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It started as a alternation of argument letters amid women accusatory about sexism in California’s Capitol, again snowballed into a afire accessible letter about a ability of animal aggravation in Sacramento, appear in mid-October.

The letter was originally active by 140 women who assignment in accompaniment government and politics, and The Times has been extensive out to them and others to apprentice more.

Many didn’t appetite to be interviewed. Others were accommodating to talk, but not about their claimed experiences. Alike as the letter blaze a long-awaited accessible chat about animal harassment, there’s still a common abhorrence about speaking out.

Despite that, some of the women absitively to allotment their stories. Here’s what they had to say.

Jessica Yas Barker

Director of accumulated relations for Ovation, an absolute television network

Jessica Yas Barker’s belief go as far aback as her boyish years, aback as a 17-year-old she interned for her aboriginal attack in Los Angeles.

“The actuality who was active a attack — the attack administrator at the time — was decidedly earlier and told me that we should go out for my 18th birthday. I affected that meant a accumulation of bodies from the office,” she said. “To be fair, I was adolescent and looked up to this actuality and was flattered by the action and the attention. In retrospect, I apprehend it was not appropriate.”

She got to his abode and accomplished there were no added colleagues there. He handed her addition woman’s ID — she was still too adolescent to get into bars.

She acquainted flattered, but borderline of how to handle the situation.

“I did not booze anything. I was actually nervous. He had a few drinks, and I anticipate there was a bit of an affliction on his allotment that I wasn't drinking.”

She was afraid as he collection them aback to his place, bare to actuality in a car with addition who had been drinking. She said they went central his apartment, which was “the point at which he busted up the adventuresomeness to put the moves on me. He affective me by both of my amateur and accustomed to kiss me a brace times. I told him I had a boyfriend, which seems to be the archetypal alibi for women, rather than aloof adage no.

“When it was bright he didn't appetite me there unless it affronted sexual, I left.”

She kept in blow with him over the years, alive he would be an important associate as she congenital her career in politics. She saw him as a mentor.

But one night, she canceled banquet diplomacy with him, answer she was cash-strapped. He replied that she should accept him over instead for ramen in her apartment, she said.

“Even admitting I anticipation I had handled the bearings over the years adequately well, it affectionate of all came abolition bottomward on me aback I accomplished he was actually done, in his eyes, with arena amateur with me. He didn't appetite to be my friend, didn't appetite to be my mentor. Article abbreviate of a animal accord wasn't absorbing to him.”

Later on, she activated for a job in an adopted official’s office. She alien herself to the arch of agents at an accident a anniversary afore her interview. He complained their morning arrangement got in the way of his gym accustomed to assignment on assorted beef groups.

“This is afore I alike interviewed for the position, which aloof goes to appearance — I should've absolved abroad from this position afore alike interviewing for it.

“After accepting the job, the abutting year and a bisected alive for him was a connected battery of inappropriate comments and self-aggrandizing,” she said. ”This actuality would consistently allocution bottomward to women in the arrangement — whether walking into a arrangement allowance area a accumulation of women were sitting and asking, ‘How’s that bottle beam alive out for you?’ to calling me ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ for cutting pants instead of dresses.”

At able events, with no booze present, he would actually allocution about sex, she said.

“He admired actuality able to point out women in the allowance whom he had sex with. He was aloof about women whom he had sex with or the women he perceived to admiration him.… He would allocution about his animal exploits.”

Barker said she absitively to allege out afterwards audition belief from added women who accept formed in backroom in Los Angeles and Sacramento. She said she capital to add her articulation “so bodies apperceive that they're not alone.”

“We're accomplishing this because we appetite to change the able ability that women accept to assignment in in politics. We're not aloof advancing out because it's cathartic. There's a appetite here.”

Amy Brown

Lobbyist, DiMare, Brown, Hicks & Kessler

“Why don’t you shut your aperture and accessible your legs because that’s what you do best.”

That’s what Amy Brown said a macho lobbyist on the added ancillary of an affair said to her in advanced of a ample accumulation of bodies at the admission to the accompaniment Senate alcove about a decade ago.

By then, Brown, 45, said she was at a point in her career aback she no best feared that continuing up for herself would bulk her job, or accomplish audience bead abroad like flies.

“I brindled him with every ancestry of the f-bomb I could anticipate of — audibly — and it actually fabricated me feel better,” Brown said.

She hadn’t consistently been so bold.

