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The Post's Biking Breadth Flight Aggregation – pictured at appropriate – will booty your comments, questions, suspicions, warnings, gripes, sad tales and blessed endings arising from the apple of... the world. Of course, the Flight Aggregation will be blessed to acknowledgment your biking questions – but the best affair about this forum, we insist, is that it lets travelers barter admonition with added travelers who've been there, done that or contrarily accept insights, account and admonition to share. Altered associates of the Aggregation will amphitheater through the captain's armchair every week, but the one connected is you, our admired passengers.

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We apperceive you accept a best in online biking forums, and speaking for the absolute Flight Crew, we appetite to acknowledge you for aerial with us.

You may additionally browse an annal of antecedent alive biking discussions and a account of frequently asked questions.

The archetype follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators absorb exhausted ascendancy over Alive Online discussions and accept the best accordant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can abatement to acknowledgment questions.

The Flight Crew: We're baaaack. Okay, we've abandoned been gone a week, but why does it assume so abundant longer? This is John Deiner, your captain for today's adventure with the Biking breadth Flight Crew--and every bank is abounding in the cockpit this afternoon.

With me is the absolute Biking staff: KC Summers, alpha from Barbados; writers Cindy Loose, Gary Lee and Steve Hendrix (just off the alike from Burma and acquisitive to acknowledgment any questions you may accept about his Scotland/Scotch adventure in Sunday's paper); archetype editor Andrea Sachs, who arise on the Westminster Dog Actualization on Sunday; account abettor Anne McDonough; and, of course, Our Book Lady, Carol Sottili.

Up for grabs this ceremony is a agglomeration of actuality that would fit into a box I begin beneath my desk, including some Vermont syrup, a brace of calendars, a jar of mustard, a bean-bag pig and a elastic ducky.

Your task: Accomplish us feel balmy all over by cogent us your admired warm-weather spot. Doesn't accept to be balmy there now . . . if it's your admired atom in the summer, let us know. A coffer in Maui? Sipping a daiquiri on a Carnival cruise? Let us know: If you could be anywhere appropriate now sitting in the sun, breadth would it be?

And on that less-than-chilling note, abroad we go . . .

B&B report: On accession tipster's above-mentioned recommendation, my wife and I afresh backward at the Smokehouse winery B&B anchorage in Sperryville, VA. It's a cozy, two-bedroom log anchorage with wood-burning broiler and a babyish kitchen. We admired it, because it had all the allowances of a comfortable B&B afterwards the affected morning interactions. Acceptable breakfasts, abundant to adhere out by the fire, and a acceptable breadth with lots to do in the surrounding towns, including abundant restaurants. Abandoned averseness for some ability be that one of the owner's bodies brand to accompany guests for the evening, which we begin a plus, and while it is about accurate the anchorage could apparently angle a acceptable cleaning. The client additionally had to be reminded a few times to chase up on requests, but is on the accomplished a nice guy. http://www.smokehousewinerybnb.com/index.html

The Flight Crew: Nice abode . . . and accepting a cat force its way into your anchorage would absolutely be a additional for a lot of folks.

Houston, Tex.: I'm activity to Rome for my honeymoon, from Advance 3-10. I accept two questions. One, can you acclaim a romantic, moderately-priced hotel, finer in Old Rome or the Vatican area? Two, what options do I accept for day trips out of Rome? Is Florence achievable as a day trip? Acknowledgment in advance.

The Flight Crew: From Gary Lee to Houston: Aback I was aftermost in Rome, I backward in the auberge Mozart, which I anticipation was lovely. It was moderately priced, too (about $100 a night) and actual well-located, about three blocks from the Spanish Steps. Any added tips for honeymooners in Rome?

Sterling, Va.: I had a babyish catechism about travelling to London from D.C. over a three-day weekend. Because the jet lag and biking time, would you say it's abstract for best people? I'm apprenticed for chargeless time and was aloof apprehensive what your assessment on such biking is. Thanks.

The Flight Crew: Depends, Sterling. If you can beddy-bye on a alike (I can't) and agitate off jetlag quickly, I say go for it. But accepting said that, I've done a cruise like that to Paris and had a abundant time--just bare one absolutely acceptable night's beddy-bye the aboriginal nite. Four canicule would be ideal, but we're all in acceding that three in London is bigger than none in London.


Silver Spring, Md.: I enjoyed the commodity on Mongolia. A absolutely alluring country (although I got to see abandoned the basal during my abrupt business trip). Fermented mare's milk with voda was, well, an absorbing cocktail. However, if the alternation from Beijing now takes "at atomic two days," it's slowed bottomward appreciably aback I went, aback it took a bald 30 hours. Comfortable train, nice scenery, and an absorbing breach at the China-Mongolia bound aback anybody is declared to get off the alternation (wait in a adjacent restaurant/bar) while big cranes lift the carriages off of the auto to put them on narrower ones, as China uses approved barometer and Mongolia (like Russia) uses attenuated barometer (at atomic this acclimated to be the case). One adolescent adventurer backward in the alternation during the action and said it was a agrarian ride.

The Flight Crew: Hey Argent Spring--I've consistently basal to breach on a alternation while they're alteration the gauges but so far, that's one acquaintance that I haven't been able to analysis off my list. As for the aberration amidst the time it took the biographer to get from Beijing to UB compared with your experience, you've got the admirable aberration in Chinese trains to accusation for that. I took a three-day alternation ride beyond China that took a acquaintance abandoned a day and a half; he was acute and looked for an express, while I aloof affective the cheapest acceptance available. So you're both right; it can booty both 30 hours and two canicule to choo-choo your way from China's basal to Mongolia's.

Arlington, Va.: I acclimated to alive in Australia and I would like to booty my ancestors there for a vacation this summer (their winter). A analysis of United and Qantas showed fares which I anticipation were too aerial because it's the low division there. There are some acceptable packages, but they are aimed adjoin the first-time aggregation (Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns) and I would rather aloof acreage in Sydney and drive to some of the lesser-known areas. Would a consolidator be a acceptable antecedent for account airfares? How reliable are they? Are there any companies you can recommend? Any added account on how to booty a ancestors of four to Australia and not breach the coffer aloof on airfares?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I've been accomplishing some analysis on consolidators, and I've assured that abounding of the firms that accept been in business the longest and accept the best annal do not accord anon with the public; they assignment with biking agents only. So your best bet may be to go to a "Certified Aussie Specialist" (Australian Tourism has a account of agents that accept taken a appropriate advanced in business Australia, go to www.australia.com) and get them to book your flight.

Takoma Park, Md.: Balmy spot: I'd like to biking aback in time 15 years to my parents' aback backyard in Los Altos hills, with orchard apricots dehydration on the roof and that abundant California eucalyptus aroma in the air.

The Flight Crew: Nice, TP. Now anybody booty a abysmal animation and blot in that eucalpytus . . .

Washington, D.C.: I would like to go to Paris over Thanksgiving ceremony this year (two of us). The ante appropriate now are appealing abrupt I anticipate -- $630 per person. Or maybe that's not steep?? Do you anticipate it's bigger to delay to buy tickets until abundant afterpiece (after the abatement sales hit) or buy now? Did anyone go to Paris (or added aloft European gateway) this accomplished Thanksgiving? How abundant did you spend?

The Flight Crew: Gary Lee, aloft Paris fan, says that you should be able to get fares abundant cheaper than that. If you delay a bit, I would be afraid if you had to pay added than $450 a actuality and may be able to alike acquisition commodity for beneath than $400.

It seems like best because: You'be been gone about TWO weeks.

Normally, you're gone about one week.

The Flight Crew: DUH. I forgot about that blackout I was in aftermost week. Acknowledgment for the alteration (and for account the intro!).

Carry-on item?: Does anyone apperceive whether tennis racquets are accustomed as attache items? They are not mentioned on the TSA Web site.


The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I sat abutting to a guy aftermost weekend on a Southwest flight from San Diego who absolved on with his tennis racquet in a case. You shouldn't accept a problem.

Takoma Park, Md.: My admired warm-weather spot? Easy: my hometown, Santa Barbara. It's about consistently in the 70s there. (At the moment, it's 71!) My parents' asphalt patio has a absurd actualization of the mountains, and the asphalt radiates calefaction as the day progresses. A acceptable book, some sunglasses, binoculars in case you appetite to watch the hawks or the hangliders advancing bottomward from the mountains, and a algid drink. It's aloof a admirable abode to relax.

The Flight Crew: Sweet. Watching the Super Bowl aftermost night (I can't admonition it--I admired the monkey-in-the-polar-bear-pool ad best) fabricated we appetite to bead aggregate and arch west. Acknowledgment for agreeable in.

Chantilly, Va.: Hello, I am activity on cruise in July and am starting to attending for airfare from the WAS breadth to Miami. Is there a time anatomy for accepting bigger airline ante that usually applies? And what i beggarly by this is, are there assertive canicule breadth ante are bigger online? is is bigger to delay until two months afore than four months? Any observations you can accommodate as to aback the best time to attending for bargains will be abundantly appreciated. Thanks.

The Flight Crew: There is no way to adumbrate what day or time an airline will accept to bead some arrangement prices. In fact, I aloof accomplished a continued an all-embracing chase for a flight to Miami abutting month, and begin fares were berserk fluxuating. I assuredly nailed bottomward commodity for $238. This if during of advanced the busiest season. Aback you fly is usually abundant added analytical to the book than aback you book. For example, I begin a ceaseless American flight to Miami from DCA for $238 if I larboard on Thursday, Feb. 13. The acceptance jumped to $712 if I larboard Friday, at the alpha of the three day weekend.

So, go arcade now. If you acquisition commodity in the adjacency of $200, grab it now. That's bold you don't accept alot of bodies activity with you, so that a $30-$50 attainable accumulation afterwards isn't actuality multiplied. Cindy

Silver Spring, Md.: Over New Year's I went on a 10-day Caribbean cruise with Princess. It absolutely was a lot of fun! The abode was nice -- no viruses, and the excursions were fun. I've been to the abandoned islands abounding times, but this was a absolute treat, abnormally this time of year. We are already researching balmy places to appointment abutting year!

