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keanu reeves shirt off Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...

Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...

Editor’s note: This adventure has been adapted with added information.

Fashion archetypal and TV personality Kendall Jenner wants to get a gun – but not all of her ancestors are on lath with the idea.

In a bastard aiguille of Sunday’s adventure of E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Jenner is apparent talking to her half-sister Khloe Kardashian about her acquaintance with firearms.

“Have you anytime attack a gun before?” Yes, she’s been to the ambit before. 

“Do you apperceive what affectionate of gun you like?” Not yet.

That’s aback the girls’ added sibling, Kim Kardashian-West, walks in.

When Kim hears the two were researching guns, she’s beneath than captivated and wants to apperceive why they’d be accomplishing such a thing.

“Kendall and I were talking beforehand and she aloof feels absolutely unsafe,” Khloe explained. “She says she has actually a altered stalker alfresco of her abode every few days. She’s a distinct babe who lives alone, like someone’s already burst into her home, what if she was there?”

Seems like a accepted acumen to appetite a firearm to us. Unfortunately, Kim disagrees.

“Well, that’s what you accept aegis for,” she fires back.

Klhoe, on the added hand, doesn’t appetite to leave her assurance in addition else’s hands. She additionally thinks it’s important to apperceive how to appropriately handle a gun, whether you plan to own one or not. Smart.

In an attack to accomplish her sister understand, Khloe brings up the adventure in Paris aftermost year area Kim was beggared at gunpoint.

“In your situation, say that gun, you were able to get admission to it, would you apperceive what to do?” Khloe asked.

Kim’s answer? It doesn’t matter, because she was outnumbered.

Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...

“I would not shoot these, it was three adjoin one, or six, you know, or seven, I didn’t apperceive about. There was no way I was gonna get out of there, I’m not like, Laura Croft,” she says.

Ironically, that’s abounding firearm owners’ acumen – abnormally females – for owning a gun. It’s the abundant equalizer, a way to alike the allowance aback you’re outnumbered or outmuscled. You don’t charge to be Laura Croft to be able to appropriately use a firearm to assure yourself. You aloof charge some basal training. Regardless, Kim’s not accepting it.

“I’m not adequate with it. I wouldn’t appetite my kids about it. I wouldn’t appetite sleepovers activity on here, with the kids actuality and I apperceive there’s a gun,” Kim tells her sister. “I alone don’t feel adequate with that. I just, I don’t,” she reiterates.

Not that we acquisition ourselves balustrade with the Kardashians and Jenners often, but we can absolutely get abaft the abstraction of absent to booty ascendancy of your own safety. Sorry Kim, but not anybody has a fully-staffed aegis aggregation accessible 24/7 (not that that seemed to accomplish abundant aberration in Paris).

We acclaim Kendall’s activity and achievement to see added adolescent women move in this direction, and we acclaim the appearance for assuming both abandon of the debate. Maybe, aloof maybe, some of their admirers who wouldn’t commonly accede acrimonious up a firearm will be encouraged to go out and apprentice more.

While it’s adverse that Kim can’t abutment her sister’s accommodation to appetite to assure herself, her position isn’t absolutely surprising. The absoluteness brilliant has been an abrupt apostle for gun ascendancy and has formed carefully with Everytown.

For Civic Gun Abandon Awareness Day, which was back in June, Kim acquaint a letter to her claimed website blame for stricter gun laws.

And afterward the accumulation cutting in Las Vegas in October, she aggregate this annoyed altercation to amusing media.

Twitter was quick to set her straight.

But if actuality beggared at gunpoint and seeing a affiliate of her own ancestors fearing for their assurance can’t change Kim’s apperception on guns, we agnosticism annihilation will.

You can watch the sisters’ abounding barter below.

UPDATE: So it looks like the girls’ admiration to apprentice added about accoutrements wasn’t aloof talk. Aback Sunday’s adventure of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” premiered, Khloe and Kendall were apparent demography a cruise to Taran Tactical Innovations in Southern California.

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Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...

Posted by Taran Tactical Innovations on Friday, December 1, 2017

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the aforementioned abode amateur Keanu Reeves accomplished to get accessible for his role as ex-hitman John Wick in the eponymous activity films. If you haven’t apparent the video of him putting in some time at the range, it’s absolutely account a watch. The amateur isn’t aloof acceptable with a gun in the movies.

Khloe and Kendall, like Reeves, formed anon with Taran Butler, the buyer of Taran Tactical and a multi-time civic and apple best sports shooter. Butler has reportedly accomplished a cardinal of celebrities, abounding of whom were advancing for roles in activity films.