During her aboriginal bout in the accompaniment Capitol as a aldermanic staffer beginning out of college, a above agent added than alert her age had offered to become her mentor. Things went able-bodied at first, but again he chose to buck his career admonition over dinner, she said.

“I anticipation it was odd that we weren’t activity to lunch, but I was 24 and athirst to apprentice some new skills,” Brown said.

The banquet affair bound devolved into a alternation of affectionate questions aside above the table. Again his duke went beneath the table and able on her knee, Brown said.

Before long, the backward night buzz calls began, abashing her chambermaid boyfriend. Again the above agent started accosting her in actuality at contest he knew Brown would accept to attend. Finally, Brown said, she told her bang-up what was activity on and she filed a complaint.

The above agent retaliated, Brown said, accusing her of aspersion and aggressive to seek a abstinent adjustment adjoin her.

Even admitting her bang-up and colleagues believed her — the above agent had a acceptability — Brown said she was thoroughly humiliated.

“I anon got the hell out of town, physically confused away,” Brown said. “I acquainted like the bodies — the actuality — I was relying on for beforehand in my career was bloodthirsty on me.”

She took a job as an accountant for the burghal of San Jose, sitting in a anteroom active numbers all day.

“I didn’t abrasion assertive clothes, I started authoritative jokes. Nobody wants to hit on a clown,” Brown said. “I abstruse to actualize an angel of myself that didn’t allure the amiss affectionate of attention.”

Five years later, apathetic by anteroom life, Brown said she mustered the adventuresomeness to arch aback to Sacramento. The ability there hadn’t changed.

“I still had legislators say, ‘You appetite my vote? You apperceive how to get it,’” Brown said, but her admission had.

Cynthia Bryant

Executive administrator of the California Republican Party

The Harvey Weinstein animal aggravation aspersion afflicted how Cynthia Bryant feels about delinquency about the Capitol.

“Six months ago, I would accept said, ‘It’s aloof the way things are, you aloof accept to accord with it,’” she said. “Today I wouldn’t say it. I would action for the person. I would angle up for them. I would acquaint them to address it. My cerebration has actually changed.”

In her own career, one alternation of encounters stands out.

“I had a lobbyist kiss me on the arch every time he saw me for an absolute year in my aftermost government job at the Department of Finance,” she said.

She said it larboard her activity awful.

“It’s disgusting. It feels affectionate of gross. You cycle your eyes and blench central and again you beam it off and say, that’s OK. And it’s not OK. It’s an exceptionable concrete touching, and it’s a harassment.”

Bryant said voters should be acquainted of the problem.

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“If the bodies in the Capitol are activity to use their ability over women, voters charge to apperceive that. Voters accord politicians power.”

Lindsay Bubar

Los Angeles-based political consultant

Politics is about admission and relationships, which is why some women are afraid to allege up about harassment, said Lindsay Bubar, a Los Angeles political adviser who focuses on electing women and accelerating candidates..

Bubar has taken diplomacy that she anticipation were able get-togethers, abandoned to ascertain the added actuality had altered intentions.

“If you alarm out that blazon of behavior, all of a sudden, you’re faced with a accident area you’re affliction the accord with addition that you charge to accept a accord with, addition you charge to accept admission to,” Bubar said.

Getting added women adopted is analytical to alteration behavior, she said.

“When you accept added women in [elected] office, you about-face the antithesis of power. No best is it men who are sexually afflictive or assaulting women and women activity like they can’t allege out for abhorrence of accident their careers or accident their bench at the table.

“Now, it’s the women who accept the ability in that dynamic. To me, that’s so alarmingly important.”

Laura Friedman

Assemblywoman (D-Glendale)

As a first-term lawmaker, Assemblywoman Laura Friedman said she hasn’t accomplished animal aggravation in the Capitol.

“But I apperceive women that have,” she said. “People I apperceive who are austere people, bodies who haven’t appear advanced publicly, but accept had some appealing abominable experiences. That ranges from bodies actually actuality groped, to sometimes men who are in ability anticipate article is actuality consensual aback the added actuality feels pressure, or there will be retribution, or opportunities won’t be accessible to them.

“Even if it is, quote-unquote consensual, if you’re the bang-up of somebody, you should not be putting your bodies in a position aback there's alike a adventitious of that.”

Men charge to be acquainted of that ability dynamic, she said.

“A lot of these men, if you ask them, they would say, this is actually consensual, afterwards acumen there is a ability bureaucracy that is actually unequal, and they should not participate in that.”

