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A dépôt-vente in the First Arrondissement is added affable - their alimentation depends on an all-embracing audience - and appearance advanced in flavor. The bright bazaar windows additionally appearance Hermès and Chanel but alloyed in with Prada, Lanvin and added top labels to abduction their clients' all-embracing interest. A applicant may arise in the latest Balenciaga angular gray pants, and be absolutely "pointu," or specific, in her tastes, but she may opt for an abnormal allotment because she is agog to be different.


Dépôt-ventes in the Second Arrondissement tend to be added asperous and ready, with Bohemian audience who are added acquainted of their claimed styles than afterward trends. They abide loyal to Sonia Rykiel, Armani and all the Japanese designers. A Celine backpack will do; no allegation for Prada.

On the added hand, audience application the dépôt-ventes in the Sixth Arrondissement chase a trend in their own alert way. Quality is key but logos or any blazon of adornment is a no-no. And in the Seventh Arrondissement, amid the Invalides and the 15th, is BCBG accepted - bon chic, bon genre, article of a preppy or Sloane Ranger style. Not a appearance follower, she commendations the dépôt-ventes as a "formidable" way to buy logos for less.

Whatever the arrondissement, the best dépôt-ventes accomplish with assertive rules. Accepted items acquire to be in aristocratic shape. "Those ladies active the places are absolutely exigeant," or forceful, says Hunnewell. "They will not booty any old rubbish."

Dominique Balloffet owns WK Accessoires in the First Arrondissement, a few account from the acclaimed bazaar Colette.

Generally speaking, those who address their clothes are "Parisian or from the provinces" admitting those affairs abide of Parisians, visiting Europeans and Americans, Balloffet said, adding, "What's fun is the aberration of bodies and mix of milieu."

In contempo years, "the sales of accessories acquire taken over from clothes," she said - apparent by the tank-sized, boot-black Birkin bag in her bazaar window. "Chanel accessories and clothes by Yves Saint Laurent, Marni, Chloé, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen rarely linger."


WK Accessoires, 5 Rue Marché Saint-Honoré; Tel: 33-01-40-20-99-76

La Marelle, in the Second Arrondissement, was opened 35 years ago by Eliane Tesseraud. She primarily stocks clothes from contempo seasons but makes an barring for accessories.

In her estimation, consignees abatement into three categories: those "needing a change but not affording today's prices"; those no best applicable into their clothes ("three kilos will do it," she says); and those regretting an big-ticket "error of judgment."

Her audience ambit from Banque de France employees, tourists and appearance folk. "We do able-bodied with all the Japanese designers: Yamamoto, Miyake and Comme des Garçons," she said.

La Marelle, 21/25 Galerie Vivienne; Tel : 33-01-42-60-08-19

Laurence Carlier, who owns Le Dépôt-Vente de Buci in the Sixth Arrondissement, belongs to a mother and sister act.

LE CHÂTEAU: Evening Gowns

"I mix best with contempo seasons by Missoni and Fendi," she says. "If the applicant is classic, she goes abutting aperture to my mother, Celina Hauser, who sells Alaïa, Marni and Miu Miu."

Carlier's best audience are branché Parisians, American audience who "like crocodile bags" and English stylists "hunting bottomward 1980s." A few of her admired 1980s pieces accommodate a Gianni Versace Western-style shirt with gold rivets, a continued cashmere double-breasted Chanel covering and a Karl Lagerfeld "firework" clover dress.

Le Dépôt-Vente de Buci, 4 rue de Bourbon-le-Château; Tel: 33-01-46-34-28-28

Nora Andizian at Amelie par Luxury describes her audience as "classical" but says that, in the aftermost three years, they acquire become more accidental at night. "Before we had a austere business in continued black gowns, but that's over now that bodies appear the opera in trainers," she said.

Students from the adjoining American University are new clients. "They may abrasion H&M and Zara, but they're ambitious acceptable accessories: shoes by Jimmy Choo, accoutrements by Dior and Vuitton."

Amelie Par Luxury, 17 rue Amélie; www.luxury-shops.com; Tel.: 33-01-47-05-90-11

LE CHÂTEAU: Evening Gowns

Nathalie Denet, in allegation of Dépot-Vente de Passy, addendum that audience "whatever their age" are "dressing young, young, young."

Along with accoutrements by Hermès, admired brands accommodate Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana - and Chanel is the "designer du jour" with 18-year-olds.

"We abstain the too-classical," she says. "And alone acquire alien labels if they're absolutely pretty."

In general, she says, the turnaround is quick because abounding clothes access with their aboriginal amount labels attached. "Certain 'richissimes' women buy so much, change their absolute apparel every six months," she says. "And we accumulation from that."

Le Dépôt-Vente de Passy, 14 Rue de la Tour; Tel.: 33-01-45-20-95-21

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