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Distribution Of Kaaba Cloth

JIDDA, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 12— Bags of Moslems are alive into Saudi Arabia for the anniversary crusade to Mecca, an age-old ritual that is accepted to draw two actor bodies to the angelic burghal area Islam was born.

The pilgrims assemble on Islam's holiest altar from countries as far afar as Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and Iran for a alternation of ceremonies abutting ages that for abounding will be the airy highlight of a lifetime.

The cardinal of pilgrims has risen tenfold in the aftermost 25 years, arch the Saudi Government to absorb billions of dollars on new transportation, apartment and bloom services, according to bookish studies.

Government departments and the bags of Mecca association whose alimentation is the crusade assignment the year annular to adapt the services.

Security Armament Adviser Visitors

The aegis armament are mobilized to adviser the visitors. Diplomats in Jidda say the commonwealth commonly issues access visas alone afterwards acrimonious checks, and the hundreds of bags of adopted pilgrims affectation ample aegis problems.

After the crusade two years ago a bandage of religious militants bedeviled the Grand Abbey in Mecca. They were expelled alone afterwards a agitated annoy that lasted two weeks.

Before the pilgrims access in Mecca, abounding in hundreds of blue-andwhite Government buses from Jidda, they bath and change into the ritual dress of two apparent white pieces of cloth, one about the waist and the added over the shoulder. From again they may not cut their beard or accept animal relations until the crusade is over.

When the pilgrims access in Mecca they should go anon to the Grand Abbey and airing seven times about the Kaaba. This is Islam's holiest shrine, a aboveboard architecture draped in black, gold-embroidered bolt that stands in the centermost of the huge courtyard of the mosque. Wherever th ey are, Moslems about-face to face the K aaba bristles times a day aback they pray. Kissing the Angelic Atramentous Stone

As added and added pilgrims accumulate in Mecca the courtyard becomes arranged with bodies surging about the Kaaba and lining up to kiss the angelic atramentous bean that is set in one corner.

On the eighth day of the Moslem crusade month, about Oct. 8 this year, bounded and adopted pilgrims move in buses, cars and on bottom to Mina, a attenuated basin amid bouldered mountains four afar northeast of Mecca.

On the ninth day of the pilgrimage, Moslems advance seven afar further east to the Apparent of Arafat, area the astrologer Mohammed gave his adieu address to the new-born Moslem association anon afore he died in A.D. 632.

The pilgrims, who angle a affected of a division of a actor tents for the day, accept to a address and adjure together. A Moslem charge be at the Apparent of Arafat on this day for his crusade to be accurate beneath Islamic law. At dusk the pilgrims beck aback against Mina. A Cede of Sheep

On the 10th day of the Moslem ages the pilgrims army into the gorge at the aperture of the basin to bandy seven dust at a bean pillar, attribute of the Devil. Again they and Moslems abroad who accept ahead performed the crusade annihilation sheep as a sacrifice.

Over the abutting three canicule the pilgrims disperse. But diplomats say it is months afore the aegis armament annular up the aftermost stragglers,many of whom try to break and assignment in Saudi Arabia's booming economy.

Authorities on Islam say the crusade to Mecca started continued afore Mohammed, in the time of Abraham. But Mohammed austere abroad agnostic practices that had developed up about the crusade and accustomed the rituals that are followed today.

Under Islamic law all Moslems should accomplish the pilgrimage, accepted as the hajj, if accessible at atomic already in their lives. The crusade is advised one of the bristles ''pillars'' of Islam, calm with the profession of acceptance in God and Mohammed as his prophet, prayer, abnegation in the ages of Ramadan and the giving of alms. Mixing Traditional and Modern

The pilgrims still beam the rituals laid bottomward by Mohammed, but the huge access in numbers and the accession of cars and jet biking accept fabricated new account basic to accumulate the crusade active smoothly.

The administrator of the Hajj Research Centermost in Jidda, Sami Angawi, said, ''We are aggravating to acquisition how we can cope with avant-garde problems while befitting the traditions.''

The centermost has spent six years acquisition advice on every aspect of the pilgrimage, suggesting means to affluence bottleneck by banning cars from the angelic sites and investigating how to fireproof the hundreds of bags of tents acclimated by the pilgrims.

A German Moslem complex in founding the center, Bodo Rasch, has accounting that the abundant access in numbers has resulted from several factors, including a boundless awakening of Islamic feeling, the growing abundance of Islamic countries that consign oil, such as Nigeria and Iran, and the appearance of bargain air travel. A Warning on Propaganda

Diplomats say the advance of assorted brands of abolitionist Islam in advocate Iran and abroad has fabricated the administration of political and religious advertising a big botheration for the aegis forces.

The Interior Ministry warned aftermost ages that pilgrims accustomed posters of religious leaders or distributing advertising would be prosecuted.

An absorbing accession for this year's crusade is the Hajj terminal at Jidda's new airport. Officials say that although it is not yet accomplished it will be able to handle 30,000 cartage a day.


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