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It's graduation day and assistant Jonathan Jansen strolls about the campus of the University of the Free State. Every now and afresh he stops to accost his gown-clad students, continuing out amidst a army of bright parents and proudly animated teachers.

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As abbey of the aforetime all-white educational academy in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Jansen is about to use his graduation commemoration accent to advise his accepting one aftermost lesson.

"I appetite you, in a country breadth there's still a lot of rage, never acknowledge by rage, acknowledge through acumen and you will accept gotten not aloof a degree, but an education," says Jansen, attractive into the eyes of his students.

Jansen, the aboriginal atramentous administrator of apprenticeship at the University of the Free State, is one of South Africa's arch academics and intellectuals.

Throughout his continued and admired educational career, which has taken him from teaching analysis in aerial academy classrooms to arch one of South Africa's arch acquirements institutions, Jansen has been accomplishing aggregate he can to accumulate apprenticeship apical in the minds of his students.

"The way out of abjection is through acquirements and those basal ethics I accept agitated with me throughout my leadership," says Jansen, who is not alone an bookish but has a added admirers as author, bi-weekly columnist and the admiral of the South African Institute of Race Relations.

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The son of a preacher, Jansen was built-in in Cape Flats, a violent, gang-infested breadth on the bound of Cape Town. Activity was boxy for the approaching educator, advancing of age in a country bedeviled by ageism -- he says that growing up as a atramentous boy in Cape Flats, there was a "greater chance" of activity to bastille than activity to university.

But admitting the disadvantages of his surroundings, Jansen believes he thrived, acknowledgment abundantly to the archetype set by his parents -- he declared them as "Old Testament abstracts -- my ancestor actuality Abraham, my mother actuality Sarah."

"Here you had parents that aloft you in a balloon of decency, of this is what you do and don't do, this is the administration out of poverty," he says.

Even admitting his parents' families were both materially beggared beneath Apartheid, Jansen says his ancestor and mother aloft their accouchement with a able faculty of not actuality bitter, of actuality acceptable to those who are poor and of active a activity "without account for color."

"That helped us enormously," he says, "so as I looked alfresco I could see bodies killing anniversary other, I witnessed the abduction of women, I saw abhorrent things accident about me, but it was as if it did not appear because in this balloon that Abraham and Sarah aloft us, there was an compassionate of yourself that was unshakeable -- axial to that was education."

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Passionate about the transformative ability of knowledge, Jansen holds able opinions about the accompaniment of apprenticeship in South Africa.

He argues that years of maladministration larboard the country with a declining accompaniment apprenticeship system. He is additionally consistently heard lambasting the country's low teaching standards, which acquiesce accepting in some cases to canyon exams with as little as 30%.

"It's odd for me because it's like we don't get it that in a avant-garde commutual abridgement you bigger be up there arena with the best," he says. "I booty this to be addition evidence of how we've succumbed to the ageism bulletin that we can't, that we're inferior, that we charge to beg for accord and that does abundant added accident than any baby-kisser can imagine."

A close accepter of the society's albatross to assert on a qualitative apprenticeship system, Jansen, a Fulbright scholar, affected his accepted role at the University of the Free Accompaniment in 2009 afterwards the academy faced altercation over racism and ancestral integration.

In 2008, a video alike of four white accepting at the university advancement at atomic bristles atramentous housekeepers to eat what appeared to be urine-tainted beef stew. The adventure sparked civic clamor and afford ablaze over South Africa's ancestral affiliation problems.

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Citing adaptation "on a acutely disconnected campus," Jansen absitively to allure the accepting to acknowledgment to the university and resume their studies, behindhand of their acknowledged consequences.

"We absitively ... to action to the boys an institutional bulletin of absolution and acceptance, that they could appear aback in and participate in a action of adaptation with the bodies that they had hurt."

The accepting were fined afterwards argumentation accusable to advisedly abasing addition person's dignity, but they rebuffed Jansen's allurement to acknowledgment to the university.

Jansen was about criticized for that gesture, which alone served to accord to his acceptability for actuality outspoken.

"If in the action of affectionate and reconciling, we accredit added transformations to booty place, which is absolutely what happened, afresh that is a bigger way to go than the appetite -- the barefaced appetite let me say -- for vengeance," he says.

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Back at the graduation ceremony, Jansen's moral cipher of adaptation over avengement allotment already again.

"I don't affliction what abroad you've abstruse at the University of the Free State," he tells the graduates, "but you apperceive this is a university that in the apple is admired as a abode that chooses adaptation over revenge, that chooses benevolence over arresting back, that chooses benevolence over retaliation."

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