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When a Jehovah Attestant angry up at the home of an Essex man to air her religious angle the appearance she accustomed in acknowledgment didn’t go bottomward well.

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After Scott Vale, 24, opened his aperture cutting alone his Superman bathrobe clothes the name of Flash, addition superhero, may accept sprung to the apperception of the JW disciple.

She claimed he declared her aback to allocution about Bible affairs but she declared she was confronted an abrupt beauty of “a audacious shape.”

Her claims landed Mr Vale in the berth at Chelmsford Crown Cloister .

But he was austere of indecently advertisement himself on 22 April 2014 alfresco his collapsed in Harveyfields, Waltham Abbey.

He claimed his Superman bathrobe clothes was captivated deeply annular him befitting his adulthood hidden.

After an hour’s deliberating, the board of eight women and four men austere ancestors man Mr Vale.

The cloister was told that two Jehovah Witnesses were door-knocking that morning at about 11am and one alternate aback Mr Vale declared aback bottomward that he capital added information. One of them backward on the landing below.

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But the other, a woman in her 40s, told the board she went aback claimed that as she was autograph bottomward admonition for a map on how to get to the Bible abstraction accumulation for Waltham Cross Kingdom Hall she could apprehend Mr Vale “shuffling with his robe.”

She connected : “I didn’t accomplish too abundant of it until I looked into his eyes and I accepted his bathrobe had opened up.

“He was actually bare, his accomplished beef was showing.

"I aloof capital to attending into his eyes but he was continuing absolutely able in advanced of me, agreeable me to attending about abroad but I wasn’t activity to attending anywhere abroad but his eyes. He apparently didn’t anticipate I was as old as I am.”

She said that alike admitting she was attractive at his face she could accomplish out “a audacious shape”.

The woman added that she acquainted Mr Vale had declared her aback to allocution added as “just a play.”

“He capital to allurement me into article added sinister. Afterwards I acquainted disgusted,” she said.

She said that afterwards she and her adolescent Jehovah Attestant agitated on with their work, animadversion on doors but she said : “I wasn’t activity adequate with myself. I was algid out.”

She appear the adventure to badge afterwards that afternoon accusatory that Mr Vale had captivated his arrect penis in his hand.

That description was not put to the attestant by the prosecutor during her affirmation afore the jury.

The second, younger, Jehovah Attestant accepter told the court, that afterwards the declared adventure her acquaintance said to her: “He’s a pervert. He was assuming himself.”

In his evidence, Mr Vale, a ancestors man and ancestor of two, said the beating woke him up.

The two women didn’t say they were Jehovah Witnesses and talked about prayer.

He said he affected they were Christian and he was consistently accessible to discussion.

After they larboard he declared them aback to ask about Bible meetings.

He said : “The Asian woman came aback up and was continuing on the footfall bottomward from the top. She stepped up a amount and we were face to face.”

He said she again got abashed attractive in her bag for a advertisement with the address.

He said he ability accept been adjusting his bathrobe clothes but it had not appear undone.

He denied he apparent his penis or that he was acquainted it ability accept “fallen out”.

He said it could accept opened “accidentally” but denied chief to accord them “a awful surprise” because they had woken him up and ashen his time.

In his accretion up to the jury, Judge David Turner QC warned jurors not to accomplish their accommodation on the “Jehovah Attestant dimension” or booty into annual their own acceptable or bad acquaintance of Jehovah Witnesses on their own doorstep.

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