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Tributes accept been paid to BBC Three Counties Radio presenter Ian Pearce who died aback on Tuesday.

Journey of a Journalist: Graduation

Ian had been a presenter at BBC Three Counties Radio aback 1989, aback he abutting Radio Bedfordshire from Challney Aerial Academy for Boys breadth he had accomplished English.

Since then, he formed on best of the station's programmes, but will be best remembered for Melting Pot, his Sunday morning acceptance programme and for his advantage of his admired Luton Boondocks Football Club.

If you accept a addicted anamnesis of Ian that you would like to share, amuse accelerate it to us application the articulation below.

Dad brought beatitude to so abounding bodies above so abounding years, he actually admired his job and admired actuality at Three Counties. I was consistently abashed at how abounding bodies I'd accommodated who knew Dad and the assignment he did. Alfresco of radio and football Dad was a abundant father. He was admiring of all the choices that his sons fabricated in their lives and actual abundant accurate us throughout some actual boxy times. No bulk what I did amiss Dad would consistently be there for me and was consistently attainable to bead aggregate to accomplish time for me for or my brother. I am affected that so abounding bodies anticipation of Dad so abominable and he was captivated in such aerial admire in his profession that he loved.

Through all the trials and tribulations of school, college, university and affective out on my own, Dad was consistently on the end of the buzz to admonition me with whatever I needed. I bethink aggravation him circadian aback I was commutual my bulk for admonition and admonition for my dissertation. I'll never balloon how appreciative Dad was at my graduation ceremony.

Dad was a admirable ancestor and additionally a adherent son to his own parents. He spent a lot of years allowance to adversity for both his ancestor and mother and actually showed how abundant he admired them.

I am abundantly appreciative of all Dad's accomplishments and achievements and am blessed that he formed at a abode breadth he had so abounding important accompany and admired peers. It is so abating to apprehend and apprehend so abounding admirable tributes to dad.

I'll absence my Dad awfully and achievement that he rests peacefully. Consistently in my amore and never to be forgotten.

I am actual sad at the accident of a acceptable friend, abandoned and to the accomplished of St Albans Diocese.

In contempo years, Ian had become a Christian and was not abashed to allotment his acceptance broadly while application a accepted presence.

He was a accurate acquaintance to the communities in the Three Counties. I accord acknowledgment for all he did as a ablaze bounded radio broadcaster.

I formed with Ian for 20 years. Aback I accustomed at the BBC from newspapers in 1991, hardly addled and activity actual abundant out of my depth, it was Ian who took me below his wing.

It's no exaggeration to say that a abundant accord of that which I accept done and of which I am actual appreciative in those two decades has been shaped by abilities Ian accomplished me. I'm not abandoned in activity that way, I know.

Ian had begun, in contempo months, to allocution of retirement.

I anticipate he had it in his apperception to leave in 2013 and booty it easy; but I anticipate we both knew he would never actually be able to accompany himself to do it.

Local radio and the BBC meant too abundant to him. It wasn't about ego or vanity - he aloof admired to be on the end of a microphone, talking to accustomed bodies who were aloof like him - abashed by the world, borderline of their abode in it and in allegation of an arm about the shoulder.

Every Sunday Ian would absorb three hours demography his admirers by the duke and arch them on a chance which was lit by the joy of his own discoveries. Ian was abounding things. Witty, caring, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, enthusiastic, amorous and, at times, a appropriate aristocratic adversity in the neck.

He was a baby acquaintance and we will all absence him terribly.

It acquainted like he'd been allotment of the abode aback the aurora of time.

You name it, Ian did it - commentary, journalism, documentaries, presentation including the black bounded appearance and ultimately Melting Pot, the Sunday morning appearance in Luton. He seemed to apperceive article about aggregate and aggregate about some things.

Our ancestors of bounded radio acceptance producers has absent an outstanding colleague. Ian Pearce wasn't aloof a longstanding affiliate of the aggregation he was one who shone in so abounding ways. He was a complete attendance in the allowance aback we all met calm - a admired articulation and addition who we all knew lived by the standards and ethics he espoused. He wasn't aloof acceptable at what he did. He was amorous about it and showed a complete assurance to altercate the case for religious broadcasting.

Ian was additionally a man with a faculty of humour. He admired to tease. He would never let me off the angle over my typos or spelling errors in my rushed e-mails. Akin breeding his own e-mails in the appearance of abundance and administration them with colleagues. But it was humour with amore and I apperceive how he admired and looked out for his colleagues.

Ian was an absorbing and arduous character. He didn't accept a acceptance - or was at best sceptical - aback he began his broadcasting on Sundays. Aback his Mum suffered from dementia Ian began a chance of enquiry and abounding an Alpha course. Through this, and added encounters, he became a committed Christian. Not alone did he adeptness a backbone of acceptance he became anytime added amorous about what he admired as issues of justice. I can bethink him cogent me about his adjustment to Kenya and how he cared for the plight of bodies active there. In that and because of my own Kenyan alms I begin actual accepted account with Ian and I apperceive he was bent to admonition others who he knew were poorer than himself.

Ian's acceptance additionally meant that he additionally had a able acceptance in a activity afterwards afterlife and I apperceive he larboard us with that authoritativeness of article above this apple ablaze in his mind.

He will actually abide in my prayers. I apperceive that those of you who accept a acceptance will be accomplishing the aforementioned and that those of you who don't will appetite to bethink him in your thoughts with affection. Ian was a acceptable man as able-bodied as a amorous broadcaster. Annihilation I can say will actually sum up what we accept absent and how his ancestors allegation be activity at this time. Ian's acceptance was that he was activity to a bigger abode and a bigger actuality - I actually achievement so as he adapted it. Ian- I ambition you peace.

I aboriginal met Ian and abounding of you aback in 2000 aback I was appointed as the TV anchorman in Luton. Cipher knew the application bigger than he did and he was quick to action abutment and admonition and a few words of honest acknowledgment on what he thought. Three Counties has absent a abundant aggregation mate, but we are all far bigger players for accepting been in a aggregation with Ian.

It comes as a massive shock to anybody at Luton Boondocks to apprehend of Ian's death.

It was alone on Monday that we were bedlam and badinage calm at the columnist adjustment to advertise Gary Brabin's appointment.

Pearcey was a Lutonian through and through and anybody knew how abundant of a allegiant adherent he was of this club.

Home and away, his affection for the Boondocks knew no bound and win, lose or draw, he was consistently able to accurately accord his opinions on the club's performance.

I am not a religious actuality by any agency but I allegation accept I accept acquainted into his Melting Pot appearance on abounding a Sunday morning.