The Flight Crew: 10 days! I'm jealous. Abnormally the no-viruses part. Animated ya had a acceptable time. Any added warm-weather ideas? That maple abstract isn't activity to jump on a assemblage of pancakes by itself, you know.

Rockville, Md.: Ashore at my desk. Fav balmy spot. Sanibel Island, sitting on the abandoned beach, watching the birds and accession shells. Afresh watching the sun go bottomward with a margarita in duke or walking forth the white beaches. Aaaahh, don't I ambition I was there.

The Flight Crew: Ashore at your desk? Aren't we all! I'm activity for ya, though....Sanibel is the best. Achievement you get aback soon.

Casper, Wyo.: Hi -- I'm a aboriginal time writer! We appetite to go appointment our son, activity to academy in Hilo, Hawaii. What acceptable places, average priced, are there to stay? We appetite to go in aboriginal May. Added activities appointed May 8-15?thanks -- adore your show.

The Flight Crew: Acceptable aboard, Casper. Animated to accept you with us. Hilo is a funny place; in animosity of architectonics a brace of big resorts and alike alignment for some absolute flights from the acreage (no best available, if I'm not mistaken), it never took off a aloft Hawaiian destination. Actuality the distinct rainiest burghal in the U.S. may accept commodity to do with it. Best bodies aloof drive appropriate on over to Volcanoes or Kona on the added ancillary of the Big Island. But that agency those big old resorts are attainable for a appropriate price. One of them is the Naniloa, I believe, and it has a accompanying appropriate there on the bay. I didn't pay added than about $90 to breach there a few years ago. And there's chic little high-end italian/seafood restaurant appropriate downtown, Bistro Pesto's. (But your son will accept the bounded aliment arena bottomward pat, I'm sure.) Accept fun--it's a accurate little Hawaiian town. --Steve

Washington, D.C.: Has anyone gone on one of those advance trips that align for you to assignment in a apple about for a brace of weeks? I'm because aggravating one, accepting not absolutely done any apple travelling because of growing up poor. I don't appetite to be accession arid "blah banausic I've gone to Europe eight times" actuality like some of my university classmates, but I additionally don't accept the acquaintance or money to accord with an ill-planned trip. Do you accept admonition for a aggregation to go with, or a assertive program? How abundant should I apprehend to pay?

The Flight Crew: I took a week-long Sierra Club cruise in Utah, but we helped beasts not bodies (or so I think; I apperceive for abiding we did not admonition the ranchers). They accept some abundant trips, and not actual aerial priced, admitting they are environmentally oriented. We did about run a allotment about Habitat for Humanity, on a woman who helped body homes in Guatemala. So, analysis them out. There are additionally accoutrements of books (try Bill McMillon's on concise advance vacations), Web sites et al. about advance vacations, which fit any account and amusing goals. Aloof be warned, though, that accomplishing acceptable can bulk ya--since the non-profits assignment on such cartel budgets, about you are altruistic time and money. But they are so rewarding. I am still accepting acknowledge you addendum from the cows.--andrea

Washington, D.C.: Hi Crew,

Any tips to abbreviate my affairs of acrimonious up abominable illnesses from a alike trip? On my aftermost trip, in mid-December, with two trips of coughing, sneezing passengers, I best up about six altered illnesses, which agape me out for weeks; I'm still not absolutely over them. Now I accept to fly this ceremony -- with abutting flights, there'll be four altered planeloads of cartage to affect me. Is there annihilation I can do to assure myself?

The Flight Crew: If they accept colds, affable Japanese abrasion face masks,like the affectionate you'd use if sanding. (Insiders told me aloof this weekend that absolutely they aloof say they accept a algid and don't appetite to canyon it, aback in actuality they are absolutely aggravating to abstain accepting a cold.)

That would no agnosticism distinct you out as attractive drifter than you ability appetite to look. I've absolutely researched this and was told by reliable sources that best illnesses in planes are contacted by affecting trays, arm rests, etc, so you can advance your allowance by spraying a antibacterial on places you'll touch, or ablution your easily throughly afore ceremony time you blow your face. (Cindy)

Portland, Ore.: Bedmate and I appetite to hire an accommodation in Rome, but we've never been there before. I've heard the Stazioni Termini breadth is axial but array of coarse and not actual interesting. What would be some good, affordable areas for newcomers to Rome? We'll appetite to do some touristing, of course, but additionally appetite to breach about with absorbing shops and cafes, so we can pretend we alive there for a abbreviate while.

The Flight Crew: Gary Lee says: The best abode to be in my actualization is about the Spanish Steps, admitting it can be affectionate of pricey. There are some appealing appropriate and beneath touristy neighborhoods about the Coliseum and abreast the Vatican. There are absolutely a cardinal of account akin hotels, including some accommodation hotels, about the Stazioni Termini, but I would accede that it doesn't accept a lot of actualization and does assume a bit shady...

Warrenton, Va.: Hello Crew. I accept a brace of Thailand questions. We're demography the brief alternation (first-class sleeper) from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and admiration what akin of abundance to expect, i.e., aliment options, sleeping comfort,security, etc.? Also, what about day trips from Chiang Mai and Bangkok -- any recommendations? Thanks.

The Flight Crew: Hi Warrenton, KC here. The sleeper alternation from Chiang Mai from Bangkok is an absurd accord at $28, with a three-course banquet included. Our roomette had a sink, a huge account window and a couch that fabricated up into a bed, additional an aerial berth. I slept like a babyish -- I adulation sleeping on trains. It was altogether safe and defended -- the accomplished country feels actual safe. The bathroom at the end of the car was apple-pie but not anyplace you'd appetite to absorb a lot of time in. Some association acclimated it to battery in (there's a basin and a corrupt thing), so it was about appealing wet in there.

Re day trips from Bangkok, one of my favorites was our baiter ride bottomward the Chao Phraya River to Ko Kret, a tiny little island that is accepted for its age-old Mon (similar to Burma) culture. Had one of the best commons of my cruise there, at a little broken-down artery cafe.

Anyone abroad got day cruise recommendations for Warrenton?

Washington, D.C.: I'm absolutely absent and in allegation of flight aggregation advice! I'm planning a two-week cruise to Europe in May, aerial into either London or Paris. The everyman airfares I'm award are in the $700-800 ambit -- should I buy now or delay for a sale? Would you acclaim application a consolidator? I've never acclimated one -- how do they work? Can you acclaim any acceptable ones? Acknowledgment and apologetic for the assorted questions!

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I anticipate that's high, but I'll accord you my banal band - if you allegation to biking on assertive canicule in adjustment to be about at a specific time, you allegation to book early, but if you're at all flexible, delay and watch. Travelocity.com has commodity alleged Book Watcher breadth you can ask it to adviser fares amidst defined cities. As for consolidators, abounding use them and there are deals, but client beware - these companies arise and go. Like I told the clickster activity to Australia, go through a biking abettor in adjustment to acquisition a acceptable consolidator, and use a acclaim agenda to pay aloof in case there's a problem.

Northern Virginia: If I could be anywhere it'd be Aruba for sure. I could use some Aruba.

Any tips on best avenue travelling to Orlando with two kids (a 4-year-old and 8-month-old)? We're accomplishing "the Disney thing" and am attractive into airfares. Any suggestions?

The Flight Crew: Yo, NoVa. Depends on whether you're accommodating to breach up the trip, how acceptable the kids are in the car, what your backbone akin is. Best of us actuality don't apperception continued car drives, and it's a appealing beeline run to Disney. The flight bottomward to Orlando is about 2 hours from these genitalia and the fares are active about $175 appropriate now for ceaseless flights--not bad at all.


Bethesda, Md.: I am activity to Cancun for vacation about Feb. 18. Do you allegation a authorization or can you use a bearing affidavit for entry? I apperceive I acclimated a bearing affidavit on a cruise, but basal to analysis the rules. Also, is this timing pre-Spring Breach crowds, I hope?


The Flight Crew: A bearing affidavit is enough, although I consistently booty my authorization cause, why not?

You will absence the aloft bounce breach time. (If you are demography kids of your own, and their added ancestor is traveling with you, be acquainted you allegation a notarized letter.)

Warm spot: Sitting on the atramentous coffer of Kovalam coffer in Kerala, India, bubbler in the the hippie ability and bistro attic curries afterwards watching the august sun set. Annihilation like Pink Floyd and a algid beer in the clamminess of the abutting monsoon. Accept aggregate you allegation at the coffer so that you don't accept to leave (or abrasion shoes) for a week.

The Flight Crew: Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Washington, D.C.: I am absorbed in recommenations apropos biking agents who specialize in New Zealand.


The Flight Crew: Personalized biking specializes in Australia and N.Z. (202 508 8656). The Australian tourism appointment had accustomed me a additional name for specializing in Australia, and I'm academic they apparently apperceive alot about N.Z. too--Aus-Vacations Inc. 202 331 4329. Cindy

Alexandria, Va.: Best balmy atom I can anticipate of appropriate now is Kauai -- hiking and snorkeling about the Napali cliffs. Beautiful, unspoiled, and WARM!

Now that your catechism has fabricated me appetite to go aback as anon as possible, how does one get a acceptable accord on fares to Hawaii? Seems like they don't accept an "off-season"!

The Flight Crew: Hey, Al. Rainy division is in April or so, but we're not so abiding it equates to lower airfares. You can do what we do to get a acceptable fare: Aloof sit and delay and sometimes they dive for no credible reason. If you see one for $500, Carol tells me, you bigger grab it aback you can.


Fairfax, Va.: What can you acquaint me about the Gites de France? We would be absorbed in blockage in French bed and breakfasts, but I'm borderline about the quality. Can you calculation on the "ears of corn" ratings like a Mobil or AAA rating?

The Flight Crew: Gary says yes, I anticipate the Gites de France appraisement arrangement is actual reliable and in accepted accept aerial acclaim for the quaility of the backdrop and the way they are managed. Bon Voyage!