Roxanne Gould

Lobbyist, Roxanne Gould Government Relations

The accompaniment assemblyman, a affiliate of the cyberbanking committee, was sitting in an amphitheater afore a speech. Roxanne Gould had organized the accident on account of her client, Bank of America. She saw the assemblyman, who is no best in office, and sat bottomward beside him to ask if there was annihilation she could do for him afore his presentation.

“The abandoned affair you can do for me is accord me a acceptable f—,” she said he told her.

Other legislators accept hit on her over the years, Gould said, but that one stood out.

“He was an ultra-conservative ancestors man,” and the bawdiness bent her off guard.

More archetypal examples of exceptionable absorption are the administrator who Gould said ran his bottom up and bottomward her leg beneath a table, or addition who kept texting her letters such as, “Am I too fat? Too skinny? Are you too pretty? Am I not acceptable enough?”

“That’s not as egregious,” Gould said, “but these are bodies in ability authoritative it far too difficult to do your job.”

Elise Flynn Gyore

Chief of Agents to Sen. Richard Roth (D-Riverside)

Elise Flynn Gyore was at a well-attended after-work accident at a Capitol bar in 2009, cat-and-mouse for her then-boss to arrive.

“I noticed that this actuality was affectionate of bit-by-bit on the ambit of conversation.… He looked familiar, but I didn’t apperceive who he was.”

At one point, she fabricated her way through a accumulation of bodies who were dancing.

“And all of a sudden, there he was. And he put his easily up and affectionate of bottomward my blouse actual aggressively. And afraid the applesauce out of me — oh my God. I jumped out of my skin.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry. No. I’m married.’ And he said, ‘That’s OK, I am too.’ He didn’t absence a beat, aloof said it — and I accept no abstraction if he is or not, I’ve never alike asked. So I said, ‘Well, I don’t apperceive about your marriage, but I apperceive about mine, and I’m not OK with that, sorry.’ And aloof affectionate of bound got abroad from the situation.

“What actually affectionate of active me and what actually led me to accuse was the actuality that afterward, he was there. He bedevilled me that evening. Every time I affronted around, there he was. I would go to the bath — if I came out, there he was. If I went and talked to a accumulation of friends, there he was.”

When her then-boss, Democratic accompaniment Sen. Ron Calderon assuredly arrived, she clung to him, she said.

“At one point I said to him, ‘Senator, I charge to let you apperceive article happened to me’ … I said, ‘That guy over there’ — and I acicular appropriate at him — ‘He’s not OK. He is not acting OK appear me. And I’m not activity acceptable about actuality about him.’

“But it connected throughout the night — if I larboard his ancillary for alike a second, he would appearance up. Or if I was over accepting baptize or something, he’d be over at the end of the bar aloof staring at me,” Gyore said. “He acquainted OK putting his easily on me, but he additionally acutely sees me pointing him out, continuing abutting to a member, and he doesn’t assume decidedly abashed by that. And that’s what actually afraid me.”

She ultimately activate a associate she could leave the bar with.

“I alleged my bedmate on the way home and I aloof admission into tears. I was aloof like,‘I can’t accept this aloof happened.’”

Adama Iwu

Government diplomacy administrator for the western U.S. for Visa and organizer of the We Said Abundant campaign

In a way, Adama Iwu was lucky. She started in Sacramento aback she was in her backward 20s — “a little bit older, maybe a little bit wiser” than aback women about activate their careers in the Capitol, potentially extenuative her from the best bloodthirsty behavior.

Still, “I’ve actually had my share” of brushes with sexism, she said. She recalled one boss, allegedly well-meaning, congratulating her as she acclimatized into a new job.

“‘We're so captivated with you, Adama,’” she recalled him cogent her. “‘We knew you had abundant relationships, but we never accustomed you'd be able to base the accountable bulk the way you have.’

“I aloof looked at him thinking, ‘You anticipation I was aloof a appealing face.’ Those kinds of things actually do abrasion on women. Those aren’t the things that they would say to a man.”

“Men feel they accept the appropriate to grab you, acquaint actually bawdy belief in advanced of you,” Iwu said. “You accept to act like one of the boys. You actually — in adjustment to be trusted and be allotment of the army — you accept to act like one of the boys. So you beam off bawdy jokes, you beam off animal innuendos, you accomplish excuses for men.

“I additionally haven't had some of the alarming adventures that added women have. I consistently acquainted like I was about protected. I consistently anticipate I can added or beneath booty affliction of myself. And I consistently accept had men who will assure me to an extent.”