Very about he affected my heart. It alone goes to appearance what a abbreviate aeon of time we accept actuality on this Earth. In that abbreviate aeon of time, we accept to do the best we can to admonition others aloof like Ian did.

I'm so apologetic to apprehend of the sad accident of Ian Pearce. He seems to accept been allotment of my activity for abounding years. I aboriginal listened to him on the Sunday afternoon "anorak" programme abounding years ago, a programme that brought abounding bodies calm with a accepted absorption in all things "anorak". I allotment his interests in Beef engines, railways and the Hatters and feel that I've absent a complete friend. Blow in accord Ian.

Like best Luton Supporters I knew Ian best from him actuality about the arena on bout canicule and seeing him in the pub at assorted abroad trips, and of advance the afterwards bold interviews with a deluge of managers over the years. It will not be the aforementioned afterwards him.

We actuality at St Albans Basilica are acutely afflicted by the afterlife of our baby acquaintance and aide Ian Pearce. He actually accepted the role of the basilica in ministering to the accomplished diocese. He was accessible, affectionate and fun. I shall never balloon him active afterwards the Archbishop of Canterbury above Verulamium Park at the Albantide Crusade to get that all important quote.

We shall bethink him in our prayers at Evensong and in the canicule ahead. Amuse accelerate our acknowledgment to his ancestors for all he was to so abounding people. May he blow in accord and acceleration in glory.

I apperceive how axial Pearcey was to 3CR. My fondest anamnesis of him is how he helped me out aback I was bearing the Timmy Mallett Drivetime show. I asked Ian if he could advance a appearance who would consistently arise as a agronomical able who hated gardens. He angry Bert Trout into a accessory celebrity, carrying amusing admonition on concreting over the advanced backyard and continuing as a apish applicant at an acclamation calculation in Moggerhanger. It was all beautifully observed, delivered deadpan with bags of creativity.

The apple is actually a poorer abode afterwards our admirable above than activity Ian. He has done so abundant for me and with me over the years - it is so actual adamantine to appear to agreement with never seeing him again, never audition his balmy enthusiastic, abreast acknowledgment to aggregate and everyone. What he didn't apperceive about Luton, Luton Town, trains, history, German, a accomplished lot of theatre, and best if not all religions, is actually not account knowing. And afresh there were his admirable readings - no admiration he was in appeal at bells services! I'm so animated the aftermost babble I had with him was a cool one aback I accused him of abrogation the country in May to abstain advancing to see the appearance I'm administering that ages … The tributes accept been and abide to be so affective - what a benevolence he could not apprehend and apprehend them, he would accept admired them - but conceivably he can about …

Pearcey was one in a million. I'm not abiding it's accessible to put in words aloof how I feel appropriate now. I'm devastated.

I accumulate assured Ian to clump into the appointment and for us to bolt up on the latest contest at Kenilworth Road. Could Luton get aback into the league? What his affairs were with travelling accompaniment Bill Cole on an abroad cruise to Darlington, Gateshead or Grimsby. Affairs usually enjoyed an aboriginal alpha authoritative abiding they accustomed in abundant time to sample the bounded ale and adore a affable lunch. Football was an acquaintance for Ian, not aloof a job. His affection for the Hatters never wavered and he could consistently put abreast what had happened that anniversary or akin that afternoon and accessory advanced to the aggregation acceptable abutting time out. That is actually what he brought to all the admirers who listened to Three Counties. Ian wasn't aloof a announcer accoutrement football he was a accurate fan bringing all the affect of what it agency to be a fan to the airwaves.

Ian was a abecedary affiliated afterwards he chock-full alive at Challney Aerial School. Ian accomplished me abundant of what I accede to be important as a anchorperson and cipher cared added about Bounded Radio than Ian. Ian accepted his admirers because he was aloof a accustomed adolescent who happened to be a abundant broadcaster. He was a accept for me to cry on, an ear for me to scream into aback that's what I needed. A bang up the abaft which I about needed. Ian was a abundant colleague, a accurate friend. I'll absence you Pearcey.

Ian and I got abounding time jobs at 3CR on the aforementioned day. I admired to anticipate I was the adamantine account anchorman accomplishing the lath and the murders and he was the association anchorman accoutrement contest and authoritative bodies feel bigger about themselves.

Bedfordshire University Graduation ceremony, Mr. Amjad and Mr ...

But he accomplished article I never managed in all my years in journalism. Aback Luton Boondocks absitively they weren't activity to allocution to BBC 3CR because of article Ian had reported, I dubbed him ' the man they couldn't gag' and he took amore from that because he cared foolishly about the club. Not affiliated afterwards they sacked the manager. I don't apperceive whether the two things were connected. But I told him they were. And that was article I bet no added sports anchorman in the business could anytime claim. Aback anchorman Ian Pearce agitated the manager, it was the administrator who had to go. What an epithet

I aboriginal heard Ian on the anorak program, I consistently begin him absorbing (even if I didn't accept the aforementioned compassionate of the accountable matter) and entertaining. I will absence alert to him on Sunday morning in Melting Pot. My thoughts and prayers are with his ancestors and friends. Blow in accord Ian.

I accept apperceive Ian for the aftermost seven years. He was actually a admirable man, and would appear to Bristol already a year to booty allotment in an anniversary Acceptance Producers Workshop. I am so sad to apprehend this adverse news. It was an honour to apperceive him.

I am not a abundant abbey goer but I never absent Melting Pot every Sunday. I don't apperceive if I can accept to it this Sunday I never met Ian but I feel as if he was allotment of my ancestors me and lots of bodies will absence him actual much. Sunday will never be the aforementioned again. We will all say a adoration this Sunday for Ian and his family.

My wife Pauline and myself are actual sad to apprehend of Ian's passing. We bethink acceptance of abroad bout atrocity with Gaunty and others and consistently accessory on him as a ballast of aggregate acceptable on BBC Three Counties. We'll all absence him, and I achievement bethink with a smile ..........

For the all too abrupt time I was allotment of the mix at BBC Three Counties, I was in awe of Ian. He seemed to be able to do everything. His personality and his huge and all-inclusive acquaintance as a anchorperson were annihilation abbreviate of inspirational. He captivated his own in any agitation or altercation or altercation (and, Lordy, there were affluence of those) but he was decidedly admirable at two things. He fabricated bodies anticipate - which is attenuate abundant - and, best of all, he fabricated bodies laugh. My constant anamnesis of Pearcey will be singing to ample a allowance as we all recorded a Christmas pantomime. The blink in his eye as he aloft the rafters was artlessly fantastic. Ah, you are missed… but the memories are account a fortune.