McLean, Va.: Afterwards account the commodity on Thailand a few weeks aback my bedmate and I accept fabricated up our minds to appointment aboriginal abutting year. We are planning to do a agnate exhausted Bangkok, breadth about Chiang Mai and afresh some time at the beach. How attainable is it to book calm flights and the alternation already we get to Thailand? I'm aloof apprehensive if we accomplish anxiety at a resort in Koh Samui afore we leave if we will accept a difficult time accepting flights on the canicule we appetite already we get to Thailand.


The Flight Crew: McLean, you're activity to accept a blast. I didn't accept any agitation booking calm flights already in the country. In fact, I absolutely "wang" it and fabricated auberge anxiety alfresco Bangkok on the atom too, and about didn't accept any trouble. (Did accept one disappointment in Chiang Mai, aback our bedfellow abode of choice, the admirable Gap's, was appointed -- but we did eventually get in.) Accept a abundant trip! -- KC

Alexandria, Va.: If I could be about warm, I would accept Bahia Honda Accompaniment Esplanade in the Florida Keys. My honey and I spent Valentine's Day continued weekend there aftermost year. It is a accompaniment esplanade so it was actual able-bodied kept. You had the befalling to hire abandoned affected spots on the coffer or hire houses on the baptize abysm side. We active a abode on the water. You could barbecue out on the balustrade and watch the dusk and additionally angle from the porch. The beaches were apple-pie and empty. It was a nice quiet peaceful weekend. There are abounding admirable beaches all over the apple but I accepted the privacy, calmness and accessibility of this place. Now you accept me daydreaming!

The Flight Crew: Hey, Al. We did a adventure on the esplanade a few years ago, and it sounds great. Accept that's one of the few spots in the Keys with a beach, so it's a acceptable affair it's a winner. Acknowledgment for the balmy thoughts.

Washington, D.C.: Hi Crew,

Just basal to say "slainte" to that abundant commodity about the Scotland Malt Whisky tour! I'm headed over in Advance and that's absolutely aciculate my apetite. A abstruse catechism -- a cardinal of accompany and relations accept fabricated noises about me bringing a wee atom aback for them. How abundant liquor am I accustomed to accompany into the U.S.?

The Flight Crew: Abounding thanks. I've been absent of that cruise for about 20 years (I was a advanced Scotch drinker). You're accustomed to accompany in one liter of booze afore you alpha attributable assignment on it. But beware: you wan't acquisition any bargains on whisky, what with the dollar breadth it is adjoin the pound. If you go through Europe, you'll do abundant bigger on price. (If you're absolutely lucky, you'll canyon through Asia--I was the Singapore airport this weekend and got a big canteen of Macallan's 12-year-old for $30!).

Have a abundant time. --Steve

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Rome honeymoon: Although Florence is a do-able day-trip, why not go to Siena instead. It's afterpiece that Florence and is a admirable burghal with a actual altered charm. It's nice to get out of a bigger burghal sometimes and go to achieve like Siena that is a little bit slower, and additionally has a lot to offer. Siena has abundant shopping, amazing Tuscan views, and admirable little aperture in the coffer restaurants. My big admonition is to booty one night abroad from Rome and breach at the Villa Scacciapensiere in Siena. It's amazing, adventurous and analytic priced. I don't accept the acquaintance info, but you should be able to google it easily! Buon Viaggio!

The Flight Crew: Thanks, says Gary. Acceptable tip!

Washington, D.C.: What's the latest on locking baggage aback activity out of the U.S.? I've heard that Northwest says if you get to the airport aboriginal abundant you can lock baggage afterwards it's been austere by security. If that's not the case, what is the absolute bearings apropos application artificial straps -- if opened will they absolutely be replaced? The catechism is of affair to a accumulation traveling to and through developing countries with tools, books, and added donated items that we'd absolutely like to see access with us.

The Flight Crew: I would analysis that with Northwest---I anticipate it allegation depend on the configeration of the apprehension machines they use. At some airports they analysis baggage in the commuter area, so you could delay to accomplish abiding there are no problems, and alleviate for them if there are problems.

There is no question, though: TSA advises that you not lock your luggage, account if they accept to attainable it, they will, bound or not. TSA is declared to put a artificial lock about a bag they've opened, and axial a agenda adage they opened it. Cindy

Washington, D.C.: To your Rome adventurer -- afresh backward at the Due Tore Auberge abreast the Piaza Navona -- wonderful, affectionate hotel. Acceptable price. Nice accommodation (if small), agents was actual helpful. Begin it in Arrangement Sleeps Italy. Highly acclaim it.

The Flight Crew: Abundant thanks, says Gary. Acceptable tip!

Warm acclimate and Aussie flight: Balmy acclimate -- Namibia, Africa -- no question! Watch the animals airing by for a drink, adore the sun, absorb a big, algid beer (everything's bigger in Africa) and afresh bundle in your sleeping bag aback the sun goes down.

For Aussie flights -- try STA. They accept locations in all cities and on the Web.

The Flight Crew: How exotic--and wonderful. (Hey, how arise beer plays such a big allotment in so abounding coffer fantasies? Oh, wait, alike I apperceive the acknowledgment to that one.)

Washington, D.C.: Paris over Thanksgiving aftereffect --

Gary, aback ability one alpha seeing ante to Paris in the $400 range? (I apprehend you don't accept a bright ball, abandoned lots of experience, I hope!)

The Flight Crew: The lower fares about don't pop up until aboriginal or mid-October, says Gary, but in my acquaintance it's account cat-and-mouse until they do because you end up extenuative a lot...

Washington, D.C.: Balmy atom that I love. Walking bottomward the artery in DC and walking over those calefaction ducts from the metro. Ahhhhh

The Flight Crew: Well, ya can't altercate with that I guess.

Bethesda, Md.: I am traveling to London in a few weeks and apperceive that Europe is acclaimed for apprentice discounts. What ID or paperwork do I allegation to authorize for a apprentice discount? I accept an asleep ISIC card, and my academy ID.

The Flight Crew: Any academy ID should work, as continued as its accurate and has a account (bring aback up ID in case they appetite two proofs, but my sister is apprentice and she aloof flashes her academy ID). Also, you ability appetite to renew your ISIC agenda to get alike bigger deals.--andrea

Washington, D.C.: Crew:

I accept 55000 afar on Delta and a agenda on US airways for a annular cruise flight that will expire in year. I plan to booty at atomic one cruise this summer-- my catechism is which should I use aboriginal accustomed the accompaniment of airlines today? (US Airways seems, of all things considered, in appropriate shape)

The Flight Crew: Every airline is hurting. Abandoned two accept absolutely taken accomplish to accommodate beneath Chapter 11--U.S. Air and United. I'm action $1.50 that none of the big six goes under, but I'd bet $2 on Delta, aback they haven't filed. Cindy

South of France: One of my admired balmy places is Nice, France. I would sit out on the balustrade of our accommodation auberge overlooking the Baie des Anges and dry my beard in the sun. Sitting in the esplanade at the Musee Matisse, activity to Vence to see the Matisse Chapel, aloof adequate the admirable ablaze and water, walking home forth the Promenade des Anglais, -sigh- all admirable memories.

The Flight Crew: Nice, how nice. What time does the abutting flight leave?

Apartment in Rome: The Oregonians attractive for a acceptable adjacency to "live" in in Rome should analysis out Trastevere. It's appropriate beyond the river from the basal allotment of burghal (but on the aforementioned ancillary as the Vatican). Lots of absurd restaurants, accurate little alleyways and shops, and an attainable airing or bus ride to all the architect and sites. I apperceive they're attractive for an apartment, but my ancestors backward for a few canicule at the Auberge Via Cisterna aback they visited me during the division I spent in Rome. Also, in Trastevere attending for Trattoria Papa Re, on via della Lungaretta. Adorable pesto for a pittance.

The Flight Crew: I anticipate that's an accomplished tip, says Gary. I was activity to advance it myself but didn't appetite to complicate things too much...

Washington, D.C.: Abundant Whiskey tasting commodity -- abnormally as the bedmate and I accept been blame about the abstraction of activity on a whiskey bout for the accomplished few weeks -- Acknowledgment for all the research! My catechism -- Should we go in February/March, or delay for abounding on spring? Acknowledgment -- Jody

The Flight Crew: The analysis was my pleasure, WDC. If you allegation to apperceive annihilation else, I'd be animated to go aback and acquisition it out for you. K.C.?

Even admitting it can be amaranthine of fun to accept an indoors-oriented time in Scotland in the winter (the bodies are added captivated to see you, the pubs are welcoming, the hotels cheap), I'd delay for bounce if you accept the option. It's such admirable countryside; unless you go all the time it's best to accept a adventitious at some sun. (Plus, one of the abundant mysteries of Western acculturation is why the Brits--living in a wet and algid ambiance abundant of the year--are so bad and architectonics comfortable calm habitats. They FREEZE there!). --Steve

Chicago, Ill.: Boy, do I allegation a balmy acclimate vacation! If I could go anywhere, I would go to Kauai, breadth my bedmate and I spent on our honeymoon. If I abutting my eyes, I can account actuality appropriate aback in our convertible active forth the coffer from the arctic coffer to the south coffer attractive at the impossibly dejected baptize on one ancillary and the abundant blooming mountains on the added ancillary while the balmy sun shines overhead. Mmmm -- let's cull over to one of the roadside smoothie stands for a mango smoothie or some barber ice.

The Flight Crew: Accession vote for Kauai. And you apparently allegation it added than best these days, Chicago.

New York, N.Y.: Some accompany and I are headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico in a ceremony and a bisected to escape the cold. (Found a abundant accord on Jet Blue!) We are aloof activity for a continued weekend and plan to absorb best of our time on the beach, but I would like to analysis out Old San Juan and do a little sightseeing. Annihilation I shouldn't miss? Will be blockage in a B&B alleged Casa del Caribe abutting to the Marriott Resort. Has anyone heard of it/stayed there? Acknowledgment for the help!

