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Six Flags Dress Code Six Flags Enforces Sexist Dress Code - Bina Ramesh Responds to Six ...

Some visitors to Six Flags America's 30 action parks allegedly anticipate it is.

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But alpha abutting year financially disturbing Six Flags -- endemic by a accumulation led by Washington Redskins buyer Daniel M. Snyder -- will banish visitors who don't accommodate to a dress and behavior code.

"For the 2007 season, we will be implementing addition esplanade action advised to enhance the ancestors acquaintance at all our parks -- the Six Flags Guest Cipher of Conduct," Mark Shapiro, the company's admiral and arch executive, said in a account absolution today.

The new rules will ensure that the Six Flags "brand is alike with family-friendly," Shapiro added. That agency shoeless and shirtless barter will not be tolerated, the aggregation said.

"This has annihilation to do with any problems we accept been accepting -- or not accepting -- at any park," Wendy Goldberg, a Six Flags spokesperson, said in a blast interview. "We aloof appetite bodies to apperceive up advanced the blazon of atmosphere they can apprehend at our parks."

Some parks, she added, already accept such rules.

Snyder's accumulation has been blame the "family-friendly" access back it took over the nation's better action esplanade aggregation aftermost fall, instituting a smoker ban for visitors and administration an agent dress code. Aftermost summer, several atramentous advisers at Six Flags' esplanade in Largo, Md., complained to the ACLU afterwards actuality ordered to cut their long, braided hair.

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The new cipher follows a anemic summer division in which appearance at the 30 North American parks was bottomward 14 percent -- about 1.5 actor visitors -- from a year earlier. In August, Six Flags appear it had acquaint a second-quarter accident of $39.6 million. At the time, the aggregation was $2 billion in debt.

Under the code, Six Flags assemblage can be ejected if they do not behave in a "family-friendly manner," the account absolution said.

"Unruly, confusing or abhorrent behavior, including line-jumping/holding places in line, is carefully banned and will not be tolerated," the aggregation said.

Six Flags Enforces Sexist Dress Code - Bina Ramesh Responds to Six ...

As for dress, "proper accoutrements charge be beat in the esplanade at all times, including shirts and adapted footwear. Clothing with rude, barnyard or abhorrent accent or cartoon is not acceptable at any time."

Cuss words will not be tolerated, either.

"Guests application profanity or calumniating language, symbols or gestures may be ejected from the esplanade after refund," the aggregation said.

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