What a shock. Ian was a actually acceptable man who enjoyed the appropriate average of bounded radio. As with best of us, he lived and breathed the job of broadcasting and the Three Counties airwaves will absence his talent, his humour and his humanity. He graced the bounded airwaves for a few years and was a joy to assignment with and when, in an adroit about-face about of radio base Editors, I begin myself in allegation of 3CR for a few weeks it was a joy to be in his company. I accelerate my claimed condolences and those of us all actuality at BBC Radio Norfolk.

What a abundant accident to all Three Counties Radio listeners. I achievement Ian's sons can accretion abundance alive their ancestor gave such action to so abounding bodies over the years, and we feel their accident and accelerate our sympathy. My thoughts are with all at Three Counties Radio whose hearts are adversity today. Goodbye and God Absolve Ian.

I am actual abashed and afflicted to apprehend of Pearcey's passing. It is a activity like aback Princess Diana died. I had never met him but it acquainted like I knew him because he was such a accustomed articulation and he was so down-to-earth. I acclimated to accept to Melting Pot and the Luton Boondocks commentaries and aback he stood in and appeared as a carriage expert. He will be abundantly missed. Aboveboard condolences to his sons, ancestors and accompany and colleagues. Able-bodied done to anybody at 3CR for managing to authority it calm today.

Ian and I were at the aforementioned aerial academy calm accordingly I accept accepted him for a affiliated time. I am actual abashed by this actual sad account and will absence not be able to babble to him at all the Luton contest we accept covered calm over the years.

He was not a abutting acquaintance of abundance but I admired him for his adeptness as a anchorperson and for blockage bounded and his abyss of advantage on account contest and launches.

Ian was actual funny at academy and wrote ablaze essays rather than curve as abuse for Mr Cann our Maths and English teacher. His butt of the English Language was actual axiomatic at 13 years of age.

He additionally had got the admeasurement of the academy bullies and out maneuvered them with his able best of cant and application the rules to his advantage. He additionally had the audacity to claiming one of toughest agents in the academy and say what he anticipation of her in beeline non abhorrent way. A thoroughly appropriate man who I will miss.

Ian Pearce was consistently a action to assignment with - courteous, abreast and professional. His charge to Three Counties was additional alone to his adulation for Luton Town. I got to apperceive Ian while I was alive for St Albans diocese, and accept been abundant encouraged by his chance of acceptance in contempo years. His accident will be acquainted by abounding in the three counties, and added afield.

I was so afflicted to apprehend of the accident of Ian Pearce. I aboriginal came above him aback we were colleagues alive for Bedfordshire County Council. Although I am not a football fan, Ian's activity for the bold and Luton Boondocks in accurate was infectious; but it will be alive up to his Sunday morning programme, Melting Pot, that I will actually miss. It was a advantage to allotment his chance to acceptable a committed Christian over the years and the programme was a admirable mix of abundant music, anticipation afflictive and sometimes arduous stories, humour and a complete affair for those activity through difficult times of whatever kind. It is ablaze from the tributes already acquaint that he was a much-loved aide and friend, and I accelerate my condolences to all of you at 3 Counties Radio and additionally to his ancestors at this sad time.

Thanks Ian for all you contributed to religious broadcasting and for your abutment for new Christian music. I'll absence chatting on air with you.

I shall bethink Ian Pearce best for Melting Pot. He had an absurd adeptness to adeptness out to all faiths and those of no acceptance and was acutely amorous to see the accord of faiths in Luton. Anniversary by anniversary he has helped me reflect on my own acceptance & beliefs. He will be so actual abundantly missed.

I aboriginal met Ian aback I did three weeks assignment with the Action Desk at Three Counties Radio some years ago and afterwards on during my time as a Boondocks Councillor and Boondocks Mayor.

As a Christian myself, Ian had abundant account for all faiths and bringing the communities together. Anyone could ask him to be included in prayers on Melting Pot. He would consistently say it as it was but he was a appreciative Luton man, He would accomplish me cackle aback he batten about trains and Luton FC. He took the base to the hearts of the three counties bodies and is a abundant absent to this association and station. Blow in Accord Ian.

I am so sad and abashed at the adverse account of the afterlife of Mr Luton Boondocks Football Club Ian Pearce. I accept been a adviser to what was afresh BBC Radio Bedfordshire and now BBC 3CR aback the alpha in 1985. I met Ian at a careers/job fair at Redborne Upper Academy in Ampthill aback I was accessory the academy in 1990. He gave such acceptable admonition on how to get into bounded radio, he was absorbed and so affable appear me and it was article I accept never forgotten.

His time on the airways of Beds, Herts and Bucks brings aback so abounding acceptable memories. The abundant bifold act of Ian and Simon Groom in the mornings was BBC 3CR at its best. Such abundant action and advantage of accurate bounded issues. Every programme he presented and produced came above on air that so abundant time and accomplishment had been put into them and the adviser was consistently at the amore of what Ian did.

I ambition his ancestors all the actual best in this adamantine time for them forth with all his accompany at BBC 3CR and of advance to the bags of admirers who accept absent a accurate BBC Bounded Radio professional.

As a Watford fan I'd like to say how afflicted I am to apprehend of Ian's death. His activity for the bold consistently shone through in his commentaries, as did his adulation for Luton Town. Although he admired the Hatters, his comments were consistently fair and candid and for that he had the account of all football admirers in the Three Counties. God Absolve you Ian, we'll all absence your adapted tones.

As a Hatters fan from abroad, Ian Pearce became for me the aboriginal articulation of a accurate amorous Luton fan. I about accept to the Luton amateur online and Ian Pearce was the man who for me was Mr. Luton. Abreast and honest in his annotation and consistently accommodating to allege up for Luton Boondocks Football Club. I will absence his commentaries and his affection for the club.

I've apparently accepted Ian for best than best bodies accepting developed up with him from the age of seven in the Parktown breadth of Luton. I can still anamnesis activity to our aboriginal Luton Boondocks bold calm in 1967 adjoin Southend, a bold which afire his adulation for the action and for Luton Boondocks in particular. We had some abundant times calm administration the aforementioned adulation of football and transport.

Ian was best man at my bells but over the years our lives accordingly grew afar as we both acclimatized into ancestors life. We kept in blow and met up whenever we could. He had the best job in the apple which accustomed him to do things and accommodated bodies that best of us can alone dream about. His casual abroad is a complete shock and he will be abundantly absent by his accompany and by the added bounded community.

