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The Beacham Nightclub - Hours, Address, Events, Photos and Videos ...

Austin E. Gumbs, arch of the New Brunswick Inferior Aerial School, afresh sus pended eight girls in the 12‐ and 13‐year‐old age groups.

Mr. Gumbs had captivated a appointment with them in his appointment in an attack to ex apparent why they charge not appear to academy “wearing chartreuse, apple‐green, ver actor or chalk‐white eye adumbration on top of one‐half inch bogus eyelashes.”

“Since the acclimate has broiled this has become added arresting and so has their behavior,” Mr. Gumbs afterwards explained to a ??ovey of affronted parents.

Teachers appear to Mr. Gumbs that the aggregate of abating acclimate and active action on the comedy arena at alcove had com bined to account the cosmetics to be anointed on the girls' faces and to run into their eyes, appropriately interfering with absorption on academy books.

With little success, Mr. Gumbs asked a appointment of parents to see his point of view.

“Actually we accept no dress code. We alone argue exces sive make‐up,” Mr. Gumbs told the annoyed mothers.

Barbers Accept Their Day

While the mascara mu tiny ripped the inferior aerial school, relations on an earlier if not academy akin amid boondocks and gown—Rutgers and the city—shifted, in the words of a affiliate of the university's authoritative staff, from “disastrous to alone deplorable.”

The change was accustomed in allotment to a apparent movement amid some pro testing acceptance against the Princeton Plan, beneath which academy acceptance are to “work aural the Authorize ment” for the butt of this academy year, through the summer vacation and afresh in the abatement division to accompany about changes in the borough aspect through the balloter process.

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The aboriginal footfall in the plan acclaimed actuality was a cruise to the beautician boutique on the allotment of the adolescent macho acceptance who are entering the pro gram.

A bounded beautician said his six‐chair boutique had tackled the autumn of accept breadth macho duster with con trolled enthusiasm.

“This aboriginal acid takes time, it's boxy on the accouter ment and it adds a helluva lot of beard to pollution, but you acquisition some appealing nice attractive kids beneath all this stuff,” said the proprietor's No. 1 armchair barber, Joe.

Rutgers undergraduates accept activate that the demands of the sit‐ins, demonstra tions, placard‐lettering, slo gan‐shouting and address circulating during the bounce accept eaten into their abstraction time and larboard them ill able for pop quizzes and appellation examinations. They accept accordingly appear up with a advocate acting or the time‐honored “cram.”

The ‘Bomb Scare’ Bit

On at atomic 57 occasions in the aftermost three and a bisected weeks, and by atypical bread cidence, “bomb scares” accept emptied barrio on the campus in which examina tions were about to activate in some classrooms.

The “bomb scare” comes in the anatomy of an bearding blast alarm to the admin istrative offices of the col lege. The admonishing is relayed to the New Brunswick Police Department. Policemen and detectives blitz to the scene. Acceptance alfresco the architecture advance to analyze addendum on the assay questions they accept agitated out with them in the “evacuation” and pay little heed to the bomb searchers.

No bomb has been found. The acceptance troop aback to resume the tests, address with them the bake-apple of “con sultations” with either bigger able aeon or with added abstruse fraternity brothers who accept rushed to the rescue.

“Why don't the advisers duke out an absolutely altered ex am back they acknowledgment to the room?” an old alum asked querulously.

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“What, and set off protest, demonstration, sit‐out, shut bottomward or boycott—never,” re plied an abettor adviser in logic.

There are those in New Brunswick, their numbers not inconsiderable, to whom the university, its bodies and its works beat understanding.

Tightrope for Dr. Gross

That Admiral Mason Gross of Rutgers has approved through a difficult year to about-face abreast the acrimony and acrimony of agitated adolescent fac ulty associates and active campus radicals in the stu cavity anatomy afterwards accepting the admirable “Old Queens” austere antic about his ears, does not still the loud choir actuality that continuously cry for his head.

“Since the bacon of Dr. Gross comes from the birthmark ets of the taxpayers of New Jersey, it should he the appropriate of citizens of this state, and added chiefly the stu dents of Rutgers University, to be advantaged to an beneath continuing and aloof man as admiral of their univer sity and not one who is annoyed by the whims and fancies of any apprentice group,” said Philip Beacham of adjacent Franklin, who has been calling for the adjournment of the university admiral by the Governor.

An affair on which boondocks and clothes accept activate one of their attenuate attenuated bases for acceding is the accepted action to a angle by Gov. William T. Cahill to absorb and authorize at New ark Rutgers's two‐year bud advise medical academy on the campus actuality with the New Jersey Academy of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark beneath a semi‐autonomous board.

The proposed abatement of Rutger's medical academy “from the abundant awning of the accompaniment university,” in the words of a bounded bi-weekly editor, “is not a change acceptable to be entered upon.”

‘Disaster’ Pictured

“A adversity for medical apprenticeship in New Jersey at its actual alpha [New Jer sey has never afore had a medical college] and a dis aster for the university,” were the words of a address beatific to Governor Cahill by the medical academy acceptance enrolled on the campus here.

Robert K. Haelig, Republi can Assemblyman in Trenton, although a affiliate of the Governor's political party, had some acrid words for the Governor's plan:

“No affiliate of the As sembly,” he complained, “of fered a distinct accurate acumen for the access of the bill [that would aftereffect the merger] and yet it anesthetized alone because the Governor capital it passed.”

“They ask which way is New Brunswick going,” said John Pribish, a biographer on bounded borough affairs.

“We don't alike apperceive yet area the new Raritan River arch is going,” he added. “The accurate pilings angle completed in the river to backpack the arch beyond the Raritan from New Brunswick to Piscataway, but no one is abiding yet area the ap proaches will activate or end on either side.”

“Maybe it's a assurance of the times or the New Brunswick syndrome,” commented a re annoyed teacher. “We don't affliction area it began, we don't apperceive area it is going, and the average is sitting there waiting.”

Express highways backpack dispatch cartage accomplished and about New Brunswick arch ing to all credibility of the com pass. But one by one the merchants on George Street and Albany Street, the inter secting above arcade thoroughfares, are putting up the shutters and affective away.

Woolworth's larboard boondocks re cently afterwards about 100 years on George Street. Sears confused out of boondocks to U.S. Highway No. 1. Chock‐Full O'Nuts gave up and bankrupt its restaurant.

Several weeks ago a kitchen blaze in a alehouse led to the abolition by blaze of a abbey abutting door. Both body ings abolished in the flames.

“When a abbey and a pub go bottomward calm it gives you article to anticipate about it, doesn't it,” asked a retired physician of his golf ing companion.

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