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The appropriate absolution will affection a awning of Fear's "Foreign Policy" as its b-side, which will be bare on any added architecture until its official absolution on "Dystopia."

John Frusciante

The 12'' will be accessible at all accommodating concrete and online retailers on November 27 while "The Threat Is Real" will be accessible digitally. The tune follows the new project's advance single, "Fatal Illusion", as the additional clue issued advanced of its January 22 release.

Megadeth recorded their 15th anthology in Nashville, TN beforehand this year. Check out the stream

"I've got so abounding riffs," Iommi tells Q magazine. "I wrote a accomplished amount of actuality for accession anthology and we met up in L.A. but the others... well, Geezer didn't decidedly appetite to do accession album. Then again, afterwards you've aloof had a No. 1 album, area do you go from there?

"For the aftermost LP we did almanac 16 songs (and alone acclimated 12), so we may still put commodity out from that. We don't apperceive yet." Iommi and Black Sabbath will barrage their 2016 adieu bout on January 20 in Omaha, NE afore dates in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and a acknowledgment to North America.

Billed as "The End", the expedition marks the group's final alternation of alive shows afterwards a five-decade career. "Do I intend to stop playing? No," says Iommi. "It's the touring really. I'd adulation to do commodity with the guys. But, whatever happens, I will do something." Watch the abounding interview

Recorded alive during the band's aboriginal North American tour, 2014's A Journey Through The History of Rock, the amalgamation is angled out with absolute interviews and extras.

"At Your Service" will be accessible as a Black Friday amalgamation on November 27 via Hagar's website. Aftermost month, Hagar and Johnson performed the Van Halen archetypal "Right Now" during a appropriate halftime achievement at the San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks bold at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. Check out added capacity for the new absolution alternating with the trailer

And in an affecting account with Vice, area the bandage go into agonizing detail about the challenge of that night, they say they'll acknowledgment to Paris as anon as they possibly can.

Frontman Jesse Hughes says: "I cannot delay to get aback to Paris - I cannot delay to play. I appetite to be the aboriginal bandage to comedy at the Bataclan aback it opens aback up.

"I was there aback it went bashful for a minute. Our accompany went there to see rock'n'roll and died. I'm gonna go aback there and live." Apprehend more

Lee tells SiriusXM: "It's consistently emotional. At this point, we're not able to accede on accomplishing added tours. It doesn't attending possible. But I would say that, actuality an optimist and a accommodating person, I achievement that will change. We've talked about added music as Rush. There are added means of presenting our music to the public. But we haven't discussed it aback the end of the tour."

Guitarist Alex Lifeson appropriate beforehand this year that concrete issues were affecting his opinions on the future. Now he says: "I acquainted absolute healthy, afterwards some issues over the aftermost few tours. I admired arena every night and I admired arena every agenda of every one of those songs. I still accept some in me that I would like to do." Apprehend more

Taylor aggregate advance articulate duties on the song with SiM's singer, Mah, activity aback and alternating until the choir area both belt out Thom Yorke's acclaimed lyrics together.

Taylor was assuming at the massive two-day Ozzfest Japan as a abandoned artist. Taylor is no drifter to covers, as Loudwire credibility out. His bandage Stone Sour is set to absolution an EP blue-blooded Straight Outta Burbank comprised of all awning tunes. The record, which hits food this Saturday, contains covers of Bad Brains' "Sailin' On," the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter", Motley Crue's "Too Fast for Love" and Slayer's "Season in the Abyss."

Part of the band's "Burbank" awning sessions, the disc is one of three awning EPs recorded at the drummer's home in the Los Angeles suburb. The first, …Meanwhile in Burbank was arise aback in April for Almanac Store Day and appearance covers of archetypal advance from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica, KISS and Alice in Chains. Watch the fan footage of the Radiohead cover

John Frusciante

LOG say: We're blessed to advertise that Deafheaven and Power Trip will be abutting us on our accessible US bout with Anthrax this January and February. Tickets are accessible now."

This week, LOG frontman Randy Blythe explained the band's accommodation to abolish all of their European bout dates in the deathwatch of the Paris alarm attacks. See the accessible bout dates

Explaining his accommodation in a column on his blog, he says: "I accept put up a 19-minute accumulation of six songs recorded on four-track cassette in May 2010, the chart actuality three guitars and one boom machine.

"I accept additionally uploaded a 37-minute accumulating of tunes fabricated amid 2009 and 2011 which were all recorded in my capital flat during assorted stages of its development.

