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Brian Sullivan Say Yes To The Dress

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not advance if you accept not watched Tuesday���s adventure of This Is Us.

Reality Show Features QCC Alum | Quinsigamond Community College (QCC)

Jack Pearson may be gone, but his "romantic gestures" and "insane acceptable looks" will consistently alive on.

Tuesday's adventure of This Is Us, abundantly blue-blooded "The Most Disappointed Man," was abounding with affecting moments from alpha to end, but we anticipate it's safe to say Toby's (Chris Sullivan) chat with Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) spirit tugged at our heartstrings a little harder than any added moment.

As Toby and Kate (Chrissy Metz) activate to acknowledge the agitative account to their ancestors associates that they're assured their aboriginal adolescent together, we apprentice that Toby is a bit afraid to acquaint his Catholic mother. In fact, he's "terrified."

Toby: "Do you bethink how she reacted back we told her that we were affective in together?���Kate: "Yeah, a lot of tears. But, you know, she got over it."Toby: "Yeah, she did. But a bun in the bachelor oven? That's like a accomplished new akin of freakout."

After seeing how on bend Toby was at the anticipation of accepting that chat with his mother, Kate suggests that they aloof "get it over with" and get affiliated at the courthouse.

Reality Show Features QCC Alum | Quinsigamond Community College (QCC)

"Nothing about our accord has been traditional," she says. "I proposed to you and I anticipation you were unconscious."

"Think of all the money that we're activity to be saving, and all the added bells applesauce that we get out of," she adds in a after scene. "I don't accept to go bells dress shopping, so they can't breach it to me that none of the appealing ones appear in my size. Oh, and I don't accept to accept to those accidental bells guests appear up to me every bristles account and say, 'Oh, your ancestor would accept admired today.' And then, 'Who's activity to airing you bottomward the aisle?' And father-daughter dance. It's like, whatever."

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Toby is accessible to the abstraction at first, but as the adventure progresses, he starts to accept additional thoughts, apprehensive if this is what Kate absolutely wants. He decides to ask for admonition from the being who knows Kate best: her father.

We see Toby sitting on the couch, watching Adjudicator Judy as he turns to allocution to Jack's gold urn on the mantle. "It would accept been nice to get your permission, or your blessing, the appropriate way," he says. "FYI, I would accept ashamed proposing to your daughter, by the way. I'm the baron of adventurous gestures. I apprehend that we accept that in common. That and our batty acceptable looks."

"Here's the thing:��Kate loves weddings," he adds. "She watches Say Yes to the Dress with her appropriate Say Yes to the Dress notebook, like she���s studying. Yeah, my b.s. beat is activity off too with this accomplished courthouse thing. I do not anticipate that this is what she wants to do."

Reality Show Features QCC Alum | Quinsigamond Community College (QCC)

Then, in one of the sweetest moments we've anytime apparent amid the two, Toby formally asks Kate to ally him. And by formal, we beggarly in archetypal Toby fashion��� with $200 account of zip-up sweatshirts and an affecting speech!

"Listen, I apperceive that not anybody you would appetite to be there can be there," he exclaims. "But I anticipate that's what he would want. In fact, I apperceive it is, because I asked him."

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In adverse with Kate's tears of happiness, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) is crestfallen back her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Kevin (Justin Hartley), makes a abruptness appointment that doesn't end well.

Kevin appears to now be absorbed to his affliction pills, demography it one footfall added by bond them with alcohol, and it's acutely affecting his actions. Hours afore his flight to see Sophie, he visits a adornment abundance and rushes to acquisition a arena that he thinks his adherent would like.

"This is like article my dad would do," he tells the jeweler. "After he messed up with my mom, he would do article big like this. Article romantic."

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Kevin ends up purchasing three assurance rings because he can't adjudge on "the one." Ultimately, though, he can���t cull the trigger, and ends up accepting a accident on Sophie���s doorstep.

"Sophie, I don't apperceive how to do this ...��I don't apperceive how to be a bedmate to you. I don't apperceive how to be a ancestor to our kids," Kevin tells her. "I don't. I don't accept annihilation to accord you. There's annihilation central of me to accord to you, OK?��I don't accept anything, I'm an abandoned shell."

"Kevin, you���re spiraling, OK?" Sophie replies. "What���s activity on? This isn't you."

"No, no. This is me, OK," Kevin says. "The guy who comes to your doorstep and says those [sweet] things to you? That is not me. That's��me aggravating to be that guy, the guy who does that affectionate of affair ... that's me aggravating to be my dad, OK? Or Toby."

"I'm extenuative you from 40 years of disappointment with me," he adds.

What did YOU anticipate of Kevin's proposal-turned-breakup? How did you feel about the episode's added affecting moments, like Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) scenes with his adopted daughter, D��j�� (Lyric Ross)? Or seeing William (Ron Cephas Jones) accept a additional adventitious from a judge? Share your thoughts and theories with us by tweeting @etnow!��

This Is Us affectedness Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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