[ ! ] Average Dress Size In America

Average Dress Size In America

There are millions of plus-sized women in the U.S., but award fashionable clothes in their admeasurement can be a challenge.

It's one Nadia Boujarwah knows all too well.

"I've been a additional admeasurement woman all my life. And some of the best determinative memories for me were on the arcade attic and how painful…it absolutely is to boutique aloft a assertive size," Boujarwah, Dia&Co's CEO and co-founder told CNBC's "On the Money" in a contempo interview.

Nearly 70 percent of American women are admeasurement 14 or larger, according to bazaar analysis close Plunkett Research. And yet, abandoned 18 percent of the accouterment awash in 2016 was advised plus-size, bazaar analysis close NPD begin in a contempo study.

Since the retail industry isn't accouterment to this majority, Boujarwah said, the boilerplate plus-sized woman "is abandoned spending 20 cents on the dollar that women in abate sizes are spending on apparel."

In 2014, Boujarwah larboard her advance cyberbanking career abaft to barrage Dia&Co, a appearance account aggregation committed to women admeasurement 14 and up, with her co-founder Lydia Gilbert. A agent for the aggregation said the administration account has had added than 1 actor users and ships to all 50 states.

"Eventually I accomplished I wasn't alone, there are 100 actor women in this category, and absolutely actuality a allotment of creating change for such an absurd association of women was abundant to leave the Wall Street job," the administrator said.

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Dress Size Average American Woman

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