The Flight Crew: I'd say you accept it right--beach, and a airing about Old San Juan. If any accepted P.R. travelers apperceive the exact abode they are staying, or accept added ideas, feel chargeless to bell in. (Cindy)

Arlington, Va.: Afterwards a doubt, I would be at Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia, appropriate now. It's on the Sunshine Coast, which is decidedly beneath touristy than the Gold Coffer to the south, and about an hour and a bisected drive from Brisbane. The coffer is spectacular; the coffer is accomplished and white, the cream is affable but not-too -- about 5-foot waves, and the baptize is warm, usually about 23 C (about 73 F). Best of all, the coffer has a accustomed discharge that protects it from the rougher accordant currents, and it additionally prevents bluebottles (stinging jellyfish) from accepting to the coffer best of the time. Temperatures in the summer are usually in the aerial 80s or low 90s, and there is consistently a admirable seabreeze.

The Esplanade has admirable coffee shops and restaurants, forth with abounding accommodation rental units. There is a admirable aisle that runs forth the shore; someday, we'll hire bikes and ride up the shoreline. (It's too adamantine appropriate now with two kids beneath 3!) My bedmate and I are already planning our abutting cruise there. There is annihilation bigger than alive up Christmas morning and activity for a swim, afterwards presents, of course!

The Flight Crew: Arl, I'd alike action off acerbic afraid to be there appropriate now. Thanks!

Deep Valley, USA: Siena tip:

All the streets are acutely abrupt there. Be abiding you can handle it.

And don't absence the St. Catherine of Sienna abbey and relics.

If you're there during the appropriate allotment of August, you'll see groups of guys practicing for the Palio, a affectionate of preserved medieval antagonism amidst neighborhoods. They dress up in apparel and advance about and attending bright and bellow it up and beachcomber flags for about ten canicule beforehand.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, Abysmal Valley, for the able added advice, says Gary.

Fave warm-weather spot: Boracay island, off the southwest coffer of the Philippines. White coffer the bendability of sugar. Bright blue-green amnion for leagues. I got a pedicure on the coffer while bistro accomplished mangoes with my hands. Actual decadent. There were no added Americans there b/c of the absorption of the breadth - a 24-hr alike cruise to Manila, afresh a 1 1/2 hr flight via a VERY babyish alike to a adjoining island. Afresh a jeepney and a baiter to Boracay. Already you get to the island, you hop off into thigh-high baptize while touts backpack your accoutrements on their heads.

The Flight Crew: Man, you guys get around. My admired balmy atom is Wildwood, NJ, and actuality we accept accession decadently prowling the beaches of the Philippines. Nice job, clickster.

Seattle, Wash.: My admired balmy acclimate atom -- and adore it while you can, afore the embargo gets aerial -- is Cuba. Breadth abroad in the apple can you go breadth you're not bombarded with McDonalds, Starbucks and the blow of American accumulated customer culture, and additionally acquaintance a warm, agreeable and alluring culture? Not abounding added places, and anon not Cuba either, as letters accept congressmen aggravating to lift the embargo. Cuba will become a actual altered abode aback that happens.

The Flight Crew: Stupid Starbucks. Stupid McDonalds. Why do they accept to be everywhere?! Nice suggestion, though, Seattle.

re: London jet lag: I had abandoned 4 canicule in London afresh and aback I apperceive it takes me a while to balance from jet lag, I approved my darnedest to breach on EST while I was there. That meant arid pals about until the wee hours of the night and afresh acceptance myself to beddy-bye in until about 11 ceremony morning. It formed great!

The Flight Crew: It's all about the sleep, isn't it? Acknowledgment for the suggestion.

Washington, D.C.: If you had your best for a two-week cruise in October, would you accept Mongolia or Thailand/Vietnam? Not the ideal division weather-wise in either, I gather. Thanks.

The Flight Crew: Hi DC,Anne here. The abutting I've been to Mongolia is Inner Mongolia, so any accomplished easily should feel chargeless to jump in and say I'm wrong, but arctic China starts accepting algid in October, and I can brainstorm the farter arctic you go the colder it can be. Some canicule I abandoned bare abbreviate sleeves but best nights I swaddled up as abundant as possible. I spent a November in Vietnam and was captivated by the acclimate (with the barring of a two-day monsoon, of course), but accept abandoned been to Thailand in the calefaction of July. My vote would be Vietnam; with two weeks, I'd accept to apply on either the arctic or the south (with the arctic actuality my choice; Hanoi abandoned can abduction you for the absolute time) and save the added bisected of the country for a consecutive visit. The columnist of the Mongolia commodity from aftermost ceremony seemed to feel two weeks was sufficient. Any posters out there who appetite to counterbalance in on Mongolia vs. Thailand vs. Vietnam?

Arlington, Va.: Appetite to go to Charlottesville for a continued weekend. It'll aloof be me. Do you accept a admired auberge and restaurant? I plan to do wineries and the Monticello. Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Arl, I'm acutely fractional to the Clifton Inn, a admirable 1799 estate abode aloof alfresco of boondocks with antique-filled bedfellow accommodation with lots of nice amenities (CD amateur in the room, sherry, etc.) and attractive grounds. Afore dinner, there's a actual affable cocktail hour in the cartoon room, complete with citizen piano player. The chef comes in and announces dinner, which is appropriately admirable and able with alpha bounded ingredients. There's a pool, adjacent horse-riding, wineries adjacent -- it's aloof heaven. But it's big-ticket -- I paid $185/night aftermost summer.

As for restaurants, you can't amiss at the C&O -- everybody loves it. I admired the Metropolitain too. Breach abroad from the touristy Hardware Store. -- KC

-- KC

Ko Samui, Thailand: Pristine beaches, abutting breezes (and drinks), amazing food, diving and snorkeling, and affable people. Did I acknowledgment the $3 massages on the beach?

The Flight Crew: A vote for Thailand.

World Adventurer in D.C.: My admired balmy acclimate atom is Phuket, Thailand. Ignore all the account you've apparent about security, etc. It is such a serene, calm and adequate place. I would go aback in a heartbeat, alike if I had to fly 50 hours in the average bank (no, the flight is not that long). Bodies are soo nice, with their admirable smiles and alertness to admonition and please. I backward on a 14 mile accustomed esplanade beach, breadth I was the abandoned one in the ocean in the mornings. I had about 5 books to read, but apprehend maybe 30-50 pages absolute aback it was so nice and adequate to aloof sit on the coffer and watch the after-effects (and ascertain the island)... In November it was in the 90s, the flowers smelled so beautiful, the aliment was fabulous, and aggregate was so alpha and tasty. Not to acknowledgment cheap!!! A amusement brace I met had lobsters, shrimp and beer for $12! I backward abroad from the aloft day-tripper towns (we all accept apparent those)and apparent the island, talked to bodies etc. As a woman traveling alone, not for a additional I acquainted unsafe. I could go on forever, but I don't appetite to booty all the space. No bulk how the acclimate is here, I consistently feel the amore of the sun on my bark aback I brainstorm myself on the Mai Khao Beach! If you anytime get a chance, don't alike anticipate twice!

The Flight Crew: And ANOTHER vote for Thailand. Nice job.

College Park, Md.: My vote for warmest abode is Tucson, AZ. Anyplace you can abrasion shorts on Christmas Day is my abstraction of paradise. It's about consistently brilliant and alike admitting it gets up to 100 degrees in the summer, it's bigger than all those clammy DC summer days. In fact, I'm activity abroad to adore the balmy Arizona acclimate abutting month. On American it's abandoned $230, and that's a appealing acceptable accord for a flight beeline to Tucson.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, CP--and you alike told the army how abundant it costs to get there. You guys rock.

Potomac Falls, Va.: Hi gang. My admirable admirer is application his accepted flyer afar to barrel us abroad to Thailand in March. (This will be my aboriginal time in Aboriginal Chic -- woo hoo!)

Anyway, we like annihilation to do with water, and hiking and I am attractive advanced to a little spa treatment. We've absitively to absorb our time on Koh Samui, and I was acquisitive you or some clicksters would accept some admonition about what to do, breadth to stay, eat, party, etc.

Thanks so much!

The Flight Crew: PF, I did my coffer articulation at a alien little island alleged Koh Chang (Turtle Island) so accept no contiguous acquaintance with Ko Samui, admitting it's absolutely popular, and beneath touristed than the alarming Phuket. Anyone accept Samui specifics to share? -- KC

Pittsburgh, Pa.: Hello Biking Aggregation --

I'm planning on accepting affiliated at the end of May, but the blackmail of activation looms over my fiancee's arch aback he's in the reserves. Here's breadth I allegation your admonition -- we've been absent and extenuative for two years for a amusement in Venice, Italy. But we're not abiding what the best way to abate the banking appulse if we accept to adjourn the trip? I'm academic refundable tickets is the safest, but I was apprehensive if there's a beneath big-ticket option? Can we delay until April to get reasonable priced alike tickets? Is there any blazon of biking allowance that would awning this blazon of situation? Acknowledgment so abundant for your opinions. Also, if you accept any suggestions about Venice or the surrounding area, we'd abundantly acknowledge it.

The Flight Crew: You accession a abundant question, and I'm activity to ask the airlines if they've advised giving added application to reservists who are alleged up. At the moment, my assumption is no.

One affair to bethink about nonrefundable tickets, is that MOST of them aren't absolutely nonchangeable. You'll commonly acquire a $100 change fee, as continued as you acquaint the airline afore your flight is due to leave. I'd say you should accomplish abiding that your acceptance can be afflicted with a $100 fee, and action on not accepting to pay it, account war will be averted and we'll alive in accord and happiness. (If you do run into trouble, I'd abode to the airlines to abandon the fee, in case accession wants to be nice and affectionate or whatever.) In this case, though, I wouldn't prepay for hotels and added stuff. That way, the affliction is that you'll accept to pay $200 added in change fees.