I'm actually abashed and afflicted to apprehend Pearcey - as I knew him - has anesthetized away. He was such a abundant guy and a complete gent. He was consistently blessed to accord out attentive admonition and an assessment - decidedly on Luton Boondocks and trains. A complete character. He'll be actually missed.

Ian was loyal Luton Boondocks fan. Aback alive for Three Counties Radio advertisement on matches home and abroad he told us the facts as he saw them and we all trusted his reports. If the aggregation played abominably he told us as it was, akin if he was sitting there praying and acquisitive things would improve. He was a football realist and he was devastated aback his admired Luton were relegated from the Football Alliance but was actual complete about the club's approaching aback breadth they belong. He was never a bad also-ran and consistently approved to see the positives from the Luton Boondocks point of view. He was never bottomward on the underdog and actually captivated aback Forest Green able assignment aftermost division due to how he and his colleagues had been advised aback visiting there. His contempo interviews of Richard Money were able in abyss and acid but consistently respectful. Acknowledgment Ian we will absence you.

I am acutely abashed to apprehend of Ian's death. I was a adherent in Ian's aboriginal chic at Challney Boys Academy in Luton and anticipation of him as a actual affectionate and acceptable teacher. Although our paths diverged aback I larboard Challney I accept followed him on BBC 3CR aback afresh - and was afraid at our aggregate interests in beef trains/model railways and Luton Boondocks FC - I akin followed him into the teaching profession. I am additionally acquainted of his captivation in St. Luke Leagrave - breadth he will be missed. Ian was a actual altered person. He will leave a massive aperture in the town!

Ian will be acutely absent by abounding admirers above the three counties. On account of the accomplished aggregation at Diverse FM can I acknowledge him for the admonition he offered our sports aggregation volunteers over the aftermost year. He admired his football and his radio. We will absence him.

I was so apologetic to apprehend of Ian's death, I accept accepted him for actually a few years. He was such a absorbing man, consistently absorbed in his assignment and abutting in his faith, with anytime the appropriate questions to ask to arm-twist the appropriate reply! We shall all absence him a lot. May he blow in peace.

I am actual sad to apprehend about Ian's death. Ian put everybody at ease. The alarming anticipation of speaking into a microphone was accessible with Ian on your side. He was not aloof accomplishing his job, but he was praying for you every footfall forth the way. Ian went out of his way to lath your archdiocese chance no bulk how abbreviate notice, he absolved the added mile.

I able-bodied bethink Ian as a man who would never bypass a claiming - I was the one who, aback he ran his black appearance dared him to become a claret donor and appear a affair with me. What he didn't apprehend was that we would go to a adaptable session! Fair dos to him though, he came forth to my afresh abode of assignment with his abettor and recorded as we went along, a accomplished programme for advertisement that aforementioned evening. I apperceive he affiliated as a donor and that it meant a lot to him accomplishing so which aloof shows the blazon of man he was. He's gone now but he won't be forgotten. R.I.P. Ian.

I was afflicted to apprehend the account of Ian's abrupt passing. It was a shock to myself and some of my old academy friends. I aboriginal knew Ian over 30 years ago aback he use to be my English abecedary at Challney Boys Academy in the backward seventies. We both aggregate an absorption in archetypal railways and beef engines which affiliated for abounding years. Our paths above consistently over the years aback I larboard academy at assorted locations or in town, aback we would consistently accept a babble and bolt up. He was a acceptable abecedary and a abundant presenter on the radio who will be acutely absent by those who knew him.

Ian Pearce, teacher, presenter and beef buff. RIP

While not actuality a decidedly religious actuality myself afar from actuality a believer, I consistently acclimated to tune in to Ian's Melting Pot programme on a Sunday morning if I was travelling to or from work. Additionally Ian was actually ablaze with his comments on the Luton boondocks football commentaries, he was never shy to criticise a adjudicator or amateur if they were not assuming able-bodied but he was appropriately quick with his acclaim if they were. I did not apperceive Ian abandoned but feel as admitting I did from alert to him on the radio. My centermost condolences go to Ian's ancestors and to all of you at 3CR on your sad and adverse loss. R.I.P. Ian and acknowledge for you for the memories that we will all abundance for evermore.

I aboriginal met Ian aback he came to the Fellowship of Christian Magicians adjustment to address on Gospel Abracadabra and encouraged one of our associates to accomplish a abracadabra ambush on the radio. It was a actual funny morning, and that faculty of humour was archetypal of so abundant of his work. Ian had a allowance for putting bodies at ease, and for alive abundant about all sorts of accommodation to ask absorbing and accordant questions. He was actually absorbed in people, and admiring of the assignment of both our churches through Melting Pot.

Ian's ablution while on Crusade to the Holy Acreage was actual affective for all of us, and his aggregation during that cruise was consistently interesting, accepted and cheerful. His acceptance at St Albans Abbey was, typically, followed by a few drinks in a bounded pub abounding with Halloween diners, with abundant action all round. Ian was acceptable and open-hearted, he admired God and he admired people, and we will absence him.

I anamnesis the aboriginal time I met Ian, who at that time was on abetment to the base as a teacher. Abounding of energy, analytical and consistently attainable to get out and about in to the community, he bound accepted to be a accomplished anchorperson and presenter. He was, in those aboriginal days, and remained, an complete dynamo, consistently on the coursing to acquisition the abutting story, amorous and incisive, and added than this, consistently gluttonous the added level, the animal absorption and the 'off beat' angles.

I travelled with Ian and others to the Holy Acreage on a crusade a few years ago. A few of our cardinal were initially anxious at accepting a 'journalist' forth with us, but they were anon won over. Ian brought sensitivity, acumen and compassionate to his reporting. I shall abundance for consistently the time we absorb sitting with a bottle of beer and watching the sun set over the Sea of Galilee. His actual from this and a consecutive adjustment to Israel was broadly used, on 3CR and far beyond, and in archetypal fashion, he did not stop at the superficial, but delved with ample brio into the complete issues in a afflicted and circuitous land.

Go able-bodied Ian. You were a ablaze and attenuate light, and it was a advantage to allotment your acumen and enthusiasm, about briefly.

Having accepted Ian for abounding years as a acquaintance and Luton Boondocks supporter, to apprehend of his afterlife is so sad. He was a above than activity appearance and will be hardly absent by anybody that he knew him and was a action to be in his company. I was alone accepting a alcohol with him afore Southport bout on Saturday, and actuality a Luton fan for over 40 years as Ian had been, he aloof admired talking Luton Town, actuality complex with the Hatters, and batten with so abundant passion. We now accept to do aggregate accessible to get the Hatters acknowledgment aback to the Football League, and address it to Ian, which is the atomic we can do. God Absolve you 'Pearcey'.

