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11) Throwing old shoes at a helpmate and benedict as they set off from their amusement acclimated to be a accustomed affair to do! Admittedly it was accustomed aback in the 1800s.

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12) Not as abounding couples accept sex on their bells night as you'd think. In the US a analysis appear that over bisected of couples don't, while in the UK it's over a third.

13) Weddings on “gimmick” canicule such as Valentine's Day are allegedly 18-36% added acceptable to end in divorce.

14) In the years afore hen dos were a thing, soon-to-be-married women would be covered in ribbons, bawdy rhymes, and sometimes kitchen utensils, and again paraded about their abode afore actuality abolished with armament and escorted home so bodies could see.

15) The boilerplate age for brides in 2017 is 30.8, and the boilerplate age for grooms is 32.7, admitting in the ‘70s it was 22.6 and 24.6 respectively.

16) The world’s better bells block was actually massive and advised over 6.8 TONNES.

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17) In the 17th century, afore bells cakes were popular, it was accepted to accept a “bride’s pie” instead, which would either be a candied chip pie or a savoury one with meat.

18) The aboriginal abandoned bells (where addition affiliated themselves) happened best ago than you apparently expected, in 1993.

19) Honeymoons came about in 19th-century Britain, but were initially “bridal tours” and were alone for the rich, so that they could appointment relatives.

20) Hawaii is the best searched-for amusement destination for bodies active in the USA.

21) And the best accepted aboriginal ball song aftermost year was “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. Afore that it was "At Last" by Etta James.

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22) In the Middle ages, conjugal bouquets acclimated to accept herbs instead of flowers, as able-bodied as garlic, which was anticipation to area angry away.

23) Afore white dresses, bodies wore whichever colour they capital although there was a anathema about the colour blooming which was associated with women of “loose morals” who would “roll about in the grass”.

24) Bells cakes acclimated to be fabricated up of two parts, a “bride cake” and a “black cake” (which was associated with the groom). Eventually the closing was phased out abrogation the bride’s cake, which is what we apperceive as the acceptable bells cake.

25) Cakes that were busy white were a cachet symbol, because the added aesthetic the amoroso (and the added expensive), the whiter it was.

26) The byword “tie the knot” is affiliated aback to an old custom of the couple’s easily actuality angry together.

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27) Afore armament and rice were befuddled at weddings, in Britain they acclimated to bandy wheat, best acceptable because of its connotations with fertility.

28) Best bodies acclimated to accept single-tiered bells cakes (as tiered ones were for the rich) so sometimes they’d be busy with a boutonniere to accord it some height.

29) The aboriginal “space wedding” was in 2003. A woman affiliated her accomplice while she was in Texas and he was still in space.

30) For hundreds of years, bells rings were beat on the appropriate duke and not the left.

31) And during the backward 16th and 17th centuries, it was added fashionable to abrasion it on your thumb.

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