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Charlize Theron Son Dress Charlize Theron Dresses Adoptive Black Son in Blonde Wig

The altercation arose over photos of her son Jackson, now 4, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. This week, Jackson was spotted, with his mom, cutting a dress and a hat with a continued Elsa braid.

Supporters are praising her for actuality an accepting ancestor and abnegation the gender binary. "Props to @CharlizeAfrica and how she's not attached her son with a bifold gender construct!!!" one user tweeted. "Here's a thought: maybe Charlize Theron's son WANTED to abrasion the dress?" wrote another. "Crazy, I know. Absolution him accept his own character and all."

Here are some added of the best auspicious reactions.

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Charlize Theron With Her Son (In A Dress

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