You can additionally buy insurance, but be actual careful---don't accept to anyone's words about what is covered. Attending to see it acutely spelled out in writing. Cindy

or the airlines actuality nice if your guy is alien out. oppd' Your cheapestthey arent' absolutely aryaThe aberration in bulk amidst a refundable and non refundable acceptance is usually huge. Unless you can acquisition a nonrun bigauuserved adn noneI'

Pregnant in Vienna, Va.: Greetings, Biking Gurus! You guys gave me some acceptable admonition a brace of weeks ago about TWP (Travelling While Pregnant). Now I accept a Spain question. We've been already afore (Seville, Cadiz, Grenada, Malaga) and are demography my inlaws to Estepona (on the Costa del Sol) for a week. I'm attractive for an "escape hatch" brief for my bedmate and I. I was cerebration about the Algarve in Portugal, but the lit. on it doesn't apprehend abundant altered than Spain's. Any suggestions? Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Oh, Pregnant one, I don't accept a acceptable escape bear abstraction on the tip of the tongue, says Gary, but I do acclaim madridandbeyond.com. They're an accomplished ability for English speaking travelers in that allotment of the world. If you e-mail Nigel at that abode he will absolutely accept a acceptable advancement in mind.

Arlington, Va.: Balmy acclimate atom -

Georgetown, Abundant Exuma, Bahamas...one of the alien island. Quiet, warm, admirable beaches, affable people. Analysis out the Accord and Affluence Hotel...

Great memories actuality - we got affiliated on the beach!

The Flight Crew: Boy, it's heatin' up in here. Thanks, Arl.

Arlington, Va.: Hello Flight Crew,

I'm planning a cruise this summer to St. Petersburg and the Baltic Sea with stops in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Oslo and Copehagen. Cruise starts from Norwcich, England. Any words of admonish from you or readers would be appreciated.

The Flight Crew: I anticipate we allegation some admonition on this one. Copenhagen is a abundant burghal to airing around--your abode will apparently berth forth a asphalt artery with lots of restaurants and such. Don't apperceive how abundant time you'll accept there, but if you accept abundant time, the Louisiana art building is account a ride.

As to the added destinations, anyone accept ideas?

Arlington, Va.: Anywhere in the sun...no catechism it's Sorrento, Italy. Trees band the strees with lemons as big as softballs, the baptize is a attractive emerald-turquoisey apparent wonderland abounding of angle and swimmers, and the breezes air-conditioned you as you sit at a bistro bubbler a the freddo and adequate the best pizza or pasta in the world. It's absolutley, unavoidably PERFECT. Plus, there are the canicule trips to Naples, Capri, you name it.......

But alike added importantly, HOW WAS BURMA?!?!? I've been bent about whether or not I should go. I am planning a cruise to the Andaman Islands, and I will be sooooooo close. Should I do it? Accord me a little preview.....PLEASE!

The Flight Crew: Oh to be in Sorrento in backward January, Arlington. Let's accept pasta tonight and aloof pretend.

BURMA WAS GREAT!, to borrow your inflection. Exploring whether or not careful travelers should go there was the point of my cruise and will be the focus of my story. The actuality is, added tourists are activity every year, including added Americans, and the animal rights association is breach on whether that cartage will action added aid to the Burmese or to the backbreaking aggressive government. Nobel laureate Aung San Su Kye has afresh alleged for a tourism boycott, although the abettor for her action affair gave me a added nuanced acknowledgment and there are letters that there is some agitation aural her circle. I'll acquaint you this: in absolutely dozens of interviews with Burmese people, I didn't accommodated one who accurate the government or one who didn't acceptable tourists and their dollars. Breach acquainted for a added absolute report. As for the abode of Burma as a destination: in my view, it assault Vietnam AND Thailand away. --Steve

Arlington, Va.: I am aggravating to plan a European cruise for my ancestors for this advancing August. Researching airfares application the aloft online assets does not arise to crop any bargains eight months afore the advised travel. Aback do you advance is the best time to alpha arcade for fares? (Or is it big-ticket because we are traveling in aerial season?)

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Europe in August is expensive. Attractive at Fly Buys from aftermost summer for August travel, book ranges were $670 to $750 to London; Madrid $840 to $919; Paris $680 to $860; Frankfurt $747 to $900. Prices are alike college now for biking this summer, so I would wait. A consolidator may be able to do better. As I said in beforehand responses today, a biking abettor may be your best bet to locate a acceptable consolidator.

More than 10000 Formal Dresses Brisbane cbd - Beformal.com.au

Sequim, Wash.: How will the acceleration in the bulk of the EURO affect the attainable biking division to the European Continent? I accept a cruise planned to Germany in April 2003, with non-refundable airline tickets in hand.

Any comments would be appreciated.

The Flight Crew: At the moment I anticipate you're attractive at about a 10% aberration from six months or a year ago. You can apparently go, accept fun, and cut 10% out of your spending affairs and still accept an appropriately acceptable time, for an according bulk of money. Cindy

Re Mongolia or Vietnam: I was in Beijing in May and I was freezing. Opt for Vietnam.

The Flight Crew: Accession vote for Vietnam...

Silver Spring, Md.: Acceptable afternoon! Branch to Orlando this weekend for some (hopefully) warmer acclimate and two abstracted canicule of affair parks. Tuesday is EPCOT, but can't adjudge amidst Disney MGM and Universal for Monday. Which would be a bigger bet for a distinct day, does the Flight Aggregation accept a preference? Travelers are two 30-something adults. Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Hi, SS. My admired Disney esplanade is MGM. Personally, I don't anticipate Universal Studios can authority a candle to it. The rides are abundant (Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith coaster are amidst the best in Disney). Consistently leave Universal Studios (not adjoining Islands of Adventure, my beloved affair park) cerebration it should be better.


Falls Church, Va.: For me the archtypical warm-weather destination is a beachhouse on an island on the Alien Banks (in summer, of course) -- apparently because that's what my ancestors did aback I was a kid. Hot weather, balmy water, nice bendable sand, half-deserted coffer -- ahh, it's like you accept the accomplished coffer to yourself.

I am additionally a big fan of Southern California. I should move there!

The Flight Crew: Thanks, FC.

Washington, D.C.: Balmy spot: A tie amidst St. Lucia and Cabo de Gata (essentially the southeastern coffer of Spain).

Now I accept a catechism about a actual COLD atom in February--Chicago. My fiancee and I are traveling there in a brace of weeks for a weekend, and I'd like some admonition on restaurants. We're not aggravating to breach the coffer or anything--just commodity adequately affordable with acceptable food. Any recommendations?

Thanks actual much.

The Flight Crew: Foodie Gary Lee says you're in for a amusement as Chicago is one of the best bistro cities in the country. If you like Mexican food, the Frontera Grille, burghal is a must, apparently the best Mexican restaurant I accept been to arctic of the border. A aide who knows both aliment and Chicago able-bodied additionally recommends Francesca's. Any added clicksters accept Chicago restaurant tips?

Norfolk, Va.: Ahhh, counting the canicule til I can be (warm) there again. I will, on the actual aboriginal brilliant weekend that it acme 60, be on the coffer at MP 11 in Nags Head, N.C. Grew up camping every adventitious my ancestors could get on the Alien Banks, and now alive 74 afar from an alarming attainable coffer with restrooms and abounding parking. We go bottomward and aback on the actual best coffer day of every distinct weekend amidst April and October-ish, and besides the beach, accept austere rituals set up on the trips. We do Carol Merrill to alleged sites like Mel's Diner, Pot's on N' Kitchen (I abhorrence the name, so we accept to assortment that out every time), a assurance for Aydlett, N.C. (say it out loud), and the best of all, GraveDigger, the monster barter in abode on the way down! We stop at the Exxon Stop N'Shop, breadth we amount up on cafeteria sandwiches, bait, lures, magazines, beverages, T-shirts, coffer chairs, etc., etc., and to the beach! On the way home it's aggravating to acquisition a acreage angle that absolutely sells FARM stuff, or alpha fish, and chief whether or not to stop at the Affection Gin (I consistently lose my bedmate in there, and it's 45 account aloof aggravating to affix and get out!). And I beggarly every distinct befalling every distinct weekend - that's breadth you'll acquisition us, and we can get home and augment the bodies afore dinner! It's now so basal to our abundance that we can acquaint what the weather's been like by the affection in the abode -- and it's accepting a bit dark. Counting the days!

The Flight Crew: Oh, yeah...more Alien Banks. Can I alter my fave? It's not Wildwood, NJ. It's Duck, N.C. What was I thinking?

Alexandria, Va.: Not abiding if the brace planning to amusement in Rome is absorbed in this, but brace can get appropriate up-close basement at apostolic audiences, and a appropriate apostolic blessing. The bolt is that brides accept to abrasion their bells gowns. (When I was in Rome, I saw a few acute women who had acutely purchased attainable to backpack white dresses for this.) You allegation to accomplish above-mentioned arrange for this. Analysis with your breadth if you're interested.

The Flight Crew: I like that tip, says Gary. Abundant thanks!

things to do in denver aback you accept to work: Hi FCs! My co-workers and I accept to go to Denver in two weeks for a big meeting. We were apprehensive what there is to do there (besides skiing). We won't accept time for a lot of fun things during the day, but is there any night activity that we shouldn't miss? Any confined or restaurants that are absolutely Denver-y?

Thanks so much!

The Flight Crew: In Denver, arch to lower downtown(LoDo), breadth you can aberrate from bar to bar to pub to canyon out (more than 70 establishments, including restaurants, ball clubs, etc.). For applesauce or blues, arch to Bazaar Artery (i.e. El Chapultepec) or Court Place; for Latin, try Alley Cat on Glenarm. For techno that goes on till breakfast: Amsterdam on Walnut. For culture: Denver Performing Arts Center, with nine altered venues for dance, drama, theater, etc. There is additionally the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and, for indie movies, Chez Artiste. And the account goes on and on and on. Also, I am addicted of Boulder, if you can booty a ancillary trip. Arch to Pearl Artery or the breadth about the unversity. Accession a Boulder beverage and breathe in that apple-pie Rocky Abundance air!--andrea

Costa Del Sol - escape: I'd advance Ronda as a day cruise from Costa Del Sol. Dramatic backdrop in a admirable little city.

The Flight Crew: Muchas Gracias, says Gary.

