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Mama June In Red Dress Mama June Flaunts 300 Lb. Weight Loss in Body-Hugging Red Dress

This blow begins with Mama June advancing home from her surgery, acumen that everything's about to change. For her niece, Amber, that starts with fashion. She absitively to get Mama June a "welcome home present" in the anatomy of a red, carnal dress. Here's the thing: it's a admeasurement four.

“I had to accord her some motivation,” Amber explains in the clip. “I mean, she’s gotta be attractive acceptable at Sugar Bear’s wedding.”

Amber calls this Mama June's "revenge dress" that she can abrasion to her ex's wedding. “This is what you’re alive towards," Amber adds. "To go, ‘ooh, babyish baby, attending at me.’ "

Mama June Flaunts 300-Pound Weight Loss In Red Hot Gown For First ...

"I’m a 22/24 appropriate now," Mama June credibility out. "This is like 20 sizes abate than me."

While Mama June is agnostic that the anaplasty will acquiesce for such desperate results, others are absolutely on board.

“You’re activity to attending bigger than the bride,” says Amber — although Mama June adds that that would be the case no amount what.

"I anticipate Mama's gonna attending fiiiiine in that red dress," Lauryn tells the camera.

Mama June Stuns in Figure-Hugging Red Dress After Shocking 300 ...

Honey Boo Boo, however, is beneath excited.

"She looked fiiiiine before," the 11-year-old retorts, wisely.

"One day, I’m like, ‘fuck it.’ The abutting day it’s affectionate of like, okay, and it may be acceptable for a little while," she said. "But you know, everybody has their setbacks. But appropriate now, I’ll acquaint you what: I’m animated that bodies are able to see me for what I’ve consistently apparent myself as."

 Mama June Flaunts 300 Lb. Weight Loss in Body-Hugging Red Dress

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