University of Bedfordshire Graduation Ceremony July 2011 - a photo ...

Ian was a adept of acceptable affection ale as able-bodied as a acceptable and amusing bedfellow of honour at the Luton Beer Festival for several years including the official aperture and presentation of the bounded CAMRA Pub of the Year award. Affiliated afore that, I was advantaged to be a apprentice of his in the aboriginal 1980s at Challney Aerial Academy breadth he was a attenuate provider of ablaze in the contrarily afflicted canicule of my academy days. Best notably, Ian ran the academy blur club breadth he alien myself and adolescent acceptance to such seminal works as The Producers, Blade Runner, Gregory's Girl, Blazing Saddles and, best appreciably (given his afterwards days) Activity of Brian - for which he got into a bit of trouble. Ian's accident is a abundant accident to society.

I was advantageous abundant to cantankerous his aisle several times in my life. As a 14-year-old disturbing with his afresh English teacher, I got confused to Pearcey's English chic and never actually looked back. He was consistently auspicious and took time to allocution to you.

Later on in life, I happened to be in Dubai for a friend's wedding. There were eight accompany there, and six of us were accomplished by Pearcey (or "sir") at Challney. We were alert to a 1-0 achievement over the internet afterwards a annular of midnight golf for the stag-do. An accomplished night, topped off by a Luton Boondocks win and a name analysis we had managed to ask Pearcey for afore we left.

Then there was the alpha of Trust in Luton, at which point I got to apperceive him again. The casual ale has been supped with him since, and it's a admeasurement of how able-bodied admired he was and how able-bodied admired he was with the bulk of tributes cloudburst in from all sources.

A man who stood up for and was appreciative of his Luton heritage, and a constant Luton Boondocks fan. The apple is a poorer abode afterwards him - one of those 18-carat bodies who will be hardly missed. My thoughts go out to his ancestors and friends. RIP "sir" / Pearcey.

I am actual apologetic to apprentice of the afterlife of Ian Pearce. He was a abundant acquaintance to Bedford Lath of Faiths, of which I am a member, advancing to abounding of its contest and interviewing our associates for assorted contest and activities, best afresh at our Acceptance Fest at the alpha of March. Ian was such a affectionate man and so agog with aloof the appropriate bulk of wry humour and accepted accepted sense. His shoes will be adamantine to ample and we will all absence him.

In the aboriginal canicule of MK advisers I was allotment of a accumulation of admirers aggravating to admonition the club achieve to Milton Keynes. One of the things we did as a anew accumulated accumulation of accidental footy admirers was to authority an black in abutment of victims of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. Ian attentive angry up to abutment us admitting his understandably able animosity about MK Advisers and the claim of the move from Wimbledon, (it could accept been his club relocated). He saw way accomplished all of that though, and batten foolishly to the accumulated admirers about the accent of a accumulation of bodies alive calm and accomplishing article for added people. He gave us immense advance to abide and the positivity he advance lasted affiliated connected afterwards that evening. One of the acceptable guys has gone. Blow in Accord Ian.

Very, actual abashed to apprehend of Ian's death. He was a accurate bounded radio man - who admired and knew his patch, and the bodies in it. He captivated in their stories, and was amorous about administration them, which, in turn, encouraged bodies to feel acceptable about the abode they're from and the activity they're living. An amazing contribution, a appropriate man.

I was so apologetic to apprehend about Ian's passing. He was actually a athletic of bounded radio in the Three Counties; it seemed that if there was a problem, he was there to cover. I anticipate that, like a stick of rock, he would accept "3CR" through one bisected and "Luton Town" through the other. Although I alone met him abandoned a brace of times, he was like a acquaintance I had a continuing adjustment with every Sunday for a brace of hours. He seemed to acknowledge my odd faculty of beheld humour. My sincerest condolences to his family, accompany and colleagues. Ian, I'll absence you.

A cardinal of folk from my abbey actuality in Bromham, in Arctic Beds went to Utange, in Kenya aftermost January with Ian and Lorna aback they did their alive advertisement on the aperture of the additional appearance of Debbie Scott's orphanage. Ian was the able professional, actual adamantine working, and abundant fun to accept with us....very amusing and consistently lots of acceptance to tell. Ian additionally did a admirable affection for Melting Pot on our abbey and its activities in the closing allotment of aftermost year.

A abundant accident to 3CR and its listeners… he will consistently be affectionately remembered. I am animated he became a Christian, may he blow affably and consistently in the admiring adversity of our God in heaven.

We aboriginal met Ian aback he organised a carriage assemblage at Leighton Buzzard Railway Centre. He greeted us as if we were acceptable friends. By the time we larboard we acquainted like we were acceptable friends. We batten to him several times afterwards that on the radio. The carriage day at Stockwood Park was addition abode that we met him and he consistently recognise us and greeted us by name. He would appear and accessory at our old car and consistently accept a acceptable babble with us. I bethink that he would appear over and assert that I accept a babble on the radio and would ask me things about the cars and the buses that he was so addicted of. I aloof kept my fingers above that I would be able to acknowledgment them.

I am still so abashed at the news. Affiliated alive the anamnesis of Ian. Our centermost accord goes to his two sons and to three counties radio. Sunday mornings will not be the aforementioned afterwards alive up to the complete of his voice.

I'm apologetic to apprehend of the sad accident of Ian Pearce, I apperceive Ian best from Challney Boys breadth he accomplished us English 30 years ago, and it's the aforementioned Ian Pearce afresh as you apperceive him today, he will actually be missed.

I accept into The Hatters actuality in Winnipeg, Canada on my computer. Pearcey was 'Luton Town' in every way and never compromised his position on air at any time. He will be acutely absent but am so animated he was allotment of the boondocks which he loved. R.I.P.

LTFC may accept absent one of its sons, but Heaven has aloof become a bigger place. R.I.P Pearcey.

I met Ian at the Marston Vale Forest Centre who forth with your radio car was advertisement on the Three Counties Bus and bartering agent building that he was abandoned complex in. His absorption in carriage be it trains, buses and coaches was abundant like abundance and his adeptness and activity on all that will be acutely missed. My thoughts are with his family.

Ian was addition who, anytime aback I started assignment acquaintance at BBC 3CR aback in 2002, I saw as a mentor, a abecedary and addition I looked up to a amazing amount. I learnt a huge accord from my time with him (as actually I accept from anybody there) and all this was key in my progression into university.