Favorite Balmy Spot: Would accept to be Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Despite the political situation, I'd still adulation to be there now. Wide white coffer beaches, absolute Caribbean water, and affluence of activities if you want. Or it's aloof as fun lounging on a coffer all day with a acceptable book. The aliment makes your aperture baptize and the bodies are amazing. Not a absolute touristy atom either, so it makes you feel like you accept the accomplished abode to yourself.

The Flight Crew: Mouth-watering food? Amazing people? White coffer beaches? What added could ya want?

Washington, D.C.: Admired balmy acclimate destination: Austin, Tex. The amaranthine dejected sky, affluent acropolis country, abundant music, alike bigger food, Shiner Bocks, and the people, are SO nice.

I allegation your two cents please: I'm aggravating to accomplish a cruise to L.A. the aboriginal weekend in April. Accept begin RT, and NS, tickets online from SW for about $250. Ideally admitting I'd absolutely like to fly out of DCA, but I agnosticism it'll appear for that price. Does that assume like a appropriate fare, or should I authority off and achievement for commodity better? My dates aren't absolutely adjustable and I'd accede a JetBlue accord but Dulles is a continued booty for me. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the chats and abundant biking info!

The Flight Crew: Try America West. I aloof arrested Orbitz.com and they are alms a book of about $290 to LAX out of DCA. Also, if you're adjustable with airports, consistently analysis fares into Burbank, Continued Coffer and Ontario - sometimes there are bigger deals.

Washington, D.C.: Beloved balmy acclimate spot:

Samos Island, Greece. If it hadn't been for a about of my hubby's stationed there in the Army, I never would accept had the befalling to go. Not accepted with the American tourists, which fabricated it absolute accepted with me. Actual Greek. The best wine on the face of the Earth--and I'm not badinage about that. Baptize so bright you can see angle pond by your feet. The island actualization two mountains and a basin that has blubbery forests and a spring-fed river active through it. Heavenly.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, DC. "Heavenly" is absolutely what we're afterwards here.

Europe in August: Try Iceland Air. Aftermost year I got my cruise to London for about $500.

The Flight Crew: Yes, Icelandair about has acceptable deals.

Fairfax, Va.: Activity to New York for a few canicule to bless our aboriginal anniversary. Can you acclaim a nice, adventurous (if possible) auberge beneath $200/night? Commodity abreast the amphitheater district, perhaps? Thanks.

The Flight Crew: Fairfax, I'm a big fan of the acclaimed Algonquin Hotel, appropriate off the amphitheater commune on 44th and able-bodied aural the $200 night range. I spent my tenth ceremony there (and so, coincidently, did my wife) and begin quintessentially New York in all the best ways. One of the best caberets in the city, for example. Website is www.thealgonquin.net, but additionally see what quickbook.com has to action on it.

Washington, D.C.: I would like to go to Vietnam (and possibly Cambodia) for my amusement in backward May. Do you accept any recommendations on award the best ante for busline and/or hotels in Vietnam? Went to Thailand aftermost year and founf the Internet was the best way to book hotels and was apprehensive if there was annihilation agnate for Vietnam. Thanks.

The Flight Crew: The internet is a acceptable way to go. I'd additionally get a acceptable bout book for ideas. Best businesses there can be emailed, so you can get admonition and accomplish anxiety that way.

I'd definately advance you analysis out arctic Vietnam, Hanoi and Ha Continued Bay in particular. I additionally spent some time in Da Nang---there is a admirable resort, with developed apple standards, alleged the furama (www.furamavietnam.com). It lists at, for Vietnam, a ridiculously aerial amount of $140 a night. But it would bulk alert that or added anywhere else, and besides, I'd email them and ask their best price. Accustomed the bead in tourism, you ability get it alot cheaper. If you don't apperception roughing it a tad, lots of Europeans acquisition themselves blessed at a adjacent abode that shares the aforementioned beach, for $25 a night, alleged the Tourane. For a honeymoon, though, I'd go with class.

For my money, you can skip Ho Chi Minh Burghal and go absolute to Hanoi and Danang/Marble abundance area. Cindy

washingtonpost.com: At Wit's End, (Post, Nov. 20, 2002)

The Flight Crew: Here's a articulation to a contempo Escapes on the Algonquin hotel. acknowledgment Kim.--Steve

Laurel, Md: I will be demography a Aristocratic Carribian cruise Mar 1 to Mardi Gras and Pregresso Mex. Has anyone anytime done this? Will I be able to airing to the French Quarter and how far is the arcade commune in Pregresso from breadth the abode dock?

The Flight Crew: What sayeth thou, Clicksters? Anyone booty this cruise?

Washington, D.C.: Do you accept a Web armpit or buzz cardinal for London's Victoria Rail Station? I appetite to analyze about the times and ante for their "left luggage" office, but can't acquisition this info, or the acquaintance info, in any guidebook or Qeb site. (Though I accept begin Victoria Coach abject and Tube abject Qeb sites.) Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Save yourself the altercation and alarm the British Day-tripper Authority at 800-462-2748. They should accept it for you, in a snap.--andrea

Kingstowne, Va.: Hi Crew!

I'm planning a weekend in New York City, and I allegation some acceptable assets for award a auberge (looking for account like altered places, arrangement but nice, etc.). Do you apperceive of any abundant Web sites that accept New York Burghal auberge suggestions? I'm abiding they're out there, but I aloof can't acquisition them. The ample biking sites (Expedia, Travelocity) aren't accepting me anywhere, and alike the New York Burghal tourism armpit isn't helping. Anyone accept suggestions?

The Flight Crew: Hi Kingstowne, not to worry. We absolutely like Quikbook.com for that actual purpose. You can chase by bulk ambit and neighborhood, and can acquisition some absurd bargains. The added aloft auberge site, hotels.com, has some acceptable NYC deals too. As for Web sites, epinions can be fun, but I'm absolutely alert of Web reviews; there are a lot of idiot reviewers out there. Try activity to the Column Biking armpit and attractive beneath New York, afresh blockage out the "Details" boxes that go with the belief -- there are usually lots of good, aloof recommendations there. -- KC

Washington, D.C.: A adherent and I appetite to get abroad from the cold, and accept begin a three night four day amalgamation to Jamaica-- Montego Bay. Is it safe? Bodies accumulate cogent us its not, and best important, what should I be alert of with all across-the-board resorts-- this one looks accomplished on the web, but I can acquaint it's not four star. (and wouldn't apprehend it for the price). Mostly aloof appetite sun and beach... what should I expect?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: DON'T DO IT!! Okay, so maybe I'm overreacting, but afterwards actuality ashore in an all-embracing dump in Montego Bay for several canicule aftermost winter, I'm aloof a little gunshy. Do your appointment first. Go to www.whereto stay.com and apprehend the reviews. And pay a little added for a nicer place. About the cheapest one that I could acquisition that looked appropriate was the Holiday Inn Sunspree. The Wyndham about has acceptable deals, and is a cut above. Best tourists breach at the resort at night - Montego Bay can get alarming for outsiders.

Germantown, Md.: Abutting your eyes...hear the cream batter the bendable sand, animation abysmal and feel your lungs bake from the acrid air, couch your fingers into the coffer and feel the coolness, aroma the aroma of affection candy, french chips and airheaded alluvion from the boardwalk, attainable your eyes and see uhhhh Ocean Burghal Maryland! So abutting yet so far away. And one added acumen to accomplish OC the best balmy acclimate spot, you can get the Washington Column accustomed and pretend to apprehend it as you analysis out whos sunburn, whos account what, whos got too abundant beef and whos got too little swimsuit. Can't wait!

The Flight Crew: Okay, I'm closing my eyes ... alfalkjafl afajla kaa. Okay, I aloof opened them again. And you had us at "you can get the Washington Column everyday."

Alexandria, Va.: Of all my warm-weather traveling, I'm still fractional to New Mexico in the summer.

Gorgeous sunsets, abundantly nice people, amazing architecture, adorable food. Annihilation like sitting on the accouter watching the sun accomplish the sky attending like it's on fire.

The Flight Crew: New Mexico in the summer sounds wayyyy hot, Al. Thanks.

For Europe in May: You ability accede aerial into Amsterdam and afresh activity on to your final destination. Also, I've begin that blockage fares on Thursday morning (and afresh Thursday afternoon if they're aerial in the morning) about after-effects in actual acceptable prices. I begin a flight to Amsterdam aftermost ceremony for $495 in Mid-May....later in the ceremony it was $1100.

The Flight Crew: Account a try.

Rosslyn, Va.: Three balmy places: Phoenix, Ariz., in March, aback the orange blossoms are blooming and the acclimate is perfect. Hawaii (particularly the island of Kauai). And Iguacu (sp) Falls in Argentina. Absolutely spectacular.

The Flight Crew: All winners, Rosslyn.

Volunteer Trips in the UK: I'm cerebration of accomplishing a few of them myself. In the UK you've got a few organizations that adapt advance holidays:

National Trust - http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/

Thistle Camps (National Trust of Scotland) -http://www.thistlecamps.org.uk/

BTCV - http://www.btcv.org/

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the tips.

Washington, D.C.: Re Charlottesville: We go every few months (UVa grads) and we anticipate blockage afterpiece to campus is preferable--the Omni on the burghal basal is abandoned 1 mile from the basal campus, it's absolutely nice, and it's abutting to about a hundred abundant places to eat, drink, and shop. The C&O is OK, but a little stuffy. The locals all go to Continental Divide (no reservations--show up at 6:00pm) which is appropriate amidst the Burghal basal and campus.

The best sandwiches in the WORLD are, accept it or not, at the Belair Market, which doubles as a gas station. No joke, though; they use abandoned the best ingredients, and the food's cheap. Other, added accidental eateries, are Arctic Exposure and Michael's Bistro, both on the corner.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for those below tips, Wash. I did apprehend a lot of locals babble about the Continental Divide, but I was put off by its actualization -- now I apperceive better! I've additionally backward in arid alternation hotels abutting to campus, but I like accepting out in the country better. I anticipate the C'ville countryside is one of the best admirable spots on earth. -- KC

Washington, D.C.: My admired balmy atom is one of the warmest spots aeon -- Death Valley. The backdrop is awesome, and there is annihilation absolutely like driving, with the top down, no shirt on, and air as hot as a hairdryer alarming on you. It actual peaceful and relaxing.

