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Weddings can get a tad expensive, and one able way to cut costs is to accomplish your own dress… out of toilet paper!

Plus, if you accident your dress on the big day, you can aloof nip to the loo and fix it appropriate up.

Ten women from beyond America competed in a aerodrome antagonism – the 13th Annual Toilet Cardboard Bells Dress Competition. In an attack to nab the top prize of $10,000, they had to architecture and actualize a bells dress fabricated absolutely from bog roll, with a little advice from glue, tape, and thread.

All in all, the women acclimated a accumulated absolute of 247 toilet rolls to actualize their works of art. That’s a accomplished lotta account paper!

The dresses were a amazing announcement of adroitness and DIY skills, and the champ of the antagonism this year was Kari Curletto, who advised a dress with a nearly-two-metre detachable basilica alternation and 1,500 hand-cut butterflies. Yes, all from toilet paper. Other ladies created dresses which featured floral embellishments, headpieces and flowers.

The dresses are absolutely stunning, but we’re not planning on walking toilet cardboard bottomward the alley ourselves.

Via Cosmopolitan

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