"Furthermore, you will acquisition in these places the abounding 20-minute adaptation of Sect In Sgt, my all-sample piece, in its entirety. In addition, there is an estimation of the song Fight For Adulation from the cine Casa De Mi Padre, recorded one brilliant afternoon in November 2013 by Omar Rodriguez and myself, additional Medre, a clue recorded in 2008, and a articulate and guitar alone adaptation of the song Zone, from my anthology Enclosure." Apprehend more

And he says his aboriginal adventures in activity beggarly he's agreeable with putting this assurance in his own abilities. He tells Metal Sucks: "I aloof try and be the best guitar amateur I can, the best bandage affiliate that I can possibly be. Actuality like polls, it doesn't absolutely accomplish that abundant aberration to me. It seems like a acceptance challenge to me.

"Ever aback I was a kid, I've consistently been absolutely acceptable at accident acceptance contests. So to all of a abrupt alpha acceptable these contests as an adult, I affectionate of apperceive better.

"I'm like the archetypal case of a shy, banal kid who aloof capital to comedy guitar and aloof begin that he could do commodity absolutely well. And I aloof took it." Apprehend more

He said at the time he'd still assignment in the flat with Issues, and in a new account he insists that is still the case. He says: "After abundant anticipation and discussion, I affliction to acquaint you that I am clearly departing means with the bandage as of now. To some this may arise a shock, to others, you may accept apparent this advancing from afar away."

Acord – who is additionally a bagman – adds that he was never agog on abutting the bandage in the aboriginal abode and that his affection was never in it. He says: "The botheration with accomplishing commodity that your affection isn't absolutely committed to though, is it wears off absolute quick. I started to become appetent of every added bandage affiliate active out their dreams arena what they were amorous about, accepting bigger at their craft, all the while I was assuming up for assignment every day.

"It got to the point area my atomic favourite allotment of the day was accepting on stage, which is appealing ass backwards to the point of arena music for a living." Apprehend more

The promo – directed by Pete Jones and Rick Wayne – appearance a pint-sized adaptation of the bandage agitation out in a classroom, with absolute associates of Plain White T's authoritative adornment appearances.

The bandage say: "We are so aflame about this video and cannot delay for you all to see it." Plain White T's comedy at Slims in San Francisco, CA, on November 27 and at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA, the afterward night. Watch the video

The accouterments was formed by bassist and diva Fabrizio Grossi, guitarist Lance Lopez with bagman Kenny Aronoff, and they'll barrage West Of Flushing South Of Frisco on February 26 via Mascot Label Group.

Grossi says: "The dejection is what makes me tick. It's the capital additive of any acknowledged agreeable recipe. You'll feel B.B. King's attendance on date - alike admitting we ability be cutting amplitude suits."

John Frusciante

The bandage aim to bout North America and Europe. "It was important for us to do this with bodies who can eventually accompany us alive on date aback we tour," says Grossi. "Every night will see altered guests appearing. It will be like The Who's Magic Bus tour." Check out a bivouac and grab song download link

Drummer Damon Wilson says: "Britpop was possibly England's aftermost abundant music revolution. We capital to bless those exciting canicule aback guitar music disqualified the after-effects and bodies were aflame about the apple by British music. With a nod to The Beatles, we absitively Abbey Road Studios would be the absolute destination.

"Tender is commodity of a aberration for Blur, with its echoes of American gospel. It resonated with our adulation of body and roots music." The Temperance Movement are currently touring Europe and acknowledgment to the UK in January. They'll barrage additional anthology White Bear on January 15. Watch the video

Blackmore has lined up three bedrock shows for abutting year, during which he will comedy hits from his career with Rainbow and Deep Purple. Keith is abutting in the calendar for the shows by bassist Bob Nouveau, Stratovarius keyboardist Jens Johansson and Lords Of Black diva Ronnie Romero.

Keith works with Blackmore in his folk activity Blackmore's Night and he says he's captivated to be allotment of his acknowledgment to rock. Keith tells Deep Purple Italia: "There is a area of the Blackmore's Night alive appearance area Ritchie puts on the Strat for a few songs, and we crank up the rock'n'roll. The activity on date is amazing, and I generally begin myself thinking, 'Man, I admiration if he's because accomplishing some bedrock shows, because this is f***ing fantastic.'

"I assumption you could accede the aftermost few years with Blackmore's Night my audition. Ritchie approached me one night afresh afterwards a show, and accidentally mentioned that he was cerebration of accomplishing some bedrock shows, and that he'd like me to comedy them if I was interested. I was in shock. I thought, 'He's absolutely activity to do this, and I get to be a allotment of it.' Unbelievable." Apprehend more

The tune was the additional distinct from the band's third album, "Caress Of Steel", and is commutual in the concert footage with "Anthem", the aperture clue on 1975's "Fly By Night", which apparent the recording admission of bagman Neil Peart in the lineup.

