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Wannabe witches and wizards will be captivated to acquisition out that Primark has continued its Harry Potter collection.

Primark - Springtime Style - Kids

Initially the ambit alone featured accouterment but now it includes homeware, jotter and alike Christmas baubles.

Shoppers can add some abracadabra to their home with cushions, bogie lights and throws emblazoned with crests for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

For accouchement branch aback to school, there are alike Hogwarts notepads for £2.50.

Primark - Products

If you appetite to get your easily on the items, again you bigger get your wands at the ready, as they are apprenticed to advertise out quickly.

Stand out pieces accommodate the aromatic canteen bogie lights, a amber attache bag emblazoned with the Hogwarts acme and a fleet clover bathrobe clothes with moons and stars on it.

Even Dumbledore would be anxious of it.

Primark - Spring_Kids

Little ones can get in on the abracadabra too, with ambrosial babygrows and bibs.

Babygrows accommodate a white adaptation emblazoned with 'Future Wizard' on the front, as able-bodied as a blah one with the Hogwarts acme on it.

The alluring Christmas baubles accommodate a beam gold one with 'Platform 9¾' on it, for £5.

Primark - Products

There are 180 items featured in the collection, with prices starting from £2.

Primark said: "Whether you’re hosting an ballsy Harry Potter sleepover, starting a new term, or attempting to get the little ones up and out, we’ve got some actively agitative goodies."

The accumulating is in food now, with new items actuality added throughout the month.

So far, 2017 has apparent Primark's acceptance ability its aiguille with shoppers actuality quick to breeze up items like its coveted Beauty and the Beast Chip beaker - appear in March - and its must-have summer accessory, the flamingo lilo.

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Primark - Springtime Style - Kids
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Primark - Products

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