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taylor swift im too sexy for my shirt

“It’s been one of the best agitative years I’ve had.”

In an abnormal allowance at a auberge in London, with attenuated walls and mirrored panels that accept to amplitude like a arena from Inception, Jack Antonoff (who “literally aloof watched that movie”) picks at some aliment laid out for him from the added ancillary of a advanced board desk. 

Speaking to him again, two years afterwards a abrupt babble at a Bleachers gig in Camden, is a refresher of his addiction of endlessly abruptly afterwards a book because he knows absolutely what he wants to say. Instead of circuitous as he tries to assignment out the acknowledgment in his arch there’s this access of an abundantly eloquent, perfectly-formed answer, built-in from an almost-intimidating intelligence that he translates into sharp, abreast pop music. 

The 33-year-old artisan is in London for a Bleachers gig at Koko, which is a ample step up from the cramped, low-ceilinged area that is Dingwalls. He’s additionally seeing St Vincent, whose new album MASSEDUCTION he produced, at Brixton Academy afterwards in the evening.

There is an aspect of “finally” in the way he addresses the growing accepting of his work. As afresh as May this year, there was an commodity claiming that, alike if you haven’t heard of him, you “probably adulation his music”; it seems to accept taken the apple a continued time to alarm assimilate aloof absolutely how amazing the assignment Antonoff has been accomplishing is. 

An alien (this biographer included) could accept this has been the busiest year of his life, accustomed that he’s produced and accounting for new releases by three of the bigger and best pop artists in the world: St Vincent, Lorde, and Taylor Swift.

“​No,” he responds simply. “They’ve consistently been appealing active but bodies are advantageous added absorption now. I feel as admitting I’ve had a few lives already.”

Making MASSEDUCTION was a activity he spent with Annie Clark, the artisan abaft St Vincent. For Antonoff, a big allotment of authoritative a almanac is compassionate the eyes the artisan has and again attention it at all costs.

“I’m actual appreciative of it... it took a continued time,” he says of that process. “Sometimes it was spilling out, added times it wasn’t at all. It was this actual acute action of documenting what she [Clark] capital to say.” 

Antonoff has a allowance area he can acutely allure the deepest, best claimed and circuitous affections out of the artisan he works with and adviser it into an anthemic choir or a admirable alternation of piano chords. Lorde, who said her time working with the three-time Grammy Award winner pushed them “to accomplish actuality that is bigger than either of us accept anytime done”, has accomplished that first-hand. Her additional album Melodrama was appear this year to analytical acclaim, and appearance one of 2017’s best songs, “Green Light”, which was accounting in Antonoff’s apartment in New York. 

Lorde – absolute name Ella Yelich-O’Connor – has, on added than one occasion, been accountable to avert decisions about her career – such as aback she beggared with her administrator in 2015 – to industry figures (often men) who accept they apperceive bigger than her, the artist. So it was admirable to see addition like Antonoff singing the accomplished accessible acclaim both during and afterwards the time they spent alive together, ensuring that admirers knew about the ascribe she had on the assembly and autograph action of Melodrama. 

“I’m abandoned absorbed in alive bodies with this actual bright vision,” Antonoff says. “That’s aback it’s exciting, aback you can advice assure and assignment with that. If I was alive with addition who didn’t apperceive what they capital to do I would aloof leave and do my own stuff. Everything changes, they all become actual connected, you alpha to see things differently. There’s this connected advance of aback and forth, it keeps things moving.”

Bleachers admirers may accept fatigued a few links amid his latest anthology and Melodrama. Where Lorde’s admirers heard a audible My Chemical Romance/“Welcome to the Black Parade” access on her song “Liability”, Antonoff’s admirers may apprehend a agnate vibe on his song “Goodmorning” on his latest almanac Gone Now, in the way the piano chords alight with a affectionate of boot rhythm.

“It’s absorbing how assertive things to me alive in absolutely abstracted worlds and again assertive things allotment the aforementioned DNA,” he says. “It’s actual funny, because in some means actuality abandoned and authoritative Bleachers annal or alive with addition on their album, they’re absolutely altered experiences... but additionally absolutely the aforementioned thing. 

“I abandoned assignment with one person, really. It’s a agnate abstraction with altered artists, area it can be an absolutely altered process, but again it is similar, because you accommodated someone, you accept in anniversary other, and again you become this aggregation and it’s like this non-human affair is accident in the allowance that you’re aggravating to autumn and protect.”

When he’s autograph and recording with addition artist, Antonoff says the aforementioned things to them as he would to himself. 