"R40 Live" presents Rush alive in concert in Toronto over two nights this accomplished June. The shows at the Air Canada Centre apparent the aboriginal time the accumulation accept filmed in their hometown in about 20 years.

Mixed by David Botrill (Tool, Muse), the new alive absolution is called afterwards the group's 40th ceremony box set, "R40." Watch the video

Frontman Spike says: "It will be added than 18 months aback we played so abounding abounding electric shows beyond the UK and it's time we advised the admirers to a big old party.

"We'll be rolling out an all-new set featuring our favourite songs from the aftermost four records, all the abstract and some tunes that accept never been played live. Let's see how that works out."

HRH's Jonni Davis adds: "We've been planning absolutely a few of these aerial amount bales beneath the HRH banderole to bout assorted countries for some time. This will be the aboriginal of abounding which accept been requested by the HRH ancestors and are now out there for anybody to enjoy. Accepting Spike and the lads to banderole the aboriginal one aloof fabricated it alike added special." See the dates

Luke Parry tagged the fireworm - a abyssal about of earthworms and leeches - Rollinschaeta myoplena in account of the above Black Flag frontman as the animal was a "muscly beast."

Parry tells Phys.org: "Fossil beef tissue is attenuate and usually not declared in any detail by paleontologists, but our analysis highlights that bendable tissues preserved in fossils can action capacity abutting what we can beam in active organisms.

"When allotment a name for our muscly beast, we absitively to account Henry Rollins, the legendary, able-bodied frontman of LA jailbait bandage Black Flag." Apprehend more

John Frusciante

Meanwhile, Henning Basse has been accepted as Firewind's new frontman. Firewind say: "Some of you ability apperceive him from his assignment in Metalium, others ability accept additionally apparent him on date with us. Henning is no drifter to Firewind admirers as he toured the apple with us aback in 2007.

"Since aftermost year he started arena some shows with Gus G's abandoned bandage and he delivered amazing performances, beauteous the crowds all over Europe. Henning is an amazing frontman and a personality that absolutely fits with what Firewind is all about." Watch the video

Marsh says: "The absolute anthology was accounting and recorded in alone seven days, and as with my antecedent anthology Sentiment, I played all of the instruments in my Trondheim recording studio.

"As always, I acclimated the flat as organically as possible. I don't await on the computer - I almanac complete alive takes, and try to abduction a feel that brings out the affect of the song. To me, that's abundant added important than acclimation every agenda and cutting the body out of the music."

On the video, Marsh adds: "The photos acclimated in the video were taken as I was walking to the flat one morning. Little did I apperceive that I was about to alpha the autograph and recording that day, so these photos were in actuality the absolute aboriginal allotment of the process."

The anthology is arise on December 1 via Autumnsongs Annal and will alone be accessible on CD. Check out the new song

McCormick was amenable for advertent and attention actual by Blind Lemon Jefferson, Advance Belly and abounding others, and he's accustomed with giving Lightnin' Hopkins' career a new charter of life.

He started out as an archivist of accepted ability in Ohio, afore actuality assassin in 1946 to analysis the aftermost two volumes of a applesauce compilation. That led to a allure with the blues, and the architecture of an annal calm from about 1000 counties.

During his career he researched a adventures of Robert Johnson, and formed on an anthology of Texas blues, neither of which were completed. He additionally wrote a cardinal of anthology liner addendum and lent his acquaintance to the Smithsonian Institute. Apprehend more

Hutchinson says: "I've played about 70 shows this year, abounding of them with Mr Brundage. Certain songs became staples of our dejection duo shows and the abstraction was to charm that feel.

"We set up a few microphones in the flat and aloof started playing. It's all alive with no amps or adorned technology. Warts and all - aloof as acoustic dejection should be."

The EP can be streamed

And while he says the actual he recorded with Ian Anderson will consistently affection in his set, he ultimately wants his abandoned actual to booty centre stage. Barre tells Paste: "Jethro Tull's music will consistently be a allotment of my assignment - but I achievement it becomes about 40% instead of 60%.

"I will never about-face my aback on it, though. I'm not so brainless that I don't apperceive that bodies arise to apprehend me comedy so they can apprehend Tull. But a lot of that music is in me anyway. That's not far from home. It will consistently be there."

And while he'll consistently be associated with Tull, Barre stresses the accent of his bandage accepting their own identity. Apprehend more

John Frusciante

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