy," he says. "He doesn't run abroad from a boxy situation. He goes for it head-on."

Petri, who has accepted Jesus for abundant of his soccer life, charcoal added measured. "I'm not abiding he'll able to accord with the pressure," he says. "If Neymar and Coutinho booty the pressure, the aggregation will account more."

Back central the brawl club afterwards the Brazil-Chile game, admirers aren't accessible to anticipate about the adversity of acceptable in Russia. They're too active anticipating the team's arrival. As the caipirinhas flow, Thiaguinho pauses his set and looks up adjoin the balustrade as a barrage of approval tears through the crowd. Neymar is here.

Wearing a dejected shirt and atramentous pants, he perches on the balustrade overlooking the brawl floor. He nods his head, assimilation in the affection. Whatever affliction is larboard from 2014 has disappeared.

Then, in the caliginosity abaft Neymar, admirers admit addition player. Within moments, a carol starts boring aberrant its way beyond the venue:

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. It's Gabriel Jesus!

Neymar is all but ignored. The carol keeps building. Louder and louder.

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. It's Gabriel Jesus!

Jesus looks out meekly from beneath his atramentous baseball cap, acknowledging the adoration, and smiles.

Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com

Flinder Boyd is a writer-at-large for B/R Mag. A aloft biographer at FoxSports.com, his assignment has appeared in Rolling Stone, Newsweek, BBC Online and more, as able-bodied as assorted editions of The Best American Sports Writing. Afore acceptable a journalist, he played 10 seasons of able basketball beyond Europe. He now lives in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter: @flinderboyd

 Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com
Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com
Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com
Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com
Neymar Santos Nike La Liga El Clasico T-Shirt - Black - Fanatics.com
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