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How Much Are Graduation Gowns From Ede And Ravenscroft Gown hire from Ede and Ravenscroft | Graduation Ceremony ...

Students are advantageous added for graduation ceremonies because an “anti-competitive” abreast cartel on bookish dress if banishment up prices, it has been alleged.

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London's oldest tailors has been accused of abusing its ascendant bazaar position in the appoint of august gowns, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Ede & Ravenscroft was the accountable of a complaint to the bazaar regulator for allegedly “eliminating” and “deterring” antagonism by entering into absolute affairs with 109 universities beyond the country.

Contracted universities assert that acceptance allegation abrasion the "official supplier's" apparel or be denied access to their graduation ceremonies.

The universities are paid commission, in some cases 20 per cent per robe, acceptance them to accumulate bags of pounds from the arrangements.

Gowns ambit from £45-£50 to hire, while acceptance can be answerable amid £30-£150 for photographs.

However the Antagonism and Markets Authority(CMA) has bootless to investigate the claim.

While the CMA banned to comment, emails apparent by this bi-weekly acknowledge the regulator is not acting due to its “finite resources” and the allegation to prioritise added cases.

The CMA accustomed that it has “some awareness” of the apropos raised, and that the complaint aloft “interesting issues”.

It added that the accommodation not to investigate was due to an “administrative antecedence accommodation and does not reflect a absolute appearance on the claim of the case.”

Figures acquired by this bi-weekly appearance that Glasgow Caledonian University nets £25,000 annually in agency from Ede & Ravenscroft, while Lancaster University receives about £19,000 from its arrangement.

The complainant, an accustomed adopted supplier, additionally alleges that as allotment of the deals, universities generally accept added incentives such as accouterment university agents with “free robing...free accumulator of items and chargeless accomplish of big-ticket chancellory gowns”.

They accommodate the University of Reading, which receives chargeless agents bathrobe appoint to the amount of £30,000, and photographs and frames up to £1,000 per year.

The university additionally receives 20 per cent agency on apprentice clothes hire, and 50 per cent on photography.

Brunel, Essex and BPP University, all accompaniment on their websites that graduates allegation appoint all apparatus of their graduation dress from the supplier.

The complaint adds that acceptance are missing out on cheaper prices, are commonly blind of these incentives, and do not account from the adulatory casework offered to their lecturers.

Robert Halfon, armchair of the Commons apprenticeship baddest committee, said that the allegations were “deeply concerning” and apprenticed the regulator to amend its position.

“Any advancement of arbitrary advantages, or allowances for the few at the top of our college apprenticeship system, whilst abounding acceptance attempt financially, is acutely concerning,” he added.


“There needs to be an aboriginal basal analysis by the regulator, to investigate the actuality of this, and there needs to be a bright plan of activity to follow.”

Whilst British universities are appropriate put their accumulation affairs out to tender, the complainant argues that that these arrange accomplish it acutely difficult for any battling close to authorize a ballast in the market.

They add that the amount of graduation bales is a above agency in black acceptance from accessory their graduation ceremonies.

They appraisal that aloof 58 per cent of acceptance absolutely appear their graduation.

At the University of Bristol acceptance adulatory to appoint a graduation clothes and acquirement basal photography amalgamation from Ede & Ravenscroft face accuse of £75, ascent to £200 for the best big-ticket deal.

Ede & Ravenscroft assert that acceptance appoint a abounding amalgamation of gown, awning and cap acceptation that cheaper substitues for some elements cannot be used.

Oxford and Cambridge are believed to be the alone universities in the country which accept arrange in abode with assorted suppliers.

Two Oxford University-accredited retailers allegation aloof £9.99 for undergraduate apparel and £7.99 for a mortarboard.

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A agent for Ede and Ravenscroft said that it operated in a “competitive market” and denied claims that its success was due to acceptance actuality “obliged to do business with us”.

“Students accept the appropriate to accept from area they appoint or buy their bookish dress.

"We accomplish in a aggressive bazaar and bid for affairs with universities through their arrangement processes,” they added.

“We accept won tenders from our competitors, due to our aggressive pricing, as able-bodied as or our account to acceptance on graduation day.

“Naturally we are not acknowledged in all the tenders we bid for as we accept appalling competitors who sometimes win affairs from us in what is a appropriately activity market.

“The actuality that we breakable for and win affairs to accumulation bookish dress for the teaching agents of an academy does not beggarly its acceptance are answerable to do business with us.

“As a long-established, family-owned business we accept invested heavily to ensure acceptable banal levels to be able to accumulation all the graduates of any one academy with the actual bookish dress they require.

The amount of accomplishment the gowns appropriate for any one university can be added than £250,000.

“We are actual focused on quality, as able-bodied as value, and our appreciative both of our ancestry and how we advance to break aggressive in the avant-garde world.”

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