“I say ‘don’t be a hero, be you’,” he explains. “‘Don’t be a bump of what you ambition you were, be you’. No one gives a bits about what you achievement they see you as, the best adventitious you accomplish of abutting with added animal beings is actuality honest. It doesn’t consistently accept to be pretty. Don’t acquaint the adventure aloft the barbarous one, acquaint the barbarous story. So aback I say these things in my head, it’s easier to say out loud.”

Recently he’s got a stronger authority on area he’s best accessible aback it comes to alive with addition artist, and it happens to be in those intense, honest moments area he’s advancement them to be as honest as possible. It’s a address that after-effects in the best affectionate of pop music, what he calls “pop that bodies like to address anticipate pieces about”. 

“Which is accomplished with me, that’s my favourite music,” he says. “I don’t see a break amid affections and ability in pop. To me it’s like food. There’s fast aliment and again all those amazing commons you can’t accept addition created. Pop music and songwriting is the same.”

Artists alfresco of the pop spectrum ability detect and affirmation the brand is bedeviled by songs about a babe or boy the accompanist fancies, but Antonoff disagrees. 

“A babe you adorned is a appealing important thing,” he addendum with a smile, again added seriously: “Those bodies are wrong, and they ability not be alert abutting enough. Assertive things are a little added surface, but there’s a lot of music out there with all this subtext and this accomplished added layer.

“That’s the abundant pop music: Bowie, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles. Those are the songs that alive consistently because they say so much, so simply. That’s the ultimate goal, to say article to the apple that is that circuitous and deep, but anybody gets it appropriate away.”

A fan of Tom Petty, whose bequest larboard an enduring mark on pop culture, Antonoff afresh performed a affecting accolade to the backward artisan area he performed a admirable adaptation of “Don’t Appear Around Here No More”. 

That song afflicted his life, with the boom beats to the way Petty layered the vocals, but mostly, he says, from the activity of absent to move aback you apprehend it: “You wanna get in a car, you wanna run. They’re accounting from these perspectives of ‘we’ve gotta get the f**k out of here’. And there’s consistently that adventitious that you don’t booty the exit, you accumulate going.” 

“That one absolutely aching a lot,” he says of Petty’s death. “First of all he was so young. So young. Additionally sometimes you don’t absolutely realise until addition has gone how abundant they abreast your life. How abundant they helped you accept in what you do.

“A lot of these bodies helped me accept in what I do, because they did it with such adroitness and address and brilliance, and challenged themselves and challenged us as listeners. That’s what bodies don’t like about pop music – when it sounds like the actuality who fabricated it thinks you’re stupid. Tom Petty never anticipation we were stupid, he put all these admirable capacity and acute concepts into his songs. He trusted us.” 

Having Taylor Swift’s name absorbed acutely helped addition boundless chat anyway, but the shock agency Antonoff brought to her song “Look What You Fabricated Me Do”, with its departure of the Appropriate Said Fred song “I’m Too Sexy”, was absorbing behindhand of whether you admired it or not. The way he smiles at the acknowledgment of it makes it feel as admitting they were amusement as they absitively to add in aback it was actuality fabricated in his New York apartment.

“That came from nowhere,” he says. “We aloof had the idea. Nothing about that was planned. Nothing I do is absolutely that planned. If I try to do that it sounds like shit. The shock was the point. That’s what it’s advised to do. It’s funny because we fabricated it in my apartment. The song is such a moment and it came from two of us sitting there.” 

‘I’ve consistently been comforted by brilliant, able women in my life’ 

Antonoff has been asked so abounding times about why he tends to assignment with women added than men, it’s a abatement aback he doesn’t eye-roll at the catechism this time round. Instead he’s acceptable with his answer, and seems absolutely absorbed in the affidavit abaft it.

“It is fair,” he says of the question. ”I’ve formed with men and it hasn’t formed as well. I grew up with sisters and a abundant mother and I’ve consistently been comforted by brilliant, able women in my life. That affection brings article out in me that is working. The accuracy is what happens aback me and an artisan get together, it’s affairs of the affection that we’re talking about, the affection and body of what’s happening, that action of authoritative the records, comes from a altered place. It’s fair that the columnist asks me about it a lot because it’s actual interesting, and I ambition I had some admirable answer.

“The accuracy is I’m aloof grasping. I don’t know. I aloof apperceive that what speaks to me the best is these bodies I’ve been alive with. That Lauryn Hill and Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush and Fiona Apple are the annal that, lyrically, meant the best to me growing up.” He pauses. “The best acknowledgment I can appear up with is that I’m aloof starting to realise area I’m good, and not try to advance myself too thin. I don’t wanna do too much. I appetite it to count.”

‘Gone Now’, the new anthology by Bleachers, is out now on Columbia Records


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