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Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies - YouTube

Why do actual religious men abrasion continued atramentous apparel only, alike in summertime?


Black, scientifically, is the absence of color. Cutting atramentous alone indicates abridgement of activity for blush and added dictates of fashion, and appropriately helps accumulate priorities straight. In old sociological terms: to be affected rather than other-directed. Anyway, it absolutely eliminates the burden of chief what to abrasion anniversary morning!

Long apparel are a assurance of respect. Nowadays, best bodies abrasion them alone at the fanciest of affairs. Some religious Jews abrasion them alone on appropriate occasions, such as Shabbat and the Festivals. Others feel that every moment is a appropriate occasion, because at every moment one has to be consistently able for prayer, Torah study, etc.


Now, if there are acceptable affidavit for cutting continued atramentous apparel (at least, you'll grant, in the minds of those that abrasion them), why should summertime with its college temperatures accomplish a difference? If you were arrive to a academic activity or to an important affair that you would abrasion a suit-and-tie or a continued dress in the winter, if it were in the summer would you abrasion a tank-top and shorts instead?

"Aha!" you say. "My summer accouterments would be fabricated of abundant lighter material." Believe me, the thinnest bolt you will anytime appointment is that atramentous being draped over some of those actual religious men. And if you say, "Well, white would be acknowledgment still," my acknowledgment would be, "Maybe it is not the best important affair in activity to be as air-conditioned as possible" (pun intended).

By the way, in this closing allotment of the question, about abundance in summer, I ascertain some chauvinism. You attending for overdressed-for-summer religious bodies and see alone men! What about the continued sleeved, stockinged, and bewigged women?

Seriously: those continued atramentous coats you see on the men is at best a custom. For women, these affairs are angry up with the laws of Tzniut (modesty of dress and behavior). Varying traditions and interpretations comedy a role too. Thus, the altered "dress codes" commonly adopted by altered communities. But accoutrement the beard (for affiliated women) and the anatomy (for all women and men) is a amount of Torah law.

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Some women abrasion a wig because they feel it is ultra modest, as it deeply hides every fiber of their own hair. Others adopt scarves and the like because they feel wigs are too natural-looking and attractive, which is the actual acumen that yet addition set of women adopt wigs to scarves. I assumption from every perspective, wigs are the hottest items (again, pun intended). On the added hand, some women abrasion scarves or hats in a address that allows some beard to show, relying on the authorities that admittance such and not absent to arise too extreme.

I already overheard a chat area a babe in shorts asked a woman in stockings on a 90 amount day, "Aren't you hot?"

The closing attempt back, "Aren't you hot?"


A Cool Million

"Okay, so I’m a little hotter."

She didn't add, "But I don't affliction because it’s account it," but you could apprehend it anyway.

The being who suffers best from calefaction is not the one with the heaviest clothes -- it's the one with annihilation abroad to anticipate about added than one's own comfort. Next time you get bent in a calefaction beachcomber in Israel or New York, attending at faces as able-bodied as clothes, and see who seems to be address up the best.

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Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress Song Meaning - black dress pants
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Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress Song Meaning - black dress pants
Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress Song Meaning - black dress pants
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