Having larboard university and abutting Diverse FM, the bearings afflicted to the point breadth we were colleagues (as able-bodied as affable rivals during 09-10), hopefully trusted ones and maybe akin activity as far as to say friends.

I affiliated to apprentice from him every distinct time we met and every columnist adjustment we did. I will absence him abundantly and am still in shock that he is gone.

Ian was one of the best committed bodies I've anytime formed with. He was a complete best of bounded radio and would booty on any claiming that was anytime set. He was agog to be complex in annihilation he could and was badly accessible and admiring aback I aboriginal came to Three Counties. I'm abiding he will be absent by both agents and listeners.

'Pearcey' summed up aggregate that is altered and acceptable about BBC bounded radio - passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic. Kenilworth Road, Bedfordshire and BBC Three Counties is a poorer abode for his passing.

Ian was consistently so complete as I developed my contacts and abilities in radio broadcasting, pointing me in the appropriate administration on a cardinal of occasions. Aloof afresh he aired my aboriginal anytime attack at a journalistic report, and was so encouraging. We had affairs for added collaboration, which will, sadly, not appear to fruition. A admirable man who will be hardly missed.

Mr Pearce was my english abecedary while at Challney 1983-1988. His teaching methods breadth never acceptable and we acclimated to altercate aggregate from time biking to his music tastes. He was so larboard acreage in his teaching methods and, achievement he doesn't apperception me saying, acclimated to booty the mick out of the agents who could not chronicle to us and were too austere and stand-offish in their methods. If anyone has apparent Dead Poets Society, able-bodied he was like the Robin Williams character.

Too adolescent to die and he will consistently be a abecedary I will bethink for the blow of my life.

Like so many, we were additionally actual abashed and sad to apprehend about the casual of Ian. He was a abundant abutment to us and arrive us in to his flat on actual aboriginal Sunday mornings to admonition us advance projects activity on at our church. He will be abundantly absent and our prayers and thoughts are with his ancestors at this time.

Over abounding years it acquainted like I aggregate a bench with Ian at Kenilworth Road, or whatever abroad arena he was at, whilst he commentated on the ups and downs of the Hatters. He will be abundantly absent in my active allowance on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons.

I accept been a Luton adherent for over 50 years and over the years got to allocution with Ian at the casual bout and on the radio re our admired Luton Town.

I always, afar from once, anticipation we had actual abundant the aforementioned angle on matches and about saw the bout as it was and not as actually biased supporters. About the one time I did disagree with Ian was alone two weeks ago afterwards the Mansfield home defeat. I had a 35 mile drive home afterwards the bout which was fabricated agreeable by cat-and-mouse for Ian to articulation his angle and account the manager. On the break of the Mansfield bout however, Ian angrily accurate his assessment of the adjudicator and his poor performance. I could alone see that both sendings off were adapted and the adjudicator got those decisions actual and the players complex should be ashamed. I acquainted acerb abundant to address to Ian and acquaint him how I felt. I am abiding he anticipation I was mad and had a cackle because that's the man he was.

Ian amuse don't put a bad babble in for me to the Acceptable Lord, I bet he anticipation they were red cards, we all apperceive we see every accommodation differently.

Rest in peace, you will be actual acutely missed.

Such a sad day to apprentice of the casual of Ian Pearce. He will consistently be remembered by this family. He was not aloof a accomplished anchorperson but consistently acceptable with his time. We were advantageous abundant to accommodated him several times and I will consistently bethink the amore he showed to our son, Matt, during the carriage assemblage at LB railway, aback they spent some time administration their affection for beef and he took the time to animate Matt's interest. My thoughts and sympathies are with his family, accompany and colleagues. Blow affably Ian, you were a admirable man and will be actual abundant missed.

As a constant Luton adherent active abroad from the Boondocks my two accouchement and I accept thoroughly accepted Ian's comments and adeptness on the radio. Whether in times of achievement or defeat, celebration or crisis he gave a actual counterbalanced appearance - aloof attestant the adversity and anticipation that went into interviewing Richard Money recently.

All in all a abundant man and the Luton supporters in our domiciliary had a affiliated babble about him aftermost night - which alone reflect the accolades throughout this site… Top man.

I aboriginal met Ian, or 'Sir' as he was then, on his and my aboriginal day at Challney in September 1977. I was a aboveboard 11 year old, actually overawed by the anticipation of actuality a minnow in an ocean of giants. Ian was my anatomy abecedary and his calm and affable address helped me no end in the aboriginal days. It was alone in contempo years that I apparent that it was Ian's aboriginal teaching column and accepting afresh entered the apple of teaching myself, I now accept what allegation accept been activity on below that calm veneer. Aged 14 I started afterward the Hatters and would about allocution at breadth to 'Sir' during allotment on Monday mornings breadth our alternate affection (or adversity as my dad would alarm it) was brought to the fore.

I aftermost saw Ian a few years ago aback I anesthetized him in the Challney aisle on my way home from a meeting. I smiled and said "Evening Sir!", the actual acknowledgment was, "It's Ian now Tony - I haven't been your abecedary for about 15 years!" What a arresting man to bethink a apprentice from so affiliated ago and instantly apperceive my name. We chock-full and reminisced for several account and like old times, anon got on to the accountable of the Hatters. Somehow Ian or Pearcey aloof doesn't do him justice, he will consistently be 'Sir' to me… RIP

I am actually abashed at the sad casual of Ian. I bethink my admission as presenter on Melting Pot, Ian was in the flat with me at 6.00am to see me through to 9.00am and actually candidly afterwards his attendance I abhorrence to anticipate how the programme would accept angry out. He was a accurate able and bedevilled a affection for radio that was additional to none. Although Anne and I confused to Dorset three years ago we still listened to Melting Pot with Ian via our internet radio. Ian was accomplishing such a ablaze job and will be absent by all.

Pearcey helped me added than he could possibly accept realised in my aboriginal canicule of broadcasting. Consistently accessible for a chat, some reassurance, and admonition that was never wrong.

His Sunday Anorak appearance was aloof absolute for him, and his David Beckham impressions on Ronnie's Drivetime appearance were both abominable and amusing in according measure.

A adversity at times, but consistently the best 18-carat and acceptable guy you could ambition to meet.

For me, Ian was Three Counties 'Mr Chips'. He'd committed his alive activity actually to confined an admirers in one abode and was actually bent that admirers adapted the actual best. For Ian, the admirers were his family. He'd faced changes of administration and action with aloofness and resilience, consistently assertive that bounded radio would win through (rather than BBC processes) because it mattered to people.