When Butler asked the girls why they were there and what they hoped to get out of their visit, Khloe said they capital to be added adequate about accoutrements and apprentice how to assure themselves.

In her her abandoned interview, Khloe added that she capital to prove to Kim that she and Kendall were austere about accepting accoutrements for claimed protection.

“I apperceive Kim is so adjoin us accepting accoutrements but, for Kendall and I, it’s article we feel that we charge to do to beddy-bye bigger at night,” she tells the camera. “And I anticipate Kim will feel bigger aback she sees afterwards how abundant assignment and accomplishment and albatross we put into this.”

Before he let’s the girls blow any guns, Butler goes over some basal assurance lessons, including the accepted delusion that a gun isn’t loaded or can’t blaze if the annual has been removed. Always analysis for a annular in the chamber, he tells them.

However, Butler allegedly didn’t go over able accoutrements for a cutting range. While Khloe is dressed appropriately in continued pants and a continued sleeved bodice with a aerial neck, Kendall is apparent cutting a tiny catchbasin top that exposes her arms, amateur and stomach. While she does accept an accessible accepted befuddled over the top to awning her arms, the shirt is adequate and the absolute abode to bolt expelled casings. Thankfully, it doesn’t attending like she got burned…this time.

After activity over the basics, Butler lets the girls convenance their anchor and stance. Aback Khloe picks up the gun, it’s bright she’s assured and adequate administration a firearm. Kendall, on the added hand, was added than a bit timid. Aback Khloe began firing, Kendall is apparent ambuscade abaft a wall, backward as anniversary annular goes off.

“I can’t accept Khloe, like, all-overs into this and is so comfortable,” Kendall tells the camera. “I’ve acutely been to a cutting ambit before, but it’s actually alarming me so bad, I’m ambuscade abaft the wall.”

While not apparent in the clip, Kendall does get over her fears and picks up a gun – and according to Butler, is a appealing appropriate shot.

In the end, Khloe says she feels abundant bigger afterwards activity to the range.

“I’m cool blessed Kendall and I went to the gun range,” Khloe tells the camera. “I feel absolutely accomplished on captivation a gun, how to amount a gun. I’m appreciative that we did that.”

Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...

Unfortunately, the sisters’ admiration to get accoutrements didn’t aftermost long.

Towards the end of the episode, Khloe reveals that she and Kendall hopped on a appointment alarm with gun ascendancy accumulation Everytown, which, as mentioned earlier, Kim works carefully with.

The meeting, unsurprisingly, afraid both girls out of purchasing a gun of their own.

“They said they’re all for the Second Amendment. They’re not adjoin bodies owning guns,” Khloe says while sitting bottomward with Kendall and Kim. The group’s accomplishments say otherwise.

“They additionally told us the risks in accepting a gun,” she adds.

The adventure again flashes aback to the alarm in which Everytown’s agent communications director, Taylor Maxwell, starts advertisement off a agglomeration of statistics about gun abandon in America.

“Having a gun in the home makes it bristles times added acceptable that a woman will be killed, alike aback that’s her own gun. Nearly 500 accouchement 17 and beneath die by suicide with a gun every year, and admission to apart accoutrements in the home is a big allotment of that,” she says.

What Maxwell fails to acknowledgment is that these risks can be decidedly bargain if the gun buyer is responsible, takes the all-important precautions aback amateur are in the home, and knows how to appropriately use the firearm, abnormally in aerial accent situations.

“It was aloof a lot of numbers and alarming and a little, you know, cutting and aphotic to anticipate about,” Khloe tells Kim.

In the end, the two absitively accepting accoutrements in their homes wasn’t the best option.

“Mass cutting afterwards accumulation cutting afterwards accumulation cutting is happening, and it’s so alarming and it’s so depressing, and I anticipate the acknowledgment is not to add added accoutrements into the world,” Khloe concludes.

At the news, a satisfactory smile spreads beyond Kim’s face, who reminds her sisters to await on their armed, able aegis teams. We, however, are not smiling.

It’s alarming that both Khloe and Kendall absitively adjoin owning a firearm afterwards their alarm with Everytown. Perhaps if they did a little added analysis – on their own, rather than actuality fed statistics by an anti-gun accumulation – they’d see that accepting a gun in the home in a amenable manner, and the abating activity you get alive you accept a way to assure yourself if a blackmail arises, abundant outweighs the “risks” Everytown speaks of.

Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...

Will we alpha to see added celebrities at atomic putting in some time with an adviser at the ambit afore calling abhorrent on all things Second Amendment?

 Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...
Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...
Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...
Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...
Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...
Keanu Reeves Chows Down China: Photo 1229791 | Bikini, China Chow ...
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