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The cine that brought a political aspersion into a Miami annoyance club to actualize a raucously amusing ball about an beatnik ancestors angry 20 years old this month.

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Written by Elaine May and directed by Mike Nichols, "The Birdcage" — an adjustment of the French blur "La Cage Aux Folles" — accustomed Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, two masters of improvisation, to advance in their corresponding roles — Williams as Armand, the buyer of the nightclub, and Lane as his adventurous accomplice Albert, the chichi and artificial entertainer.


Two decades ago, the blur paved the way for approaching depictions of gay advance characters onscreen. In account of the film's anniversary, actuality are 20 fun facts anybody should apperceive about "The Birdcage."

Remembering Robin Williams

1) In the aboriginal French film, Agador Spartacus — the family's baroque maid — didn't say abundant and gave a mostly bashful performance, according to Hank Azaria, who played Agador in "The Birdcage." Azaria told the Daily Account that he capital to actualize a appearance that was as vocally abandoned as the aboriginal appearance was visually.

2) In adjustment to do that, Azaria said he landed on two altered versions of the appearance — the one that concluded up in the movie, and addition one that was added street. He showed both to a acquaintance who was a annoyance queen, and he encouraged Azaria to go with the added abstract one that concluded up in the film.

3) With adept improviser Robin Williams in the advance role, ad-libbing was an assured allotment of the filming process. But administrator Mike Nichols capital to accomplish the improvisations allotment of the calligraphy and again stick to it. So they apposite the blur like a ball afore alpha to shoot, and Nichols and May absolute any ad-libs they admired for the final script.

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4)Williams capital so abominably to ad-lib filming that Nichols would accord him what Azaria alleged "wild takes" to absolution some energy. "At the end afterwards we got what we needed, Robin would get a booty to go absolutely crazy," Azaria said.

5)Robin Williams was originally offered the allotment of Albert, but he beneath it because his wife anticipation it was too agnate to his appearance in "Mrs. Doubtfire." "Done that, been there, big woman,"he told "The Georgia Straight" in a 1996 interview. Williams acquainted the role of Armand was added circuitous and challenging.

Robin Williams' cine transformations

6)Originally, Steve Martin was declared to ball the role of Armand.

7) Afore they wrote this film, Nichols and May formed calm as an improvisational ball duo act. They won a Grammy and three of their ball albums accomplished the Billboard Top 40.

8) Nichols generally broke takes by bedlam out loud on set. "We kept accepting to move Mike further and further abroad from set, like put a absolute over him so that he wouldn't ruin takes laughing," Azaria said.

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9) The aboriginal alive appellation of the blur was “Birds of a Feather.”

10)Ultimately, the articulation Azaria acclimated for Agador started to complete like his own grandmother. "She was actual admiring and candied and affectionate and it was accessible to me to accept her in apperception as array of this close adult I was channeling," Azaria told the Daily News.

11) As Timon in "The Lion King," Nathan Lane accurate the ad-lib and aberrant line, "What do you appetite me to do, dress in annoyance and ball the hula?" Two years afterwards in the "Birdcage," he about did aloof that.

12) In columnist interviews afore "The Birdcage" came out, Lane banned to allocution about his sexuality.

"I wasn't accessible to accommodated 12 bodies I didn't apperceive and altercate my claimed life. It wasn't as if I was in the closet in my claimed life, but I didn't appetite to allocution about it," Lane told The Independent. Lane came out about in 1999.

13) Nathan Lane's wig and accouterments during the banquet arena were modeled afterwards First Adult Barbara Bush.

14)One of the film's iconic scenes takes abode in the kitchen, as the banquet begins to booty a about-face for the worse. Agador is arrant because he's actuality berated for authoritative soup for an entrée ("Sweet and acerb pesa soup is an entrée. It's like a stew!"), and Armand (Robin Williams) tries to calm him down. But as he carries the pot aback into the dining room, he block and falls. Azaria said the abatement was absolutely ad-lib and that Williams slipped because the attic — already agilely glace to admonition aid the clumsy Agador's avalanche — had become alike slicker from a admixture of shrimp and water.

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15)In that take, Agador seems to be arrant as Armand berates him for alone authoritative soup. But Azaria said he was absolutely bedlam at the Williams fall, and that he had to pretend to cry to authority himself together. Williams, too, can be apparent ambuscade his laughter.

16) When asked if he had to accord Nathan Lane any admonition on how to ball a woman, Robin Williams had this to say: "Play it sexier? Use your hips? Advance with your tits? No, he didn't charge any help."

17) The cine grossed $18.3 actor in its aperture weekend, the accomplished mark for a blur with an aboveboard gay appearance until "Bruno" was appear in 2009. It charcoal the top grossing cine with aboveboard gay characters of all time, according to Box Office Mojo.

18) When Azaria was disturbing in a arena area he dressed Lane, administrator Mike Nichols approved to admonition by adage Agador was based on Judy Garland's dresser. "Judy would agitation afore every achievement and her chiffonier would agitation with her and he would agitation added than her so that she'd accept to be the one to acquaint him to calm down, and that was the ritual they had," Azaria said in a Vanity Fair accolade to Nichols. From that point forward, Azaria accepted his activating with Lane.

19) The blur provided accurate breakthroughs for Lane, who had mostly appeared on Broadway previously, and Azaria, who went on to win abundant "silly voice" roles.

20) When Gene Hackman — who plays Senator Keeley — is blind from the ladder aloft a accumulation of reporters, he gives the accord assurance as a advertence to Richard Nixon. Hackman was reportedly on Nixon's enemies list, a accumulation of the president's political opponents that came into the accessible eye during the Watergate hearings. Hackman was additionally afterwards advised for the role of Nixon in a blur about the president.

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