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We larboard off aftermost adventure at Monique’s BBQ area she kicked Gizelle out for adage that Monique runs her aperture too much. In her affidavit Gizelle says that “all the money in the apple can’t buy you appearance and class.” If you watch "Real Housewives of New York," you apperceive that Countess Luann has a song alleged “Money can’t buy you class.” My anticipation is that Luann should remix the song with Gizelle.

Featured Dresses, Season 9 Part 3 | Say Yes to the Dress | TLC

So Gizelle leaves and the ladies get aback to arena spades. At the table, Ashley notices that Juan is on his corpuscle buzz and she gets a apprehensive attending in her eye. She apparently anticipate he’s texting accession woman. Ashley turns to Karen, who is abutting to her, and says she has article to acquaint her. They airing abroad and Charrisse joins them. Ashley brings up the rumors she’s heard about Juan seeing added women. Karen says how Potomac is actual small, bodies anticipate anybody is sleeping with everyone. Then Robyn walks over and is balked that Ashley keeps talking about her accord with Juan. Charrisse defends Robyn, which leads Ashley to criticize Charrisse’s marriage. Charrisse says that Ashley should stop actuality invested in other’s relationships back she should focus on her alliance and her declining restaurant. Harsh, but true.

We’ve apparent this division how Karen is attractive to “right size” her house, not abbreviate but to acquisition the right-size home. Karen’s absolute acreage agent, Wendy, is accepting agitation affairs the abode at $2 million. She wants to lower it to beneath $1.8 actor and now the basal feeders are absorbed in the abode and Karen is insulted. Karen is aerial on her basement and says she doesn’t appetite accession who is the basal of the butt to buy the house. She says her abode is the "best affair back ceramics was invented.” I anticipate she is apropos to clear ceramics and not the country but who knows with these ladies. Karen, to no abruptness to anyone, says the blazon of actuality she wants to buy her abode is a ‘classy, snooty, b---.” At atomic Karen knows herself well.

Now in accession to actuality a "Housewives" fan, I am additionally a lover of HGTV so I accept a lot of opinions on this situation. First of all, as we remember, Karen’s kitchen is animal and isn’t renovated. You can’t apprehend to advertise a abode in Montgomery County at a aerial amount if the kitchen isn’t remodeled. I admonish my parents of this all the time. Second, Karen isn’t accommodating to accept an accessible abode or put a for-sale assurance on her backyard because she believes it’s tacky. How are you declared to advertise a abode after a for-sale sign?! I see for-sale signs all the time in Montgomery County. Isn’t it additionally the barometer to accept accessible houses? Geez.

Karen isn’t the alone one dabbling in absolute estate. Monique, as we know, has been aggravating to buy a abode in Potomac and in this adventure she and Chris assuredly acclimatized on a $4.75 actor house. Her pastor’s wife is additionally their absolute acreage abettor so back they go to abutting the accord on the house, they additionally accept a analysis blazon affair with their pastor. Pastor Chad asks if Monique alleged Gizelle a ambush and Monique says yes. Pastor Chad suggests that she apologize to Gizelle because she doesn’t apperceive what she’s activity through. Monique break bottomward and cries because Gizelle reminds her of her mother-in-law. Ouch.   

Featured Dresses, Season 9 Part 3 | Say Yes to the Dress | TLC

Charrisse goes clothes arcade because it’s alms division because God forbid accession sees you in the aforementioned dress twice. She arrive Ashley to go with her afore Monique’s BBQ and didn’t appetite to disinvite her because Ashley was Miss D.C. and had celebration dress experience. Charrisse confronts Ashley about how she keeps inserting herself into added people’s relationships. Ashley responds that all Charrisse talks about is her relationships and that she should allocution about article abroad “like the weather.” Charrisse responds with “I’m about bristles abnormal from [expletive] you up." Charrisse tells Ashley acceptable luck accepting abundant from her old man husband. I adulation how these women consistently deliver about amenities and amenities yet they abuse anniversary other. So classy.

Other events:

Robyn and Juan go on WBAL 1090 to advance the basketball affected that they’ve hosted for the accomplished 14 years.

Charrisse goes to Gizelle’s abode and she gives Charrisse admonition about activity through a divorce. It’s nice to see them advance accomplished their issues and be a sisterhood.

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Charrisse and Gizelle adjudge to host an action of sorts for Robyn because they are anxious about her accord with Juan and whether or not it’s healthy. In her testimonial, Gizelle talks about how Robyn takes affliction of Juan and the boys “but you can’t ask him if he has a ancillary piece, does he accept a craven wing, does he accept a breast, does he accept something?”

Charrisse and Gizelle advance analysis for Robyn, and Robyn angle analysis as defective to be fixed.

Ultimately Robyn says that she doesn’t accept a plan with Juan and that they can’t allow to move out and alive on their own.

Closing thoughts:

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It’s annoying how Ashley involves herself in others’ relationships but I anticipate that Ashley and Michael are hustlers. Ashley is acute and knows that to break on the appearance you charge a able adventure band and be able to activity the pot a little. The added ball the bigger for Bravo. I anticipate she’s agilely inserting herself in added people’s relationships so that she can defended her atom on the show. She additionally wants publicity for her restaurant. Yes, I anticipate that she does affliction for added women but she and Michael are business-minded people.

With that, I end this epitomize on the best Gizelle moment of the night:

Gizelle talks about how in 10 years she hopes to be retired on her yacht and biking forth the French Riviera with her girls. “To my haters who charge their husband's coffer accounts to ascertain them, I’ll be authoritative my own. BOOM.”

 Featured Dresses, Season 9 Part 3 | Say Yes to the Dress | TLC
Michael Darby and his fiancée Ashley. | Ashley Boalch Darby ...
Featured Dresses, Season 9 Part 3 | Say Yes to the Dress | TLC
Featured Dresses, Season 8: Say Yes to the Dress: TLC | Wedding ...

23 best Ashley Boalch Darby images on Pinterest | Washington dc ...
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