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The complete comes from abysmal central Michael Luwoye's mouth, abreast the aback of his tongue. It's not intentional. The "Hamilton" brilliant clicks aback he's aggravating to adjustment his thoughts, abode altar spatially or acknowledge to somebody who says article profound.

"It's like a aeon or some array of punctuation mark," he explains, abacus a bang at the end of the book for emphasis. "I don't apperceive what it is. It aloof happens."

He’s sitting poolside in a atramentous cabana on the roof of his Hollywood home, a 22-story affluence accommodation architecture with a across-the-board appearance of the city, including the iconic aggravate at the top of Capitol Records and, if you attending in aloof the appropriate direction, the connected chicken banners announcement “Hamilton” on the abandon of the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

As the appellation appearance in one of the better agreeable tours of all time — the guy who a backer accepted Thursday will be the abutting Alexander Hamilton on Broadway appear January — Luwoye could be forgiven for active to the ancillary of the architecture and yelling, "I'm the baron of the world!" with accurate James Cameron flair. But he's not that guy.

"I'm an alienated man," Luwoye, 26, says seriously, his articulation a affluent baritone, his aspect impeccable. "I consistently acquainted like I was on the alfresco in the amphitheater world."

Now, as he prepares to blanket the L.A. leg of the show's bout on Dec. 30, he's the insider. Aback he was casting as the alternating for the role of Alexander Hamilton on Broadway in 2016, he was the aboriginal atramentous amateur to booty on the role. (Miranda and his aboriginal alternating were of Puerto Rican descent.) That abatement he became the aboriginal amateur to portray both of the musical's arch macho roles in the aforementioned day aback he performed as Hamilton at a matinee and as Aaron Burr at night.

I consistently acquainted like I was on the alfresco in the amphitheater world.

Michael Luwoye

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He got to bead "alternate" from his appellation aback the civic bout kicked off in San Francisco in March. The Alabama built-in had never been to the Bay Area before, or Los Angeles. Also new: all the attention, the hype, the adulation and the adoration, the faculty of albatross as a atramentous man in the spotlight. These are not things Luwoye accepted in his life.

And now that he's been accustomed the befalling to comedy the role full-time on Broadway, he's alike added afraid by his accidental trajectory.

"I haven't accustomed myself abundant amplitude to absolutely action it," he says. "I feel like I could cry about it."

Luwoye wasn't alike abiding he capital a career in amphitheater until he was at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

"I was not the academic amphitheater person," Luwoye says. "I didn't abound up alert to aboriginal soundtracks or accept posters blind up in my room."

The youngest of four accouchement built-in to Nigerian immigrants who "somehow landed in Alabama" in the 1980s, Luwoye dabbled in the arts. He admired to draw. He approved his duke at journaling. He flirted with the piano and the violin afore clearing for the guitar. His mother, an engineer, had a "sneaky fascination" with "The Complete of Music," and the ballsy agreeable generally played in his home on Saturday afternoons.

"My mom consistently capital us to be like the Von Trapps," Luwoye says, answer that music ample acutely in the domiciliary admitting his claimed ambivalence.

Ice chrism was the added connected in Luwoye's life. Luwoye's ancestor owns a baby business alleged Goody Cream, and in accession to actuality an ice chrism distributor, he awash ice chrism off a barter aback Luwoye was a kid. If Dad had a new acidity and bare a child's perspective, Luwoye was added than blessed to action his services. (Ice cream, he says, is "no best my mainstay if I'm activity for dessert." Too abundant of a acceptable thing.)

In aerial academy he began to aught in on music approach and composition, decidedly the abstraction of scoring "The Legend of Zelda." It's his best admired video game, he says, aperture his shirt collar aloof a bit to acknowledge a "Legend of Zelda" necklace.

Luwoye admits to actuality quirky. He's acutely adequate with that allotment of himself. But he wasn't always. For a connected time he would adumbrate his quirks in call and audience rooms. He didn't appear to embrace them until afterwards he accelerating from academy and landed a role in "Marley," about the activity and music of Bob Marley, at Baltimore's Centermost Stage in 2015. Article about that appearance freed him, and he started actuality himself in advanced of adolescent actors.

"Let's see what happens if I bang and allure and move my fingers and map and abode things in a assertive adjustment in rehearsal?" he recalls thinking. Nobody said annihilation negative, and it helped him to learn. He connected accomplishing it. "I acquainted aplomb in my aberancy and my oddities and my insecurities."

That's aback the apple of amphitheater absurd accessible for him, and he bent his stride. He was accepting absolute absorption for his role in "Invisible Thread" at Second Stage Amphitheater in New York aback he began cerebration about "Hamilton."

His aboriginal audience for the Broadway apotheosis of the appearance was the worst. It was the day afterwards "Hamilton" won a Grammy for agreeable amphitheater album, and Luwoye was activity for the roles of Hercules Mulligan/James Madison. He had auditioned off-Broadway, and not absent to accent himself out, he steered bright of the actual in the canicule arch to the audition, addition he already knew it.

Turns out the calligraphy had afflicted in the bound to Broadway.

"I remembered one of the raps, but aggregate abroad was a alternation wreck. It was all new actual with altered melodies and absolutely new verses," he recalls, afraid his head. "I larboard with my appendage amid my legs."

I acquainted aplomb in my aberancy and my oddities and my insecurities.”

Michael Luwoye

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It acquainted like a phenomenon aback he got alleged aback abundant times. He went to one audience — the one that ultimately put him on Broadway as the Hamilton alternating — in the clothes he was cutting for his accouterment job. By the time he was buttoning his cape to alpha assignment that night, his abettor alleged him with the news.

"What in the apple is this experience?" he remembers thinking, almost affectionate what had happened.

Seventeen months later, he still hasn't absolutely captivated his apperception about his journey.

"I see what's happening, I see how bodies are responding to it. Yes, it's an out-of-body experience, but I don't apperceive what anatomy I'm activity to acreage in," he says.

The anatomy he's in now, however, is black. And he feels a abstruse albatross to put his best bottom advanced for all the accouchement of blush attractive up to him, acumen — maybe for the aboriginal time — that they too can achieve abundant things.

"We accept to amusement this with such affliction — amusement them with such care," he says of those kids, and of the attitude that his adolescent actors of blush carry. "It's not article we're demography for accepted or casting abroad as aloof a job. Because you apperceive bodies accept their eyes on you."


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