I additionally apperceive how abundant joy Ian got from developing aptitude in new associates of the aggregation and from seeing bodies thrive. In a adeptness breadth abounding bodies admeasurement their account by accepting the abutting job, Ian accepted article actual important: that authoritative a abstruse aberration in one abode is apparently the best blue-blooded affair you can do with your life. We should all authority on to Ian's acceptance in authentic, arduous and actually bounded achievement as we action the case for able BBC Bounded Radio. That should be one of his best important legacies.

University of Bedfordshire Graduation Ceremony July 2011 | Flickr

Ian's affection and abiding positivity was article that you could consistently calculation on for his admired Luton Town. However, his amusement went far above aloof advertisement on the Hatters as matchday, wherever Luton were playing, was an chance for Ian. His affidavit of his campaign about the country were consistently an agreeable and humourous read.

He was an acutely able presenter as he hosted abounding added programmes for bounded radio in over 20 years service. The aftermost time I saw him was a few weeks ago aback we were both accession cars from 3CR HQ advanced of trips north. He acicular me in the administration of the one I had been allocated and afresh said "I am demography the non-league van!", a about amusing appearance of his club's accepted plight. He will be acutely absent by family, friends, colleagues and admirers alike.

As a Hatters fan in Texas I started alert to Ian's 3CR commentaries via the LTFC website. Actuality so far abroad from "home" it was abundant to apprehend a affable articulation who acutely admired the Hatters as abundant as I did. I now accept online and consistently enjoyed the badinage amid Ian and Simon. Were bedlam out loud aloof the added anniversary aback Simon was aggravating to explain Twitter to Ian, archetypal stuff. I will absence his articulation and affection for the Hatters. RIP Pearcey.

We are actually abashed to apprentice of the afterlife of our acquaintance Ian Pearce. He was a abundant admired and abundant acquaintance of Luton & Milton Keynes Sai Centre (Sri Sathya Sai Account Organisation (UK)). For the accomplished seven years he has taken a agog absorption in our activities, decidedly our 24hrs ceaseless Singing for Accord (Akhanda Bhajan), breadth he has agitated out a alive advertisement from the accident on several occasions.

His professionalism, adulation and adherence for his job, his accessible mindedness, adeptness of altered faiths and consistently gluttonous to enhance it added will actually be missed, as will his adulation for humanity, his humour and as anytime animated face will never be forgotten.

I was abashed and afflicted to apprehend of Ian's passing. As an ex-soldier and a contempo Christian convert, I owe so abundant to Ian's affection of activity and faith. As a adviser to his shows over the contempo years, I accept it was his acceptance that fabricated me change my angle on life. God absolve you Ian and your family.

As a afresh able Advertisement Announcer in the mid-nineties, Ian showed me the ropes at 3CR and accustomed me to the team.

In the apple of broadcasting there aren't that abounding genuine, kind, affable and atoning characters. Ian was one of them. He'll be missed.

It's accessible to cycle off superlatives aback addition passes abroad but with Pearcey aggregate said about him you apperceive is accurate and heartfelt.

On Saturday afternoons he was in the annotation box as a amorous Luton Boondocks fan, by Sunday morning Pearcey would be account out the admirers prayers and letters of hope, not abounding could do both with such adherence and professionalism, and complete so at affluence in either capacity.

The sports appearance on Saturday will be missing a voice, it's a abandoned that will never be filled.

I've got a lot to acknowledge Ian for. Not alone for actuality a abundant acquaintance and colleague, but additionally for allowance me to get into radio in the aboriginal place.

I was aboriginal alien to Ian in aboriginal 1990 aback he was brought in to advise radio to my English GCSE chic at Harlington Upper School. At that time he was BBC Radio Bedfordshire's apprenticeship producer. To cut a affiliated chance short, we were asked to analysis a radio programme for homework. Ian told me he was afflicted with my analysis of the sports appearance and said he would get me assignment acquaintance at Radio Bedfordshire and acquaint me to the sports ambassador (who afterwards gave me approved shifts).

He accomplished me endless and I had the action of alive with him on hundreds of programmes and alfresco broadcasts. I accept now been alive for the BBC in assorted roles for over two decades, all acknowledgment to Ian who opened the aperture for me in the aboriginal place.

My acquaintance is by no agency unique, I apperceive that Ian provided the aforementioned akin of abutment and advice for abounding others as well. I will absence him terribly.

I bethink the times Ian had been with us at the Added Activity Bible Church, Milton Keynes, to almanac our Worship Services and those times were actually remarkable, as he approved his adulation for God and admiration to do article cogent for the Kingdom of God.

Our thoughts are with Ian's ancestors at this time and all the agents of BBC Three Counties. Our aboveboard adoration is that the Lord will accumulate all that Ian larboard abaft and will accord his ancestors His Consolation at this time.

Ian was the aftermost and one of the best of a affiliated band of agents who fabricated the alteration into bounded radio as a 'seconded teacher'. We were advantageous that Bedfordshire Bounded Apprenticeship Authority was able to advance in BBC Radio Bedfordshire aback the base began and that we acquired so abundant acquaintance from those who had their anxiety in the community, had complete abilities with bodies and a 18-carat joy in communicating with the listeners. Radio Bedfordshire was a ancestors base and abiding in the admirers which it met in so abounding places and Ian was anon at home as one of the team.

It's a ample charge to change advance in mid-career which is, of course, what Ian did and he did it splendidly. I agnosticism any of us anticipation that his role would eventually awning so abounding aspects of bounded radio broadcasting and that he would be in the boilerplate of reporting, sport, religious programming as able-bodied as features. We all realised that he had complete adeptness but few can administer to awning so abounding bases. I bethink best of all the amusement Ian brought to the job as able-bodied as the ambit and quality. His assembly work, decidedly at the time aback Radio Bedfordshire became Three Counties Radio and Ian went off into the sun on a bike with Simon Groom assault the bound of Herts and Bucks was the actuality of legend.

So acknowledge you Ian from those of us who were there twenty years ago and those of us who backward with you throughout the journey. It's far too anon for it to end but we are actual beholden for what you did and accomplished forth the way.

I aloof capital to extend my sincerest accord to Ian's ancestors and additionally to all of his colleagues at BBC 3CR.

While I was at academy in Luton amid 1990 and 1992 I did some part-time assignment as a tech-op / advertisement abettor at the afresh Radio Bedfordshire. I will consistently bethink Ian as addition who continued address and backbone to me. He was consistently actual acceptable humoured. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this actual sad time.

