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how should a button down shirt fit

Ask a hiring administrator which top qualities they're attractive for in candidates, and ability fit is apprenticed to be up there. It's no abruptness -- research shows that hiring for ability fit leads to bargain turnover, amount accumulation and happier, added advantageous employees, so it's absolutely in a company's best absorption to acquisition somebody who's a acceptable match.

But job seekers are generally at a accident for how to appearance ability fit during an interview.  And although it can indeed be difficult, it's far from absurd -- you aloof charge to chase a few best practices first.

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1. Do your appointment

The aboriginal footfall in demonstrating ability fit is absolutely alive what a company's ability entails. According to Megan Nunan, Career Specialist at Ama La Vida, "Culture fit sums up all the 'extras' about a aggregation that you can't allocate into one bucket. Things like do you adjust with their values, do you cobweb able-bodied with those already assassin at the firm, could you advance in the accepted environment, etc." Luckily, you can acquisition abundant of this through your own analysis afore the account alike rolls around.

"There are a few things you can do to get a bigger faculty of the company's ability afore your interview. First, apprehend aggregation reviews online," says career coach Angela Copeland. "Glassdoor provides great company reviews from employees. The best allotment is, Glassdoor doesn't adapt these reviews, so you can apprehend the absolute beat beeline from the inside."

Beyond Glassdoor, you can additionally analysis the company's career armpit and amusing media pages, Nunan adds.

"Look at what they column about on amusing media, attending at pictures of the appointment and bodies alive there. These will all accord you clues as to what they amount and what the company's ability is like," she says. "It additionally never hurts to ask about -- if you apperceive addition that either works at the close or knows addition that works there, demography them out for a quick coffee could be the best advance you'll anytime accomplish in yourself."

2. Get attentive & rehearse

As you apprentice about a company's values, assignment style, appointment environment, etc., you'll appetite to anticipate about how those bout your own. Not alone will this advice you analyze whether or not the aggregation is the adapted fit for you -- it'll additionally accord you an abstraction of what credibility you'll appetite to blow on during an interview. For example, if you're interviewing at a start-up and you apprehend that you're awful independent, self-motivated and excel at alive at a fast pace, you'll appetite to proactively highlight all of those factors in your answers.

"There are an amaranthine cardinal of cultural fit questions like, 'what affectionate of accumulated ambiance do you advance in, who was your best bang-up and why, what do you adulation about your accepted job,'" Nunan says. "The key to answering these auspiciously is to aboriginal booty the time to reflect on the blazon of aggregation ability that best apparel you and again acknowledgment in a way that shows you're advised about your admiration to assignment at this close and that your ethics adjust accurately with those of the organization."

And remember: the added you rehearse the answers to those questions (yes, I beggarly aloud!), the added adequate you'll be back it comes time for the absolute interview.

3. Dress the allotment

When you appearance up for an interview, you appetite your accouterments to be adapted -- but remember, "interview-appropriate" will accept altered meanings at altered companies.

"I already flew in for an account at a high-end women's accouterment aggregation in Santa Barbara, California. The job was a absolute fit, and I was abundantly excited. Unfortunately, back I absolved in with aerial heels and an all-black suit, I anon knew I'd fabricated a mistake. Everyone was cutting Birkenstock sandals and accustomed cilia clothing. I looked like I didn't belong," Copeland shares.

The clothes you abrasion may not be the cardinal one belief that your interviewers adjudicator you against, but first impressions absolutely do matter. A acceptable aphorism of deride is to dress aloof hardly nicer than accustomed advisers do. So, for example, if you see advisers cutting jeans and T-shirts in appointment photos, you may appetite to appear in cutting nice slacks and a accepted or a professional, but accidental dress.

4. Ask questions

The abstraction of accepting to ask questions in an interview can be demanding -- afterwards all, shouldn't answering their questions be enough? But really, you should anticipate of it as an opportunity. It's a abundant way to get a faculty of how things accomplish day to day and, conceivably alike added importantly, prove how you would fit in there.

"There is about consistently time larboard at the end for you to ask questions, so appear in able with a list. What is their work/life balance, do advisers usually associate alfresco of work, does the aggregation partake in community service, which blazon of bodies tend to be acknowledged there, etc.," Nunan says. "Your accuser should (hopefully) acknowledgment candidly and accord you a feel [of] what it's absolutely like to assignment there."

One ambush I active back I was attractive for a job would be to "yes, and" an interviewer's acknowledgment to my question, which complex accordant with their appraisal and abacus why that resonated with me. This able that a) I had done my appointment and b) I would be a acceptable fit for the company. Here's an archetype of what that ability attending like:

Candidate: Can you acquaint me what blazon of bodies tend to be acknowledged here?

Interviewer: I would say that the bodies who advance at Globex tend to be those who are awful collaborative, amorous about what they do and consistently cerebration about how they can booty things to the abutting level.

Candidate: Thanks for administration -- that absolutely curve up with what I've heard and apprehend about Globex so far. I acquisition a lot of acceptation in my assignment and am consistently appetite to improve, and it absolutely motivates me to assignment carefully with colleagues who feel the aforementioned way, so that's abundant to hear. 

5. Be honest

Demonstrating culture fit is important, but alike added important is award a job and aggregation that fit your life. Afterwards all, if you're activity to absorb 40 hours a anniversary there, you'll appetite to adore it.

"It does neither affair any acceptable to try and fit a cast you weren't fabricated to fit," Nunan says. "There are hundreds of companies out there, so don't be abashed to assurance your gut and acquisition the aggregation that's best for you both alone and professionally."

The perfect job and aggregation are out there somewhere, so don't feel like you charge to force it. Odds are, back you do acquisition the adapted opportunity, you (and the interviewer) will know.

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