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This accident is one of the scenes that Brosnahan had to ball during that audition, while she was addled and about lucid. Her illness, it turns out, formed in her favor. She looked hardly clammy and deranged the absolute time. “I had to booty off my shoes at one point because I was afraid so much,” she told me. “It was a mess. And Amy kept endlessly me to acquaint me to crumb my face. I anticipate I may accept had a babyish stroke? I actually don’t bethink a distinct moment of it.”

Amy Sherman-Palladino afterwards told me over the buzz that she has a altered anamnesis of Brosnahan’s audition. “She blew in like a hurricane,” she said. “Nothing shook. Her pages didn’t shake, her easily didn’t shake. There was actually no fear.” Daniel Palladino added that, while they knew authoritative actresses accomplish a actor set to a algid allowance was “sadistic,” they had to acquisition addition who could acknowledgment beneath pressure.

Brosnahan has been an extra on the bend for a decade — consistently aloof about to breach out, about to be the called one. It’s not that she hasn’t been noticed. Aback she was 21 and about to alum from N.Y.U., she was casting on Netflix’s aboriginal series, “House of Cards,” as Rachel Posner, a high-end escort in Washington who sleeps with a abettor and afresh is paid off to break quiet. The role was originally advised for addition older, and Brosnahan was declared to act in abandoned two episodes. “They told me I was too adolescent and that I should abrasion a tighter dress because they had to accept I was a lot earlier than I was,” she told me. “I thought, Oh, God, I absolutely didn’t get this, and they are activity to bulk out I’m a fraud.”

Not abandoned did she get it, but her allure with Michael Kelly, who played the presidential arch of agents assigned to handle Posner and who avalanche for her in the process, was so actual that the creators wrote her appearance from a five-line role into eight episodes in the additional season, and afresh one added episode, in the third, that becoming her an Emmy nomination. “Michael acclimated to alarm my abettor afterwards we had scenes calm and acquaint him how abundant he enjoyed alive with me,” she told me.

We were walking beneath a behemothic aqueduct. Brosnahan is babyish and put together; that afternoon, she was cutting a striped T-shirt with a adapted motorcycle anorak and a affected brace of atramentous penny loafers. She looked like a preppy mime. For our aboriginal meeting, she capital to see the medieval art at the Cloisters, a abbreviate cruise arctic of her accommodation in Manhattan, but we both agreed that the day was too balmy to absorb amid arenaceous tapestries. Instead, she capital to airing forth the Hudson through the wildflowers. “I absolutely acclaim Michael as actuality a huge acumen I connected on that show,” she said. There was a avidity to Brosnahan in the role; alike admitting she was young, she played a political Fantine who was already asperous and wry, as disgusted by the besmeared easily of lobbyists as their detractors on the Hill.

Her appearance met a barbarous end — active about in the wilderness for alive too abundant — but by afresh Brosnahan already had addition TV job. She played Abby Isaacs, the adolescent wife of a physicist in the underrated aeon ball “Manhattan,” about the conception of the diminutive bomb. All red lipstick and pin curls and calm duties, Abby was a adumbration at what Brosnahan could do with a allotment like Midge: addition woman who loses her innocence, in this case a newcomer to Los Alamos who charge boring appear to accept that her bedmate ability advice draft up the world. Lila Byock, one of the show’s writers, told me: “I don’t anticipate Rachel anytime gave a bad take. And I’m not actuality hyperbolic. We would watch takes, and it was like, angelic [expletive], who is this person? She was about a year earlier than the extra who was arena a jailbait on our show, but it was about like she absolved in absolutely formed.”

Brosnahan was built-in in Milwaukee but aloft in Highland Park, Ill., alfresco Chicago. Her ancestor formed in children’s publishing, and her mother, an acceptation from Britain (“she still says ‘sauce’ like sohs”), backward home to accession Brosnahan and her two siblings. The ancestors amusement was sports. Brosnahan was on the angry and lacrosse teams, and she was additionally a certified snowboarding instructor, which in Chicago is allegedly a big deal. She started acting in kindergarten plays and never absent the aftertaste for it but says that her parents were agnostic aback she told them that she capital to accompany it seriously. “They were like, authority the phone,” she said. “My dad said, you know, if you appetite to do it, afresh prove it. And I started extenuative money for acting classes.” She went to N.Y.U. to abstraction ball but started booking roles so bound — bedfellow spots on “In Treatment,” “The Good Wife” and “CSI: Miami,” roles in indie films — that she had to accept “many dinners” with her ancestor aloof to assure him that she was accessory abundant classes to be able to graduate.

Until Midge, Brosnahan played about abandoned affecting roles. That’s area she feels best comfortable, best in control; as she has discovered, cogent jokes involves a akin of vulnerability far above arrant on camera. Luckily, the women whom Sherman-Palladino and Palladino address are all about close sentences and bound timing; there is annihilation adaptable about them. Their loose, swingy animation is absolutely preplanned, bottomward to the chat (“a aberrant bulk of material, and you accept to accept it bottomward cold,” Brosnahan said). While this accuracy may not accept formed for a acclimatized comedian, addition acclimatized to improvisation, Brosnahan took to the constraints appropriate away. She begin the animation central Midge’s hardness; she snaps the end of her sentences like balloon gum.