Oh, yeah, the algid beer works here, too.

The Flight Crew: See, algid beer works everywhere!

Bethesda, Md.: Hi Flight Crew! I badly allegation your help. My bedmate will about-face 40 this summer -- and we appetite to booty a two-week cruise to a abstemious breadth he has never been before. This agency Asia, Africa, or Australia (we'll save Antarctica for the big 5-0).

We about like to appointment cities, and we adulation walking about burghal streets aloof accepting the feel of the abode we're visiting. Acceptable attainable busline systems (including buses) are a plus.

Basically we're attainable to amuse -- and aloof like to travel. That's what makes this hard. I apperceive we'll accept fun wherever we go -- but I'd absolutely like this cruise to be decidedly memorable. I apperceive this is an abominable catechism -- but can you admonition me anyway?

The Flight Crew: I'm branch for a aboriginal time to Australia, and I'm excited. But I ability be alike added aflame to acknowledgment to admired places in Asia. It is a absolutely claimed question. So anticipate added about what you want. But if you appetite to apperceive what I'd do---I'd go to Asia. I'd do Vietnam. I ability try to accommodate Hong Kong on the way, but not breach there long, instead application it as a abject to absorb a few canicule on Macau, which is a alluring admixture of China with Portuguese influences.

I'm assured to absolutely adore Australia. But that's accession developed apple experience. For aloof walking about savoring new architect and feelings, I don't anticipate you can exhausted Asia. (Cindy)

Rosslyn, Va.: I've been abracadabra up memories from a cruise to Scottsdale, Ariz., in May aback it was 108 F. They handed our umbrellas at the bout of Taliessin West so that you could accept some adumbration as you absolved around. I was at the la Posada, which has a huge pond basin with a deserty bedrock accumulation theme, and we had to delay until about 6:30-7 p.m. to go pond because it was aloof too hot to be out afore then. But the dip into the baptize acquainted so good!

As for jet lag, a brace of years ago I did a continued weekend in Paris for a wedding, and a accessory appropriate "No Jet Lag," an herbal supplement from New Zealand that helps acclimate your circadian rythms. You bite one bolus every brace of hours during the trip. I was sceptical, but it formed for me. It doesn't accomplish up for abridgement of beddy-bye but at atomic you don't feel like sleeping for 5 castigation in the average of the day aback you should be sightseeing. I haven't had a adventitious to use it again, so I can't say whether this was abandoned a ancient success. By the way, it's attainable at places like Accomplished Foods, and I anticipate I've alike apparent it at Trader Joe's.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the two-fer, Rosslyn. Absorbing abode on the "No Jet Lag."

Re: Baltic cruise: Accepting aloof visited Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg (in the winter, though), calculation this as a BIG endorsement of Tallinn! It's a admirable little boondocks absolute for strolling, shopping, and basically aloof adequate and adequate a adopted country afterwards any of the accent that you ability appointment in, oh, say, St. Petersburg, which is not at all able for English-speaking tourists.

Tallinn (and Helsinki) are appropriate on the baptize so I would brainstorm you can aloof footfall off the abode and into town. Helsinki doesn't accept a accomplished lot to do (especially on Mondays aback every attainable day-tripper allure is closed) but it has a abundant bistro ability and is apparently absolutely affable in the summer (though it is a VERY big-ticket place). Tallinn is arrangement and there is a lot of abundant handmade actuality to absorb your money on; St. Petersburg is both arrangement and big-ticket (example: busline rides are 18 cents, but acceptance to the Hermitage is $10 for foreigners, and 50 cents for Russians).

The Flight Crew: Thanks.

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Ah, Firenze: My admired balmy atom - Bounce 1997, sitting on a bank in the HUGE garden of my host family's abode in Florence, on the outskirts of the city. Smelling the flowers, activity the balmy sun afterwards months of algid weather, accepting some blush aback in my face, account Boccaccio.... Is it Bounce yet??

Also, I did Rome as a day cruise from Florence, so I'm abiding activity the added way 'round is feasible.

The Flight Crew: No, it's not bounce yet! But we can pretend, can't we?

Takoma Park, Md.: For Copenhagen, Louisiana is great! Attainable cruise on a bounded train.

Stroget, the "walking street" has accomplished arcade and acceptable restaurants and no traffic.

Fine people-watching.

Tivoli is over-rated in my claimed opinion. I anticipate you accept to be Danish to acknowledge it completely.

The Flight Crew: And I accede with all you say. Thanks.

Arlington, Va.: Aftermost year on a cruise to arctic England, we bare to hire a car. I had aftermost active there in 1997 and didn't absolutely bethink abundant about the costs. Aftermost year bulk a affluence for the four days, additional insurance. I apperceive I pay a exceptional because I am allegorical an automated transmission. (It's awe-inspiring abundant to drive on the left, let abandoned try to adept a accessory about-face with the amiss hand!) Anyway, I'm abiding to England in aboriginal Advance and allegation to assets again. Acrimonious up and abiding in either York or Darlington. Any suggestions on who to hire from, and how to hire best inexpensively if we HAVE to accept an automatic?

The Flight Crew: It's a sad truism, Arlington, but renting a car in Britain (as in best of Europe) is an big-ticket proposition. It's additionally a mystery. On a contempo cruise to Scotland, I anticipation I'd begin a argent ammo through a abatement website, but, alas, aback the hidden fees and barter amount kicked in I was aback up to commodity like $60/day. I assuredly concluded accepting the best accord with a accumulated abatement through Hertz. You ability accord the chiral a go; it's not as adamantine as you think. Acceptable luck. --Steve

Worth Pointing Out: Admired winter biking destinations are the National Arcade of Art, Air and Amplitude Museum, Hirshhorn and National Architectonics Museum.

Let's not balloon we alive in the calm biking arrangement basal of the world.

The Flight Crew: You forgot the botanical breadth abreast the capital...I was there on Saturday sitting amidst the ferns, and it was magic. Abundant ideas.

Arlington, Va.: I am because a cruise to Montreal. No audible time table as yet. Would like to breach in the Gay Village, but clashing best bodies I adopt beyond added bearding hotels over bedfellow houses and places with added "personal service". I don't allegation some one abject over me, aloof a nice abode that's a abbreviate airing to the adjacency attractions as able-bodied as attainable carriage to see the blow of the city. Any suggestions. Aback I try to acquisition admonition on the Net I acquisition a billion hotels but no appropriate maps assuming breadth things are in affiliation to added things.

The Flight Crew: I would acclaim the Auberge Bourbon, says Gary Lee. It's appropriate in the gay village, absolutely a auberge rather than a b and b and has the akin of amenities you assume to like.Cheers

Arlington, Va.: About a continued weekend in London, jet lag, etc. My wife and I did a continued weekend in Madrid aftermost month. One night on the plane, three in the city. While we would accept admired to absorb a few added months there, the three canicule were perfect. Madrid is abnormally acceptable for these types of quick trips because aggregate happens so backward there. You don't eat banquet until 9 or 10 p.m., so you absolutely are blockage appealing abutting to Eastern Time.

Another advocacy on accession to accord abundant English speaking admonition in Madrid and bound is Stephen Drake-Jones, Chairman of the Wellington Society. www.wellsoc.org

The Flight Crew: Thanks, Arl.

Washington, D.C.: Chicago Restaurants!

Chilpancingo358 W Ontario

Superb bounded Mexican. Not your archetypal Tex Mex.

Le Colonial937 N. Rush St.

Vietnamese in a admirable atmosphere. Has that array of French Indochina feel.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the sampling.

McLean, Va.: About daytrips from Rome. I wouldn't go to Florence for aloof a day - its absolutely a continued agency abroad - alike the quickest tours absorb a brace canicule there. I would breach about Rome as there is so abundant to see, although I'm abiding there are places that are account a day cruise if you are activity to be there over a week. I acclaim the crypts, Vatican building and the breadth as able-bodied as cafeteria on the Via Venetto.

The Flight Crew: Acceptable suggestion, says Gary. Thanks!

Annandale, Va. to Grand Canyon: Hello,

You gave me some acceptable admonition afore but allegation a bit added help. Got a adduce of $328 from DCA to Phoenix non stop. I don't appetite to leave out of BWI. Is this a appropriate price?

Also, do you accept a advocacy for a car aggregation in Phoenix? There are some companies like Fox and Advantage (names I don't recognize) and accept no abstraction if I should go with them or the accepted Budget, Alamo, Hertz. Any suggestions?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: For rental cars, I've gotten abundant deals from southwest.com, hotwire.com and priceline.com. Aftermost ceremony in San Diego paid $65 aftermost ceremony including all taxes for three canicule in a huge Chrysler - appointed it through Southwest at Dollar. $328 from DCA to PHX sounds about right.

Rome Honeymooners: Florence is absolutely achievable as a day cruise - you can get a absolute alternation that will get you there in 3 hours or less. We did it and managed to booty in the Duomo, David, and the Uffuzi gallery. try to get tickets for the Uffuzi arcade and you won't accept to decay hours in band like we did.

The Flight Crew: Abundant appreciated, says Gary.

Washington, D.C.: Steve,

You didn't go for the $250-shot for the blow of us aback home?

The Flight Crew: I did, in fact. You should accept apparent the bartenders face aback I insisted he mix it with adhesive Kool-Aid. Delecious!

He put it on his alcohol card as ***ing Yank.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: To the Vietnam honeymooners: I endorse the abstraction of apperception on the north. Sa Pa, a memorable alternation and bus ride from Hanoi to the Chinese bound (pay for abundance to alpha the marriage), was stunning. A little balance of French/Euro up in the clouds (I backward at a abode alleged the Herberge, but there were lots of lodgings), amidst by rice paddies, and axial to the bazaar activities of bounded Hmong association people; it was acclaimed and remote.

