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When Allison Shellito walks bottomward the alley this June, she will be cutting the bells dress her great-great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt and mother wore on their bells day — a Victorian conception that the avant-garde helpmate is acceptable this Valentine's Day.

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"I consistently anticipation I would abrasion it," said Shellito, 23, a clear artisan at Sullivan Higdon & Sink.

"My mom and grandma would consistently allocution about it, and I would attending at their pictures. I alike approved it on back I was little and thought, 'Someday I'll abrasion it.' "

That anytime will be June 11 in St. Louis, back Shellito will wed Chris Rinaldi, a Louisiana built-in and a alum apprentice at Stanford University belief operations research. The two met while undergrads at Washington University in St. Louis.

Allison said her fiance is anxious that anybody seems to accept apparent her in the dress but him.

"I said, 'That's affectionate of the point,' " she said.

The dress, of tone-on-tone biscuit cottony adornment blooming with mums, was fabricated in 1884, apparently in Chicago. Allison's benevolent great-great-grandmother, Nellie Campbell, wore it back she affiliated A.G. Shellito in 1884 in Iowa.

The dress again skipped a generation, until Jean Lawman able to ally Nellie's grandson, John Shellito.

"It was beautiful, it was offered, and it fit!" Jean Shellito said in anecdotic how she came to abrasion the dress for her bells in 1941. She now lives at Larksfield Place in Wichita.

"I was aggravating it on the night Pearl Harbor struck," she said. Her fiance, again training to be a doctor, had to enlist. They were affiliated a few weeks later, Dec. 26, 1941.

It was during the war that John Shellito got an action to assignment at the then-new Wichita Clinic, and that is how the dress came to Wichita. Jean Shellito brought it with her to her new home, and eventually, as Nellie had done for her, she offered it to the women who would be marrying her sons.

"When Jack and I got engaged, Jean said, 'We accept a ancestors dress,' " said Mimi Balazs Shellito, Allison's mother. "I aloof couldn't brainstorm award annihilation added beautiful. Or meaningful."

She is the aftermost helpmate to accept beat the dress, in 1982. Barbara Shellito of Boston additionally wore it, back she wed Jean's son Paul in 1975.

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The dress is in admirable appearance for actuality 127 years old. It was fabricated to last.

"It was accustomed to me captivated in linen sheets," Jean Shellito said, and it's been stored in linen since. Mimi Shellito had it "restabilized" with some patching afore her wedding, and she acicular out how it glows. "It aloof throws light."

Grandmother, mother and babe all bacchanal in the dress, for all kinds of reasons.

"I aloof adulation gowns that are covered up," Mimi Shellito said, allegory it to the strapless bells dresses of today. A lover of history, she did some analysis at the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum into the appearance and bolt of the dress.

It comes in three pieces — a abbreviate basque anorak with three-quarter-length sleeves that laces up over a pleated underblouse adorned with Belgian lace; a feature brim with an abnormally draped accessory beyond the lap; and a 6-foot-long alternation lined with a amateur band of accomplished hemline lace.

Allison Shellito is activity to be the aboriginal helpmate back 1884 to abrasion a bustle beneath the dress. (They hadn't been accessible on the Internet for the amid weddings.)

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"I've consistently anticipation it was beautiful," she said. "It was so unique. You never see annihilation like that except like at the Smithsonian. I feel so advantageous to abrasion article like that. And I'm a big ancestors person, so it has a affected meaning."

As a clear artist, she loves the mums that are blooming on the dress and has scanned a swatch of the bolt so she can use the mums as a affair throughout the wedding, including on the invitations and affairs that she has designed. And the hemline is of abysmal acicular scallops that float over billowy apparent silk.

"It reminds me of architecture," Allison Shellito said.

That may be why, back she afresh approved the dress on as a bride-to-be, she absitively she would accept to change for the accession — into a dress that would absolutely acquiesce her to lift her elbows to dance. That dress will be awakening rather than vintage: a abbreviate cocktail bells dress from the 1960s.

But the capital acumen Allison Shellito will change into a affair dress afterwards the bells commemoration is for the account of a new bearing affectionate the Victorian bells dress:

"I capital to bottle it for approaching wearing."

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