When an associate fabricated an inappropriate beforehand on her in advanced of a accumulation of people, it was hardly the best arrant affair she had experienced, she said. But article snapped.

“The actuality that at the aforementioned time we accept a admiral who says things like, ‘This is what I can do to women,’ and again we accept the [Harvey] Weinstein chat — for this to appear in advanced of men that I assignment with and love, that are acceptable accompany … I don’t apperceive why, but I was bent afterwards it happened,” she said. “I was bent it happened in advanced of bodies I like and account and trust. The actuality who came up and was bashed and abhorrent was addition I like and account and trust.”

“I’m seeing belief on the website from women who accept no recourse. They larboard politics,” Iwu said. “They are acutely in brittle brainy states.

“I'm not and I can allocution about this. And I will allocution about this.”

Sadalia King

Legislative staffer for the accompaniment Senate

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As a adolescent intern in Sacramento, Sadalia King was alive at a account arrangement in the accompaniment Capitol building. It was the average of the afternoon, and the allowance was crowded.

Despite the able setting, a man absolved up to and propositioned her, she said, application an “extremely vulgar” remark. She didn’t apperceive who he was, but he was cutting a clothing and looked like he belonged at the Capitol, King said.

She’s never credible him aback but hasn’t abandoned the arrant experience.

“I’ve never acquainted added abandoned and added baby than at that moment,” King said.

Today, she hears “horrible stories” from her Sacramento colleagues about harassment, she said.

“You acclimate yourself up. It’s about animation and perseverance.”

Natalie LeBlanc

Political adviser and managing director, The Pivot Group

Natalie LeBlanc has been addled and discriminated adjoin by men “probably her accomplished career,” she said.

There was a time a man beforehand his duke bottomward her pants at a political fundraiser. Addition time, she was accessory an accident at a auberge aback a adviser pushed her up adjoin an elevator bank and propositioned her, she said.

She additionally remembers the time she pitched a applicant at an arrangement meeting.

“He spent the aboriginal bisected of the affair not alert to what I was adage and staring bottomward my dress.” LeBlanc said. “At the end of the meeting, he ran his duke bottomward my leg.

“I accept been alleged a staffer or an intern by macho associates of the Legislature, by lobbyists, by consultants,” LeBlanc adds. “I accept been alive for 20 years, I’m about 40. To be alleged or affected to be an intern is actually discouraging.”

In politics, there’s “such a asymmetric bulk of ability circumscribed with men. It aloof makes the adverse sex vulnerable.”

Sabrina Lockhart

Communications administrator at California Absolute Petroleum Assn.

For bodies alive in California politics, it bound becomes bright that the job’s requirements extend above the archetypal workday.

“You accept your arrangement job in the Capitol, and there’s times that your job takes you alfresco the Capitol, and alfresco the accustomed 9 to 5 assignment hours,” said Sabrina Lockhart, communications administrator for the California Absolute Petroleum Assn. “Sometimes those situations can skew people’s behavior, and that can allure some problems.”

There can be connected hours central the Capitol, as well.

“You’re there actually backward at night alive on things. There was a time aback there was a lock and you bare a cipher to go into the blow allowance [on the thirrd attic of the Capitol],” Lockhart said. “I was told aback I aboriginal started alive in the Capitol that it was for women’s safety. It cool me out aback I heard that. Again I acquainted beholden that if I was alive backward and bare to use the blow room, I didn’t charge to anguish about addition not there to use the blow allowance actuality there.”

The abridgement of job aegis can accomplish it adamantine to address problems, she said.

“The Legislature has at-will employment. They accomplish it actual bright that you can be let go at any time and for any reason.”

Not abounding bodies are accommodating to accident their alimentation aback adverse harassment, Lockhart added.

“It’s a career based on networking — not aloof what you apperceive but who you know. Speaking up could accomplish it added difficult, if not impossible, to beforehand your own career.”

Fiona Ma

Board of Equalization member

Fiona Ma, a above Democratic assemblywoman from San Francisco, said there’s not an able arrangement for advertisement problems in the Capitol.

“Who do you call? There is no array of hotline, blank body. I don’t alike apperceive who you would address to.”

She hopes the cardinal of women speaking out changes that.

“I anticipate with this letter, it will accord a greater faculty of aegis to those who accept been addled to appear advanced and report, as against to activity threatened or abashed or abhorrence of accident their jobs.”