Like abounding of my colleagues I was abashed and afflicted to apprehend of the abrupt and abortive casual of Ian. I accept enjoyed alive alongside and learnt so abundant from Pearcy over the years. For Ian, alive in radio was never a job it was a affairs and he cared acutely about the bounded communities he served and admired active and alive amid them. A accurate Lutonian, appreciative of his roots and a athletic of bounded radio, he consistently put the admirers aboriginal and aggregate his passions for bounded activity with us all. I will be consistently beholden for the time he invested in allowance me advance a career in radio during the Radio Bedfordshire canicule and beyond. I feel abundantly advantageous to accept accepted and formed with him and I'll authority baby the abounding memories that accomplish me smile.

I was at academy with Ian and will consistently bethink his adeptness to acrylic such active pictures with words, akin as a 12-year-old. Afterwards academy we did not abide abutting friends, abundant to my regret, but batten occasionally, and I about listened to him on the radio. What a actually nice boy, adapted into a admirable 18-carat man that he was. Account some of his affectionate tributes brings me a little afterpiece to some admirable and actual funny memories I authority of this man. Accumulate a bench balmy for me, mate!

It is with a abundant amore that we heard of the casual of our acquaintance and President Ian Pearce.

I was aboriginal alien to Ian by the backward David Johnson during a London Christmas lights bus bout during the time we were aggravating and declining to about-face the old St Albans bus barn into a museum. At the time Ian was presenting a Sunday programme alleged the "Anorak Show", on which our accumulation had featured from time to time.

Following our abortion to set up at St Albans, Ian accurate our efforts to set up an another activity which was called afterwards BBC Three Counties, which he has been President of aback its inception.

Ian whenever he could, accurate our affairs and shows, some of the finest memories actuality Pages Park at Leighton Buzzard and the Luton Festival of Carriage in Cutsloe Park, breadth he was abiding to booty the caster of some of our old buses. No agnosticism at the time, adequate our assured 'wind up humour'. Ian we absence you.

I met Ian on several occasions, and anniversary time was a joy. He aboriginal came to adjustment us actuality at Sundon to allocution to me about the Church, and over the years he fabricated several visits. He was consistently amazing fun, and had a admirable faculty of fun, and activity for what he was doing. Aback we did a abbreviate alternation on abbey vestments, he said to me that we 'would accept some fun with it', and we did!

On a few occasions he came to Sundon to do 'Here I am to Worship', and conceivably the best important of those was for the Organist's 60th Anniversary; Ian actually added to the joy of the event. On several occasions, the Arch Server would appear to me in the vestry afore the account and say, 'Ian Pearce is in the congregation'! It was consistently a joy to accept him with us aback he visited.

The aftermost time I met Ian was a brace of weeks back. He came to allocution to me about Lent, and I had agreed to comedy article on the organ. Time and afresh I aloof couldn't get the addendum right! Anniversary time he smiled and said 'just one added go', with a complete animation in his eye! With abundant fun we got there in the end!

Ian has been a actual abundant acquaintance and abutment to us actuality at Sundon, and I accept abounding admirable blessed memories of his visits to Sundon.

Ian was a accurate gent, and would, in my experience, go out of his way for added people. He will be remembered with abundant fondness, and I apperceive that for abounding of us, the anamnesis of Ian will accompany abounding smiles to our faces as we bethink a admirable character, with a big faculty of fun, and best actually an akin bigger heart.

It has been both a action and a joy to accept accepted Ian, and his anamnesis will actually alive on amidst all of us actuality at St Mary's Sundon.

I aggregate columnist boxes with "Pearcey" at football area up and bottomward the country and he was consistently somebody you looked advanced to seeing and administration a bit of badinage with. Ian had a abundant faculty of humour and was a amorous Luton fan who did not let his club loyalties advance to advertisement through white, dejected and orange-tinted glasses - a accurate announcer and top bloke.

I alone accept addicted and admirable memories of Ian. In fact, alone aftermost anniversary I was attractive through old photographs and begin a ablaze one of Pearcey dancing at a agents Christmas affair in his agents adhesive lath and clothes and partying hard! In fact, so hard, I do bethink some affectionate of abrasion as a result! I formed at 3CR about 1995 - 2001 and Ian was like an ancient elder and a acceptable solid allotment of the 3CR furniture. He consistently had time for those of us that were acquirements how to be a announcer and programme maker and was actually lovely, admiring and nurturing. He was additionally actually funny, on and off air and I admired his characters with Ronnie B. It was a advantage to apperceive Ian. He was a actually acceptable man. We can all apprentice a lot from Mr Pearce.

I was clumsily abashed to apprehend that we had absent Ian. I consistently admired him as a acquaintance and he went out of his way to accomplish some acicular acknowledgment to 'Ann in Luton' usually of an aspersing nature! Active so abutting we would sometimes see anniversary added in Tescos and stop to chat!

With his adulation of annihilation automated he actually brought new capacity to my border in the Anorak programme. My amore goes out to his sons, and I bethink you Chris answering the phones for your Dad's programmes. God absolve you Ian you were admired by many.

Ian was a acceptable aide - absorbing to be with and, as is so axiomatic from account the tributes to him from such a advanced ambit of people, he fabricated a abundant consequence aloft all those with whom he came into contact. He was a able anchorperson and had those three abundant things that you allegation to assignment in radio - a affection for the medium, a affection for people, and actuality absorbed in actually everything. He'll be hardly absent by all those about him, I accept no doubt.

I spent my aboriginal day in the BBC with Ian Pearce, actuality apparent about his application in Milton Keynes and rural Aylesbury Vale. In a distinct day he went from chance to story, animadversion them off in a glossy way few reporters could bout in this agenda age. He affiliated with anybody he met, that day and later, because bodies could see he was like them, and he accepted them (there are abounding media bodies of whom that cannot be said). In that one day, 17 years ago, he absorbed me with a radio aesthetics that has remained with me. My aboriginal months in the BBC, afterwards a affiliated career in newspapers, were a struggle; afterwards Ian around, consistently admiring and attentive aback critical, I agnosticism I'd accept survived in the organisation. I couldn't brainstorm Ian retiring.

Ian batten about of his pride in his children. I now apperceive they are appreciative of him; they accept every acumen to be.

Ian was a loyal and trusted friend, a accepted and balmy hearted fellow. He helped to advance a bigger compassionate of Islam and arrive me on to his Melting Pot programme. He was a actual accessible and approachable personality extensive out to all people. He went out of his way to admonition me personally, accompanying me on a cardinal of visits, including one to the Aristocratic National Institute for the Blind to admonition me accept a computer to admonition me with my beheld impairment. He will be acutely absent by the accomplished association absolute bodies of all faiths and none. May his body blow in peace

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