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When you anticipate aback to your prom, what comes to mind? Corsages? Tiaras? Bad synth music? Dancing awkwardly in the accoutrements of your bathed boyish date while your gym abecedary looks on from the chaperones’ table? Accoutrements and ammo and the cakes that resemble them?

There are a lot of things I don’t accept about this country, and abreast the top of that account is the South’s fetishistic attraction with weaponry. It’s article that aloof doesn’t compute in my mind… but on canicule like this, I’m animated it exists. Because assorted girls accept had the abstraction to put on beautiful brawl dresses and authority guns, The Gloss proudly presents: The 10 Cutest Photos Of Girls In Brawl Dresses Holding Guns.

“How do you appetite bodies to bethink you afterwards you graduate?” “As addition who was never abashed to affectation the banderole of the Confederate States of America.”

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While I can’t say I accept the whole camouflage thing, I adore her charge to authoritative the accessories and the shoes assignment together. She knows what she’s doing.

Good thinking, girl. If you’re gonna absorb a ton of money on a dress, accomplish abiding it blends into the woods. Never go to brawl extemporaneous to adumbrate from deer. And you never apperceive back you’ll charge to accomplish a catlike escape through the trees.

This is the best adventurous and alarming affair I’ve apparent all day. Now that we accept the picture, let’s go advanced and boring put the accoutrements down. Let’s… let’s aloof put them down, yeah?

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Now I’m cool abject that all I did afore my brawl was go to Olive Garden. Why didn’t we anticipate to grab some ammunition for the road?

This blush absolutely works for her. So does the acid wire in the background. So does the behemothic ass gun.

She looks appealing awesome, actually. I aloof achievement no Hunger Games tributes were afflicted in the authoritative of this photograph.

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This one speaks for itself.

You don’t appetite to appearance up at prom empty-handed when all the added girls anticipation to accompany freshly-skinned muskrats.

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What abroad are you gonna alarm these? She looks awesome.

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