Amber Maltbie

Campaign accounts and elections advocate in Los Angeles and armchair of the lath of Emerge California, which trains Democratic women to run for office

Amber Maltbie was accepting a networking banquet bristles years ago with a legislator’s arch of agents aback he absolved himself from the table. As he returned, “he swooped in abaft me and went in to kiss me,” she said.

The arch of staff, who is now an assemblyman, again accustomed to allure Maltbie to appear up to his auberge room.

“He said, ‘I adulation my wife, but she’s not enough.’

“It was disappointing, because I thought, ‘I’m affair with someone, able to professional. It was about as if he was demography advantage of my appetite and application it as a commencement to get me to appear to this dinner,” Maltbie said.

Women are accomplished to be polite, she said.

“I was thinking, ‘How do I get out of this affably afterwards awkward him because I charge this accord bottomward the road?’”

Tina McKinnor

Operational director, California Democratic Party

Tina McKinnor was the arch of agents for Assemblywoman Autumn Burke (D-Marina del Rey) aback she saw some of the aggravation that exists in accompaniment politics.

“We had a actual able adopted official airing up abaft my affiliate and rub her amateur at a dinner,” she said. “And aback I say rub your shoulders, you would accept anticipation he was her husband.”

The bearings was uncomfortable.

“I didn’t apperceive what to say to this guy. I affronted about and looked at him. I gave him the ‘older atramentous woman’ stare. I didn’t booty my eyes off of him. I fabricated him so afflictive that he stopped.”

No one said anything, she said.

“It fabricated us angry. But decidedly not affronted abundant to allege up. It was an accustomed behavior, which it shouldn’t accept been. What we did is, we aloof abhorred the person.… As a staffer, it hurts that’s the staffing that you had to do.”

Rachel Michelin

Executive director, California Women Lead

Years ago, Rachel Michelin formed in Southern California as a commune administrator for a accompaniment lawmaker, and lobbyists would sometimes accomplish her uncomfortable.

“I was in my backward 20s, maybe, my mid-20s,” she said. “He alleged me up, said, ’I appetite to allocution to you about an affair that’s adverse the district.’ I said sure. The abutting affair I know, we’re at this actually big-ticket restaurant in Orange County. And he’s saying, ’We should go out, I accept tickets to an Angels game. I accept a box.’”

The chat didn’t absorb accessible policy, she said.

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“And I thought, we’re not talking about the aldermanic issues. It was a actually afflictive thing. I was so unprepared. I didn’t apperceive how to handle it.

Michelin said award addition to acquaint was difficult.

“There was no one to allocution to aural the Legislature, abnormally as a adolescent woman. I wasn’t activity to be adequate talking to my boss. Not like he would do annihilation wrong, but I didn’t aloof feel comfortable.… In retrospect, I aloof dealt with it.”

Annie Notthoff

Director of California advancement for the Natural Assets Aegis Council

Annie Notthoff absitively to assurance the accessible letter to admonition change the atmosphere in the Capitol.

“I capital to allege up to actualize a safe amplitude for all women and additionally for men to allege up in aegis of accepting a akin arena acreage to assignment in a able ambiance area anybody feels safe.”

As a adept of Capitol politics, she sometimes finds herself giving admonition to adolescent women, she said.

“Don’t put yourself in a bearings area you could feel uncomfortable. Consistently accomplish abiding you’re administering official business in official locations. Things like that.”

It’s not a botheration altered to the Capitol, she noted.

“I don’t anticipate there’s any women who assignment in backroom or business or the accessible area who haven’t accomplished some exceptionable pressure.”

But problems extend above the Legislature.

“I don’t anticipate aggregate should aloof be focused on the adopted admiral in the Legislature,” she said. “The accoutrement of government controlling extends far above the Capitol. All the boards and commissions, appointed positions, agents — lots of bodies accept actual cogent controlling authority.… Ability and admission and admission are brought to buck at all of those levels. It’s not article that’s aloof altered to the adopted officials.”

Jena Price

Lobbyist for TrattenPrice Consulting

Jena Price was starting her career as a lobbyist about bristles years ago aback she asked to accommodated with a administrator about a accurate issue. He appropriate chatting over a beer.

“I spent the aboriginal 10 or 15 account aggravating to altercate this policy,” she said. “It became adequately credible that he had no admiration to allocution with me about this legislation or any legislation whatsoever. He connected to accompany it aback about to my claimed life, which I activate to be appealing invasive.”

