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Demi Lovato Grammy Dress

Her star’s still animated bright! Mexican-American accompanist Selena Quintanilla, has become a agreeable figure and her sister, Suzette Quintanilla, who is additionally the above bagman of Selena y Los Dinos, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.com about her backward sister’s bequest and aggregate her thoughts on the contemporary Selena Halloween apparel beat by Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and more. “What I adulation about Demi is I apperceive she’s a Texas babe too like Selena,” Suzette said. “She looked beautiful. I anticipation Kim nailed it too, you know, I aloof acquainted that it fabricated her attending absolutely Latina! Her accomplished vibe was absolutely Latina and I admired that. A lot of bodies don’t apperceive this, but I apperceive that with the Kardashians, it’s not some fad blazon of thing. I apperceive they’ve been admirers of Selena and our music from way aback because I’m acceptable accompany with Adrienne Bailon, who acclimated to be in The Cheetah Girls and she acclimated to date Rob Kardashian years ago so back she was on tour, she would put him on the phone. We would allocution and they’d all be singing Selena’s songs and alert to them so I apperceive that they consistently accustomed Selena and her music so it’s appealing air-conditioned to see that activity on 22 years later.” Suzette additionally enjoyed America Ferrera‘s Selena apparel featured on her show, Superstore. “I admired America’s column because she put ‘Basically twins’ on her Instagram and it was so funny.”  See photos of Kim, Demi, and added dressed as Selena for Halloween here!

In accession to the costumes, Suzette appreciates the activity that Kim, Demi, and the abounding added who dress like Selena tend to accord off. “You apprehension they’re consistently happy, any little column that you see, it’s consistently a blessed thing, not a sad thing,” she enthused. “They’re dancing, they’re accepting a acceptable time, they’re smiling. Not alike aloof acclaimed artists. I adulation seeing pictures of babies, you apperceive with the little wigs, dressed up like Selena. It’s aloof so cool. It aloof shows me that Selena is still actuality remembered and anticipation of so it consistently puts a smile on my face.”

Suzette additionally answered questions about Selena accepting her brilliant on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and aggregate some adored and clandestine moments she had with her adolescent sister in our interview. Check it out:

Where were you back you begin out Selena was accepting her brilliant on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and did you and your ancestors bless in any way?

Suzette: I anticipate I was at the appointment back I got the alarm that she was nominated and acutely we were acutely aflame and acutely like, “Oh my God! It’s assuredly activity to happen!” I apperceive we didn’t get calm as a ancestors but I batten to my Mom and everybody was acutely aflame aloof like anybody else, that this account was happening.

Demi Lovato wears see through gown at Grammys 2017 | Daily Mail Online

What was your accord like with Selena as her sister? Do you accept any admirable memories you’d like to allotment about article that happened amid the two of you?

Suzette: Well, I was acutely abutting with my sister. I’ll never balloon this one time we were at a grocery abundance and a adult complimented her on the sundress she had on and you know, Selena was aloof so chargeless about everything. She was like, “Oh! Thank you!” The adult didn’t alike ask breadth she bought it but she goes, “Oh yeah, I bought it at Kmart!” The adult knew who Selena was and she kinda gave her this attending like ‘What? Kmart?’ So we absolved off and I asked Selena, “Why did you acquaint them you bought your dress at Kmart?” She goes, “Well I did buy my dress at Kmart! I don’t affliction breadth it’s from. You already apperceive I don’t care.” I aloof anticipate that shows you she didn’t affliction as continued as aggregate looked good, she was acceptable to go, and it shows her appearance as a person. It didn’t amount what anyone thought. As continued as it acquainted acceptable to her, she was activity to abrasion it.

Selena Gomez was called afterwards Selena and was featured on a affiliation adaptation of the song, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” for the 2012 Selena album, Enamorada de Ti. How did that action appear about? Accept you met her or do you apperceive her?

Suzette: Actually the almanac characterization is the one who accomplished out to her and every added artisan on that project. I’ve never met her alone but I apperceive my ancestor batten to her while she was in the flat back she was recording it and he said she told him she was acutely afraid about it. She was called afterwards my sister because her parents were big admirers of our music. They acclimated to go to our dances and our concerts I accept in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can acquaint she’s a actual 18-carat person.

Is there a moment during Selena’s career that is a admired of castigation or article that stands out in your memory?

Suzette: There’s a lot. I consistently like to allocution about the moments of us spending time in the bus. Those were actual appropriate to me and one-on-one. We would allocution in abundant abyss about activity and about breadth we capital to be and about accouchement and things like that. I assumption what accustomed sisters allocution about. Clothing of advance is included in that, but I anticipate one of the appropriate moments that I was able to allotment with her was back she won the Grammy. Before that, I came bottomward to her allowance to accommodated her. My bedmate and I went bottomward and we were in New York for the ceremony. We had gone beforehand in the day to get our beard done and back she came out from the bathroom breadth breadth she was acclimation herself, it was the aboriginal time I anytime looked at my sister and was in awe. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She was aloof on point, her hair, her makeup, her dress. I bethink she came out and scooted her dress bottomward a little bit and was like, “Well, what do you think?” And I was like, “Daaaaaaaaaaammnnn! You attending amazing!”

That was my moment and again back we won, acutely that was huge. We all screamed. Again afterwards was absolutely air-conditioned because we were cat-and-mouse for our limo at Radio City Music Hall and we were with the admiral of our characterization and all the bodies from our label. I’ll never balloon we were walking beyond the artery to the limo and bodies were like, “Selena! Selena!” and she said to me, “They apperceive me? Are they calling my name?” I said, ‘Yeah, they’re calling your name,” and she turns about and starts bouncing and was like, “Oh my God! They apperceive me!” Little moments like that sticks out in my arch and shows you that I don’t anticipate she anytime absolutely accustomed the consequence of breadth she was at in her career. She was aloof accomplishing her affair and not absolutely acumen what it was that she was doing.

When you’re activity bottomward or accepting a asperous day, is there article that you bethink that Selena said that helps you to accumulate going?

Demi Lovato wears see through gown at Grammys 2017 | Daily Mail Online

Suzette: Not really, to be honest. Back I’m accepting a asperous day, I absolutely aloof try to focus on the adorableness of what my sister has larboard abaft and not the negativity of the actuality that she’s not here. Afterwards she anesthetized away, my mother told me that there’s consistently adorableness aural the negativity, you aloof accept to acquisition it. I focus on the actuality that she’s loved. I’m actual beholden that I can about-face on the radio and apprehend her. You know, because so abounding bodies lose admired ones. I’m beholden that I can blazon in her name and I can see her on YouTube. She’s all about and that’s what I focus on. I aloof apperceive and feel defended in my affection that I admired her and she admired me and aggregate was acceptable amid us back she passed.

As Selena’s sister and one of the abutting bodies to her during her time actuality on Earth, how would you like Selena to be declared to the abutting bearing that comes forth and how do you appetite her to be remembered?

Suzette: Just that she was a abundant animal actuality and she had a acceptable heart. She admired her admirers and she admired what she was accomplishing and she had amazing music that fabricated you appetite to ball and they’re activity to know, they’ll vibe it. I anticipate the majority of anybody that hears our music does vibe our music and it’s appealing incredible. I’m actual grateful.

Selena accustomed her brilliant on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Nov. 3. Suzette and the Quintanilla ancestors accustomed it in her honor.


HollywoodLifers, how do you feel about Selena’s bequest accepting backbone with celebs like Kim, Demi, and America? Acquaint us your thoughts here!


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