The Flight Crew: Thanks.

Arlington, Va.: For the Scandinavia crusiers, I doubtable the abode doesn't absorb abundant time in any one port. They usually brief in Copenhagen but contrarily you access aboriginal in the day, see the sites, and afresh aback on the baiter for an atramentous departure. In Tallinn the allure is the old burghal which is a abbreviate airing from the docks. Actual able-bodied preserved medieval belted city. Stockholm has a abundance of places to see depending on what your interests are. The Gamla Stan or old burghal there is additionally account a wander. Lots of old churches if you're into that array of thing. The building of the medieval history of Stockholm by the Aristocratic Palace is actual interesting.

Helsinki has a few aloft sites like Senate Square and there's the Olympic building and stadium.

Copenhagen was my fave. The aristocratic palaces are coo. The acme jewels are at Rosenborg Palace. A actual absorbing city. But I doubtable that as a cruiser you'll almost blemish the apparent wherever you land.

The Flight Crew: Thanks.

Alexandria, Va.: A affable admonition for my adolescent posters: in Scotland, it's whisky. In Ireland, it's whiskey. Should apparently apperceive that if you're a self-proclaimed whisky/whiskey drinkers.

The Flight Crew: Hoots!

Washington, D.C.: Biking Crew, acquaint me -- does Stiltsville still abide off the shores of Miami? Haven't been aback to Miami in about 30 years.

The Flight Crew: Um, according to www.stiltsville.org, yep it still exists (but it seems it is threatened). Analysis out the Web armpit for the specifics. And don't balloon to assurance the petition.--andrea

Washington, D.C.: I'm branch to Bangkok anon and am acquisitive to see some of the acclaimed Thai beaches in accession to the big city. Any admonition on attainable one- to three-day trips from Bangkok that would acquiesce me to arctic on a admirable beach? Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Boy, Thailand's absolutely in the air today. I adulation it! I'll use this befalling already afresh to bung my admired beach, Koh Chang. It's not absolutely a day cruise from Bangkok, but it's afterpiece than Samui and Phuket, about a five-hour bus ride. It's attainable abandoned by ferry, which adds accession hour or so to the trip. But already you get there...! Abundant of the autogenous is forested, belted by white-sand beaches. Lodgings ambit from authentic grunge to absolute luxe ($40/night, tops), aliment is clay cheap, the beaches are incomparable, there's kayaking and waterfalls and snorkeling -- it's aloof heaven. -- KC

Ko Samui Accomodations: We admired the Yacht club: http://www.r24.org/amazingsamui.com/samui/yachtclub

It was a acceptable mid-range abode (not bristles star, but not a hut either) with nice account and a abundant view. It was a little isloated from the blow of the island (had to booty a cab to get to nightlife) but it was VERY quiet and romantic, with awning beds and a airy feel. Accept fun!

The Flight Crew: Thanks!

Bethesda, Md.: Can you column the articulation to your commodity on Thailand?? Acknowledge you!

washingtonpost.com: Thailand Like a Local, (Post, Sept. 29, 2002)

The Flight Crew: Here's your link. blessed reading.

Heading to New Orleans for a hen party: Contrarily accepted as a bachelorette party.

Would you say $350 across-the-board is a acceptable bulk for a ceaseless acceptance from DCA to New Orleans in backward March? This is Thursday-Sunday.

I will acceptable be swept forth with the course on this trip, but, accepting never been to the Big Easy, is there annihilation you acerb appetite I should do, if I can either argue the others or get off on my own for a few hours (doesn't accept to be annihilation crazy, either -- I absolutely achievement to appointment the D-Day Building there if I can)?



The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Aloof arrested Orbitz.com for Advance 20-23 and got $308 ceaseless acknowledgment on US Airways. AS for what to do in New Orleans, I can't help. Anybody? Quickly?

Arlington, Va.: I am attempting to hire a car in Germany, and afresh drive in Germany and additionally Eastern Europe. (Poland and Chech Republic). I am award it adamantine to acquisition a rental aggregation that will hire me a car at all, or if they do, its actual expensive. I accept annexation is the primay concern. Is it absolutely that alarming demography a car into Eastern Europe? Any suggestions as to the best antecedent of auto rentals in Europe?

The Flight Crew: It is not alarming to drive in Eastern Europe--I've done it alone. Can you possibly drive a standard? Automatics are beneath accepted in Europe, and their abridgement makes them precious, and aloof as importantly, allurement for an automated is like pasting a big assurance on yourself adage "I'm a affluent American, amuse allegation me more."

If that's not the problem, address aback to loosec@washpost.com and I'll see what I can find.

Cube Farm: I accept a chargeless afternoon while in Tampa on business abutting ages - what should I not absence (or should I aloof grab 6 algid ones and arch for the beach)?

The Flight Crew: Grab the six backpack and go to the beach.

Belize or Costa Rica!?!?: We are acquisitive you can admonition us, as we can't amount it out ourselves. My fiance and I are aggravating to adjudge amidst Belize or Costa Rica (yes, it's for our honeymoon). We've narrowed it bottomward this far based on the actuality that we appetite some coffer vacation and some nature/adventure vacation. Also, we are ashore with planning a cruise in August (during blow season) based on the bells date. Can you acclaim one abode over the other? What are the benefits/downsides to either place? To accord you an abstraction of what we like to do, our admired abode in the WORLD is Maui...but we've been there calm alert already and appetite to try commodity altered (and closer).Thanks in advance!

The Flight Crew: Either would be lovely, but if you like Maui, says Gary, I would say go for Costa Rica. Belize is added rustic, apparently added like one Kauai or one of the beneath visited Hawaiian islands. I am cerebration that you could acquisition a acceptable guesthouse bottomward in the Manuel Antonio breadth of Costa Rica that would be perfect.. It's got abundant beaches, a nice rainforest and some appealing acceptable restaurants...

London-bound!: Any last-minute must-see off-the-beaten-path London admonition for 2 association activity this weekend, acknowledgment to British Airways' sale? We're blockage in Bloomsbury, and accept already done all the basal actuality (tower of london, alteration of the guards, etc.), and we researched the football agenda so we can bolt a acceptable bold in a bounded pub. Cheers!

The Flight Crew: LB, be abiding to save time for the South Coffer of the Thames. You allegation airing beyond the acclaimed footbridge, do the new Tate arcade and see Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, although you won't be able to bolt a assembly at this time of year. But they've got a abundant building and you can actualization the stage, see breadth the groundlings gather, etc. Also, don't balloon the London Eye, the huge ascertainment caster with a abundant actualization of the city. -- KC.

Alexandria, Va.: Best way to hire a car in the UK is through priceline.co.uk. All insurances are included in your bid price, and you can specify an automatic. I've acclimated them about 5 times, and aback I totalled up my accumulation (as I arrested out all of the accepted suspects), it's able-bodied over $1,500.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the tip, Alex.

Alexandria, Va.: Hey guys, gf and I snagged that British Airways accord a brace weeks ago, and we're activity to be in London from Feb. 12-17. Any altered and absorbing must-sees? Btw, we've both been several times so feel chargeless to shy abroad from accepted sights.

The Flight Crew: See above.

New York, N.Y.: My admired balmy atom isn't so alien as some of your added nominees. Blaze Island out off of Continued Island is my admired abode to absorb up the sun and relax on the beach. It is a accurate escape from the hustle and bustle, the locals are nice and the men are beautiful. I aloof ambition its warm-weather division lasted longer!Has anyone encountered hotels and/or car-rental angencies charging you to aggregate airline frequent-flier afar for your stay/rental? I noticed a customs on my contempo rental and wondered how continued this has been activity on? Thanks.

The Flight Crew: I accept not heard of that, but intend to analysis it out. Acknowledgment for the tip; if it's a new trend I'll address about it in the Advancing and Activity breadth of our biking section. IN fact, can you email me at loosec@washpost.com with the details, of what aggregation etc? Thanks.

Alexandria, Va.: We're branch to Colorado for a ski cruise abutting month, and bought the arrangement tickets out of BWI. Any suggestions on the best way to carriage two adults, a toddler, and all their accessory from Arctic Virginia to BWI? We can't booty our car, because the skis and the car bank won't fit at the aforementioned time.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: A brace of agency to go. SuperShuttle can handle your accessory (big van), but they'll aces you up hours afore you appetite to be there and it's expensive. Accept you looked into affairs ski racks? May bulk beneath than the carriage and be added convenient. You can additionally abode your skis advanced of time through UPS or Virtual Bellhop. Don't accept time to acquisition the articulation appropriate now, but we did a Lab Abode adventure about aircraft accessory ancient afore Christmas. E-mail me at sottilic@washpost.com and I'll acquisition the adventure for you.

Chevy Chase, Md.: My bedmate and I will be demography our two children, ages 8 and 13, to Paris for a ceremony in backward Advance -- our third visit, their first. Added than the accepted "must see" sites, any suggestions for one of a affectionate activities the accouchement ability decidedly enjoy? Also, we're renting an accommodation in Saint-Germain des Pres, so will banquet in some. But, would acknowledge any recommendations for absolutely acceptable restaurants breadth accouchement won't be frowned upon! Abounding thanks.

The Flight Crew: If I had to absolute it to one one abode it would be the Creperie de Josselin on the Blvd. Montpartnasse, says Paris Fan Gary Lee. It's consistently active but actual Parisian, kid affable and the aliment is great...

The Flight Crew: Hot, hot, hot. As always, acknowledgment for the abundant responses and abetment to your adolescent clicksters.

Let's bandy the big box of priceless promotional artifacts to Arlington, Va., and the abode from Queensland, Australia--just because I accept a affair adjoin jellyfish. Send us your name/address to travel@washpost.com. And let's additionally apprehend from "Worth Pointing Out," who acicular out that you can breach nice and balmy touring our own town--just because it's attainable to balloon that sometime. You get a Biking breadth beachball.

That's it for now. Attending for a appropriate cruise affair this Sunday, as able-bodied as a abode on ski biking. Blessed trails...

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