It was so uncomfortable, Price said, she texted a associate to admonition accomplishment her from the situation.

“It became actual credible to me, there and afterwards, if I wasn’t activity to comedy into his advances, I wasn’t activity to be able to actually acquaint with him at all,” she said. “I anticipate that’s a abhorrence for a lot of women. I did not leave anon because of that abhorrence of accident access. And as a lobbyist, my job is absolutely about access.”

Pursuing a lobbying career can absorb fending off problems like the one she experienced, Price said.

“Every woman who becomes a lobbyist wants to be a strong, arrogant presence, and actual effective. And about every distinct turn, you can acquisition a macho lobbyist, a macho staffer or a administrator who wants to acquisition a way to booty advantage of that.”

Price, now a accomplice at a lobbying firm, said it’s assembly like that who can accomplish the Capitol a difficult abode for women to work.

“The majority of these associates are good, anxious bodies who appetite to accomplish things bigger for the bodies in California,” she said. “The scattering of associates who don’t accomplish it really, actually bad.”

Traci Stevens

As a adolescent Senate staffer, Traci Stevens met with an affecting lobbyist, cerebration that he could admonition her career. But he had a altered abstraction of how the night would end and banned to let her out of his accommodation building, she said.

She’d anchored in his garage, so was finer trapped.

“I’m not a shrinking violet,” Stevens recalled. “I got in his face and threatened him.”

She formed in the accompaniment Senate and for three governors — Pete Wilson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown. During that time, she’s credible the ability alterity amid men and women in Sacramento. She wants added accuracy in the way that animal aggravation cases are dealt with by animal assets admiral in anniversary abode — who are overseen by aldermanic leaders — including aegis of individuals, rather than aegis of the “institution’s reputation.”

“Settlements charge to be fabricated public. If a case has been bound and addition has been activate guilty, I believed that animal assets should accomplish that public,” she said.

Amy Thoma Tan

Director of accessible diplomacy at Kaiser Permanente

Amy Thoma Tan was alive her aboriginal campaign. Best of the time, she was the abandoned woman in the office.

“I was 22, beeline out of college,” she said. “For a lot of the time, I was the abandoned babe and the youngest actuality in the office.

“Some of our arch agents and funders were guys who would accomplish comments like ‘yeah, I'll accept your columnist absolution if you booty your shirt off' or they'd accomplish jokes about my body.”

Once, aback she saw a colleague’s computer screen, she saw two men were exchanging burning letters about her body.

“When I abdicate and confused to Sacramento, one of the guys said, ‘Your assignment was good, but what I'll absence the best is your bound butt.’

“I don't anticipate I alike knew at the time that that wasn't OK. If I had accepted that, I’m not abiding who I would've gone to because it's a botheration all the way up.

“When you don't accept any years of assignment to aback up your actions, it's actually scary,” she said. “If article happened now, I accept 15 years of assignment and relationships to aback me up. At that time, I was so atrocious to prove myself. It was aloof terrifying. Or you aloof think, this is the way the apple works, and that's what I accept to abide to assignment in the world.”

Paula Treat

In her actual aboriginal lobbying gig in Washington, D.C., Paula Treat was assigned to assignment an affair in the Abode Cyberbanking Committee.

“The arch of agents of the cyberbanking lath told me, ‘I do my assignment on the mattress or the golf course. What’s it activity to be?’” she said. “‘Well, I’ll assignment on my golf game,’ I told him.”

A lobbyist for added than 40 years, Treat said she was acclimated to men advancing assimilate her.

Things didn't change aback she confused to Sacramento.

In the aboriginal 1980s, she went out to banquet with a administrator who chaired a able committee.

“I was activity to get in my car,” she said. “He accomplished over and started kissing me. I said, ‘No. This isn't my abstraction of what affectionate of accord we should have.’

“He said, ‘Well, accomplished then. If you don't beddy-bye with me, I'm activity to annihilate all your bills.’ I got in the car and bound the door.

“And again he dead a accomplished agglomeration of my bills. He fabricated my activity appealing afflicted for about a year.”

She confused to Nevada for three years, absorption instead on lobbying there. Aback she returned, she artlessly abhorred him.

After he retired, he accustomed an controlling annex appointment, which charge be accustomed by the Senate.

“I went to the Senate Rules [committee] and said, ‘If you put his name up, I’ll accompany 200 women in the architecture who will acquaint you how abominable he was.’”

His choice was withdrawn.

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