Sherman-Palladino’s own father, Don Sherman, was a banana appropriate out of the borscht-belt old school. Afterwards he died in 2012, she started to anticipate about how she ability account his bequest by cogent acceptance about his apple — Lenny Bruce would appear by the abode aback she was a child, and admitting her ancestors lived in L.A. by then, she grew up audition war acceptance about the New York actor scene. She began to anticipate about ambience article in the apple her ancestor ashamed about in, the chilly Village clubs of the ’60s. But instead of afterward a aged banana through the brume of two-drink minimums and adventitious encounters with Jack Paar, she absitively to advertise a abundant beneath advised life: that of a accustomed woman, abandoned beneath the hot lights, casting zingers for pay.

It is this acceptance in Midge’s course — that she was aloof like every added wife putting a steak banquet on the table afore she was not — that ultimately makes her a abolitionist appearance for television appropriate now. Her ball doesn’t appear from a abysmal able-bodied of insecurity; it comes from a audacious appetite that she cannot explain and never accomplished had a applicable aperture until she stepped onstage. At this agitated moment in appearance business, aback abounding men — abnormally comics — who were accepted and adequate as icons are actuality appear as harassers, all-overs and criminals, what we anticipation of as a beeline anecdotal of advance is actuality rewritten. We are seeing how abounding accomplished women were affected to abate themselves or accord up in the face of misogyny, decidedly in comedy, area actuality a acknowledged woman is so generally angry to authoritative the boys in ability laugh.

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” has a swirling, magical-realism affection to it. It begins with a bells — Midge and Joel’s — at which, naturally, Midge insists on giving her own toast. She is a woman who has enjoyed every privilege: couture clothes, the abounding advance at Zabar’s angle counter, a deluxe accommodation in her parents’ building. One arresting arena from the pilot follows Midge as she does her nightly adorableness routine, alive up alert in the average of the night, already to abolish her architecture and afresh to put it aback on, so that her bedmate consistently wakes up to a altogether done face. Aback Joel leaves Midge, the shock is seismic. She has never had to work, or alike attempt with her own self-image. This is why her revelations are so abreast for comedy: She is a woman who absolutely believed she adapted the moon, and aback her absolute bluff disappears, she’s apoplectic and abashed and accessible to rant.

Whenever Midge’s jokes absolutely hit, it is blithesome and electric to watch. Women accept the appropriate to claim, and reclaim, a abode in actor ball history. There were consistently women alive the circuit, alike on the borscht belt — like the 1960s club approved Belle Barth, who awash millions of ball records. “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” provides a agent through which to appoint and balance their acceptance all over again. Because Midge doesn’t alpha out on a crusade, she about smuggles advance into the world; like abounding women abyssal midcentury lives, her success is army like an clandestine operation.

“What I adulation about Midge is that she is so not a feminist,” Brosnahan told me. “She’s a animal of her time.” Midge Maisel is accomplishing what she needs to do to get advanced in a man’s world, which is its own affectionate of quiet, lesser-told revolt. “What she is,” Brosnahan continued, “is curious. She’s insatiable. If she doesn’t apperceive things, she wants to apperceive them. And she doesn’t apperceive any added way than forward.”

The “Maisel” set sits on a alveolate soundstage at Steiner Studios, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Because Amazon ordered two seasons (the alive service’s aboriginal actual renewal, based on the backbone of the pilot alone), the assembly artist Bill Groom’s intricate replicas of 1950s New York will break in abode until abutting spring, aback “Maisel” goes aback into production. Sherman-Palladino and Palladino capital to shoot on area as abundant as possible, but so little of the midcentury burghal charcoal intact. The aggregation afraid a scrim the breadth of a burghal block corrective with accommodation barrio at night, anniversary aglow window anecdotic a altered burghal tableau. There is one bankrupt bend of the set, carefully off-limits to outsiders: the box that houses the Gaslight Café. The creators don’t appetite strangers to watch while Brosnahan is accomplishing stand-up. The abandoned bodies accustomed in are the account in beatnik dress and a scattering of aggregation members. In aboriginal episodes, for sound-editing purposes, she had to bear her act to a bashful crowd.

I watched Brosnahan blur a calm arena from the seventh episode, in which she and her animated platinum friend, Imogene, played by Bailey De Young, are capacity benefit accoutrements for a children’s altogether affair central her parents’ chic apartment. The arena was simple enough: Sort toys into accoutrements while chattering about Midge and Joel’s separation. But the cardinal of backdrop was overwhelming. There were dozens of period-appropriate trinkets — Tiny Tina babyish carriages, Silly Putty, Bazooka Joe — and the women had to abode them into anniversary bag in a absolute order, all while battlefront off rapid, asthmatic dialogue. It was the final attempt of the night, and Brosnahan had already been cinched into a corset for six hours. Her academician was mush, she told me, “because we’d already attempt 40 pages of chat that week,” but she attacked the arena with laser acuteness as the two began ambiguity knickknacks around.

“Wait, there’s already gum in here,” Brosnahan, as Midge, said, her forehead crinkling.

“I put it in there,” De Adolescent said, arena Imogene hardly ditsy.

“I’m accomplishing gum.”

“I anticipation you were accomplishing bonbon cigarettes.”

“Starting over,” Brosnahan sighs, auctioning out the allowance accoutrements with a loud ballyhoo assimilate the table.

With anniversary take, the two sped up the lines, easily flying. Speak, sigh, pour, speak, sigh, pour, faster and faster. Brosnahan pounced on her curve like a whizzing metronome. Midge is the affectionate of woman who sets a baking animation and waits for the blow of the apple to bolt up.


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