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Casey Anthony Blue Dress

May 25, 2011|By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel

News Feed: Casey Anthony Dating Partying

Casey Anthony's ex-boyfriend took the angle Wednesday and told jurors the adolescent woman showed no apparent signs of abasement or anguish in the canicule afterwards her daughter's dematerialization in mid-June 2008.

Anthony Lazzaro's affidavit akin that of added associates of her partying amusing arrangement in Orlando who additionally recalled Anthony's behavior during that period.

The day that 2-year-old Caylee Marie was aftermost apparent animate — June 16, 2008 — Lazzaro accepted that he and Anthony went to Blockbuster afterwards the child. They spent that night calm at his apartment. The abutting day, he "played hooky" from Full Sail University because he "didn't feel like abrogation my bed," he testified.

Lazzaro, now active in Long Island, N.Y., said the brace "stayed in my bedroom" June 17 and Anthony appeared blessed to be there, giving no adumbration annihilation was wrong.

Like several added assemblage testifying Wednesday, Lazzaro declared Anthony as an approachable adolescent actuality who enjoyed partying and took allotment in a "hot-body contest" at Fusion bistro June 20, several canicule later.

Assistant State Advocate Frank George showed him — and jurors — a account of Anthony cutting a dejected dress from that night. "That is a photo of the hot-body challenge activity on," he said.

He was alike a little afraid by her alertness to access the challenge that night, answer that he said, "I assumption if you appetite to do it, you appetite to do it."

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

Prosecutors are aggravating to win a first-degree annihilation confidence adjoin Anthony, 25, in the afterlife of her daughter. They achievement to casting her as a adolescent mother apprenticed by the adolescent and gluttonous the abandon to adore a adolescent woman's activity with accompany and parties.

Most of her accompany and acquaintances who testified Wednesday showed how altered Casey Anthony was in their circle. She was the one with a child. She was the one who said she had a job at Universal Orlando, but did not. And they all worked, went to academy and enjoyed Orlando's nightlife scene.

Lazzaro said Anthony appeared to be alive during June and July of that year.

"Yes, she would airing into the accommodation with a Universal badge," he said.

And it was either Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, or a assistant accepted as "Zanny" who watched Caylee, he said.

Although Lazzaro and his attached testified that they had met Caylee several times, they never met the nanny. They said Anthony consistently larboard the accommodation back she batten to her mother or said she was contacting the nanny.

Demeanor never changed

One by one, the attached who aggregate an accommodation with Lazzaro in the bounce and aboriginal summer of 2008 — as able-bodied as added acquaintances — declared the adolescent woman as a happy, approachable actuality who seemed agreeable with her life.

Each said Anthony never afflicted her demeanor, never discussed her daughter's actuality missing and never asked them for advice in award the child.

•Jamie Lynn Realander, who aboriginal met Anthony at Fusion in May 2008, said "She was happy, seemed like a nice actuality to be accompany with."

Realander was a "shot girl" at the club, and she said Anthony looked out for her and added adolescent women alive at the club.

• Another attempt girl, Erica Gonzalez, said Casey Anthony was "like our manager."

•"She seemed normal, happy, like aggregate was fine," said acquaintance Nathan Lezniewicz. "Nothing bent my eye as far as affection swings or annihilation like that."

• Maria Kissh, afresh a adherent of one of Lazzaro's roommates, recalled Caylee Anthony answering the aperture one day back she visited the apartment. Afterwards one night at the club, she asked Anthony area the adolescent was. "She told me she was spending the weekend at the bank with the nanny," Kissh said. "She told me she paid the assistant $400 a week."

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Neighbor who lent advertise takes stand

Early in the afternoon Wednesday, the case confused apparatus and alleged Brian Burner, a barter disciplinarian who lives abutting aperture to the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive. On June 18, 2008, he was home accomplishing backyard assignment back Casey Anthony approached him.

"She said she capital to borrow a advertise to dig up a bamboo root," Burner said. She had never asked him about borrowing annihilation before, and she alternate the advertise afterwards that day. Burner did not apperceive what she did with the advertise and noticed Anthony's Pontiac backed into the barn of the Anthony home.

His answers prompted aegis advocate Jose Baez to ask: "You don't accede yourself a eavesdropping neighbor, do you?"

The day's key witness, though, was Lazzaro, who is accepted to booty the angle afresh today for added assay from Baez.

The aegis advocate attempted to ask Lazzaro about "secrets" Casey Anthony aggregate with him, including allegations of corruption by her father. But Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry blocked him from inquiring about those claims afterwards the case objected and alleged it hearsay.

A degradation appear afore the balloon showed Lazzaro talking about Casey Anthony arrant and talking about corruption from her father.

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